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Full text of "The Burritt family in America : descendants of William Burritt of Stratford, Connectucut, 1635-1940"

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Stratford, Connecticut, 1660 




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Descendants of 





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1635 ■ 1940 


Compiled by 


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"Gules, a lion rampant argent holding an 
escallop of the same and accompanied in the hase 
by three triangles or; a chief endented argent 
charged with three escallops or." 

Crest — A lion as in the arms. 

Motto — Je' endure pour durer. 

Lewis L. Burritt 

No human being can come into this world 
without increasing' or diminishing the sum 
total of human happiness, not only of the 
present, but of every subsequent age of hu- 
manity. No one can detach himself from this 
connection. There is no sequestered spot in 
the universe, no dark niche along the disc of 
non-existence, to which he can retreat from 
his relations to others, where he can with- 
draw the influence of his existence upon the 
moral destiny of the world; everywhere his 
presence or absence will be felt, — every- 
where he will have companions who will be 
better or worse for his influence. 

Elihu Burritt 

"There be those of them that have left a 
name behind them, that their praises might 
be reported; and some there be which have 
left no memorial ; who are perished, as 
though they had never been." 



In these democratic times it has become a habit of many 
people to deprecate any reference t<>, or thought of, and es- 
pecially any appearance of pride in ancestry. 

This to some extent is commendable since a man's true 
worth must be measured by his personal character and 
achievement. A man is no less noble because his ancestors 
were slaves, nor is he less a knave if he is descended from 

However, to a thoughtful man, it must ever be a just 
source of pride to know that his fathers have been honorable, 
self respecting, law abiding citizens. That they have will- 
ingly shouldered their share of public burdens and that they 
have adhered to high personal ideals. 

I, as compiler of this volume, make no claim to complete- 
ness, but am glad to offer to those who are interested such 
material as I have gathered, however incomplete it must 

In the fourth and fifth generations there are. in many lines, 
lapses which I have been unable to bridge, many living 
members of the family have not been reached and others are 
not in possession of sufficient data to establish a connection. 
It is my hope that, to such of these as may wish to pursue 
the subject, these records will prove of value. 

_ Records of some allied families have been appended, prin- 
cipally such as show inter-marriage with two or more 
branches of the family. 

I wish to acknowledge the very kind assistance of many 
members of the family in furnishing their personal and fam- 
ily records, and especially to Miss Vera Fenn, of Port Byron, 
N. Y., whose interest has been untiring; to Dr. Alice Burritt 
of Washington, D. C, who furnished me a complete record 
of her branch of the family and who first showed me a copy 
of the coat-of-arms; to Maurice C. Burritt of Hilton. X. V'. 
for his splendid work on the (Hies Burritt branch, and to the' 
many others whose names cannot be here mentioned. 

Of the Coat-of-Arms, Dr. Alice Burritt says, -I first found 
a description m a Welsh history and later found the original 


design in a history of Brittany." "The three scallop shells," 
she says, "were bestowed by Pope Alexander IV, (1254- 
1261) to those who had been on crusades to the Holy Land, 
or on long - religious pilgrimages. 

The motto, "Je' endure pour durer" would seem to trans- 
late literally, I through endurance endure, or perhaps, I en- 
dure to become lasting. Resourcefulness, perseverance and 
independence have been characteristic of those of the family 
that it has been my privilege to know well. 

They have been a race of sturdy pioneers, ever trail break- 
ers, among the first to make their homes in the undeveloped 
countries. We first hear of them in Brittany as the Barret 
de Nazaris family, of the Agenais France, where members of 
the family may still be found. 

A very interesting chapter appears in the Foster gene- 
alogy, written by Mary Lord Foster a descendant of the 
Ithaca, N. Y., branch of the Burritt family. She says in part: 

"An investigation proves conclusively that the name was 
of French origin. We have shown how the French names 
were introduced into Wales at the time of the revocation of 
the edict of Nantes. Baret is recorded as one of these names. 
. . . These names became hereditary in the eleventh centuries. 
At that time the manufacture of caps became a leading oc- 
cupation. The work on the Cardinal's caps, the caps of 
clergy of lesser degrees, for physicians and students required 
skilled workmen; it was a distinctive trade. A picture of 
the barrette cap was painted on the sign board and so, in 
France, the makers of these caps became to be known as 
Barrette. Mordaque, in his book on nomenclature, says 
that the etymology of hereditary names is the same in Eng- 
land and Germany as in France and Italy. 

The cap (barette) was still a leading- business sign during 
the twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, frequently 
mentioned in England, but it no longer gave the name Bar- 
rette to those who did business under it. 

The family of Barrette, Barret, or kindred spellings still 
continued to be noted for their skill as artificers using their 
inventive srenius in other ventures." 


She advances the theory that the name may have been 
changed to Burritt at the time that the term barratry became 
a synonym for certain forms of knavery which became wide- 
spread about this time. The conjecture is a reasonable one 
since the family have always been jealous of the honor of the 

My theory has been that the name, spelled Berret at the 
time of the beginning of the Welsh residence, was changed 
to preserve the proper pronunciation, the (e) being pro- 
nounced like the English (u). The two theories, however, 
link together with the result that the name in Wales became 

Our ancestors did come from Brittany to Wales about the 
time of William the Conqueror, ( 1066) and the fact that they 
were land holders in Wales would seem to indicate that they 
were among his knights at the battle of Hastings. 

This giving of conquered lands was Williams' method of 
repaying his soldiers. 

William Burritt, his wife Elizabeth and their three chil- 
dren were among the very early settlers in America, coming 
from Glamorganshire, Wales, some time previous to 1635. 

William Burritt was one of the founders of Stratford. 
Conn., where records are found as early as 1635 and where 
he died in 1651. It is thought that the family lived in other 
Connecticut towns before settling in Stratford. 

After the death of William, Elizabeth continued to live in 
Stratford until her death in 1781. 

She is reported to have been a keen business woman, buy- 
ing and selling much property, but always buying more than 
she sold. She could neither read nor write but left her mark 
on the records of the County in many instances. 

Coat Armour 

Heraldry is so far a dead science, or, one might say a dead 
language, that few of us understand or attach any signifi- 
cance to it. 

A family "coat of arms" interests us merely as a relic of 
olden times, as does an old piece of family silver or house 


To our early ancestors, it meant more. It was a badge of 
leadership, distinction and honor. 

Lord Lindsay says in his "Lives of the Lindsays", "Every 
British gentleman entitled to bear coat-armour, is noble 
whether titled or not. It is only in comparatively recent 
times that this has been forgotten and the term nobility ex- 
clusively appropriated by the peerage." 

"Tinctures" or colors displayed seem to have been a mat- 
ter of taste while the "charges" have a significance, as for 
instance, the escallop shell is bourne by those who have taken 
part in the crusades. 

Helmets, before the time of Elizabeth, were of any form 
with no particular meaning, but later by their form, were 
made to show the rank of the bearer. Helmets of Baronets 
and Knights were of steel, the visor raised, and they are 
placed directly facing us. "affrontee". 

Other forms show Royalty, Lords and esquires. 

The upper one third part of the shield is called the chief 
and where this is surmounted, it is supposed to have a pe- 
culiar meaning. 

One old writer declares that "The chief is to be given to 
those that by their high merits have procured the chief place 
among men." 

Most shields display some form of wild animal, bird or 
mythical form and these, some writers claim, were in many 
instances, chosen to represent some circumstance in the life 
of, or some peculiar trait distinguishing the bearer. 

"The Lyon," says Feme, is the most worthiest of all 
beastes; yea he standeth as the king among beastes of the 
fielde. So that by the Lyon is signified principallitie, domin- 
ion and rule. Wherefore, the bearing of this beaste was fitly 
applyed to a kinges progeny: fortitude and magnanimity is 
denoted by the Lyon." 

In other days, too, it must be remembered that surnames 
were less a distinguishing mark than now; that is, while 
surnames were first being used, different families may have 
been given the same name from a like circumstance, so that a 
coat of arms was a surer means of distinction than the name 
itself and has thus been of great value to the historian as well 
as the genealogist in tracing families and events. 


First Generation 

WILLIAM BURRITT and his wife, Elizabeth, came with 
their three children from Glamorganshire, Wales, in an early 
day, probably some time previous to 1635, settling in Con- 
necticut and finally became one of the founders of Stratford, 
Conn., where William died in 1651. Elizabeth continued to 
live in Stratford until her death in 1681. 

She seems to have been a very capable woman, not only 
rearing her family in such manner as to take a foremost place 
in the community, but to have been keen in business as well, 
adding a considerable property to the estate left by her hus- 

As records show, she apportioned considerable real estate 
to her sons by conveyance dated April 5, 1675, as follows: 
"To my loving and dutiful son John Burritt, of ye said place, 
an equal half of my whole accommodations in Stratford 
aforesaid, being ye allotment and interest of my deceased 
husband Wm. Burritt, or by procurement of myself and my 
children, excepting only ye home lot and parcel of land at 
ye Fresh Pond, in ye old field, ye which has already been 
contracted to Stephen Burritt," one of which contractions 
being that "ye aforesaid John Burritt should have ye parcal 
lying on Quimby's Neck &c." 

Stephen Burritt drew lot No. 40 in division of lands and 
John Burritt No. 84. 

Her will is dated Sept. 2, 1681, and she probably died soon 

Children of William and Elizabeth Burritt were: 

2. i. Stephen. 

3. ii. John. 

iii. Mary, married a Mr. Smith. 


Second Generation 


STEPHEN, (William 1) born in Glamorganshire, Wales, 
and came to America with his parents as before stated. 

Married Nov. 8, 1673. Sarah Nichols, daughter of Isaac 
Nichols of a prominent Stratford family. One of her sisters 
married Rev. Joseph Webb and another Rev. Israel Chan- 
ney, pastor of Stratford church from 1665 to 1703, who was 
one of the founders of Yale Colleg'e and was chosen its first 
president, but declined the honor. 

Stephen was in the list of Freemen at Stratford, 8th 
month, 7th day, 1669, a lot owner 1671 and confirmed by 
the General Court as Ensign of the Train Band at Stratford 
in 1672, appointed Lieutenant Jan. 17, 1675, and the Council 
of Stratford, date of Sept. 18, 1675, ordered that "The Dra- 
goons from Fairfield County, being come up, and Major 
Robert Treat sending to us to hasten them to their head- 
quarters near Suckquackheeg, it is ordered that accordingly 
the Dragoons of Fairfield shall forthwith march away up to 
Norwottag and so to our army, under the conduct of Ensign 
Stephen Burritt and join them in the defense of the planta- 
tions up the river and to kill and destroy all such Indian 
enemies as should assault them on said plantations." 

Again at a meeting of Council of the Colony held Nov. 
23, 1765, Stephen Burritt was appointed Commissary of the 
Army, so rapidly was he promoted. 

Hinman, the Historian, calls him, "a noted Indian 
fighter," and he was also a man of affairs. At a town meeting 
held Jan. 1, 1673, he was chosen Recorder, and his beautiful 
and character-like autograph which thereafter frequently 
appears on the Town Books, may well be the envy of any of 
his descendants. In 1689 he was appointed on a committee 
to assess damages for the changing of Black Creek into Mill 
River, by which one Robert Lane claimed to have been "dam- 

The same year he was chosen one of the Townsmen and 
in 1690 was an auditor of accounts of the Town Treasurer. 


He died Jan. 24, 1697, according to the records on an old 
tombstone still preserved. The inventory of his estate, dated 
March 4, 1697, shows a footing of £l,177-2s which includes 
£6-6s as the value of his "arms and ammunition." 

Stephen and Sarah Burritt had eight children, as follow-: 
i. Elizabeth, born July 1, 1675. 

ii. William, born March 29, 1677. Died young. 

4. iii. Peleg. born Oct. 5. 1679. 

5. iv. Josiah. born 1681. 

6. v. Israel, born 1687. 

7. vi. Charles, born 1690. 

8. vii. Ephraim, born 1693. 

9. viii. James. 

Note: We do not have record proof that James, named as the youngest son of 
Stephen, was in reality Stephen's son, but all indications point to this conclusion. If we 
consider his age and the birth dates of his children, the proven fact that John had 
only the son Joseph it could hardly have been otherwise. The only alternative 
would be another Burritt immigrant and we have never found records of any such. 

JOHN, (William 1 ) born in Glamorganshire, Wales, com- 
ing to Connecticut with his parents. He married May 1, 
1684, Deborah Barlow, daughter of Thomas Barlow, a large 
land holder of Fairheld, Conn. He died in Stratford Feb. 1, 
1727. He was married a second time May 5, 1708. to I lannah 
(Beach), widow of Zachariah Fairchild. The Stratford rec- 
ords show him a lot owner as early as 1671. 

His will was tiled Feb. 17, 1726, naming his son Joseph as 
his sole heir and administrator of his estate, the appointment 
being dated Oct. 3, 1727. The estate inventoried to the 
amount of £ l,754-9s-ld. or $8,538.14. 

John and Deborah Burritt had one child: 

10. i. Joseph, born March 12, 1685. 


Third Generation 

PELEG, (Stephen 2) born Oct. 5, 1679, married Dec. 5, 

1705, Sarah Bennett, daughter of James Bennett. 

Children : 

i. William, born Aug. 28, 1706; baptized Sept. 13, 1706; died 

Sept. 28, 1706. 
ii. Daniel, baptized 1708. (Bridgeport Town records), 
iii. Sarah, born July 20, 1712. (Stratford Town records). 
11. iv. Peleg, born Jan. 8, 1720. 

JOSIAH, (Stephen 2) born 1681, married March 10, 1703, 
Mary Peat, daughter of Benjamin Peat Sr. Josiah was one 
of the proprietors of Newtown. 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth, born May 12, 1704; baptized July 23, 1704. (Bridge- 
port Church records). 
Stephen, born Jan. 7, 1706; baptized Feb. 10, 1706. (Bridge- 
port Church records). 

Benjamin ) . 

Phoebe Twins; born Jan. 29, 1708. 

William, born Jan. 29, 1709. 


ISRAEL, (Stephen 2) born 1687, married March 4, 1719, 
Sarah Coe. Moved from Stratford, his birthplace, to Dur- 
ham, Conn. He married a second time, probably about 1735, 
Sarah Chauncey who was born Feb, 24, 1711. She was a 
daughter of Rev. Nathaniel Chauncey of Durham, and great- 
great-grand-daughter of Charles Chauncey an English emi- 

Israel was prominent in the affairs of the community and 
the church and was known as Deacon Israel. 


i. Mary, born June 12, 1719. 
ii. Israel, born 1736, died 1743. 
iii. Ann, born 1743. 

iv. Charles, born 1746. Was a soldier in Revolutionary War. 
15. v. William, born April 8, 1748. 


CHARLES, (Stephen 2) born 1690, took Freeman's Oath 
in Stratford in September 1730. Married April 18, 1717, 









Mary Lockwood. He and his wife Mary were members of 
the Stratford Church in 1718. His will was dated Jan. 23. 


Mary Lockwood was a daughter of Daniel and Abigail 

(Burr) Lockwood. 


16. i. Daniel, born Feb. 17. 1718. 
ii. Stephen, born June 16, 1720. 

iii. Charles, born 1722, died Nov. 12, 1801; married Lucy , 

who was born 1727. died 1789. Served in Revolutionary War 
as second lieutenant Sixth Conn. Regiment. 1777. 

17. iv. Israel, born April 24, 1726. 

18. v. Elihu, born 1732. 


EPHRAIM, (Stephen 2) born 1693, married Feb. 14. 1721, 
Mary (Booth) widow of Agrir Fairchild. She died Aug. 18, 
1726. He married a second time, Jan. 15, 172S-9. Sarah 

Children : 

i. Eunice, born Oct. 27, 1722. 

ii. Martha, born June 11. 1724. 

iii. Mary, born May 16, 1729; died March 20. 1731. 

19. iv. Ephriam, born Sept. 24. 1730. 
v. Sarah, born Feb. 2, 1732. 

vi. Edward, born Oct. 20. 1733. 
vii. Martha, born Sept. 20. 1734. 

20. viii. Stephen, born Feb. 14, 1737. 

21. ix. William, born April 12. 1739. 
x. Abel, born Nov. 3. 1742. 

xi. Lewis, born June 20, 1745. 


JAMES, (Stephen 2) born probably about 1696. His wife 
was Sarah, although it is possible that this was a second mar- 
riage since there is seventeen years difference between the 
ages of his two recorded children. 


i. Anne, born 1723. 

ii. Hannah, (daughter of lames and Sarah), baptized May 3. 1740. 
by Rev. Nathaniel Chauncey*. died Dec. 20. 1820. at Tolland. 
Mass. Hannah married April 9, 1765, Titns Fowler who was 
born at Durham, Nov. 29, 1738; died April 27. 1S27, at Tolland. 
Mass. Served in Revolutionarv War from Massachusetts. Thev 


had a daughter, Hannah, born Nov. 25, 1772; died Nov. 17, 
1845; married Nov. 20, 1794, Marvin Moore, who was born 
Nov. 18, 1771. died at Tolland. Aug. 23, 1855. 

Elizur Datus Moore, son of Marvin, horn Tolland, July 26, 
1800; died Nov. 4, 1881 ; married May 15, 1822, Harriet Wads- 
worth who was born Sept. 16, 1789; died July 3, 1880. 

Bennett Elizur Moore, son of Elizur Datus, horn June 19, 
1828 at Tolland; died Aug. 3, 1903, at Winsted, Conn.; mar- 
ried Oct. 2, 1861. jane Flora Starks, who was horn March 18, 
1840; died May 12*. 1917, at Winsted. 

Darwin Starks Moore, son of Bennett E., born Tolland, Feb. 
28, 1864; married Oct. 7, 1891, Celia Webster, daughter of 
Chas. S. and Jane (Balch) Webster. She was born Nov. 8, 
1865, in New York City. Child: Frederick Webster Moore, 
born May 16, 1877, at Winsted. He married Feb. 28, 1920, 
May Tull, of Washington D. C, and had : Frederick Ashbrook 
Moore, born Jan. 5, 1923, at Toledo, Ohio, and Webster Starks 
Moore, born July 4, 1926. at Boston, Mass. 
*Historv of Durham, by William Chauncev Fowler. 


JOSEPH, (John 3) born in Stratford, March 12, 1685. 
Married Nov. 25, 1708, Mary Wakely, daughter of Deliver- 
ance and Hannah (Nash) Wakely of Stratford. 

His will was dated March 10, 1750. 

Children : 

22. i. John, born Sept. 7, 1709. 

ii. Hannah, born Dec. 3, 1711. Married Isaac Beach. 

iii. Deborah, born Sept. 21. 1714; died Jan. 4, 1716. 

iv. Deborah, born Feb. 3, 1716. Married Jonas Thompson. 

v. Joseph, born June 23, 1719. 

vi. Mary, born 1720; died 1721. 

vii. Nathan, born May 13, 1721. 

23. viii. William } _ . n OQ 17or 

24. ix. Ebenezer } Tw,ns ' born Dec - 28 " 1/26 - 

25. x. Samuel, Born Nov. 11, 1729. 


Fourth Generation 

PELEG, (Peleg 4) born Jan. 8, 1720, died April 10, 1789. 
Married first Dec. 15, 1740, Elizabeth Blackleach, who died 
at Rippon Parish in 1744. 

He married a second time on Thanksgiving day. 1746, 
Deborah Beardsley. His first wife, Elizabeth, was a daugh- 
ter of Richard Jr. and Mahitabel (Laboree) Blackleach, a 
wealthy merchant of Stratford. 

Children : 





Blackleach, born 1742 



Stephen, born 1750. 











. Mary. 


STEPHEN, (Josiah 5) born Jan. 7, 1706, baptized Feb. 10, 
1706, according to the Bridgeport Church records. Married 
Dec. 26, 1733, Anne Sherman of Stratford. 

Settled in Newtown but may later have lived in the adjoin- 
ing town of Fairfield since the army record of the son Israel 
states that he was born in Fairfield. 

Children : 

29. i. Daniel, born May 22, 1735. 
ii. Phebe, born May 17, 1737. 
iii. Annah. born May 16. 1739. 

30. iv. Andrew, born May 28, 1741. 

31. v. Israel, born 1744. 

32. vi. Josiah | . 

vii. Sherman J Twins, born 1/61. 


BENJAMIN, (Josiah 5) born Jan. 29, 1708, married Mary, 
daughter of Moses Stilson. Benjamin came to Newtown 
with his parents and spent his life there. The records show 
that he bought and sold many parcels of real estate, that he 
deeded to his son Eleazer certain tracts of land, one tract 
being improved by a residence. His son Anthony was named 


as executor of his will. Mentioned many times in grand levy. 

Children : 

33. i. Eleazer, born April 27, 1737. 

34. ii. Amos. 
iii. Nathan. 
iv. Balah. 

35. v. Anthony, horn Dec. 4, 1752, said to have been youngest son. 
vi. A daughter who died young. 


WILLIAM, (Josiah 5) born in Newtown, Conn., Jan. 29, 

1709, died 1752*, married first time , second 

time, June 7, 1750, Elizabeth Burr**, daughter of Stephen 

She was born Jan. 17, 1728, died about 1779. After her 
husband's death, she married second, Oct. 11, 1759, Alexan- 
der Bryant, and third, May 19, 1761, Reuben Squire. 

The home was in Redding, Conn. 

Children : 

i. Mary, baptized Dec. 16, 1739, at Redding. 
ii. Abijah, baptized Jan. 10, 1741. 
iii. Rhoda, baptized Oct. 24, 1742; died April, 1816. 
iv. Sybil, baptized Redding, Feb. 19, 1744; married before 1769, 
Joseph Murray of Danbury. 
By second wife : 
v. Phillip, born about 1750; a sergeant in Revolutionary War. 
vi. William, born about 1752; lived at Redding in 1773. 
*Todd's History of Redding, p. 231. 
** Jacobus' Families of Old Redding. 


WILLIAM, (Israel 6) born April 8. 1748, at Durham, 
Conn., married Anne . 

A list of Revolutionary soldiers from Durham shows 
Lieut. William Burritt, Dec. 9, 1777. He emigrated, prob- 
ably soon after the war to the northwest part of Connecticut. 


i. Sarah, born Mav 26. 1772, at Durham; died at West Granville, 
Mass., Sept. 10, 1837. She married Samuel Parsons of West 
Granville, Aug. 25. 1794. He was born Sept. 20, 1769; died 
Oct. 19, 1841. Samuel and Sarah (Burritt) Parsons had a 
daughter Phoebe who married Amos Hall, they being parents 
of Julius Hall of Tolland, Mass., father of Mrs. Hattie Hall 
Moore of Winsted Conn. 

ii. Jared, born May 1, 1774. 



DANIEL, (Charles 7) born Feb. 1/, 1718, probably died 
before his father, that is before 1761. as his father's will left 
property to his children. He is thought to have been twice 
married" and his oldest son Elijah was probably the son of 
the first wife. His second wife was Comforl Nichols, born 
1678, died 1755, daughter of Richard and Comfort (Sher- 
man) Nichols. His will mentions Widow Comfort. 

Children : 

36. i. Elijah, born 1743. 

ii. Roxanna, who married Richard Hubbell. 

iii. Penniah. who married Samuel Brisbane. 

iv. Amelia. 

37. v. Stephen, born 1753. 
vi. Rollins. 


ISRAEL, (Charles 7) born April 24, 172n, married Mary 
Salter who was born in Antioga, West Indies, lime 23. 1725, 
and died Dec. 21, 1791. 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth, married June 12, 1774, Daniel Morris and had i 1 ) 
Sarah, born Oct. 21. 1775; (2) fames, born |ulv 23. 1776; 
(3) Israel, born July 26. 1778. died July 25. 1837; (4) Daniel, 
born July 27. 1781; (5) Eli Gould, born lune 23. 1783; (6) 
Pollv. born Aug. 1. 1786. died March 20." 1815; (7) Nancy, 
born July 1. 1790; (8) Elizabeth, born Jan. 30. 17' >2; 
Eunice, born June 6. 1793; ( 10) Winthrop, born Sept 21. 17 <J 5 ; 
(11) Betsy, born May 26. 1798. (Married Daniel Fairchild 
Burritt). (No. 65). 
ii. Polly. 


ELIHU, (Charles 7) born 1732, died 1793, married Eunice 
Wakeman, who was born 1740 and died 1802. 

A daughter of Stephen and Mary ( Booth ) Wakeman. 

He enlisted from Fairfield, Conn., as a private in Captain 
David Dimon's 4th Company, Colonel Waterbury's Regi- 

Children : 

i. Isaac, born 1762; died March 16. 1766. 
38. ii. Elihu, born 1765. 



EPHRAIM, (Ephraim 8) born Sept. 24, 1730, married 
Phoebe, daughter of Thomas Ufford. 


i. Sarah, born Oct. 1754. 
ii. Charity, born Feb. 1756. 

39. iii. Thomas, born Jan. 1758. 
iv. Stephen, born Dec. 1760. 
v. Ephriam, born July 1762. 
vi. Phoebe, born July 1764. 
vii. James, born July 1774. 
viii. Lewis. 


STEPHEN, (Ephraim 8) born Feb. 14, 1737, married 
Anna, daughter of David Osburn. 

Children : 

Sarah, baptized June 1787, died young, 
ii. Betsy, born July 1791. 
iii. Sarah, married Jabez Curtiss. 
iv. Benjamin, born 1793. 
v. Edward. 
vi. Mary. 

vii. John, lost at sea. 
viii. Prudence. 
ix. Ann. 


WILLIAM, (Ephraim 8) born April 12, 1739. Married 
first April, 1762, Mary French who died March, 1783. He 
married a second time April 24, 1784, Sarah Baldwin. 

Children : 

i. Sarah, born 1763. 

40. ii. William, born 1764. 
iii. Patty, born 1766. 

iv. Lewis, born 1772. 

v. Eunice, born 1773; died 1774. 

vi. Isaac, born 1775. 

vii. Abel, born 1777. 

viii. Samuel, born 1782 ) . 

ix. John, born 1782 j lwms - 

x. Mary, born 1785. 

xi. Becca. born 1789; died 1790. 


JOHN (Joseph 10) born Sept. 7, 1709, died June 29. 1787, 
in Stratford. Married first, 1731, Mercy Wheeler. Second, 
Jan., 1733, Phoebe who died March 22. 1789, at the 

age of 82. 

i. Hezekiah, born Jan. 26, 1738-9; died June 1. 1809. 
ii. Mary, born Jan. 1741-2. 
iii. Phoebe, born June 1744. 

41. iv. John, born 1745. 


WILLIAM, (Joseph 10) bom Dec. 28, 1726, died Dec. 14. 

1802. Married Mary . who was born in 1739 and who 

died Oct. 18, 1799. Both are buried in Unity Burying 
Ground, Stratford. 


i. Rebecca, married Everard Beacb of New Mil ford, 
ii. Phoebe, married Philo Booth of Newton. 

42. iii. Eben, born April 19, 1762. 

William Burritt enlisted as a private in the Revolutionary 

Army the 13th day of , 1775 at the age of 49. Served 

under Capt. Reed, Col. Waterbury's Connecticut Regiment. Ik- 
was taken prisoner at Ft. Washington on Manhattan Island. He 
was wounded by two buck shot in the back of his neck, also by 
a musket ball in the left arm at Lake Champlain. Sept. 1775. 
He was allowed a pension on account of disability resulting 
from said wounds in Sept. 1794. He is said to have been a suc- 
cessful farmer, becoming a large land owner in the section 
where his father's holdings were located. North Stratford. 

In 1750, by a deed signed by his father Joseph and his mother 
Mary. William came into possession of about one hundred acres 
of land with buildings, situated in the locality of what was then 
known as "Daniel's Farm Hill" Stratford, also some land in the 
vicinity of "Rock House" so called. When he was twenty-six 
he purchased a small plot and one year later. 1753. he is re- 
corded as having paid to his oldest brother. John, one hundred 
and fifty-three pounds for a parcel of land containing four acres 
"more or less" bounded on the east by a portion of his father's 
farm. In 1754 he paid his youngest brother Samuel, eighty-four 
pounds for four acres of land and buildings at the place called 
Rock House Hill. In 1755 for the "consideration" of ninety-six 
pounds he was deeded by his next oldest brother. Nathan, about 
sixteen acres of the paternal farm at Rock House Hill. 

Nine years later he acquired from Joseph Tomlinson. for an 
unstated sum another five acres in the same picturesquelv named 


locality. Again in 1767 he purchased for sixty-nine pounds, two 
shillings, "lawful money" another acre, still more quaintly 
designated as "near the place called Hedge Hog." This land 
was deeded to him by Amos and Ahigail Hinman. 

As late as 1791 at the age of sixty-five, William was still ac- 
quiring land. A deed of that date entitled him, for a considera- 
tion of one hundred twenty-eight pounds to a tract of land ahout 
sixteen acres in the parish of North Stratford, formerly helong- 
ing to Jonathan Edwards, and lying next to land owned by 
Icabod Hawley and Ephriam Beech. 

On the 27th day of September, 1800, William Burritt drew 
his last Will and Testament, bequeathing all his furniture and 
household goods, except his desk and Bible, to his two daughters, 
with twenty-eight pounds to Rebecca and eighteen pounds to 
Phoebe. To his son Eben he left his desk and great Bible and all 
the rest and residue of his estate. Two years later he died, his 
wife Mary having preceded him in 1799. 


EBENEZER, (Joseph 10) born Dec. 28, 1726. Ebenezer is 
said to have gone into the wilderness near Utica, N. Y. 


SAMUEL, (Joseph 10) born in Stratford, Nov. 11, 1729, 
died about 1792. Married in 1757, Mercy Burton, daughter 
of Solomon and Mercy (Judson) Burton. 

Children : 

43. i. Joseph, born Aug. 9, 1758. 
ii. Eunice, born Dec. 21, 1760. 

44. iii. Nathan, born June 6, 1763. 
iv. Ann Mary, born July 1770. 


Fifth Generation 

REV. BLACKLEACH, (Peleg 11) was horn in 1/42. died 
Aug. 27, 1792. Married 1765, Martha Welles, daughter of 
Gideon Welles, and direct descendant of Thomas Welles, 
Colonial Governor of Connecticut. His second wife was 
Deborah Welles. 

He was perhaps one of the most noted men of his time, a 
staunch patriot, who carried his gun to his pulpit to be ready 
for Tory raids during the Revolution. 

He was born in Stratford, graduated from Yale College in 
the class of 1765 and was ordained to preach the ( iospel Feb. 
22, 1768. He was captured by a band of Tories, taken from 
his bed without clothing and transported to the notorious 
Sugar House Prison in Xew York. 

In the introduction to his "Sketch of Rev. Blackleach Bur- 
ritt and Related Stratford Families," Prof. M. I). Raymond 
says : 

"In a secluded spot on the eastern slope of the Green 
Mountains is the unmarked grave of a son of Stratf< >rd wh< ise 
name well deserves to be illustrious in the annals of tin- 
County of Fairfield. A man of liberal culture, of more than 
ordinary gifts, a stalwart Patriot in the stormy days of the 
Revolution, a pioneer preacher of unusual power, of marked 
individuality and rugged character, of honorable ancestry 
and no less honorable posterity, such a man was Rev. Black- 
leach Burritt." 

There was a large family of children, only the last of 
which was a daughter of the second wife. 

Dr. Alice Burritt, of Washington, D. C, has published a 
genealogy of the descendants of Blackleach Burritt, Jr.. who 
was one of the sons of Rev. Blackleach. 

The children were : 
i. Eunice, born 1766. 
ii. Melissa, born Feb. 26. 1768. 
iii. Martha, born Oct. 1770. 
iv. Sarah, born Jan. 29, 1772. 
45. v. Ely. born March 12. 1773. 
vi. Gideon, Sept. 15. 1774. 
vii. Diantha. born Jan. 9, 1776. 
viii. RuFUS. born 1777. 


46. ix. Rlackleach, born Oct. 29, 1779. 
x. Prudence, horn Nov. 2, 1782. 

xi. Samuel, born March 1784. 
xii. Susanna, born March 5, 1785. 
xiii. Selah Welles, born 1791. 


STEPHEN, ( Peleg 1 1 ) born at Stratford in 1750, married 
Mary Keeler. 


Joel, married Ruth Dilley. 
ii. Stephen, died about 1850. Unmarried. 
iii. Polly, married Jonathan Dilley of Hanover, Pa. 


JOEL, (Peleg- 11). 

Children : 

ii. Melissa. 
iii. David. 


DANIEL, (Stephen 12) born May 22, 1735, married at 
New Milford, Conn., Feb. 8, 1756, Sarah Collins. 

They settled in Arlington, Yt., where they lived for a num- 
ber of years prior to the Revolution, when, being - a Royalist, 
he went to Canada and settled at Augusta near Prescott 
where he died at the age of 93. 


i. Lois, born Oct. 16, 1756. 

47. ii. Adoniram, born July 16, 1758. 

48. iii. Stephen, born Nov. 2, 1759. 

49. iv. Edmund, born Dec. 7, 1761. 
v. Phoebe, born Oct. 6, 1763. 
vi. Esther, born May 8, 1765. 
vii. Urania, born Feb. 13, 1767. 

50. viii. Daniel. 

51. ix. Major. 
x. Sarah. 
xi. Tamar. 

Ref. Orcott's History and Biological Sketches of New Mil- 
ford, Conn. 



ANDREW, (Stephen 12) bom May 2X, 1741. at New- 
town, Conn., died at Hinesburgh, Vt., Aug. 5, 1836, married 
Jan. 27, 1763, Eunice Welles who was horn July. 1739, died 
March 15, 1835, at Hinesburgh. Andrew is recorded in the 
census of 1800 in Hinesburgh, Chittendon Co., Vt. Served 
as a private during the Revolution. 


i. Molly, born Nov. 1, 1763; died July 26, 1X19; married Jan. 1. 
1785, Abijah Hawley, son of Capt. Jehiel Hawley. one of the 
founders of Arlington Vt. They had a son, Lyman Hawley, 
born June 26. 1801. who married first Betsy Famsworth and 
second Melissa Welles. Lyman's daughter Mary I.urritt Haw- 
ley, born Oct. 29. 1823. married Cyrus Leach. Their son, 
Myron Buck Leach, born June 3, 1850; died Sept. 7. L925; 
married Laura M. Famsworth, born July 20. 1K4''; died Jan. 
25, 1933. Their daughter is Dr. Clara Chase I. each, a Baptist 
medical missionary now stationed at Kityang, South China. 

ii. Trueman. born July 20, 1767. 

iii. Hannah, born April 5. 1771. 

52. iv. Tilly W., born June 24. 1776. 


CAPT. ISRAEL, (Stephen 12) horn in Fairfield, Conn., 

(probably Newtown) 1744, died Shelburne, Vt.. Jan. 11. 
1833, buried in West Cemetery. Married first March 14. 
1776, Hester Holabird who died Oct. 2. 1793, aged ?>7. He 
married a second time. Dec. 21. 1796, Cynthia Wheeler who 
died April, 1828. aged 66. 


i. Israel, born May 24, 1777; died Oct. 15. 1804. 

ii. Lomira. born Feb. 19, 1779; died Oct. 15. 1804. at Burlington, 

Vt., married about 1800, Capt. Horace Loomis of Burlington. 

Children: Lucia, born Dec. 30. 18(H); died 1877; married John 

Norton Pomeroy. No issue, 
iii. Reuben Hawley, born March 10. 1781 ; died (an. 19, 1784. 
iv. Phila, born Feb. 10. 1783; died Dec. 29. 1786." 

53. v. Reuben, born Jan. 19. 1785. 

vi. Rachael. born Aug. 7. 1787; died July 2.\ 1851. at Norwood 
Park, Chicago, 111.; married at Shelburne, Feb. 17. 1811. 
Herman Rowley, Removed to Illinois 1837. ( me child Hester 
died Shelburne, 1836. 


54. vii. Garrad, bom Oct. 19, 1789. 

viii. Ira, born Sept. 17, 1790; died young. 
ix. Hannah or Annah, born Feb. 12, 1792; died 1823. 
x. Hester, born Sept. 26, 1793; married Sept. 26, 1810, Henry 

Israel had two children by his second wife Cynthia, both 
died young. 

Israel is said to have served throughout the Revolutionary 
War from 1775 to 1784 and with the exception of the year 1776, 
when he is believed to have been with Arnold at Lake Cham- 
plain, this service is substantiated by war department records. 
Commissioned second lieutenant Jan. 1, 1777. (Connecticut 
Men in Revolution, Seventh Regiment, Col. Heman Swift, page 
218). In 1778 was in Newton Fourth Brigade Militia under 
Col. Beardsley. He was in the battle of Germantown and at 
Valley Forge. 

In 1784 Israel came to Shelburne, Vt., with about ten other 
men and established the town. He probably first settled on 
Spear St., where the Hawleys, who were his friends and neigh- 
bors, also located. He finally took up his residence in Shelburne 
Falls, which was the center of the town, having later, woolen, 
grist and saw mills, and other activities. 

Ref. Arlington and Shelburne. Vt. Town records, Grave- 
stones, Revolutionary War Records, Pension Document. 


JOSIAH, (Stephen 12) according to an unverified record, 
died March 6, 1813, aged 52 years, which would make his 
birth date about 1761. He was a twin brother of Sherman 
Burritt who by the same record, died Oct. 6, 1833, aged 72. 

Both these brothers served in Revolutionary war, enlist- 
ing as privates in Lieut. Wm. Hall's Company of Guards, 
stationed at Bridgeport, in 1777, and serving until 1783. 

Josiah married Aug. 2, 1784, Mabel Curtis Baldwin, who 
was born in New York State Feb. 3, 1768, and moved to 
Stratford, Conn., in 1780. She died in Derby, Conn., March 
25, 1852. 

Their first home was in Bridgeport Harbor, but in 1785 
they went to New York State. In 1798 they returned to 
Derby, Conn., where he died. His widow later married 

Children : 

i. Lucy, born Oct. 25, 1785; died 1811 ; married Chamberlain, 
ii. Philemon, born Dec. 20, 1787. 
iii. Eliza, born Feb. 5, 1790; died 1791. 


iv. Peggy, horn Dec. 6, 1793. 
v. Sarah, born March 3, 1796. 
vi. Phoebe, horn Sept. 25, 1798. 
vii. Sherman, horn Jan. 20, 1801. 
viii. Mary, horn Jan. 22, 1804. 
ix. James, horn Feb. 7, 18 — . 

From U. S. Pension records of Mrs. Mabel Curtis Baldwin 
Bttrritt Stiles. Report No. 1. 


ELEAZER, (Benjamin 13) born August 27, 1737. in New- 
town, Conn.,' married first May 25, 1/57, to Elizabeth 
Piatt," daughter of Obidah Piatt of Redding. Conn. 
(Jonas 3 - Isaac" - Richard') married second to Elizabeth 
Smith, daughter of Thomas Smith of Stillwater. Saratoga 
County, N. Y. ; died just prior to February. 1805, survived 
by his second wife. 

Children" of Eleazer and Elizabeth Piatt Burritt: 

i. Sarah, baptized March 19, 1758. 
ii. Charity, baptized April 27. 1760. 
iii. Zalmon, baptized April 25, 1762. 
iv. Bailey, baptized July 1, 1764. 

v. Elizabeth, baptized Sept. 29, 1765; married — ■ York. 

vi. (child stillborn) Feb. 22. 1767. 
vii. Peat, baptized May 15. 1768. 
viii. Abraham, baptized July 1. 1770. 

ix. Thomas, baptized Aug. 30, 1772 (probably died in infancy i. 
Children of Eleazer and Elizabeth Smith Burritt. 

55. x. Thomas, born 1785. 

56. xi. Giles, born Oct. 31, 1788. 
xii. Mary. ( no information). 

All of Eleazer's children by his first wife were horn in New- 
town, except Thomas who was born in Fairfield 4 , where Eleazer 
apparently lived for a short time in 1771 and 1772. The first 
of his sons to be named Thomas was probably born and may 
have died there. No record of any other children horn in Con- 
necticut his been found. He was back in Newtown in 1774. 
and he was included there in the Grand Levy of August 20. 
1776\ for 69£-2s.-6d. He also took the Oath of Fidelity on 
August 25, 1777. and the Freeman's Oath in 1768 there". 
Eleazer was a brother of Anthony who was administrator ui his 
father's estate". By 1785 he had disposed of practically all of 
his property in Connecticut. He disappears from Newtown 
records about this time, indicating that he left the state soon 
after the Revolution. 

It seems reasonably certain that Eleazer came to New York 
state about this time. From the pension records and papers of 


his son Zalmon 7 , and his daughter Elizabeth, we learn that both 
were living in New York, probably in Saratoga County, as early 
as 1781 to 1785. Elizabeth was Mrs. York in 1819, and Yorks 
appeared in the Census of 1790 in Saratoga County. It seems 
very probable that Eleazer and at least two of his children, were 
there in Saratoga in 1790 s . He was recorded in the census of 
1800 ! '. 

In 1801 in the Surrogate's office in Saratoga County there 
was recorded the will of one Thomas Smith of the Town of 
Stillwater, which divided his estate equally among his six 
daughters, of whom the oldest was Elizabeth, and bequeathing 
twenty-five dollars "to Grandson Giles Burnt." 1 " The census of 
1800 records a Thomas Smith in the Township of Half Moon, 
in Saratoga County, with a family of six persons 11 . Again in 
1805, there was filed in the same Surrogate's office, a settlement 
of the estate of Eleazer Burritt of the town of Galway by his 
widow Elizabeth 12 . 

All these known facts leave little doubt that Eleazer Burritt 
of Newtown, Conn., and Eleazer Burritt of Galway, N. Y., 
were one and the same person, and that Elizabeth Smith, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Smith of Stillwater was the second wife of 
Eleazer and the mother of Thomas (1785) and Giles (1788). 
There are still some things that we do not know that we would 
like to know positively, but which the poor records of early New 
York do not reveal. Much research by competent genealogists 13 
supports these conclusions and nothing has been found to cast 
doubt upon them. 

Based on this knowledge and research, I have formed the 
opinions that it is reasonably certain that : Eleazer is descended 
from Stephen who died in 1698, and Sarah Nichols (1674), 
through Josiah (1681) and Benjamin ( 1708) ; he lived in New- 
town, Conn., from 1737 to the early 1780s; he removed to Sara- 
toga County, N. Y., where he married Elizabeth Smith about 
1783 or 1784 and she bore him Thomas and Giles (1788), and 
Mary ( ?) ; he lived and died there in the town of Galway in 
1805, leaving only a small amount of property, most of which 
consisted of debts owed to him by others. 
Hilton N. Y., July 15, 1940. Maurice C. Burritt. 

1 Many deeds of record in Newtown clearly show Eleazer's parentage and the 
ownership and conveyance of property there by both Eleazer and his father 
Benjamin, between 1759 and 1785. 

2 See Bailey's "Early Connecticut Marriages" Vol. II. Todd's "History of Red- 
ding" states that Elizabeth married Ebenezer, while Bailey says Eleazer. 
Both accounts came from the same source, viz. the church records of Redding. 
A competent genealogist (Jacobus) who has investigated the source, con- 
cludes that in this instance, Bailey is right and Todd wrong, the error prob- 
ably being in copying. There is no record of any kind of an Ebenezer Bur- 
ritt in Newtown. 

3 Congregational Church Records, Newtown, from copy in vault of Savings Bank. 

4 Records of Christ Congregational Church, Fairfield. See also Newtown land 
records 1773. 


•"•Town Records of Newtown, Conn., Vol. 4, ppl20, 122 and 128. 

"Newtown Land Records 13, pp 226 and 359 in 1784 and 1785, and Danbury Pro- 
bate Records, File No. 1089. 

"Pension Files S. 16331 and General Accounting Office File G 258. 

^Neither Eleazer or his sons Thomas and Giles are listed in the Census of 1790, 
in New York state or elsewhere. They may have been staying with friends 
or relatives and counted with them. 

'•'Census of 1800, Book II p 1081 — One male to 10 years, one to 45 and up, <»iu- 
female to 16, one female to 26 and one female to 45 and up. This doesn't quite 
fit Eleazer's family, for Thomas should have been 15 and Giles 12 years old 
in 1800. One of the females could have been their sister Mary, or others of 
the family may have been living with them. 

u, Last Will and Testament of Thomas Smith late of the Town of Stillwater, 
dated Sept. 9. 1800, proved and recorded in the Saratoga Surrogates office, 
Jan. 12, 1801. in the Book of Wills at p 89. 

"Census of 1800, Half Moon Township — "Thomas Smith, Head of Family" p 

^Surrogates Office of Saratoga County, Box 003, No. 33, Vol. W. I. p 280. Also 
Bond for $800, and "An Inventory of the Goods, Chattels and Credits ,,i 
Eleazer Burritt, late of Galway, deceased, taken April 19, 1805. 

13 Rachel C. Wilkins of Troy, N. Y., and Donald L. Jacobus of New Haven, Conn 


AMOS, (Benjamin 13) married Jan. 21, 1768. 


i. Reuben, born July 13, 1768. 

ii. Joseph | Twins. Born April 17, 1772. Joseph died < >ct. 27, 
iii. Annis \ 1773. and Annis also died young, 

iv. Urena, born Sept. 10. 1774; died Oct. 17, 1776. 
v. Joseph, born Oct. 20, 1776. 
vi. Annis Dayton, born Feb. 12, 1781. 
vii. Hannah Seely. born April 15. 1785. 
viii. Betsy Hinman, born Dec. 13, 1787. 
Newtown vital statistics. 


ANTHONY, (Benjamin 13) born Dec. 4. 1752. in New- 
town, Conn., married first April 8, 1782, Anna, daughter of 
Agur Curtiss who was born July 20, 1759. and died Sept. 
30, 1808. He married a second time March 26, 1809. Abagail 
(Lewis) widow of Justus Hinman. 

Dr. Anthony died April 12. 1839. He studied medicine 
with Dr. Joseph Perry of Woodbury, Conn., and commenced 
practice in Southbury Society a short time before the Re 

During- that period he acted as surgeon's mate in the serv- 
ice. He was taken prisoner and carried to Long Island but 


was released on the intervention of his friend Jabez Bacon of 

Children : 

i. Mary Ann, born March 4, 1783; married Bronson French. 

ii. Josiah, born Oct. 8, 1785; married Urania llawley. 

iii. Nancy, born Feb. 6, 1787; married Truman Wheeler. 

iv. Selina, born May 29, 1789, married William Hinman. 

v. Benjamin, born Oct. 17. 1791; died young. 

vi. Flora, born Sept. 13, 1795; married George Hinman. 

vii. Harriet, born Nov. 19, 1797; married first Daniel C. Beach, 

second Benjamin Hinman. 
viii. Sally, born March 12, 1800; married Nathan Hinman. 
57. ix. Anthony B., born July 12, 1810. 


ELIJAH, (Daniel 16) born in Bridgeport, in 1743, died in 
Bridgeport Sept. 23, 1841. Married (first) Sarah Hall, 
daughter of John Hall of Bridgeport. 

He was a man of high character and intelligence, of the 
strictest integrity and a strong church man. He was born 
in the same house in which he lived all his life and which is 
said to be still standing and in excellent repair. 

His business combined farming with blacksmithing, 
buckskin leather dressing, and cooperage. He was agent of 
the Golden Hill Indians from 1812 to 1834. 

Children of Elijah and Sarah Burritt : 

i. Daniel, merchant of Bridgeport, known as Col. Burritt. Unmar- 
ried. Born 1745. 

ii. Comfort, died young. 

iii. Ann, married Ephraim Wheeler Sherman and had three sons and 
three daughters. 

iv. Hannah, married Silas Shelton of Huntington and had two sons 
and five daughters. 

v. Mercy, married Capt. James Fayerweather of Bridgeport. 

vi. Phoebe, married Capt. Samuel Hawley, No. 2335 in the Hawley 

Elijah married a second time, Sarah Fairchild, of Redding, 

Her only child was: 

vii. Mary, married Barak T. Nichols. 
Elijah's third wife was Sarah (Chappell) McLean. 
She had by her first husband: 

i. Dr. John McLean, a physician of Norwalk, Conn. 

ii. Sarah, who married George Wade of Bridgeport. 



STEPHEN, (Daniel 16) born 1753, died 1815. Married 
Hannah Piatt Avery, who was born in 1763 and who died in 
1843. She was a daughter of Rev. Elisha Avery of Norwalk, 



i. Charlotte C. born 1797; died Aug. 8, 1837. 
ii. Mary Ann, born 1799; died Dec. 21. 1820. 

iii. Stephen Elisha Avery Burritt, born Nov. 8, 1804; died April 
1825. He is said to have been a young man of striking ability 
and great promise. He graduated from Vale College in the 
class of 1824 at the age of 19 years. 


ELIHU, (Elihu 18) born in Stratford. Dec. 13, 1765, died 
in New Britain, Jan. 29, 1827. Married July 20. 1793, Eliza- 
beth Hinsdale, who was born Feb. 6, 1775. died Aug. 27. 
1843, in New Britain. She was a daughter of Elijah and 
Ruth (Bidwell) Hinsdale. (John 4. Barnabas 3, Barnabas 2. 
Robert 1.) 

Elihu was a farmer and shoemaker. He served in the Rev- 

Children : 

58. i. Elijah Hinsdale, torn April 20, 1794. 

ii. Elizabeth Hinsdale, born July 22. 1795; married Hezekiah 


iii. Emily, born Aug. 12. 1798; married Capt. Taylor. 

iv. George, born Dec. 5. 1800; died in Georgia. Aug. 22. 1822. 

v. Mary, born Feb. 18, 1803 ; married Warren Williams. 

59. vi. William, born July 8, 1805. 
vii. Isaac, born May 31, 1808. 

60. viii. Elihu, born Dec. 8, 1811. 
Eunice Wakeman. born May 2. 1813; married April 24. 1833 

Jabez Cornwall of Middleton, Conn. He went to Texas in 18 
and died there in November of that vear. She went west as a 
teacher, under the patronage of Gov. Slade. and was a passen- 
ger on the steamer Atlantic, which was sunk in a collision on 
the lake. She behaved with great coolness and was one of the 
few saved, losing everything but her night clothing. She mar- 
ried Prof. A. J. Sawyer of Chicago. March 17 1853 
Almira Bidwell. born July 27. 1816; married Nov. 24 1836 
Stenhen Lyman Strickland, born Sept. 22. 1813; died March 24 
1865. Son of Stephen and Nancv (Trvon) Strickland 




THOMAS, (Ephraim 19) born January, 1758, married 
Dec. 13, 1794, Abigail Curtiss. 

Children : 

i. Curtiss, born Dec. 13, 1794. 
ii. Charles, born Oct. 2$, 179 — . 


WILLIAM, (William 21) born in Connecticut, 1764, mar- 
ried near Amsterdam, N. Y., Hannah Wright who died at 
her first childbirth in 1796. 

Children : 

61. i. Bentamin ) _. . 

6° ii Stephen i ^ ronan L v twins, born rviov. 8. 1/96. 


JOHN, (John 22) born in Stratford in 1745, died in Mon- 
roe, Conn., July 21, 1818, married Elizabeth Blakeman who 
was born in Stratford July 28, 1745. She was a daughter of 
Zachariah and Elizabeth (Hall) Blakeman. (See Blake- 

They moved to Monroe. Conn., soon after their marriage. 

John Burritt was a Corporal in Capt. Nichols' Company of 
Light Dragoons. (Conn, in Rev.) 












Abigail, born 1773. 






. James. 




John Hezekah. born Dec. 









EBEN, (William 23) born at Stratford, Conn., April 19, 
1762, died at Roxbury, Oct. 10, 1840. 

Married April 9, 1782, Sarah Fairchild, who was horn at 
Stratford, July 31, 1766, and who died at Roxbury, Nov. 8, 
1865, aged 99 years, 3 months and 8 days. 

She was a descendant of Thomas Fairchild, a wealthy 
merchant who came to Stratford in 1639. The family had a 
coat of arms and a good pedigree. Thomas married for his 
second wife Katherine Craig of London, in 1662. 

Their son Joseph was born in 1664 and married Johanna 
Willcoxon, daughter of Timothy Willcoxon of Stratford. 

Their son Timothy was born in 1687 and married in 1715 
Sarah Thompson of New Haven. Daniel, their son born in 
1719, married Hepzibah Lewis of Old Mill Trumbull. 

Hepzibah's mother was Sarah De Forest, a descendant of 
the Huguenot De Forests of Avenes, France, according to 
the De Forest genealogy. 

Sarah Fairchild, wife of Eben Burritt, was their daughter 
and was named for this grandmother, Sarah De Forest. 

In speaking of the inheritance of family names, let me 
note here that following this generation we find the name 
Lewis frequently used as a given name and we may trace it 
to Hepzibah Lewis, wife of Daniel Fairchild, mother of 
Sarah Fairchild Burritt. 

The following will show direct line of descent of Sarah 
Fairchild Burritt from William Cecil, Lord Burleigh, Prime 
Minister to Queen Elizabeth of England. From Thomas 
Sherwood of Sherwood Forest, England, and from Robert 
Seabrook, emigrant from England. 

William Cecil, Lord Burleigh, was born in Lincolnshire, 
Sept. 13, 1520. He was secretary of state under Edward VI. 
and Elizabeth and Prime Minister of England for forty years. 
He married Mildred Coke. Their daughter, Margaret Cecil, 
married Erastus Smith. 

Rev. Henry Smith of Weithersfield, Conn., married a sec- 
ond time, Dorothy . 

Philipe Smith, married John Birdseye. 

Johanna Birdseye, married Timothy Wilcoxen. 

Johanna Wilcoxen, married Joseph Fairchild. 


Timothy Fairchild, married Sarah Thompson. 
Daniel Fairchild, married Hepzibah Lewis. 
Sarah Fairchild, married Eben Burritt. 


THOMAS SHERWOOD was born in Sherwood Forest, 
England, in 1586. He lived at Nottingham. This shire is not 
very larg*e, about fifty miles long by thirty broad. It contains 
some of the grandest scenery and most charming rural 
estates of England. This was the scene of the escapades of 
Robin Hood of legendary fame. The family name originated 
from the Sherwood Forest. 

Thomas Sherwood married Alice Seabrook in England. 
She was born in 1587. Their children were: Ann. born 1620; 
Rose, born 1623; Thomas, born 1624. and Rebecca, born 1625. 
Thomas with his wife and children sailed for America on the 
good ship "Francis" (John Cutting was the master). They 
embarked at Ipswich, April 21, 1624. and landed in Massa- 
chusetts Colony, Boston, in June of the same year. 

Thomas Sherwood lived in Fairfield, Conn., and Wethers- 
field. He was one of the first settlers of the latter place. His 
name appears on land records of Fairfield in 1643, and when 
he came here he brought with him his second wife. Sarah, 
whom he married in 1643. They had six more children. In 
his will, which was dated June 4. 1657. he left one-fourth of 
his estate to his daughter. Rose, wife of Thomas Rumble, 
and afterwards wife of Thomas Barlow. His property was 
very large, so much so that he had five overseers, namely; 
William Blackman, Isaac Nichols, John Birdseye, Henry 
Wakely and John Wells. He served as deputy with Roger 
Ludlow in Connecticut General Court. 1650. He died in 
1659 at Fairfield. Conn. 


ROBERT SEABROOK, father of Alice Seabrook, wife of 

Thomas Sherwood, was the ancestor in her line first to come 
to America. He was born in England in 1565 and died in 
Stratford, Conn., in 1650. He married Alice Goodspeed in 
England. She was the daughter of Nicholas Goodspeed of 
Wengrass, Bucks County, England. Thev came to America 
in 1624 and settled in Stratford. Their home-lots were 12 

B U R R I TT FA M I LY 37 

and 13. They had four daughters who were all grown and 
married before they came to America. Their husbands be- 
came prominent men in the colony. 

Alice married Thomas Sherwood in England and is our 


Johanna married Lieut. Thomas Wheeler in England. 

Emm married Thomas Fairchild (his first wife). 

Elizabeth married William Preston. 

There were no sons. 

Descent from Seabrook and Sherwood : 

Robert Seabrook married Alice Goodspeed. 

Alice Seabrook married Thomas Sherwood. 

Rose Sherwood married Thomas Barlow. 

Deborah Barlow married John Burritt. 

Joseph Burritt married Mary Wakely. 

William Burritt married Mary . 

Eben Burritt married Sarah Fairchild, etc. 

That Sarah Fairchild Burritt was recognized as a remark- 
able woman in many ways is shown by the obituary which 
was published at her death and a copy of which is shown. 

"In Roxbury, Litchfield County, Conn., Nov. 8, 1865, 
Widow Sarah Burritt died, aged 99 years, 3 months and 8 
days, the oldest person by far in the town of Roxbury and 
was at the time of her death the oldest person for a large 
circumference around. 

"She was born in the town of Stratford, now denominated 
the town of Trumbull, Fairfield County, Conn. She and her 
husband moved into the town of Roxbury in the year 1806, 
and in the year following- they both united with the Congre- 
gational Church by letter from the Presbyterian Church in 
Trumbull and she has continued to be a faithful follower of 
that Saviour whom she believed in and embraced early in life. 

"It would seem that Nature, in her case had designed her 
for long life, being from a child, as tradition has it, the very 
picture of perfect health and by prudence, industrious habits, 
mental and physical labor, as in one or the other she was 
constantly employed, she lived to spend almost a century in 
enjoyment of one of the greatest blessings earth can give, 
which is health. She seemed to be endowed by nature with 
one of those rare qualities or gifts, cheerfulness under what- 
ever circumstances she was called to pass through. 


"There was always a cheerful word, a joyous smile and 
sunshine brightness upon her face. 'She looked well to the 
ways of her household and ate not the bread of idleness.' 

" 'Her children rise up and call her blessed.' Yea, the 
Church and the world around rise up and called her blessed 

"Two of her sons and one daughter, the eldest now SI 
vears of age, were permitted to be present at the departure 
of their loving mother, to smooth as far as human hands 
and sympathy could do, her passage to the tomb, and t<> call 
her blessed; and blessed will that man or woman be upon 
whom her mantle shall fall, for, she was a woman that feared 
God the Lord and such shall be praised. 'And her own works 
praise her in the gates.' 

EBEN BURRTTT enlisted as a private in the Revolu- 
tionary Army in 1776 at the age of 14 years. He served under 
Col. Whitney of Connecticut during the years 1778-79-80. 
Applied for a pension April 15. 1833, which claim was al- 

Their children were: 

Phoebe, born July 2$, 1783; married Mr. Beach. 
Polly, born Jan. 10. 1786; married David Hawley. 
Lewis, born July 2. 1788. 

Sarah, born March 7. 1791; married Mr. Hurd. 
William, born Feb. 8. 1794; died Oct. 26. 1810. 
Daniel Fairchild, born April 4. 17 ( '7. 
vii. Philo, born Sept. 25. 17^9. 
viii. Roswell, born Nov. 9, 1802. 
ix. Julia Ann. born July 4. 1808. 
x. Eben William, born March 3. 1811; died April 6, 1812. 

Among the old deeds still preserved by members of the family 
is one showing that in the year 1785. when Eben was twenty- 
three, his father. William. "For the consideration of the Pater- 
nal love and good-will and affection that I have and do bear unto 
my well beloved son Eben Burritt." deeded about eleven acres 
of land to him. situated near Daniel's farm, also a small plot 
adjoining his own dwelling house-. Another (h-t-d dated May 24. 
1792, conveys to Eben's wife Sarah, for the consideration of 18 
pounds and 16 shillings, four acres in North Stratford, bounded 
on the westerly side by Daniel's farm Hill and on the south 
by William Burritt's land. 

In 1806 Eben moved his family to a farm in the eastern part 
of Roxbury. Conn. This farm consisted of sixty-four acres and 
the deed was signed by David Hawley. presumably Eben's 














son-in-law, as executor of the estate of the former owner, 
James Shelton, of South Huntington, the consideration being 
$1615.77. It was located ahout one-fourth mile north of what 
was then known as "Castle Street," and "Grassy Hill Road." 

This continued to he the family home until the death of Eben, 
when it was willed to his four sons. Roswell, the youngest, pur- 
chased the interests of his hrothers and lived there during his 
lifetime. In 1883 this homestead was sold by Roswell's two 
daughters, Sarah Burritt Fenn and Anna Mariah Burritt, who 
then moved to Port Byron, N. Y. 

The farm is the site of a Revolutionary Encampment where 
a brigade of General Nixon's Regiment passed the winter. 

In my possession is a yellowed sheet of paper on which is 
written in the painstaking hand of my great aunt Catherine 
B, Sprague, a list of the children of Eben with the dates of 
birth and death copied from his old family Bible. So did 
cheerful aunt Kate add her bit to these records. She gave us 
more in her stories of these, her grandparents, revealing inci- 
dents of their lives and traits of character always with an 
unconcealed pride. Another letter from Mrs. Laura E. Camp 
recounts the story as told by her mother, who was Elizabeth 
Ann Burritt, first cousin to my great grandfather Lewis. It 
seems that Lewis and Polly Burritt had sold their farm near 
Roxbury and were about to leave for western New York. 
The Congregational Church at Roxbury held farewell prayer 
meetings and, so she said, "sang the most doleful hymns." 

It perhaps seemed a final parting since she says, "The trip 
was made with ox teams into the wilderness where thev 
cleared a site and built a log house. They were prosperous 
and the family added a great deal materially and spiritually 
to the town of Weedsport." My own memory goes back to 
the visit of this same Lewis, who was Eben's oldest son, after 
the death of his wife, to our home in Illinois. Since this was 
in 1872 I was four years old at the time, but this memory 
has alwavs been clear to me. L. L. B. 



JOSEPH, (Samuel 25) born in Stratford, Aug. 9, 1758, 

died in Stratford Oct. 3, 1830. Married in 1778, Sally Ufford 
who was born Feb. 19, 1760. She was a daughter of Lieuten- 
ant Samuel (born Jan. 21, 1670. died 1746) and Elizabeth 
( Curtiss ) Ufford. 

Joseph enlisted as a private in the Revolutionary war from 
Stratford, Conn., and served twenty-seven months fifteen 
days, according to application for pension entered by his 
widow, Sally Ufford Burritt. 

A portion of this service was under Captain ' reorge Benja- 
min in Col. Samuel Whiting's Brigade. ( Record of pension 
received by Sally Burritt found in an old Day Book of Isaac 
Sherman, containing- list of pensions from 1833 to 1X36 page 
211, also on page 662 "Records of Service of Connecticut 
Men in the War of the Revolution" compiled by the Adjutant 
General. Both books are in the Historical Society rooms, 
Bridgeport, Conn. 

Children : 

i. Samuel, born Dec. 18, 1778. 

ii. Ann Marcy. born July 18, 1781 ; married William Peat. 

iii. Sally, born March 4, 1783; married Isaac Brooks. 

68. iv. David, born Jan. 7, 1785. 

v. James, born Jan. 11. 1787; married April 8. 1812. Betsy . 

vi. Isaac, born June 1. 1789; married three times, first, July 29, 1811. 
vii. Joseph, born Feb. 9, 1791 ; died young. 
viii. Julia, born Nov. 16, 1792; died young. 

69. ix. Joseph, born Aug. 21, 1795. 


NATHAN, (Samuel 25) horn June 6. 1763, married 1791 
Sarah Welles. 

Children : 

i. Abigail Welles, born Dec. 6. 1791. 

ii. John, baptized April 1793. 

iii. Lewis, baptized June, 1794. 

iv. Robert, born 1800; died Aug. 8, 1802. 

70. v. Robert Wilberforce, born 1803. 
vi. Wilson. 

vii. Sarah. 


Sixth Generation 

ELY, (Blackleach 26) born in New England March 12 

He was a practicing Physician in Troy, New York, for 
nearly thirty years. 

Had a son: 
71. Alexander Hamilton, born April 17, 1805. 


BLACKLEACH, JR., (Rev. Blackleach 23) born Oct. 27, 
1779, died Oct. 1, 1830, at Clifford, Pa. 

Married Nov. 1, 1802, at Upper White Hills, Conn. Sarah 
Hubbell, daughter of John and Sarah (Curtis) Hubbell, and 
granddaughter of Lieut. John Hubbell and of James Curtis. 

Both her father and her two grandfathers were soldiers in 
the Revolution. She died in Clifford, Pa., Oct. 21, 1870. 

Children : 

i. Hepsy, born May 9, 1804, in Huntington, Conn. ; died at Clifford, 
Pa.. Sept. 13, 1887; married June 11, 1827, Zibe Burns. ' 

Children: (1) Henry Horace, born Sept. 20, 1829; died 
April 8, 1832. (2) Sarah Ann, born Nov. 27, 1831; married 
Oct. 31, 1850. Cyril Crandall. (3) Sanford, born Feb. 7, 1834; 
married (first) July 11, 1854, Tryphosia Westgate, (second) 
lulia, widow of ]. B. Lyon, daughter of Ezra Lewis. (4) Bur- 
ritt, born June 8. 1836; died May 19, 1897, at Forest City, Pa.; 
married Julv 5, 1869, Mary Hansee, daughter of William Han- 
see. (6) Ziba, born Oct. 7, 1838; died Feb. 17, 1879; married 
Phoebe Elizabeth Baldwin, daughter of Chas. Baldwin of Jersey 
City, N. J. (7) Franklin, born Feb. 28. 1842; died Aug. 9. 
1844. (8) Frank, born Dec. 11, 1846; died March 22, 1891; 
married April 12, 1876, Emma Hansee, daughter of William 

Grandison, born Aug. 1, 1806. 

Samuel, born March 31, 1808. 

Rufus, born June 17, 1811 ; died Oct. 26. 1813. 

Rufus, born May 17, 1814. 

Ely, born Feb. 18, 1817. 
vii. Sarah Caroline, born Att<?. 18, 1819. in Clifford, Pa.; died Aug. 
28. 1897 in Uniondale. Pa.; married March 16, 1840, Martial 
Otis Dimmick, who was born Dec. 16, 1817; died Dec. 1, 1908; 
son of Martial and Oshea (Smith) Dimmick. 

Children: ( 1 ) Myrtis, born March 5, 1846; married Dec. 22, 
1866, David LaFavette Stevens, who was born Aug. 17, 1837, 
son of David and Eliza (Arnold) Stevens, of Clifford, Pa.; (2) 
Theron Baldwin, born Tune 28, 1847; married Nov. 9. 1869, 











Mary Jane Wood, daughter of Henry X. and Nancy I Young) 
Wood. (3) Norman Grandison, born July 15, 1856; married 
Nov. 21, 1883. Sarah Louise Merithen. who was horn July 31. 
1861, at Clark's Green, Pa., daughter of Hiram and Ruth 
(Burt) Merithen. 
viii. Charles, horn March 5, 1823. in Clifford. Pa. ; died ( )ct. 1. 1830. 


ADONIRAM. (Daniel 29) born July 16, 1758, in Arling- 
ton, Vt., removed with his father's family to Canada at the 
outbreak of the Revolution and later settled at Maitland, 
Canada, on the St. Lawrence River. He served as Captain in 
the Canadian Army, in the 2nd Regiment of < irenville Mili- 
tia during the war of 1812. He was later known as Colonel. 

He married Read. Died in Canada in 1856 at 

the age of 98 years. 

Children : 

i. William, no male issue. 

76. ii. Read. 

77. iii. Charles, horn Feb. 28, 1806. 


STEPHEN, (Daniel 24) born Nov. 2. 1759, at Arlington, 

Vt. Moved to Canada with his father at the outbreak of the 
Revolution. Died in Ontario. Canada, in 1843. 

He entered the British Army at the age of nineteen and 
served seven years. He was dispatch writer for Col. Barry 
St. Leger, Commandant of the Royal forces in Canada. He 
was wounded at Gage's Hill, was present at the taking of 
Fort Edward and at the surrender of Burgoyne. After the 
war he and his brother Daniel settled on the upper St. Law- 
rence with other discharged soldiers. In 1793 he penetrated 
the woods thirty miles and founded Burritt's Rapids where 
he died; he being the first white man to explore and settle 
on the North bank of the Rideau River. His chopping at- 
tracted a Mohawk Indian, who ordered him off the hunting 
grounds of the tribe. After a desperate struggle he downed 
the Indian and threatened to brain him. The Indian begged 
for mercy and promised fellowship, which promise he faith- 
fully kept. Stephen was Major and Lieutenant Colonel of 
the 2nd Regiment. Grenville Militia and saw service under 


General Brock at Fort Wellington in the war of 1812. From 
1809 to 1817 he represented Leeds and Grenville in the Leg- 


i. Henry, born 1791. 

78. ii. Edmund, born 1793. 
iii. Sarah, born 1801. 

iv. William Augustus, born 1803. 

79. v. Stephen, born 1805. 
vi. Hamilton, born 1808. 


EDMUND, (Daniel 24) born Dec. 7. 1761, at Arlington, 
Yt., died in Ontario, Canada, in 1798. 




DANIEL, (Daniel 24) born about 1669, married Electa 
Landon. Settled after the Revolution with his brother 
Stephen on the upper St. Lawrence and later was one of the 
founders of Burritt's Rapids. He located on the North side 
of the Rideau River, drawing Lot 25 in the first concession 
of Marlborough. He served as Captain and Major in the 2nd 
Regiment of Grenville Militia during the War of 1812 and 
was later known as Colonel. The 2nd Regiment took part 
in the following actions: Prescott, Oct. 4, 1812; Salmon 
River, Nov. 23, 1812; Ogdensburg, Feb. 22, 1813; Chrysler's 
Farm, Nov. 11, 1813. (Public Archives of Canada.) 

George Landon, born March 18, 1798. 
Daniel Hamlet. 

Walter Horatio, born Sept. 1808. 

Urania, married William Loucks and had : Alfred, married Caro- 
line Merkley ; Electa, married Will Laugh ; Edwin, married 
Harriet Muckleston; Harriet; Henry Hamilton, married Celia 
v. Minerva. 


MAJOR, (Daniel 24) born about 1771. 

i. Marcus. 
83. ii. Anson. 









84. iii. Johnson. 

85. iv. Trueman. 

86. v. Clement. 

vi. Electa, married Trueman Adams. 

vii. Phoebe, married Trueman Adams as his second wife. 


TILLY W., (Andrew 30) bom June 24, 1776, at New- 
town, Conn., moved with his father's family to Hinesburgh, 
Vt., where he died June 2, 1870. Married Hannah Davis. 


87. i. Nelson A., horn Aug. 25, 1804. 

88. ii. Daniel, born about 1810. 
iii. Jane E., horn April 2, 1820. 


REUBEN, (Israel 31) born Jan. 19. 1785, died Oct. 28, 
1815, married first time Sally; no further record. Married 
a second time in 1814, Eunice Sopir. No further record. 

Child by wife Sail}- : 

Israel, born 1808; died May 17, 1818. Int. Village Cemetery. 
On the death of his father this Israel was adopted by his uncle 


GARRAD, (Israel 31) horn Shelburne, Vt.. Oct. 19, 
1789, died there Jul}' 18, 1866, and buried in Village Ceme- 
tery. Married first time Jul}- 1. 1810. Lucia Comstock, 
daughter of Levi, Sr., and Hannah ( Bakon) Comstock, born 
1791, died Sept. 23, 1829. There were no children by this 
union. Garrard married a second time Jan. 17, 1830, Eliza 
Roxilana (Harrington) Peckham. widow of Nathaniel I'eck- 
ham by whom she had: Deborah Harriet. Dec. 12. 1818, and 
Adeline Amanda, Feb. 19, 1822. 

Garrad's mother died when he was five years "Id and his 
father remarried, then when he was eleven his sister Lomira 
who had mothered him, married and went to Burlington. 

By consent of his father he was then taken into the home 
of Levi and Hannah Comstock and they brought him up as 
their own with their two children, Lucia aged nine, and Levi, 
Jr., seven. 

He was ambitious to be a scholar and a successful man 
and "Aunt Hannah" encouraged and helped him. In those 


days of barter, books were hard to come by and one day Aunt 
Hannah gave him a pair of her old shoes to tear apart and 
use as a pattern for a new pair. He made the new shoes 
with great pride, having- tanned the leather himself, thus 
learning - two good trades. His tanneries later were a source 
of wealth. 

Aunt Hannah encouraged him to make a box of shoes of 
different sizes which he sold for good value to a store in a 
frontier settlement and with the money received he bought 
books which he studied, as did other pioneers, by the light of 
pitch pine knots in the fire-place. 

He went to school only six weeks in his entire life but he 
attained an excellent education, liberal, scientific and cul- 
tural. His penmanship was especially line. He obtained all 
the information available on agrarian problems; studied ro- 
tation of crops and erosion, set out hundreds of fruit trees 
experimenting with different kinds. 

During the years 1800 to 1810 the old Burritt-Comstock 
brick house was built. The bricks being made from the clay 
found in the banks of the brook back of the house, hand 
made and sun baked. Garrad superintended the construc- 
tion of the house and actually built much of it with his own 
hands. He married Lucia Comstock in 1810 and the house 
was practically completed at that time. 

It was a beautiful home, set high. The double chimneys 
could be seen from the North and South on the lake and the 
pilots of the boats used them as a landfall. 

From the front door was a magnificent view of the Fake 
and the Adirondacks and from the upper windows the Green 
Mountains could be seen over the rise of land at the East. 

During the War of 1812 Commodore McDonough built 
and commanded a fleet on Lake Champlain. He was a guest 
of Garrad and Lucia. The northwest room on the first Moor 
had not been finished at that time and was made ready for 
his use. His staff was quartered in the servants' ell and the 
buildings surrounding the house yard. 

Garrad Burritt, his brother Reuben, and his brother-in- 
law, Levi Comstock, Jr., were among the volunteers of the 
War of 1812 on a request made for sharp shooters. He also 
aided Commodore McDonough in equipping and provision- 
ing his fleet which lay at anchor in Quaker Smith Bay. 


When the Flagship Lawrence was raised from Lake Erie 
March 1836, a walking stick from the officers' cabin was sent 
to Garrad Burritt in recognition of his services. 

It had a buck horn head with four plates. The name plate 
has been lost but it is supposed to have had the name of the 
Commodore. The other three inscriptions are as follows: 

"Taken from the Flagship Lawrence. March 1836." 

-Com. O. H. Perry's Victory Lake Erie, Sept. 10, 1813." 

"We have met the enemy and they are ours." 

The cane always carried by ( iarrad is now in p< >ssessi< >n i >\ 
David Burritt Montgomery, his great, great grandson. 

Garrad was representative from the Town of Shelburne 
for two years from 1823. Postmaster 1828-1836. Chosen to 
represent Town of Shelburne in convention to pass on I*. S. 
Constitutional changes proposed by Congress. 

The above is taken from information given the compiler 
by Mrs. C. M. Shearer of Minneapolis, a direct descendent of 
Garrad which has proven of so much interest as depicting 
the life of those early pioneers that it has been thus freely 

After describing the visit of Commodore McDonough and 
a later short residence of (iarrad in the village and on Shel- 
burne Point, she says: 

'They then bought from the Comstock heirs their share 
oi the original home built in 1800 and lived there the remain- 
der of their lives. The son Andrew married and brought his 
wife there and their children, Charlo and Frances < the 
writer) were born there." 

Children : 

i. Lucia Eliza, born Nov. 4. 1830; died March 10. 1935. 
89. ii. Andrew Jacksox. born July 6. 1837. 

Ref. Byron M. Clark. Rattle of Plattsburg, p. 37; Hemmen- 
way, vol. 1. p. S77 ; History of Chittenden Co., p. 670; Dem- 
mings Vermont officers 1918. p. 292. 


THOMAS, ( Eleazer 33) born in Saratoga County, X. Y.. 
in 1785 and died April 8. 1862. married the first time about 
1820 Dorothv Jennings who was born Feb. 10, 1796, died 
May 21, 1841. 

He married a second time, Catherine who was born 

March 26, 1800. died Oct. 3. 1866. 


Thomas purchased a farm in Corinth, Saratoga County, 
N. Y., on which he spent his entire life. 

Children : 

i. Bailey, born March 9, 1822. Left New York early in life and is 
said to have gone West. No further records. 

ii. Charlotte, horn Nov. 11, 1824; died June 18, 1882; married 
April 5, 1868, Alonzo J. Grippin, whose first wife was her sister 
Mary. No issue. 

iii. Mary, horn Nov. 30. 1826; died April 2$, 1864; married March 

30, 1845, Alonzo J. Grippin, who was born Oct. 30, 1818; died 
May 19, 1904. at Bridgeport, Conn. 

Their children: ( 1 ) William A., horn Feb. 23. 1851 ; died 
March 11, 1911, at Grand Canyon, Ariz.; married Adella Jack- 
son, of Ballston Spa., N. Y., and had: William Jackson, born 
Sept. 19. 1876; married April 10, 1907, Ethel Kemher; and 
Edna A., horn Dec. 8. 1888; married Sept. 27, 1911, Dudley M. 
Morris. (2) Frances M.. horn Aug. 14, 1853; died March 7, 
1883 at Corinth, N. Y. ; married Wallace Mallery and had: 
Alfred T. and a daughter, who is Mrs. A. J. DeCelle. (3) 
Thomas Burritt, horn July 18. 1859; died Sept. 23, 1930; mar- 
ried Dec. 25. 1880, Carrie L. Howe of Trov, N. Y. Children: 
Alonzo J.. Jr.. horn Feb. 24. 1882; died Feb. 14. 1889; Charles 
Howe, born Aug. 30, 1883; died Aug. 3, 1885; Jennie May, 
born Jan. 31, 1885; Ethel, born Oct. 27, 1887; married Mr. 
Grey of Bridgeport, Conn. ; Bessie, born July 29, 1889; married 
R. E. Miller of N. Egremont, Mass. ; Clifford N., born April 
13, 1891. 

90. iv. James, born Feb. 27. 1829. 

v. Emeline, born Oct. 15, 1830; died Nov. 11. 1912; married Dec. 
8, 1854, John Ambler, who was born Oct. 11, 1827; died March 
23, 1905.' 

Children: (1) Elsie E.. horn April 14, 1856; died Dec. 15. 
1856; (2) William B., born July 18, 1858; died April 12, 1887; 
(3) Flora E.. born Sept. 27, 1862; died Dec. 24, 1881; (4) 
Minnie, born July 2i, 1866; died July 17. 1884. 

vi. Caroline, born Aug. 18, 1833 ; died Sept. 7, 1909; married March 

31, 1861, Peleg J. Randall, who was born Dec. 19. 1834; died 
April 5, 1913. They had: James T., born Oct. 3. 1863; died 
Dec. 18, 1891 ; married Miranda Eggleston and had one child, 
Gertie M., born July 21, 1885. 




GILES, (Eleazer 33) born Oct. 31, 1788, in Saratoga 

Countv; died March 2, 1854. at Parma (Hilton), X. Y.: 
married March 15, 1810, at Sand Lake. X. Y.. to Elizabeth, 
daughter of George and Evelyn Colby Phelps, born Sept. 10, 
1791, at Sand Lake, X. Y. ; died March 3, 1866, at Parma, 

N. Y. 

( See Phelps in appendix). 

Children of Giles and Elizabeth Burritt: 

91. i. Bailey, born April 1, 1811. 

92. ii. William, born Dec. 25, 1812. 

93. iii. Seeley. bom Nov. 29. 1814. 

94. iv. Polly, born Nov. 9. 1816. 

95. v. Malinda, born Dec. 18, 1818. 

96. vi. Sylvester, born Dec. 7, 1820. 

97. vii. Elizabeth, born Dec. 9. 1822. 

98. viii. Stephen Day. born Nov. 3. 1824. 

99. ix. Thomas, born Aug. 25. 1827. 

x. Mahala. born Feb. 8, 1831 ; died at Parma. May 20, 1842. 
100. xi. Giles, Jr., born Jan. 5, 1834. 

The records of the descendants of < iilo and Elizabeth, while not 
100 per cent complete, are nearly so. Those for the first five 
families lack, perhaps 25 to 50 persons for completion. All the 
others are complete. The records which follow show a total of 
777 descendants of whom 145 are dead, and 632 living a-* tbi^ 
is written. 398 are males and ?>7 (i females. A total of 409 per- 
sons, 207 males and 202 females have married into the family. 
( )f these marriages. 81 produced no children while the other _ 
resulted in 776 children. The count by generations follows : 


(As of April 1, 1940) 

Generations Second Th 









D D 




D L 






L All 

1 Bailey ] 

L 6 



4 53 




124 14" 

2 William 




2 41 






129 151 

(> i nknown 



3 Seeley 




6 31 





85 113 

4 Polly" 1 




1 9 






39 53 

5 Malinda 




2 19 





53 68 

6 Sylvester 








14 18 

7 Elizabeth 



4 36 




89 98 

8 Stephen 





2 12 



25 36 

9 Thomas 





4 17 



4u 52 

10 Mahala ] 



11 Giles, Jr. ] 








28 38 






25 232 





- 32 77? 



Elizabeth Phelps Burritt 



Giles Burritt was unquestionably a man of deeds rather 
than of words. His name appears only very rarely in writ- 
ten records. Only in old dry census records, in dusty deeds 
in County Clerk's offices and in old wills and records tiled in 
Surrogate's Courts is there to be found any mention of him. 
His achievements were that with his wife, Elizabeth, he 
reared a family of eleven children on poor land on a hilltop 
in Rensselaer County about twelve miles east of Troy; that 
he moved with all of them across the State to good produc- 
tive land in Monroe County in Western New York and that 
he established rive of his seven boys on other farms around 
him before he died at 66 years of age. All this required phys- 
ical stamina, courage and determination to improve his lot 
and that of his family. 

The birth and period of growing to manhood. 1788 to 
1810, is quite obscure. He seems to have been born in the 
town of Stillwater or the town of Galway in Saratoga 
County, New York, on Oct. 31, 1788, the son of Eleazer and 
Elizabeth Smith Burritt. We know nothing of his boyhood. 
The only mention of him in any documents, during this pe- 
riod, is in the will of his father-in-law, Thomas Smith, made 
in 1800, who left him $25*. He had an older brother, 
Thomas, born in 1785 and a sister Mary of whom we know 

Tradition in the family has it that the father of Thomas, 
Giles and Mary died when they were all quite young and 
that Giles was "bound out" to a neighbor or relative — pos- 
sibly Thomas Smith — but there is no confirmation of this 
and as Eleazer died in 1805 and Giles would then have been 
17 years old the story seems improbable. 

Eleazer appears to have been a lumberman and to have 
operated a saw mill in western Saratoga County. 1 As is so 
often the case the son seems to have adopted the vocation of 
his father, for the next known fact about Giles is that he was 
the owner or lessor 2 of rights in land in the town of Grafton 
(near Sand Lake) in Rensselaer Count v on a part of the old 


*Will of Thomas Smith, dated Dec. 9, 1800, proved and recorded in the Saratoga 
County Surrogates office, Jan. 12, 1800, in Book 1 of Wills at page 89. 

Settlement of Estate of Eleazer Burritt, Surrogates Records, Saratoga County, 
N. Y., Box 003 No. 33, vol. W. 1. p. 280, 1805. 




52 BUR K 1 TT FA M I L Y 

Dutch Patroon Estate of Van Rensselaer wyck. This may 
have been as early as 1810 or 1811, for Giles was married at 
Sand Lake in March 1810 and his first child. Bailey, was 
born in 1811. Here he operated a sawmill and hauled lumber 
and milled logs to the market in Troy. He must have raised 
cattle and wheat also for the Manor Ledger shows that he 
was paying- rent" to the estate in wheat and cattle as well as 
sundries and cash from about 1813 to 1829. A part of this 
leased land was sold to Joel Hull" in 1821 but all of it was not 
disposed of until 1838, several years after he had moved to 
Western New York. 

In the meantime on March 15. 1810, Giles had married at 
Sand Lake, New York, Elizabeth ('helps. 4 daughter of 
George Phelps of Windsor, Conn., and his wife. Evelyn 
Colby, who settled in Dutchess County, X. Y.. early in the 
18th Century. Later members of the Phelps family are found 
in Galway, Saratoga County, and this is probably where 
Giles met Elizabeth. How they came to settle on the hills 
near the headwaters of Poestenkill Creek in tin- southern part 
of the town of Grafton about eight miles from Sand Lake 
village, we do not know. It was here on a farm <>t" about 150 
acres on the southwest slope of a big rolling hill, with a won- 
derful outlook on this part of the world, that all their eleven 
children were born and successfully reared between 1812 and 
1829. It was a comparatively poor farming country, well up 
in the hills (1400 feet elevation) and away from the normal 
flow of travel. When I visited the place in September 1939 
all the buildings had been burned and only foundation walls 
and a luxuriant sumach marked the spots where they stood. 
The land was practically abandoned, but the views were 
wide and eye-filling. 

It is easy to understand why ( iiles and Elizabeth and 
countless others left this unpromising farming country and 
migrated westward. There was both a push and a pull away 
from the hills of Rensselaer County. Rents were high and 
hard to meet (the ledger shows that (iiles was behind in his 

-YanRensselaer Manor Papers. East Manor Ledgers, ace. unit with Thomas 
Nichols, now Samuel Hutton. now Rurritt. In MSS Room Library of State 
Department of Education. 

3 Deed from Giles and Elizabeth Burritt to Toel Hull, dated Aug. 29, 1821. Re- 
corded in Rensselaer County Cierk's office. Oct. 16, 1837. 

4 Phelps family: a genealogy in two vols, by Phelps & Servin. 


rents), facts which were leading into the anti-rent wars of 
the late eighteen-thirties. There was little incentive to re- 
main. At the same time the Erie Canal had just been opened 
(1825) and many Hudson Valley settlers were migrating 
westward to the areas west of Syracuse made available by 
the developers of the Phelps & Gorham and the Holland 
Land Purchases which were then rapidly being taken up. 
Tales of good timber, level productive land and of markets 
made available by the canal, were the talk of the day. 

So early in the spring of 1831 Giles set out, possibly with 
one of his older boys, possibly with a party of neighbors, to 
explore this western New York country. Reaching Roches- 
ter he started west out the Ridge Road. At Parma Corners, 
eight miles west, either attracted by the vast stretches of 
timber below the high Ridge Road, which must have inter- 
ested the lumberman, or to visit friends and neighbors who 
had preceded him, he turned north on the Parma road and 
stopped at what later came to be called Burritts Corners. 
Here he soon acquired the title to his first farm in Monroe 
County which became the Burritt homestead. In 1833 he 
went back for the remainder of his family, temporarily left 
behind at Sand Lake. Early in that year, driving a team of 
horses and a team of oxen he transplanted and established 
his large family in their new home. 

We have noted the tendency of Giles as well as his father 
to move about from Connecticut to Saratoga, to Rensselaer, 
to Monroe Counties, New York. This was, perhaps, charac- 
teristic of the post-revolutionary period and of the period of 
expansion. Another characteristic of Giles was his love of 
the land. In all his moves his face was always toward new 
and more land and never toward the cities. This love of the 
land he sought to perpetuate in his sons. When they came of 
age and married he helped establish them, every one, on the 
land. He early adopted a policy of starting off each son with 
one thousand dollars, usually already invested in a farm, and 
a team of horses. This he did for all seven of his boys, as 
well as helping the husbands of his daughters to acquire 
farms. Several of his sons have followed this example. 

So it came about that when the pioneer died in 1854, the 
greater part of his family was settled on farms immediately 
about him, mostly on the same road — the Burritt road. 
Bailey was on the homestead, Sylvester across the road, 


Stephen, Thomas and Seeley, Elizabeth, Polly and Malinda 
nearby. Only two went elsewhere to farm — William to 
Michigan and Giles, Jr., to Missouri. \"\\ our esteemed and 
respected projenitor lies buried in the Parma Cemetery sur- 
rounded by these same children — only William is absent — 
and many grand-children. We have no record of his 
thoughts, his desires, his hopes or his disappointments; only 
of his deeds. He must have had an adventurous, pioneer 
spirit; he must have had great energy and determination; 
he must have been a devoted husband and father; he prob- 
ably was otherwise a plain man. an average farmer. He left 
no other records of his deeds except his children and his land. 
It is enough if they carry on with his spirit and his foresight 
and determination. 


All of Giles Burritt's eleven children were born and mosl 
of them spent their childhood in the town of Grafton, Ren- 
esselaer county. The homestead on which (files settled 
about 1910, was located just north of the < irafton-Sand Lake 
town line on a hill at elevation about 1400 feet, near the head- 
waters of the Poestenkill Creek about 10 miles due east of 
Troy. The village and post office of Sand Lake was about 
six miles south west, in the town of Sand Lake. 

The farm house and barns, burned several years ago and 
now marked only by stone walls and sumach bushes, were 
located on the southwest slope near the top of the hill with a 
wide sweep of view to the west and s< >uth and east. 1 >el< >w in 
th creek valley at elevation about 1250 feet was the saw mill 
the operation of which and sale of logs and lumber in Troy 
was Giles 1 chief occupation, along with farming. The coun- 
try was described as "mountainous, broken and heavily 
wooded," with lumbering as the chief industry, and the s,,il 
as "indifferent, stoney and uneven." covered with timber, 
"hemlock, beech, and maple, poorly watered." 

Removing to Parma. Monroe County, New York, in the 
early 1830's. soon after the opening of the Erie Canal, ( >iles 
reared 10 of his 11 children to manhood and womanhood on 
the Rurritt Homestead farm located one mile smith of Hil- 
ton, on the northeast corner of the Rurritt road, known as 


Burritt's corners. He located most of them after marriage 
on nearby farms on this road, where numbers of their des- 

i cendents still live. 

The town of Parma is the second town west of Rochester 
in Monroe county. New York, Greece being the first. It is 
about six miles long and three to four miles wide and is 
bounded on the south by the town of Ogden, on the west by 
the town of Hamlin and on the north by Lake Ontario. 

\ About eight miles west of Rochester the Big Ridge road, 
which marks a former shore line of Lake Ontario and the 
southern boundary of the level plain extending northward 
to the Lake, intersects Route 136 extending from Spencer- 
port in the town of Ogden seven miles northward to Hilton. 
The intersection is known as Parma Corners. Three miles 
north is Parma Center and one mile farther the road crosses 
the Burritt Road, extending east and west, and extends an- 
other mile to Hilton and thence four miles more to the Lake. 
Hilton was formerly known as North Parma. 

Maurice C. Buritt. 

DR. ANTHONY B. (Dr. Anthony 35) born July 12, 1810. 
Married in 1830 Mary Hawley. 

Children : 

i. Benjamin A., born 1839. 
ii. Susan, born Dec. 30, 1843. 
iii. Frances, born Jan. 29, 1846. 

Dr. Anthony B. Burritt studied medicine with his father 
and with Doctors Abraham L. Smith and Joseph L. Tomlin- 
son and graduated at the medical department of Yale Col- 
lege in 1832. Practiced in Woodbury Conn. 


ELIJAH HINSDALE (Elihu 38) born April 20, 1794, at 
New Britain Conn. Died in Texas Jan. 3, 1838; married Oct. 
28, 1826, Ann Williams Watson of Milledgeville, Georgia. 

He learned the trade of blacksmith, and graduated from 
Williams College. Fie had a taste for mathematics and gave 
his attention to that science in order to become a surveyor. 
He established a boarding school at New Britain, Conn. Was 
author of an astronomical work used in schools, "A Geog- 
raphy of the Heavens," and several other works. He edited 


a paper in Georgia for some years and headed a small colony 
that went to Texas in 1837. He was a large man physically, 
commanding and dignified in appearance and address, a man 
of rare talent and worth, but considered somewhal erratic, 
which perhaps accounted for his stand in opposition to slav- 
ery while in Georgia and the wrecking of his newspaper plant 
there. He had five children. 


WILLIAM. (Elihu 38) horn July 8, L805, at Stratford 

died Dec. 11, 1837, married Clarissa Cole. May 5, 1826. 

She was a daughter of John Cole of Berlin, Conn. 

Had a son: 
101. i. William, horn 1830. 


ELIHU. (Elihu 38) horn in New 1 '.n't tain. Conn., Dec. I 
1811. Died in New Brittain March 7. 1879. Unmarried. 

Elihu Burritt was one of the most widely known and besj 
loved men of his time, lie rose From very humble circum- 
stances to a position of world renown by his indomitable en- 
ergy and ambition. His father was a tanner and shoemaker 
who raised a large family by close economy and hard labor. 
While a youth Elihu was apprenticed to a blacksmith and 
worked at the trade until he had mastered it. He was very 
fond of reading and spent all his spare time in study which 
he pursued away into the night using all his spare money for 
books and borrowing such books as he might, often walking 
many miles after work to obtain a coveted volume. 

About the time his apprenticeship was completed his older 
brother Elijah, who had been sent t<> College returned to 
New Brittain and opened a school. 

He influenced Elihu to leave his trade and enter this 
school. Later he went to Boston where be could have the 
advantage of libraries and teachers. 

Here he pursued his studies by himself, working at his 
trade of blacksmith at intervals to defray his expenses, lie 
was offered help bv friends to enter Harvard College but re- 
fused to compromise his indenendence. It was this spirit of 
independent thought and action that made him a leader ; 
men whose influence was felt in all the nations of the world. 

Because of his having used his trade t<» advance himself in 



Elihu Burritt 


this way, he has been given the sobriquet of "The Learned 
Blacksmith". He was a noted scholar, linguist, lecturer and 
reformer; but his greatest influence has been felt through his 
advocacy of universal world peace. 

In 1848 he organized the "Brussels Congress of Friends of 
Peace," which was followed by annual congresses in Paris, 
Frankfort, London, Manchester and Edinborough; and it 
was his influence through this society that averted war be- 
tween England and America at the time of the northwest 
boundary dispute. One writer says of him, "His Vigorous 
philanthropy keeps his name green in the history of the peace 
movement apart from the fame of his learning." 

He was Consul at Birmingham, England, from 1865 to 

Some of his books are: "Sparks from the Anvil" (1848); 
"Olive Leaves" (1853); and "Chips From Manv Books" 

It may not be out of place to here append an article which 
appeared in a newspaper (The Bridgeport Standard of May 
10, 1912) on the occasion of the celebration of his one hun- 
dredth birthday held on that date in Bridgeport. 


New Britain Honors Illustrious Son on Centenary of His Birth 
"Bright skies and balmy spring breezes this morning ushered in Bnrritt 
Day, the biggest and best celebration ever held in New Britain. All New 
England through its delegates to the New England Peace Congress which 
is meeting in Hartford this week and whose session this afternoon and eve- 
ning is in this city in honor of Elihu Bnrritt, the first apostle of universal 
peace, joined with New Britain in honoring her most illustrious son on the 
centenary of his birth. 

From early morning until the parade started this afternoon the incoming 
trains and trolley cars were filled with visitors and at one o'clock this after- 
noon one hundred automobiles left Hartford with the delegates to the peace 

At 2 :30 o'clock, the pilgrimage to the grave of Elihu Bnrritt in Fairview 
Cemetery was begun with the monster parade of school children, fraternal 
and religious societies and other organizations with floats representing 
scenes in Burritt's life or symbolical of international peace. 

At the cemetery an international tribute was placed on the grave by repre- 
sentatives of twenty nations. First a woman placed a wreath of flowers on 
the mound and then a man placed the flag of the country that the wreath 
giver had represented. Principal Marcus White, of the State Normal 
School presided over these exercises and he also spoke briefly. 

60 B U R R I TT FA M I LY 

This evening in the Russwin Lyceum and in the hirst Church there will 
l>e held mass meetings addressed by Rabbi Stephen Wise of New York and 
ex-Governor Utter, of Rhode Island. A centennial chorus of one hundred 
voices will sing." 


BENJAMIN, (William 40) born in Derby. Conn., or 
near New Amsterdam, X. Y., Nov. 8, 1796, died in Elgin, 
111., 1880, married Catherine Noonam. Lived at Johnstown, 

N. Y., until he came to Elgin, 111., in 1837. 
Children : 

i. Charlotte, married John 11. Hoaglund and had: James, [osiah, 

Nelson and William, 
ii. Catherine, married George Renwick. 

iii. Peter, married first Henrietta Miller, and second Rebecca Mc- 
Bride. No issue. 

102. iv. Josiah, horn July 6, 1820. 

v. Hannah, married Donald Morrison, 
vi. Jane, married Henry Truesdale. 


STEPHEN. (William 40) born> Derby, Conn., or near 

New Amsterdam, N. Y.. Xuv. ; 8. l" ( ).'». died.' Seneca Falls, X. 
Y., June 11, 1886, married April 2?, 1816, Mary Bradley, 

born March 5, 1798, died Seneca Falls May 13, 1880. 
Children : 

103. Stephen Bradley, born April 25, 1833. 

Note — There were twelve children in tln> family, none of the 
others leaving male descendants. 


JOHN HEZEK1AH. (John 41) born Dec. 16, 1781. mar- 
ried Anna Olive Hawlev. 
Children : 

104. i. Jonathan Elisha, horn May 31. 1802. 

105. ii. Harvey, horn Dec. 1, 1803. 

iii. Ermina, horn April 22. 1808; married Henry Mulligan. 
iv. Eliza Ann, horn Feh. 22. 1811. 
v. Legrand, horn July 6. 1814. 


LEWIS, (Eben 42) born in Stratford. Conn.. July 2. 1788. 
died at Weedsport, N. Y.. Feb. 8, 1873. Married April 2. 
1809, Polly Warner, who was born in Connecticut Nov. 1. 
1789, and who died at Sennett, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1865. 



Lewis Burritt 


Lewis and Polly Burritt came from Roxbury, Conn., to 
the Town of Ira, Cayuga County, N. Y., in 1833 and later 
moved to "Mutton Hill" Town of Sennett, where they had 
purchased a farm. 

106. i. Charles, born Jan. 9, 1812. 

ii. Catherine, born at Roxbury, Conn., March 16, 1813; died at 
Weedsport N. Y., Dec. 29, 1897; married Nov. 14, 1838, Ed- 
ward B. Sprague, who was born in 1809 and who died at 
Weedsport, June 21, 1873. He was a son of John Sprague, of 
Cambridge, N. Y. (Died Aug. 16, 1856). Three children were 
born to them: (1) Lewis B. Sprague, born 1840. He grew to 
manhood and at the outbreak of the Civil War enlisted as a pri- 
vate serving until near the close of the war, when he contracted 
smallpox and was sent to Chestnut Hill Hospital, Philadelphia, 
where he died Jan. 23, 1863. (2) Alfred John Sprague, born at 
Westbury, N. Y., Oct. 29, 1842; died at Weedsport, N. Y., 
Aug. 23, 1912 ; married Adelaide V. Taylor, daughter of George 
and Sophronia (Mack) Taylor. Children: Louis William, born 
Mar. 12, 1877; Maud Ellen, lives in Weedsport. (3) Clarence 
W. Sprague, born at Sennett, N. Y., Mar. 1, 1845 ; died at Lis- 
bon, S. D. ; married at Weedsport, Nov. 1, 1871, Etta, who was 
born at Weedsport, Jan. 22, 1854. They had three children: 
Donnie Louise, Kate Ella, Edward William (died young). 

iii. Laura, born at Roxbury, Conn., Dec. 2, 1814; died at Weeds- 
port, N. Y., April 3, 1904; married Jan. 6, 1836, Ambrose Olm- 
stead Remington, who was born at Sennett, N. Y., Dec. 5, 1813. 
He was a son of Rufus (born Oct. 17, 1780; died Nov. 11, 
1845) and Deborah (Olmstead) Remington (born Jan. 22, 
1786; died Sept. 4, 1834). Children: (1) Marriette J. Reming- 
ton, born at Butler. N. Y., Dec. 24, 1836; died Nov. 23, 1908; 
married Oct. 23, 1861, Frank W. Putnam. Children: Grace L. 
Putnam, unmarried ; Jay R. Putnam, married Eva Hoyt. Child : 
Clare. Ernest A. Putnam, married Florence Bowen. Child : 
Modena. Blanche Putnam, born Oct. 19, 1872; died Nov. 8, 
1913; married Frank Mills. (2) Ambert O. Remington, born at 
Butler, N. Y., July 7, 1842. Served in the Civil War, enlisting 
in September 1861. Wounded at Port Hudson, Florida, June 
14. 1863; died Tune 17, 1863. Not married. (3) Adelsa Ophelia 
Remington, born at Butler N. Y.. July 10. 1844; died March 29. 
1920; married Horace L. Burrill, who was born at Elbridge, 
N. Y., Dec. 3, 1841. He is a son of Nelson ( born Elbridge, N. 
Y., Nov. 25, 1811) and Sophronia (Campbell) Burrill (born 
Dec. 13. 1815). Children: 1— Zaide R. Burrill. born April 10, 
1875; died Sept. 21. 1875. 2— Laura R. Burrill. born Jan. 21, 
1882; unmarried; lives at Weedsport, N. Y. 

iv. Julia Ann, born March 1817; died April 29. 1891; married 
George Cady, son of Elias and Diadamia (Eldridge) Can 1 v. 
Child : Josephine C. Cady, born at Weedsport ; married Oct. 21. 


1863, Oliver Gildersleeve. Three children were horn to them: 
George C. Gildersleeve, horn Nov. 23. 1X64; [Catherine J. Gil- 
dersleeve, horn Jan. 9. 1877; Fred H. Gildersleeve, born May 
22, 1879; died Nov. 17. 1900. Their home is in Weedsport, X. Y. 

v Enos William, horn Nov. 5. 1818; died 1819. 

vi. William, born March 27. 1820; died ( >ct. 23, 1820. 

107. vii. Nathan, horn Oct. 5. 1822. 

viii. Eleanor P., horn in Conn.. Aug. 3, 1824; died June 17, 1906; 
married at Ira. X. Y.. Nov. 6. 1844. William Sheldon, who was 
born at Brutus. X. Y.. Aug. 31, 1821. He was a son of Daniel 
and Eliza (Merritt) Sheldon. Children: (1 ) George M. Shel- 
don, horn April 3. 1846; died July 1, 1917; married Ella Tryon 
and had four children: Daniel. Adelhert. Florence. Harriett. 
(2) Adelhert B. Sheldon, horn May 21, 1848; died Nov. 29, 
1912; married March 15. 1877, Laura Meech; married a second 
time Allie Patterson. Children: Henry. Harry. Julia. Lewis. 
Eleanor. Harry and Eleanor not living. (3) Frank N. Sheldon, 
horn Sept. 19.' 1850; died March 10, 1899; married Jan. 22. 
1874. Eva Remington. Children: May, William. Jennie, Guv. 
(4) W. Clarence Sheldon, born Aug. 8. 1852; died Jan. 7. l r K)8; 
married Dec. 1. 1880. Lulu Webster. Children: Roy, who mar- 
ried Leta VanDuzer, and has three children : Bessie, who mar- 
ried Ray Hudson; and George, who married Bertha Brazee, 
and has two children. (5) Julia Sheldon, born Sept 21, 1858; 
married at Sennett. X. Y.. Jan. 26. 1881, George L. Austin, who 
was horn at Cato. X. Y., Sept. 28, 1854, and who died Dec. 2. 
1901. He was a son of Thomas i horn Stratfordshire, England ) 
and Lydia ( Sinvhem ) Austin. Their children are: Frederick 
Austin, horn March 13, 1885; married Dec. 18. 1906; lives in 
Poughkeepsie, X. Y. Florence E. Austin, horn March 12. 1887. 
Lives in Weedsport, X. Y. 

108. ix. Ebex Lewis, horn in March. 182S. 


DANIEL FATRCHILI). (Eben 42) born April 4. 1797, 
died July 16. 1861, married Sept. 15, 1819, Betsv Morris who 
was born May 26, 1795. and who died I >ec. 31, 1860. 

Betsy Burritt was a daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth 
(Burritt) Morris. (See 17). Their home was in Roxbury, 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth Ann. horn Dec. 27. 1820. married I tat. 19. 1844. Toh 
Z. Warner and had two children: Laura Elizabeth horn May 
22. 1850. died March 9. 1933. and John Z. born Tunc 3, 1854. 
This Laura Elizabeth Warner married ( Hiver Cavlord Camp. 
Oct. 10. 1871. and had: Georee Edward, horn Sept. 21, 1876. 
died Feb. 16. 1923; Mabel Olena. born Am:. 4. 1883; Ruth 
Elizabeth, horn Jan. 6. 1888; Olive Grace, horn March 11. 180Q. 


John Z. Warner married Martha Nichols and had three chil- 
dren: Frank Salter, horn Aug. 1876; Laura Elizabeth, horn 
Jan. 2$, 1878; Herbert Emerson, horn Aug. 27, 1887. 
ii. Sarah Maria, horn Sept. 18, 1822, at Roxbury, Conn., died at 
at Weedsport, N. Y., July 30, 1906. Married Nov. 1, 1847, 
Darwin E. Cady, who was horn Feb. 10, 1818. He was a son 
of Elias (horn April 31, 1776) and Diademia (Eldridge) Cady. 
(born Jan. 16. 1780). Children: Dwight \Y. Cady. horn Feb. 
13, 1850; Addie Elizabeth Cady, horn at Weedsport, N. Y.. 
May 31, 1856, married June 9, 1845, James Wright. Their 
children are: Sarah, horn March 5, 1884; Grace A. born Dec. 
20, 1885; died Sept. 2, 1904; Bessie, born July 9. 1887; fames 
C, born May 6, 1889; Merle Haley, born Sept. 29. 1896* 

109. iii. Henry Fairchild, born March 30, 1824. 

iv. Mary Eunice, born July 10, 1826, married Fredric Knapp and 
had five children : Herbert S. ; Sidney ; Harry Shepard ; Mar- 
garet Lizzie and Clissold. Harry Shepard was a Vice Admiral 
during the World War in command of a United States Fleet 
operating in European waters in 1919-20. He died April 6 

v. Eliza Jane, horn March 30, 1828. 

110. vi. Daniel Austin, born Sept. 25, 1829. 

vii. Julia Frances, born July 21, 1831, died Aug. 17, 1855. Mar- 
ried Nathan San ford and had one son, Herland Burritt San- 

viii. Betsy Morris, horn March 7, 1834, married Frederick Cham- 
bers and had four children : Susie Sturgis ; Jane Morris ; Sarah 
and Elizabeth. 

ix. Philo. horn Feb. 12. 1837, died March 6. 1866. 

x. John Dwight, horn Aug. 31, 1839, died July 28, 1843. 

xi. Margaret Grace, horn Aug. 29, 1842, died Feb. 10, 1843. 

Daniel Fairchild Burritt owned a fine farm home in Roxbury 
where he brought up his large family and where he died at a 
ripe old age. 


PHILO. (Eben 42) born Sept. 25. 1799, died Oct. 8, 1858. 
Married Mar 14. 1823. Caroline Downs, who was born April 
16. 1804. and who died May 30, 1889. 

Children : 

i. Sarah Ann. horn in Connecticut. March 23. 1824; married Dec. 
12. 1849, Ambrose Olmsted. Children : Frank L., horn May 16, 
1851 ; married Feb. 14. Anna Frantz. (2) Ida C, born Dec. 28. 
1852; married Sept. 30. 1874. George Mann. (3) Ettie M.. 
born hme 2, 1855; married Dec. 30, 1874, Samuel Michaels. 
(4) Alice A., born Aug. 22. 1856; married Oct. 12. 1893, 
Thomas Freer. (5) Philo B., horn Nov. 5, 1858; married Oct. 
23. 1889, Sarah Zickafoose. (6) Herbert A., born April 27. 
1865; married June 15, 1897, Cora B. Roe. 


111. ii. William Hubbell, born July 30, 1828. 

112. iii. Calvin Wolcott, born Aug. 8, 1832. 
iv. Charles Milton, born Feb. 20. 1836. 

Philo Burritt for a time owned and lived in one of the two 
houses on the home farm but later sold his interest to his brother 
Roswell and moved to the town of Ira. X. Y.. where he died. 
He owned and operated a farm in Ira. 


ROSWELL, (Eben 42) born at Stratford, Conn., Nov. 9, 
1802, died at Roxbury, Nov. 11 1871, married at Roxbury, 
Conn., Oct. 23, 1825, Ann Maria Seward, who was born at 
Roxbury, Jan. 21, 1807, and died there July 2. 1852. She was 
a daughter of Benjamin and Siba ( Parmelee) Seward. (See 
Parmelee and Seward in appendix. ) 

Roswell Burritt, at the death of his father, purchased from 
his three brothers their interest in the home farm, about one- 
quarter mile north of Roxbury and made his home there dur- 
ing his lifetime. In 1883 this property passed by sale to other 

Children : 

113. i. Orrin William, born 1827. 

114. ii. George Winslow, born 182' ». 

115. iii. Charles Wallace, born 1831. 

116. iv. Lewis Benjamin, born 1834. 

v. Sarah I i:\nktte. born at Roxbury. Conn., Aug. 20, 1836; died 
at Port Byron, X. Y.. Sept. 11, 1912; married at Roxbury, Dec 
28, 1858, Henry Harrison Fenn, who was born at Roxbury, 
May 6, 1836. and died at Port Byron, X. Y.. I tet. 26, 1905. He 
was a son of Lyman (born Bridgeport, Conn., Aug. 2. 1800; 
died at Shelton, Conn.. Oct. 14. 1884) and Fanny i Livingston) 
Fenn, who was born July 1. 1809; died I let. 25, 1869. I See 
Livingston). Henry Harrison Fenn was educated at "Select 
School" Roxbury. lie learned the trade of hatter in hi> father's 
shop and shortly after marriage went to Ybnkers, X. Y.. where 
he was foreman in the Waring hat factory. When Roswell Bur- 
ritt completely lost his eyesight, he and his wife returned to 
Roxbury and took charge of the home farm which they operated 
until 1883. At that time they removed to Port Byron, X. Y.. 
and he purchased the hardware business of Lewi- B. Burritt, 
his wife's brother, who had just died. 

Sarah J. Burritt Fenn was educated at "Select School" Rox- 
bury. When at the age of sixteen her mother died and the duties 
of her father's household and care of a younger brother and 
sister fell upon her. She was a woman of quiet sympathetic na- 
ture with an enduring faith. Both were members of the Congre- 
gational Church at Roxbury and later of the Presbyterian 


Church at Port Byron where he was an elder and superintendent 
of Sabbath school. Their children, horn at Roxbury, are: 

(1) Fannie Marya, horn Aug. 7. 1869, educated at Port Byrori 
High School and Albany Business College. In 1 ( >00 she entered 
the employ of the H. C. Gutchers Mince Meat Co., as private 
secretary to the president, and later hecame executive secretary 
of the corporation. She retired in 1936 and devotes her time to 
travel, reading, photography, home and community interests. 

(2) Vera Belle Fenn, born Feb. 4, 1874, graduated at Port 
Byron High School, Geneseo Normal, Syracuse University 
Library School, with continued study at Summer schools dur- 
ing her teaching career. Beginning in 1903 as a teacher of Eng- 
lish and allied subjects in Belfast, Weedsport, Port Byron, and 
Auburn, N. Y. High Schools, and librarian of Auburn High 
Schools. Was well known throughout the state as an educator 
hbrarian, author and lecturer. (Who's Who in Poetry, 1940)! 
She retired in 1934 and with her sister Fannie lives in Port 
Byron, indulging in her hobbies of travel, study, water color 
painting and sketching. 

117. vi. Henry Eben, born 1838. 

vii. Ann Maria, born 1842; died 1897, not married. 

118. viii. John Dwight, born 1844. 


DAVID, (Joseph 43) born in Stratford, Jan. 7, 1/85, died 
Nov. 20, 1880. Married 1807, Anna Welles, who was born in 
1786 and who died Jan. 9, 1857. She was a daughter of Le- 
g-rand and Catee (Welles) Welles. Anna Welles was a di- 
rect descendant of Governor Thomas Welles of the Colony 
of Connecticut. 

This Thomas Welles came from Northampton, England, 
in 1636. He was chosen Magistrate of the Colony of Con- 
necticut in 1637, serving- 22 rears and was Governor from 
1655 to 1658. 

He died 1659-60. 

His son, John, was born in England and came to America 
with his father. He was Representative, Magistrate and 
Judge of Probate. He married Elizabeth Bourne and had a 
son John (2) who married Alary, daughter of John Hollister. 

Their son John (3) married Mary, daughter of Isaac Tud- 
son, and had a son William who married Mary Benjamin. 

Their son William (2) married the first time May 14. 1761, 
Anna Edwards. Married a second time, Dec. 20, 1784. Marv 


Selby. Legrand Welles was a son of William and Anna ( Ed- 
wards) Welles. 

Children of David and Anna (Welles) Burritt: 

119. i. George, born April 30. 1808. 


JOSEPH, (Joseph 43) horn Aug. 21, 1795. died March 9, 
18*89. Married June 17, 1816. Asenath Curtiss of East Haven. 
Conn. His second wife was Lucinda, widow of Mr. Van- 
dyke, of Covert, X. V. 

In October following their marriage Joseph and Asenath 
Burritt left their home in Stratford for Ithaca. X. Y.. where 
he entered a partnership with William I'. Burdick in the 
jewelry business, with whom he was associated for nearly a 
quarter of a century. 

He was a member of the Methodist Church, a Mason, was 
a director in the Tompkins County National Bank and held 
a number of local offices. 

There were eleven children born to him. the last of which 
was a daughter of the second wife Lucinda. viz: 

120. i. Joseph Curtiss, born Ian. 26. 1817. 

ii. Mary Ann. born Dec. 15. 1819; died March 2(). 1821, 
iii. Susan [ane, born Sept. 2d. 1821 ; died March 30, 1853; married 
March 7. 1839. John P. Gauntlett, who came from Portsmouth, 
England. After her death he married Mary Jane, daughter of 
George Burritt of Stratford. Conn. I see < leorge 1 1'' i. Children : 
( 1) Jane Asenath. born May 12. 1840; died Nov. 13, 1858. (2) 
John Charles, born July 22. 1842; married I >ctober 16. 1879, 
Mary Celestia McGraw (born July 24. 1848) and had: Anna 
Jane', born Oct. 22. 1880 and Minna Celestia, born Nov. 23. 1881. 
"(3) Mary Olivia, born Sept. 1. 1845; married Sept. 22. 1870, 
Arthur Benjamin Brooks of Ithaca, a descendant of Isaac 
Brooks and Sallv Burritt of Stratford (see Joseph and Sarah 
Ufford Burritt). Children : Alfred Charles, born July 28. 1871 ; 
John Gauntlett. born Aug. 26, 1874. 

121. iv. Charles David, born May 29. 1823. 

v. William Henry, born Nov. 27. 1824; died March 12. 1825. 

vi. Mary Ann. born June 29. 1826; died Dec. 12. 1882; married 
first May 1. 1851. Elsworth S. Van Hoesen, who died Dec. 2". 
1853. Married second March 17. Charles W. Smith. He died 
Dec. 10. 1887. No children. 

vii. Benjamin, born Aug. 27. 1828; died Sept. 9, 1828. 

viii. Caroline Amanda, born Sept. 12. 1829; died Jan. 4. 18' '3; mar- 
ried Sept. 20. 1853. Horace Augustus Merriam. who died Aug. 
3. 1870. Children: (1) Charles Burritt. born June 4. 1854; 
died Sept. 3. 1854. (2) Franklin Ashbury. born June 7. 1857; 


married Feb. 6, 1891, Eva Bell, daughter of William 1 1. Stickles, 
of Newark, N. }. (3) Ella Bell, born Dec. 8, 1859; married 
Dec. 16, 1879, Theodoras Van Wyck, of Mount Vernon, X. \ '.. 
and had: Harold, born July 14, 1882. (4) Frederick Lincoln, 
born July 9, 1865; married June 10, 1897, Lillian Eugenia, 
daughter of Lorin Clark of Mount Vernon, X. Y. 

ix. Sarah Cornelia, born June 19, 1833, died Oct. 4, 1868, mar- 
ried Jan. 11, 1854, Charles F. Williams, and had: Cornelia F., 
born Oct. 4. 1858. She is a teacher in the public schools of 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

x. Frances Maria, born May 7, 1838, died April 2, 1894. Mar- 
ried April 14, 1859, Lawrence P. Kennedy. Children: (1) 
Alvah Burritt, born March 17, 1864, married May 30, 1895. 
Nellie Grace, daughter of Prof. Works of the Wesleyan Semi- 
nary at Lima, N. Y. They are living in Ithaca, X. Y.. and had : 
David Works, born Feb. '19. 1897, died March 27, 1897. 

xi. Amelia Eliza, born Jan. 24, 1848, married Oct. 22, 1865, 
George E. Priest, who was an editor of the Ithaca "Journal." 
Children: (1) Louise V., born Sept. 1, 1867, married March 
22, 1887, Edward E. Ingalls; (2) Jessie E., born Jan. 2, 1870. 
married April 8, 1890, William T. Armstrong, of Mount Ver- 
non, who has for some time been on the editorial staff of the 
Ithaca "Journal"; (3) Maud Winifred, born Sept. 1, 1877. 


ROBERT WILBERFORCE, (Nathan 44) born in Strat- 
ford, 1803, married Emily Ray. 


i. Emily 

ii. Lena 

iii. Alida 

122. iv. Robert 

123. v. Newell Fletcher, born 1839. 


Seventh Generation 


DR. ALEXANDER HAMILTON. ( Dr. Elv 45). born in 
Troy, N. Y., April 17. 1805. 

He studied medicine with his father and graduated at the 
College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York in the 
spring of 1827. He practiced alopathy in Washington 
Countv until 1838 when his friend and relative. Dr. John F. 
Gray, induced him to investigate the homeopathic system 
and examine its merits. He visited Xew York to witness the 
success of Gray and Hull and soon became satisfied with the 
new medical system. In a few months he located in Penn- 
sylvania and was a pioneer in Crawford county where he 
devoted himself to the study <»f the new system. 

He practiced at Conneautville, Pa., and then went to Bur- 
ton. In 1850 he was appointed to the chair of obstetrics in 
the Western Homeopathic College, but ill health caused him 
to resign. He afterwards removed to Canandaigua, X. Y.. 
and then to Xew Orleans. La., where he remained until his 
death. He was still in practice in 1876. 


GRAXDISOX. (Blackleach Jr. 46) born Aug. 1. 1806, at 
Huntington, Conn., died at Mauston, Wis.. Oct. 2. 1S78. 
Married at Lacawanna, Pa.. Sarah Williams Johnson, who 
was born July 29, 1810, at Scituate, R. I. 

Children : 

124. i. Charles Grandison, born Nov. <>. 1831. 

ii. Johnson, born March 17. 1834; died June 18, 1907, at the Sol- 
diers Home at Monta Yista. Colo. He served through the Civil 

War. Unmarried. 

iii. Selina, born March 18, 1836; died March 14. 1837. 

iv. Sarah Selina, horn Dec. 18, 1836; married May 1. 1863, Augus- 
tus W. Sumner, son of William and Ester (Baron) Sumner, 
of Middleton, Conn. Children : ( 1 ) William Henry, horn Sept. 
21, 1864; married Aug. 17. 1888, Ellen Hancock, in San Jose, 
Calif. (2) Ester Augusta, horn Sept. 21, 1866; married Oct. 
30. 1888. Agnew Kinnear. in San fose, Calif. (3) Wallestein, 
horn Oct. 28. 1868. died June 29. 1907; married Feb. 1, 1891, 
Mabel F. White. (4) Helen Selina. horn Aug. 15, 1871 ; mar- 
ried Jan. 7. 1896. Arthur Covert, i 5 I Charles Maurice, horn 
April' 21, 1874; married March 12. 1802. Beatrice Nichols, 
who died Aug. 2. 1 ( »03; married a second time Jan. 28. 1"07. 
Lulu B. Hilf 


v. William Henry, born March 20, 1840. He was teaching in Min- 
nesota when the Civil War broke out and enlisted in the 1st 
Minnesota Volunteers. Won honors at Gettysburg. Was killed 
in a skirmish two weeks before his enlistment expired and is 
buried in the Soldiers Home Cemetery in Washington, 1). C. 

125. vi. 'Rowland, born Feb. 6, 1842. 

126. vii. John Grey, born Sept. 22, 1844. 

viii. Ellen Marcella, born March 29, 1847; married Byron Nelson 
Souther, who was born June 2, 1847, son of John and Caroline 
E. Souther. 

ix. Marcus Leonard, born April 17. 1850; died at Ouray Colo.. July 
1, 1897. 


SAMUEL, (Blackleach, Jr. 46) born at Huntington, 
Conn., March 31, 1808, died at Uniondale, Pa., June 20, 1863. 
Married Sept. 10, 1836, Amanda Nichols, daughter of Eli 
and Eunice (Dimmick) Nichols. 

Children : 

127. i. Loren, born July 25. 1837. 

128. ii. Ira Nichols, born Dec. 28, 1838. 

129. iii. Philo, born April 11, 1841. 

iv. Alice, born Nov. 7, 1841 ; graduated from New York Medical 
College and Hospital for Women in New York City April 1 1 , 
1879. Practiced in Oakland, Calif., 14 years. Elected vice 
president State Homeopathic Society. Removed to Washington, 
D. C, in 1893. Is very much interested in family genealogy 
and is author of "The Family of Blackleach Burritt Jr." pub- 
lished in Washington in 1911. 

130. v. Payson, born July 16, 1846. 

131. vi. Newell. born~Dec. 9, 1851. 

vii. Anna Blanche, born July 25, 1855 ; graduated from the Train- 
ing School for Nurses connected with the Homeopathic Hos- 
pital in Washington, D. C, in April, 1895, and is now practic- 
ing her profession. 

viii. Lillian, born Feb. 16, 1858; married Fenlon Baker Brock, who 
was born Aug. 13, 1859, son of Alvin Dunsmore and Margaret 
(Chanery) Brock of Bangor, Maine. 


RUFUS, (Blackleach, jr. 46) born May 17, 1814, at Un- 
iondale, Pa., died Feb. 1*5, 1892, at Clifford, Pa. Married 
Oct. 29, 1840, Caroline Burdick, who was born Aug. 31, 1819, 
and who died May 8, 1864. 

She was a daughter of Simeon and Catherine (Broton) 
Burdick. He married second, Oct. 7. 1865, Susan Selina 


Avery, who was horn at Arrarat, La., Oct. 7. 1843. She was 
a daughter of Daniel and Rosanna ( Henderson) Avery. 

Children : 
i. Henrietta, born Aug. 12, 1X41 ; died Nov. 1. 1893, in Scranton, 
Pa. Married December 1. 1863, Eben Brownell, son of Benja- 
min and Margaret (Coyle) Brownell. Children: (1) Burritt, 
born Se]>t. 22. 1864; married first Edith Mary Courtney, who 
who died Nov. 2.x 1895; married a second time July 17. 1901, 
Charlotte Elizabeth .Markwick; (2) Ernest Marion, born Feb. 
20. 1870; married Aug. 10. 1893, Alice Thomas. (3) Maggie 
Louise, born March 1. 1875, died Oct. 7. 1883. (4) Eben Jr. 
born Feb. 9, 1878; married June 16. 1904. Lillian May Hughes. 
(5) Stella, born April 19, 1879; married March 15, 1898, 
George Owen. 

132. ii. Blackleach. born August 31. 1843. 

133. iii. Edwin Le Grand, born June 13. 1849. 

iv. Helen Louise, born Sept. 2. 1852; married July 2'K 1884, Al- 
fred Johnson, son of John and Sina I llokanson) Johnson, of 
Topaska, Sweden. Live in Dotand, Spink County, S. Dak. 

v. Francina Adeeia, born Dec. 4. 1855; died Dec. 19. 1859. 

Children by second marriage, 

vi. Susie Francine, born Dec. 4. 1878; married March 8, 1893. in 
Windsor, X. Y., Homer Nicholson, who was born June 9. 1871. 
He is a son of A. A. and Matilda Nicholson. 

vii. Ruth Emma, born March 8. 1886; married Nov. 27. 1902, Ralph 
Thurston Burdick, who was born March ( '. 1860; died Decem- 
ber, 1909. lie was a son of Avery and Mary (Gilbert) Bur- 


ELY, (Blackleach. Jr. 46) born at Uniondale, Pa., Feb. 

18, 1817, died at Warren, Pa., Dec. 11. 1901. 

Married in Derby, Conn., Nov. 7. 1841. Charlotte Corne- 
lia Hawkins, who was born Nov. 14. 1823. and who died 
March 14, 1897. She was a daughter of David and Mary 

Children : 

1. Mary Jane, born March 31. 18-1-4. at Huntington. Conn., did 
Sept. 24, 1909. at Warren. Pa. Married first. Abram P. Hoa^- 
land, who was born in 1838, at Millstone. X. J. Son of Abram 
and Cornelia Hoagland. He died Oct. 11. 1866. She married a 
second time. John Muir. born in Scotland. June 22. 1823. Their 
home was in Carlxmdale. Pa. 


134. ii. John Consider, born July 23, 1846. 

iii. Cornelia Elizabeth, horn June 30, 1848, at Bridgeport, Conn.; 
married Sept. 4, 1869, Alfred S. Wilmarth, who was horn in 
Honesdale, Pa., June 9, 1847. 

iv. Harriet Adelia, born Oct. 4, 1850, at Bridgeport; died July 4 
1909, at Warren, Pa. 

v. Ida Caroline, horn May 4, 1853, at Bridgeport; married April 
18, 1877, Benjamin Dimock, who was horn at Carbondale, Pa., 
Jan. 28, 1845. Son of George and Sarah Dimock. 

vi. Charlotte Linole, born at Honesdale, Pa., July 19, 1857; mar- 
ried J. L. Rowley, of Warren, Pa. 

135. vii. Arthur Grinnell, born March 16, 1860. 

136. viii. Earl Wheeler, born Aug. 7, 1863. 


READ, (Adoniram 47) was a lawyer and first Judge of 
Probate of Perth County, Ont., Canada. 
Children : 

137. i. David, who was clerk of Probate of Stratford, Can., and four 



CHARLES, (Adoniram 47) born Feb. 28, 1806; died Oct. 
23, 1879; married Martha Dulmage, daughter of Colonel 
Dulmage of Prescott, Ont. 

Children : 

138. i. Alden, born Feb. 7, 1830. 

ii. Adoniram, lived in Meaford, Ont. 

139. iii. John Dulmage, born Aug. 7, 1840. 

140. iv. Albert, born June 19, 1845. 

v. Maggie, married Rufus Brown of Brockville, Ont. 

vi. , married J. R. Swaze, Thorold, Can. 

vii. , married J. H. Snyder, Attercliffe, Can. 

viii. , married Thomas E. Smithers, Rensselaer Falls, St. Law- 
rence Co., N. Y. 


EDMUND, (Stephen 48) born at Burritt's Rapids, Ont., 
Canada, 1793; died at Thornburg, Ont., 1877; married first 
Annie Perrine, and second Anna Dunham of the County of 
Leeds, near Brochville. He was lieutenant-colonel of Militia. 
Of his six children the first four were of the first wife. 

Children : 

141. '. Henry Oscoooe. horn 1822. 

ii. Martha, married Joseph Lonsdale of Montreal. 


iii. Mary, married Aaron Merrick, of Merrickville, Out. 

iv. Olive, married Chas. Collins of Manotick, Ont. 

v. Edmund, of Easton's Corners, married Hester Reid. 

142. vi. Alexander, born 1830. 


STEPHEN, (Stephen 48) born 1805. 

i. Hamilton. 
ii. Alfred. 
iii. Henry. 
iv. Oscar. 
v. Arthur. 


GEORGE LANDON, (Daniel 50) born March 18, 1798; 
married Sarah Adams. 



5. i. 

















DANIEL HAMLET, (Daniel 50). 


i. Lucius, 
ii. Edgar. 
iii. William. 


WALTER HORATIO, M. D. (Daniel 50) born at Bur- 
ritt's Rapids, Ont., Sept. 1808; died at Peterboro, Ont., 1886. 
He graduated from Fairfield Medical College. New York 
State in 1833, practiced in Smith's Falls, Ont.. from 1835 to 
1870, when he moved to Peterboro, Ont. His wife was Maria 

Children : 

i. Maria, married H. C. Roeers. 
144. ii. Horatio Charles, born 1840. 


iii. Henrietta, married Abel R. Ward and had: Hattie Maria, mar- 
ried Will Sherwood ; Mary Eliza, married David Breckenridge ; 
Harold Burritt, married Jean Bousoir. 

iv. Eliza, born 1844; died 1927. 

145. v. James Henry. 

146. vi. Daniel Herbert, born 1852. 


ANSON, (Major 51). 

Children : 
i. Sydney. 
ii. Trueman. 


JOHNSON, (Major 51). 

Children : 
George H. 
ii. Erastus. 


TRUEMAN, (Major 51). 

Children : 


ii. Trueman. 
iv. Marcus. 
vi. Stephen. 


CLEMENT (Major 51). 

i. Elihu. 

ii. Alonzo. 


NELSON A., (Tilly W. 52) born Aug. 25, 1804, in Hines- 
burgh, Vt. ; died Jan. 24, 1857; married Chloe A. Gray, 
daughter of Elijah Gray who was born April 14, 1807; died 
Feb. 3, 1873. 

Children : 

147. i. Marquis F., born Oct. 18. 1827. 


. Oscar C. born March 5. 1829. 

i. Leverett Sherman, born July 29, 1833. 

iv. Matilda. 

v. Henry B., born Aug. 28, 1843; died Nov. 7, 1900. 

76 BURRITT 1- A M I L Y 


DANIEL, (Tilly 52) born about 1X10; married < ornelia 
A. Davenport, who was born 1815; died March 26, 1889. 
Lived at Hinesburgh, Vt. 


150. i. George A., born 1840. 


ANDREW JACKSON. (Garrad 54) bom at Shelburne, 
Vt., July 6, 1837; died there March 1, 1884. Interred Shel- 
burne Village Cemetery. Married Nov. 30, 1856, Clarissa 
Adelia Lake, daughter of Hazelton and Deborah (Miller) 
Lake. She was bom at Shelburne. Aug. 5. 1837, and died at 
Minneapolis, Minn., March 30. 1914. Their home was the 
old Burritt house on the banks of Lake Champlain. 

Children : 

151. i. Charles Garrad, born 1860. 

ii. Frances Eliza, burn Sept. 4. 1864; married June 26, 1901, 
C'barles Moses Shearer, who was burn at Swanders, < Hiio, Nov. 
19, 1865. No children. 


JAMES, (Thomas 55) born in Corinth. Saratoga Co.. \. 
Y., Feb. 27, 1829; died there Jan. 20. 1906 ; married March 22, 
1865, Harriet A. Davis, who was born in New Ipswich X. H., 
July 9, 1844, and who died in Corinth. Sept. 22, 1007. She 
was a daughter of Elisha (born in Mason. X. 11.. Nov. 19, 
1812; died Westminster. Mass.. March 7. 1901), and Rox- 
anna (Jeffs) Davis. Roxanna Jeffs Davis was born in New 
Ipswich, N. H.. Auo-. 3, 1808, and died in Glen Fall.. X. Y.. 
Feb. 23, 1854. 

Children : 

i. Ada Roxaxxa. born Aug. 7. 1867; died March 17. 1869. 

ii. Ida Emeeixe. born June 3, 1869. 



Bailey Burritt 

Seeley Burritt 

P'olly Burritt Amidon 

Malinda Burritt Moreland 



Sylvester Burritt 

Stephen Day Burritt 

Thomas Burritt 

Giles Burritt 



BAILEY, (Giles 56) born April 1, 1811 at Grafton, (Sand 

Lake) N. Y. ; died July 8, 1892, at Hilton, X. Y. ; married 
(first) Jan. 22, 1831, to Deborrah, daughter of Amos and 
Hannah Hull; born Oct. 16, 1808, at Sand Lake, X. Y. ; died 
March 17, 1880, at Hilton, X. Y. ; married (second) April 
12, 1881, at Parma Center, X. Y., to Thankful Randall Colla- 
mer, daughter of Aaron and Olive Randall; born |ulv 25, 
1825, at Covington, X. Y. ; died Feb. 25, 1909, at North Chili. 
X. Y. Bailey appears to have acquired the farm at the east 
end of the Burritt Road and farmed there until after his 
father's death. Later he turned over this farm to Seth Hol- 
den, who married his daughter Frances and returned to the 
old homestead which he owned and occupied until his death 
in 1892, when it passed to his son, Beverly. Bailey's thrift 
enabled him to assist each of his children in establishing 
themselves on good farms. He was a supporter of Genesee 
Weslevan Seminary at Lima, X. Y., where he possessed a 
life scholarship. Bailey had six children. 

Children : 

152. i. Sarah Elizabeth, born Dec. 13, 1831. 

153. ii. Esther Antonette, born Oct. 6, 1833. 

154. iii. Melville Cox, born Oct. 11, 1836. 

155. iv. Hannah Erances, born March 20, 1839. 

v. Grafton, born June 24, 1842; died July 16, 1842. 

156. vi. Beverly Waugh, born June 30, 1844. 

Perhaps most prominent and pleasing among the memo- 
ries (*) clinging to the old homestead located at what was 
locally known as Burritt's Corners, was the annual reunion 
at Christmas. Often others of the sons and daughters of 
Grandfather and Grandmother Burritt were there to join in 
the holiday festivities but Melville and his growing family 
seldom failed to be on hand. I recall very vividly the trip 
from our home, sometimes by horse and buggy, more often 
by horse and sleigh, to Grandfather's spacious house. He, 
Grandfather, Aunt Esther and Cousin Jessie DeLaVergne 
who lived with Grandfather and Grandmother had provided 
a full larder of Christmas dainties and had set up the Christ- 
mas tree in the spare bedroom that overlooked all four ap- 
proaches to Burritt's Corners. And how vividly I recall 

:*) From Recollections of Bailey's grandson, Olin Howard Burritt. 


Grandmother jumping up and down and clapping her hands 
joyously like a child, though she had already reached her 
three score years and ten, as she exclaimed. "Here come 
Mellie's folks. Here they are!" And Mellie's folks stayed 
for as long a holiday celebration as Mellie's duties as a pastor 
would permit. Another happy memory is the morning pray- 
ers that followed breakfast as surely as the sun rose. 

Grandmother's larder filled with a great variety of well- 
cooked foods was not the only source oi goodies. Whatever 
time we visited at Grandmother's there was always fresh 
fruit available — apples, pears, peaches, plums, grapes, ber- 
ries in season and cherries, currants, blackberries, strawber- 
ries, gooseberries, and an ample supply of fresh vegetables 
in summer, for Grandfather's farm and garden were a just 
source of pride. His reputation as a good farmer was ex- 
celled by none and equalled by few. Before the days of scien- 
tific farming Bailey Burritt understood and applied scientific 
principles to farming — rotation of crops, keeping always 
sufficient stock, chiefly horses and c<»ws. to produce ample 
fertilization of his fields. At regular intervals Grandfather, 
Grandmother and Aunt Esther drove the fifteen miles to 
Rochester to exchange butter and eggs for groceries. These 
were the days before creameries when butter was made at 

Grandfather Burritt was civic-minded, too. He was ac- 
tivelv interested in maintaining in the community the best 
possible school in the little red school house which was lo- 
cated on a site taken from his farm. And he supported and 
encouraged the singing schools maintained in the school 
house during the long, dreary winter months. In the days 
when the school houses were utilized for religious services, 
the itinerant preacher and his family were welcome guests 
in Grandfather's home whose hospitality they shared. 

It was one of Grandfather's cardinal principles to support 
all the regular church services. Only illness kept him from 
attendance upon the Sunday morning and evening services 
and the mid week prayer meeting at the Free Methodist 
Church at Parma Center. He always sat in the front row 
during the services. Nor did he neglect the Sunday School, 
which he attended regularly and in which he was a teacher 
for many years. Bailey Burritt was a pillar of his church 


and his pastor never had a more loyal supporter. Moreover, 
he lived his religion as all who knew him would testify. It 
was apparent in all his dealings with his fellow-men. 


WILLIAM 1 (Giles 56), horn Dec. 25, 1812, in Grafton 
(Sand Lake), N. Y. ; died Feb. 3, 1892, at Bio- Rapids, Mich.; 
married Feb. 24, 1838, to Polly Townsend 2 , daughter of 
John and Elizabeth Townsend, at Kendall, N. Y. ; born April 
4, 1808, at Ovid, N. Y. ; died Feb. 3, 1889, at Bio- Rapids. 

In addition to his early training as a farmer, William, sec- 
ond son of Giles, also learned the coopers trade. He must 
have had some of his father's adventuresome spirit and de- 
sire to try new country — a characteristic which may have 
been encouraged by his ambitious wife who was said to have 
been of southern descent — for he asked his father for the 
cash instead of the customary thousand dollars worth of 
land and a team of horses with which Giles sought to set 
each of his boys up in business, and soon after his marriage 
(about 1842) he set out for the then frontier wheat raising 
state of Michigan. 

Settling on then moderately good land in Lapeer County 
in the eastern central part of that state, and being industri- 
ous he soon accumulated some property. It is related by 
his grand daughter 3 that sometime thereafter, along with 
his son-in-law and neighbor Orville Compton, he became 
the victim of a clever swindler who sold them stock in 
a concern alleged to own patent rights for the manufacture 
of a churn. In this transaction both William and Orville 
are said to have lost all thev had. This was a terrible crush- 
ing blow and greatly influenced William's future. With his 
sole remaining property — a horse, an ox and an old wagon, 
— he set out westward again to begin life anew. His proud 

1 William and all his family spell their name Burrett. It is spelled so on the 

tombstones at Big Rapids. This is the exception, and according to family 
tradition is believed to be incorrect. See Chapter on the Burritt Family in 
"Foster and Allied Families," Ithaca, 1897. Also "The Family of Blackleach 
Burritt, Jr., by Dr. Alice Burritt, 1911. 

2 Polly Townsend was first married about 1828, and was a widow when she mar- 

ried William Burritt. A son of this first marriage, born in 1829, went to Mich- 
igan with his mother and step-father and died there in 1902. He is buried on 
the family lot at Big Rapids. 
3 Eunice Gilmore. 


but loyal wife Polly shared with him all the hardships of this 
pioneer life. This time he settled on poorer lighter land in 

Mecosta County in western Michigan. Here lie cleared the 
land on a new 160 acre farm, where his son ( reorge Fred, and 
later his grandson Claude, have since carried on. lie- is 
buried on land he donated for the cemetery, the only sun of 
(Hies who does not rest in the home cemetery at Parma Cen- 
ter, X. V. The walnut trees which he planted along the high- 
way by his last home in Michigan, still grow there- as a tit- 
ting- memorial to this courageous, if disappointed, pioneer. 

Children of William and Polly T. Burrett 1 : 1 

157. i. Mary, born Feb. 13, 1839. 

158. ii. Joan (Josephine), horn April 9, 1841. 

159. iii. Elizabeth Sophie, born Jan. 22. 1843. 

160. iv. Giles, born Feb. 17. 1847. 

161. v. George Fred, born Feb. 14. 1851. 


SEELEY. (Giles 56). horn Nov. 29, 1814, at Sand Lake. 
N. Y.; died July 18. 1897, at Parma. X. Y. ; married Jan. 1. 
1835, to Sophia, daughter of Matilda and Joseph Amidon of 
Sand Lake. X. V. ; horn Jan. 21, 1817; died June 14. 1884, at 
Hilton, X. Y. Seeley, like so many others of his family at 
the time, was a farmer and located about a mile from the old 
homestead. He was said to he industrious and thrift) - . After 
the close of the Civil War. in his early sixties, he s<dd his 
farm and retired to the village. 1 1 is son remembers him in 
his later year:; as a retired, country gentleman. He was ex- 
ceedingly religious and was accustomed to attend all church 
services, both Sunday and week day at the Freewill Baptist 
Church at Hilton. It is said of him that on Prayer Meeting 
night he would invite all who might he in his household at 
the time to attend the meeting with him. If it was not con- 
venient for them to go he w< uld excuse himself and attend 

Children of Seeley and Sophia A. Burrett :* 

162. i. Dexter, born Marcb 27. 1836. 

163. ii. Malinda / Twins, burn An„ r . 18. 1838; 
iii. Matilda \ Matilda died Nov. 25, 1838. 

164. iv. Seeley Jr.. born Feb. 27. 1841. 

v. Sarah Elizabeth, born May 29. 1843; died May 30. 18 

N This family also spells the name with an "e". See William. 


165. vi. J., born May 4, 1846. 

166. vii. Cyrus Adelbert, born Dec. 10. 1851. 

167. viii. Hiram, born Sept. 11. 1857. 

ix. Joseph W.. born Aug. 24, 1848; died Feb. 29, 1852. 


POLLY, (Giles 56), born Nov. 9, 1816, at Sand Lake, X. 
Y.; died May 5, 1899, at Parma, N. Y. ; married July 12, 
1834, to Martin Amidon, son of Matilda and Joseph Amidon 
of Sand Lake; born Sept. 9, 1812, at Chatsworth, Iowa; died 
August 19, 1882, at Clarkson, X. Y. Polly outlived her hus- 
band by seventeen years. 

Children of Polly and Martin Amidon: 

i. Amanda, born Aug. 9, 1837 (adopted) ; died April 27, 1872. 

168. ii. Nelson, born March 10, 1840. 

169. iii. Elizabeth, born Sept. 13, 1841. 

170. iv. Hiram, born Aug. 7, 1844. 

171. v. Delphene, born April 2?>, 1848. 

172. vi. Cyrus, born May 27, 1850. 

173. vii. Giles, born July 22, 1853. 


MALIXDA, ((Hies 56) born Dec. 18, 1818, at Sand Lake, 
N. Y.; died Oct. 1, 1908, at Wayne, X. Y. ; married Julv 30, 
1836. to William Moreland; born July 13, 1813, at Milo, X. 
Y. ; died May 19, 1889, at Allentown,"Pa. Malinda was said 
to be a cheerful, jolly person. She was regarded almost as a 
mother by her younger brother, Sylvester. After marriage 
she lived away from home, mostly in the vicinity of Corn- 
ing, X. Y., but she used to come back to Parma frequently. 
Malinda was of a religious turn of mind and often expressed 
herself in verse. She outlived her husband nearly twenty 

Children of Malinda and William Moreland: 

174. i. Seeley, born Feb. 18. 1838. 

175. ii. Mary E., born Sept. 25, 1841. 

176. iii. Hulda S.. born March 9. 1845. 


SYLVESTER, (Giles 56) born Dec. 7, 1820. in the town 
of Grafton. Rensselaer County. X T . Y. ; died at Hilton. N. Y., 
Dec. 7, 1900, at exactly 80 Years of age; married on Oct. 31, 
1846, to Eunice Barber, daughter of Nathan and Eunice 


(Way) Barber of his native county, born April 1. 1X25. at 
Sand Lake, N. Y., and died Sept. 8, 1905, at Hilton. Coming 
to Monroe county with his father and family when 13 years 
old, he was established on a farm across the road from the 
old Giles homestead on the Burritt road and there he spent 
the remainder of his life. The farms of Sylvester and his 
next younger brother Stephen adjoined and the two broth- 
ers were almost inseparable, exchanging farm work, visiting 
back and forth with their families and establishing their chil- 
dren on neighboring farms. It was said of him "he was a 
man of quiet spirit, industrious and frugal, of sound judg- 
ment and kindness of heart, possessing, perhaps more of the 
peculiarities and traits of character of his father than any 
others of his family." 


177. i. Rosalia E., born April 26. 1854. 

178. ii. Newton S., horn Feb. 25. 1860. 

179. iii. Loretta B., born May 15. 1865. 


ELIZABETH, (Giles 56) born Dec. 9. 1822. at Sand 
Lake, (Grafton), N. Y. ; died Oct. 3, 1854, of tuberculosis at 
Parma at age 32. She married Nov. <k 1844, John Taber, son 

of Dennis and Thursa Taber, born May 26. 1819; died Dec. 
8, 1900. 

Although Elizabeth died young and had only two children 
her descendants are among the most nuemorus of Giles' 

Her two children had 8 and 10 children respectively and 
their descendants number 95, of whom 89 are living. 


180. i. Emeline. born Jan. 23. 1845. 

181. ii. Henry Galusha. born March 6. 1848. 


STEPHEN DAY. (Giles 56) born Nov. 3. 1824. in the 
town of Grafton, Renssaelaer Count v, X. Y. ; died at Parma, 
N. Y., Sept. 25. 1889. Married first' time Oct. 8. 1845. La- 
vinia, daughter of William and Martha G>.\. born Oct. 7. 
1826; died April 25. 1879; married a second time. Anna. 
daughter of James Darwin and Retsv Chase, born April 30. 
1847: died April 30. 1938. age 92. 


Stephen came to Western New York with his father's 
family about 1833 and spent the remainder of his life there. 

Set up in business by his father on a farm adjoining- that 
of his older brother Sylvester, he was engaged in farming- 
all his life. A good neighbor and citizen and an active church 
member. He was chosen to represent his town as supervisor 
in 1875 and at one time was nominated by the Prohibition 
party for member of the Assembly from his district. 

Children : 

182. i. Delno Cox, born Aug. 5, 1847. 

183. ii. William S., born June 11, 1851. 

184. iii. Mary Lavina, born Sept. 20, 1855. 

185. iv. Frank M., born Jan. 24, 1859. 

186. v. Martha, born Oct. 19, 1862. 

By second wife, Anna Chase Burritt. 

187. vi. Maurice Chase, born Feb. 4, 1883. 


THOMAS, (Giles 56) born Aug. 25, 1827, at Sand Lake, 
(Grafton), N. Y. ; died July 7, 1908, at Parma, N. Y. ; mar- 
ried Dec. 6, 1849, to Frances Harriet, daughter of Bannister 
C. and Nancy Booth Newell; born Feb. 18, 1829; died Oct. 
1, 1897. After his marriage Thomas acquired the farm on 
the south Hill road, about three miles from Hilton. The 
house is back from the road across a small stream. A great- 
great grandson of Thomas' brother Bailey now owns this 
farm. Here his family was born and reared. In 1870 he lost 
two of his children; Freemont, twin of Lamont, and Jessie, 
with scarlet fever. This was a blow from which his wife, 
Harriet, never fully recovered. After her death, his young- 
est daughter, who married William Unger, took over the 
farm, and lived there until about 1938. Thomas then went 
to live with his son, Ferdinand, at Parma Center, and died 
there in 1908. He was said to be a man of medium stature, 
of a kindly disposition, jolly and a good neighbor and 
farmer. He attended the Presbyterian Church. 


188. i. Ella L., born Sept. 25, 1852. 

189. ii. Amelia F., born Sept. 11, 1854. 

190. iii. Lamont } Twins, born An^. 24. 1856; 
iv. Freemont \ Fremont died 1870. 

v. Jessie, born 1858; died 1870. 

191. vi. Thomas Ferdinand, born May 8, 1862. 
L vii. Hattie Boneta. born Nov. 29, 1869. 



GILES JR., (Giles 56) born Jan. 5, 1834, at Sand Lake, 
N. Y. ; died May 15, 1891, at Chicago, 111., and buried at 
Parma, N. Y. ; married first time Jan. 10. 1X54. Harriet M. 
Hicks who was born Feb. 4. 1836; died Jan. 21, 1863, at 
Parma. He married a second time, Dec. 15, 1864, Mary Jane 
Conraclt, born Jan. 27. 1845, at Brunswick, \\ Y. 

Tragedy came early into the lite of Giles Jr. While han- 
dling a gun, it accidentally tired over the crib of his youngi 
child and killed the mother when she was only 27 years old. 
After his second marriage, to change the scene and t<> help 
him eet a new start in life, his older brothers Sylvester and 
Stephen helped him to buy a farm in Missouri, near Mead- 
ville. This was after the Civil War. These brothers made 
yearly visits to Meadville and aided < iiles Jr.. for many years 

Children by first marriage: 

192. i. Sevilia Orilla, horn Sept. 29, 1855. 

193. ii. Sylvester William, born Sept. 29, 1857. 

194. iii. Stephen- Day. born July 22, 1860. 
By second marriage: 

195. iv. Charles Phillip, born Dec. 17, 1865. 

v. Georges Henry, born May 24, 1868; died Feb. 14. 1877. 
vi. Estelle Maud, born July 22. 1875; died Feb. 15, L877. 

196. vii. Edward Arthur, born Dec. 17, 1879. 
196a. viii. Chester Allen, born Dec. 8, 1881. 


WILLIAM, (William 59) born 1830; died 1912; married 

Elizabeth Maria Hart who was born 1832 and died in 1908. 

She was a daughter of Philip and Maria (Judd) Hart and 
descendant of Stephen Hart, an early settler. 


197. i. William Thomas, born 1864. 


JOSIAH, (Benjamin 61) born at Johnstown. \. Y.. lulv 
6, 1820; died at Elgin, 111., Feb. 22, 1883; married at Half 
Day, Lake County, 111., Aug\ 29. 1866, Ellen M. Whitney] 


who was horn at Gainsville, N. Y., in 1848. Their home was 
in Elg-in, 111. 

Children : 
i. Elihu. 
ii. Evart J., horn Aug. 20, 1868; died Feb. 1931 ; lived at Evanston, 

iii. Peter B., horn Jan. 2, 1872; lived at Elgin, Illinois, 
iv. Laura Whitney, born June 23, 1880; married 1914, Walter 


STEPHEN BRADLEY, (Stephen 62) horn Ovid, N. Y. f 
April 25, 1833; died Bayonne, N. J., Jan. 27, 1909; married 
at Seneca Falls, N. Y., Aug'. 23, 1855, Margaret Kemp who 
was born at Paisley, Scotland, March 20, 1836; died Bay- 
onne, N. J., March 24, 1913, daughter of John and Mary 
(Crawford) Kemp who came to America from Paisley, Scot- 

Children : 

198. i. Leslie Allison, born Feb. 3, 1857. 

199. ii. Chester Crawford, born Aug. 3, 1860. 
iii. Louis Leon, born Dec. 14, 1866. 


JONATHAN ELISHA, (John Hezakiah 63) born at 
Huntington, Fairfield County, Conn., May 31, 1802, died at 
Maumee, 111., 1879; married Emily Mills who was born in 
New York State 1806; died Urbana, 111., 1871. Lived in New 
York State until 1837 when they left Campbellstown, N.'Y., 
for Chicago, 111. 


i. Diantha, born Horsehead N. Y., 1827. 

200. ii. William Wallace, born 1829. 

iii. Amanda Melvina, born Painted Post, N. Y., 1834; married 1859 
George H. Blaker, who was born 1835; died 1920. Son of 
Echylus and Mary (Watson) Blaker. Children: (1) Alida, 
born 1860. (2) Julia, born 1861; married 1882, Elliott Pratt 
Keeler and had: Adeline, 1884; Florence 1886. Mrs. Julia 
Blaker Keeler lives in Painsville, Ohio. (3) Emily, born 1865. 
(4) Jennie, born 1872. 

201. iv. John Harvey, born 1843. 
v. Eloysia, born 1849. 

vi. Harriett. 
vii. Ann Eliza. 
viii. Howard. 



DR. HARVEY, (John Hezekiah 63) bom in Huntington, 
Fairfield County, Conn., Dec. 1, 1803; died at Maumee City, 
Ohio, Feb. 10, 1868; married Annah \V. Babcock, who was 
born in Connecticut April 14, 1810, died Maumee, Ohio, 
Feb. 4, 1879. 

Children : 

i. Agatha, born 1833; died June 11, 1855. 
ii. Ermina, born Feb. 1837; died April 13. 1837. 
202. iii. William Harvey, bom at Gilead. Ohio. 1842. 


CHARLES, (Lewis 64) born at Roxbury, Conn., Ian. 9. 
1812; died at Rockford, 111., March 12, 1886. Married "at Au- 
burn, N. Y., Jan. 18, 1837, Laura Maria Remington, who was 
born at Auburn Jan. 24, 1816, and who died at Rockford. Til.. 
April 8, 1878. 

She was a daughter of Rufus (born in Connecticut. Oct. 
17, 1780; died at Auburn. X. Y.. Nov. 11. 1845 (.and Deborah 
(Olmsted) Remington (born at Ridgefield, Fairfield 
County, Conn., Jan. 22, 178(>; died at Auburn, Sept. 4. 1834). 
(See Olmsted). 

Charles Burritt came from Roxbury. Conn., to Cayuga 
County, N. Y.. with his parents in 1833. As a young man 
he worked at farming with his father during the summer 
and taught school in winter. After his marriage he was for 
a time superintendent of the poor for Cayuga County and 
later formed a partnership with his brother-in-law Jacob 
Beach, in the operation of a "Furnace" and Hardware busi- 
ness in Weedsport, N. Y. They manufactured and sold, 
plows, cultivators, hand tools and stoves, which latter were 
a novelty at the time. 

On the death of his partner he sold the business t<> his 
cousins, O. W. Burritt & Bro., and it is now being conducted 
under their name by members of the family. 

It was soon after this that Charles and Laura Burritt 
came with their family to Rockford. Til., viz. in the fall of 

The family came by rail as far as Belvidere, about twelve 
miles east of Rockford, where they spent the winter. 

Household goods and horses were shipped by boat from 



Charles Burritt 


Buffalo to Chicago. Mr. Edward Sprague, a brother-in-law 
and the oldest son George, then fifteen years of age, coming 
with the goods and driving out from Chicago. 

In the spring of 1856 they purchased the farm in the Town 
of Owen, Winnebago County, five miles north of the City 
of Rockford, where they made their home until their death. 

This farm is still owned by a member of the family. 

He served in different local offices, principally town 
clerk and assessor; was active in organizing the Congrega- 
tional church at Owen Center, but later with his wife united 
with the Second Congregational church at Rockford where 
they remained active members during their lives. 

Their children : 

i. Lucy Ann. born July 5, 1838; married Feb. 6, 1867, William N. 
Moore, who was born Dec. 24, 1839. They had two sons, Rol- 
lin, born Jan. 1, 1868; died about 1900; Alva L., born April 16, 
1872; married Dora Miller, and have: Lee, Carle, Clara, Ruth. 
Live at Los Angeles. Calif. 

203. ii. George Alford, born June 17, 1840. 

204. iii. Rufus Henry, born Sept. 23, 1842. 

iv. Frances Mary, born in Cayuga Co., N. Y., Nov. 5, 1844; died 
at Rockford, 111., Nov. 1, 1921 ; married at Rockford, Dec. 27, 
1864, Charles Egbert Brown, who was born in Rhode Island, 
Sept. 15, 1841, and who died at Rockford, 111.. Dec. 7. 1922. 
He was a son of Morey and Lucy (Pease) Brown, who came 
to Rockford from Rhode Island May 28, 1838. Children of 
Frances Mary (Burritt) Brown and Charles E. Brown are 
Harry W., born Sept. 1866; died at Sperling, Manitoba, Can- 
ada, Oct. 28, 1938. He married Fanny M. Johns and had eight 
children : Nellie Laura, born Dec. 28, 1869, married Charles E. 
Jackson; Mabel, born Oct. 20, 1872, married Bert Rowen and 
have two daughters ; Morey, born 1877, married Essie Williams, 
lives in Los Angeles, Calif. ; Ralph Egbert, born Nov. 13, 1880, 
married Jan. 25, 1900, Viola O. Phipps, daughter of Homer and 
Effie (Sarver) Phipps. They have five children and live at 
Auburn. N. Y. ; and Maud Estelle, born July 17. 1885, married 
Ernest C. Stokburger, and has three daughters : Marian Laura 
Stokburger. born July 15, 1909; Dorothy Louise Stokburger, 
born Mav 17, 1911; Fannie Ernestine Stokburger, born Aug. 
16. 1912. 

205. v. Dwight Nathan, born April 10. 1848. 

vi. Ida Marian, born Sept. 1. 1851. in Cavuga Co., N. Y. ; died Dec. 
30. 1926. at Redlands, Calif.; married Sept. 1, 1873, at Rock- 
ford, 111., Frederick Phillip Melancthon Knapp, who was born 
Jan. 15, 1847, a son of Elder Jacob and Electa (Payne) Knapp 
who came to Rockford from Albany, N. Y., in 1847. Elder 


Knapp was a famous Baptist preacher and evangelist of his day. 
Children of Frederick I'. M. and Ida Burritt Knapp are: (1) 
George Willis Knapp, horn Rockford 111., June 5, 1874. died 
Redlands. Calif., June 22, 1899. (2) Fred Clayton Knapp, 
horn Rockford, 111., Feb. 4, 1876; married at Redlands, Calif., 
May 24, 1911, Ethel May Cowgill, who was horn at Zanesville, 
Ohio, June 2i, 1882, daughter of Alva Byron and Nellie 
( Broomhall) Cowgill. They have one daughter. Kathryn Claire 
Knapp, born at Los Angeles, Calif., July 11, 1912. (3) Laura 
Maria Knapp, born at Rockford, 111.. July 19. 1878; married 
at Redlands, Calif.. Dec. 19, 1900, Henry Wesley Gordon, who 
was horn at Broadhead. Wis., Jan. 28, 1876. Their children are 
Doris Electa Gordon, horn at Redlands, Calif.. Jan. 28, 1903; 
Mary Marjorie Gordon, horn at King City. Mo.. Jan. 30, 1905; 
Alica Adelaide Gordon, horn at King City. Mo., Aug. 20. 190/ ; 
Malcolm Knapp Gordon, horn at King City. Mo.. July 12. 1909; 
Julian, who died in infancy; Laura Jeanette. horn at San Luis 
Obispo, Calif.. April 29, 1920. The preseni home i» at Vista, 
Calif. (4) Rufus Burritt Knapp, horn at Parkershurg. Iowa. 
Sept. 10. 1880; married at Redlands. Calif.. Dec. 2~>. 1901, Dora 
Margaret Williams, who was horn at Morristown, Tenn.. Oct. 
7. 1878. a daughter of Josiah and Mollie I-".. I Ellis) William-. 
They have: Fvalvn Winifred Knapp. h<>rn at Redlands. Dec. 

12. '1902; Roy Ellis Knapp, born at Redlands. Feb. 7. L905. 
(5) Dwight Eugene Knapp, l><irn at Parkershurg. Iowa, Dec. 

13, 1887; married at San Francisco, Calif.; July 9, 1911, Grace 
O'Neal. They have: Mary Grace, born May 4. 1912. at Lis 
Angeles, Calif.; Kenneth Edward, born Santa Barhara. Calif.; 
Oct. 17. 1914; Rufus Sterling, born at Areata. Calif.; < >ct. 15, 

206. vii.^Cii.\Ki.Ks Lewis, horn July 16. 1855. 


NATHAN, (Lewis 64) born at Roxbury, Conn., Oct. 5. 
1822; died at Sennett, X. Y.. Pel). 1. 1865. " 

Married at Ira. X. V.. 1S54. Susannah Phelps, who was 
born April 22. 1825, and who died May 11. 1908. She was 
a daughter of Luther and Ruth Phelps of New York State. 
There were born to them three children, two of whom died 
in infancy. Jay, the son. lived about two years, the other, a 
daughter, died a baby. 

i. Mary, horn at Sennett X. Y., April 22. 1858; died Fch. 2. 1005. 
She was married at Weedsport. Oct. 18. 1876. to Rurt E. Shel- 
don, who was horn at Weedsport. March 1. 1852. and who died 
April 10. 1909. He was a son of John and Anna Sheldon of 
Weedsport. X. V. Their children : ( \) Susie A., horn Oct. 



Charles Burritt Residence 
Built 1860 


1877. (2) Harry J., born May 5, 1879; died Aug. 7, 1883. 
(3) Leon B., born Aug. 24, 1881 ; died March 2, 1914. (4) 
Donald S.. horn Nov. 23, 1899. Susie A. and Donald Sheldon 
live at Ithaca, N. Y. 


EBEN LEWIS, (Lewis 64) born at Roxbury, Conn., 
March, 1828; died at Sennett, N. Y., Dec. 21, 1876. 

Married at Virgil, N. Y„ Feb. 10, 1864, Sarah Eliza Chris- 
man, who was born at Virgil, Aug. 24, 1842, and who died 
Mav 28, 1890. She was a daughter of Jacob (born at Hebron, 
N. Y., Jan. 1, 1818, died 1889) and Phoebe (Perkins) Chris- 
man (born at Virgil, N. Y., 1821; died 1888). 
Their children : 

i. Crissie Lou. horn at Sennett, April 19, 1865; married at Weeds- 
port, N. Y., Feb. 10, 1887, Arthur Putnam, who was born at 
Brutus, N. Y., April 19, 1862. He is a son of Robert (born 
Herkimer Co., Sept. 12, 1799) and Abigail (Huntington) Put- 
nam (born March 19, 1818, at Jordan, N. Y., and died April 15. 
1913). Their children are: (1) Robert Lewis Putnam, born 
Nov. 20, 1888; married April 9, 1911, Anna Smith. Has three 
children: Robert Schuyler, born 1912, died 1915; Mary Eliza- 
beth, born 1917, and Arthur Gerrace, born Jan. 21, 1920. (2) 
Raymond Arthur Putnam, born Aug. 21, 1890; married Feb. 
10, 1917, Jeanore Cochran. One child: Charlotte, born Jan. 
21, 1920. (3) Dorr Burritt Putnam, born Dec. 4, 1892; married 
Jan. 15. 1915. Anna O'Hara. Two children: John Burritt, 
born 1916, and Dorr Junior, born 1918. 
ii. Laura Lorena, born at Sennett, Aug. 2, 1870; married at Weeds- 
port June 26, 1902, William Henry Arlt, who was born at Bres- 
lau, Germany, Aug. 19, 1868. He is a son of Frederick W., born 
at Breslau Nov. 6, 1836; died April 1, 1891; and Augusta 
(Wohl) Arlt. born at Breslau, Nov. 28, 1830; died Aug. 12, 
1916. Their children are: ( 1 ) Elizabeth Burritt Arlt, born Jan. 
9. 1904, in New York City; married Jan. 20, 1930, John Albert 
Whittacker, who was born Dec. 31, 1929. Thev have a son, 
Alan Charlsworth Whittacker, born March if, 1931. (2) 
Arthur Williamson Arlt, born in New York City, Feb. 10, 1905 ; 
married in Denver. Colo., March 6, 1937, Carrie King, who was 
born March 17, 1905. (3) Irwin Lewis Arlt. born at White 
Plains, N. Y., Dec. 14. 1907. 
207. iii. Lewis Eben, born March 28, 1875. 


HENRY FAIRCHTLD, (Daniel Fairchild 65) born in 
Roxbury, Conn.. March 30. 1824. Married at Roxbury Feb. 
13, 1849, Chloe Pamelia Fenn, who was born at Roxbury 


Jan. 28, 1826, and who died June 16, 1894. She was a daugh- 
ter of Lyman (born Aug. 30, 1800) and Fanny ( Livingston I 


Children : 

i. Alice O., born Dec. 16. 1851 ; married I tet. 7. 1X74. H. K. Brad- 
ley. Lives at Orange City, Fla. 
ii. Julia F.. bom Nov. 18, 1X55; died Jan. 23, 1X79. 
iii. Dwight F.. bora Oct. 8, 1X5''. 

iv. Fannie M.. born May 22. 1X61. Lives in Roxbury Conn., and 
< )range City. Fla. 


DANIEL AUSTIN, (Daniel Fairchild 65) born in Rox- 
bury, Conn., Sept. 25. 1.S29; died Feb. 2<>. 1910; married May 
28, 1851, Julia Livingston, who was born at Roxbury, Conn., 
July 2, 1831, and who died April 7. 1907. She was a dan-liter 
of William Miller (born March 20. 1804) and Sarah Minerva 
(Edwards) (born Feb. 20. 1807) Livingston. (See Living- 
ston in appendix ). 

Austin Burritt was born on a Roxbury, Conn., farm. He 

became a hatter and for a time after hi i marriage worked at 
Warring Hat Factory in Yonkers, X. Y. His later years 
were spent at Waterbury, Conn. Both he and his wife died 
at the home of their daughter Florence at Newtown, Conn. 

Children : 
i. William Fairchild, burn March 14. 1X52; died 1881, unmarried. 
ii. Florence Livingston, born Jan. 21. 1X54; married Oct. 10. 

1X77. Charles Beers. 

iii. Jessie Frances, born July 16, 1X57; married Nov. 29, 1891, 
Thomas E. Mower. 

iv. Alida Grace, born June 9, 1862 ; married Aug. 16. 1887, Fred M. 
Fagg. who only lived about two years after the marriau r '-. ' to 
May 6. 1X99. she married Richard J. Ashworth. Their son, 
Harold Ashworth. is a lawyer living in Waterbury. Conn. 

v. Austin Henry, born May 19. 1X64; married Jan. 12. 1889, Jen- 
nie Robinson. 

vi. Philo Edward, born Nov. 2. 1X66; married Feb. 20. 1901, Helen 
20X. vii. Ch Morris, born Feb. 19. 1X70. 

viii. Julia Elizabeth, born May 2?. 1X75: died in infancy. 



WILLIAM HUBBEL, (Philo 66) horn July 30, 1828; 
married Carrie Van Ness. 

Children : 

i. Lilly, died young. 

ii. Iona, married William Dunham and had Clinton. 

209. iii. Ives D'Arcy. 

iv. Zaide, married De Francisco, 
v. Bird. 

vi. Ethel, married Prague and had : Caroline, Florence, Burritt, 
and Leo. 


CALVIN WOLCOTT, (Philo 66) horn at Auburn, N. 
Y., Aug. 8, 1832, died at .-Auburn, Aug-. 21, 1908; married in 
the Town of Ira, Cayuga County, N. Y., Jan. 20, 1863, Lucy 
S. Johnson, who was horn at Ira Dec. 8, 1841, and who died 
at Auburn, Jan. 15, 1916. She was a daughter of Robert 
(born England about 1800, died at Ira, N. Y., 1884) and 
Mary M. (Earl) Johnson, (died Ira, N. Y., 1873). 


210. i. Robert J., born May 20, 1874. 


ORRIN WILLIAM, ( Roswell 67) born in Roxbury, 
Litchfield County, Conn., May 6, 1827; died 1898; married 
Elizabeth Bell, daughter of General Isaac Bell of Weeds- 
port, N. Y. She died in 1896. 

Orrin was early apprenticed to learn the trade of store 
designing and general tinning. In 1850 he went to Weeds- 
port, N. Y., where he was employed in the manufacturing 
and hardware business of Beach and Burritt, the junior 
member of the firm, Charles Burritt (No. 106), being his 
cousin. He continued in this employ until in 1852 when, on 
the death of Jacob Beach, he purchased the business. He 
took into partnership, his brother, Charles Wallace Burritt, 
and on his death in 1863, his brother Henry Eben Burritt. 
This business, known as O. W. Burritt & Bro., was success- 
fully conducted during the life of the partners and is still in 
operation under the same firm name. 

"O. W.", as he was familiarly known, was of an inventive 
turn of mind and invented many excellent devises in his line 


of work. Among these were the Burritt Duplex Seamer 

and the Burritt Crosslock Seamer. These and others of his 
inventions are still being made and sold by the firm, now 
under the management of Fred X. Burritt. Was an active 
member and officer in the Methodist church, member of 
the Board of Education, and active in the building and im- 
proving of his city. 


i. Belle, who married James Palmer and had: Bessie, who live> in 
Washington. D. C, and Marjory, who married Warren Duns- 
ton. and has one daughter, Dianne. Lives in Weedsport, X. Y. 


(iEORCE WINSLOW, (Roswell 67) born at Roxbury, 

1829; married Augusta Beach and lived in Bridgeport, 
Conn., and New York City. 

211. i. George. 


CHARLES WALLACE. (Roswell 67) born Roxbury, 

Conn.. 1831; died at Weedsport. X. Y.. 1863; married Fran- 
ces Bell of Weedsport. Was in partnership with his brother 
Orrin W. in which business he was active until his death. 
There was one son : 

i. LlNNEANS, who died in infancy. 

LEWIS BENJAMIN, (Roswell 67) born in Roxbury, 

Conn.. 1834; died in Port Byron. X. Y.. 1883; married Louisa 
Kearney, who died in 1899. He served in the Navy during 
the Civil War, being fireman, 1st class, on board the ship 

Children : 

i. Nellie, married Lee Knapp, died young. 
ii. Nettie, married Jay Foatz, died young. 

iii. Blanche, married Howard Crouse of Syracuse, X. V. He l">t 
his life in an auto accident in 1924. She lives in Detroit, Mich. 


HENRY EBEN. (Roswell 67) born in Roxbury, Conn., 

Sept. 18. 1838; died in Weedsport. X. V.. 1897. Until he was 
20 vears old he attended school and worked on his father's 


farm in Roxbury. He then spent three years in Bridgeport 
and New York City as clerk in the grocery business. He 
went to Weedsport, N. Y., in Sept. 1863, to take the place 
of his brother Charles W., who had just died, in the firm of 
O. W. Burritt & Bro. Two years later he married Frances 
Bell Burritt, widow of his brother Charles. 

He became managing partner in the firm and was senior 
partner in the banking- firm of Burritt & Son. 

He was successful in business, industrious and honorable 
in his dealings and had a host of friends. The family lived 
in a beautiful home of Van Buren street, Weedsport. 

Children : 
212. i. Frederick N. 

ii. Minnie, who married Frederick Harrington, and had : Max, died 
in infancy; Burritt Clark Harrington, born April 12, 1891, at 
Weedsport, N. Y. ; married Charlotte Frisch Jacobs, who was 
born June 26, 1893. She was a daughter of Charles Henry and 
Mary Elizabeth (Bradley) Jacobs, of Pennsylvania. 

Children of Burritt C. and Charlotte Harrington are : Burritt 
Clark, Jr., born at Murree, India, May 26, 1918; Mahlon 
Jacobs, born at Lucknow, India, Sept. 17, 1920; Mary Eliza- 
beth, born at Eucknow, Jan. 21, 1924; James Paul, born at 
Lucknow, Dec. 25, 1925; William Seward, born at Mussoorie, 
India, May 18, 1932; John Bradley, born at Williamsport, Pa., 
June 18. 1937. Burritt Harrington graduated from Princeton 
University in 1913. took two years of theological training at 
Union Seminary. N. Y., combined with postgraduate study at 
Columbia University, where he obtained his A.M. degree. He 
spent seventeen years in missionary work in India. At the time 
of this writing he is a member of the faculty of the Williams- 
port Junior College, Williamsport, Pa. 
Doris Frances Harrington, youngest daughter of Frederick 
and Minnie Burritt Harrington is in social service work in 
New York City. 


TOHN DWTGHT. (Roswell 67) born 1844 at Roxbury, 
Conn. Died 1916 at Weedsport, N. Y. Married 1875, Jennie 
Louise Fenn. who was born at Waterburv, Conn., in 1856. 
She was a daughter of Lyman Fenn and sister of Henry 
Harrison Fenn who married Sarah J. Burritt. (See 67) (See 
also Livingston). 


i. Lillian May, born at Waterbury, Conn., 1885; married 1910. 



GEORGE, (David 68) born in Stratford, April 30. 1808; 

died in Stratford Jan. 15, 1889. Married July 4. 1830. Cathe- 
rine Jane Curtis, who was born Oct. 22, 1809. and who died 
May 7, 1891. She was a daughter of Xehemiah and Polly 
(Curtis) Curtis. This Xehemiah Curtis was born Jan. 13. 
1775, and died Sept. 30, 1835. He was a direct descendant 
from John Curtiss, one of the first settlers from England 
who died Dec. 2, 1707. 

Pollv (Curtis) Curtis, wife of Xehemiah. was born March 
10, 1783, and died Sept. 17, 1817. 

Children of George and Catherine (Curtis) Burritt: 
213. i. Lewis, born March 21, 1831. 

ii. Mary Jane, born Aug. 8. 1833. in Stratford; died in Ithaca. X. 
V.. Jan. 30, 1909; married Feb. 14. 1854. John P. Gauntlett. who 
was horn May 1. 1813, and who died May S. IS/ 5. I "hildren 
horn in Ithaca, X. Y., ( 1 ) Frederic Lewis, horn Nov. 24. 1834; 
died Nov. 24, 1858. i2) Sarah Louise, horn Jan. 6, 1S57; died 
June 25, 1858. (3) Emma Caroline, horn Feb. 2. I860; died 
"March 3. 1861. (4) Katherine Burritt. horn Feb. 28, 1862. 

iii. Cornelia, born July 8, 1838. Unmarried. Lived in Stratford, 

iv. Sarah Helen, born June 1. 1843, in Stratford; married Sept 
30, 1869. John \Y. Thompson. Children: (1) Georgianna, 
born in Winsted, Conn.. April 4. 1871. (2) Cornelia Burritt, 
born in Winsted. Aug. 15. 1872. (3) John Lewis, born in 
Bridgeport. Conn.. Feb. 22. 1879. (4i Beulah, born in Strat- 
ford, Feb. 18. 1884. 


JOSEPH CURTISS, ( Joseph 69) born Ian. 26, 1817: died 
May 22, 1889. Married first time Jan. 30. 1839, Hetty Maria 
Lord, daughter of Harley Lord, and married a second time. 
Jan. 2, 1875. Julia At water, daughter of Leonard At water of 

He was in the jewelry business in Ithaca and was one of 
the founders of the Second Methodist church of that city. 

There were five children, the youngest being a s<»n of the 
second wife, Julia Atwater. 

i. Ellen Maria, born Jan. 1. 1841 ; married July 11. 1860. William 
Henry Wilson, and had: (1) Fred William, born Nov. 20. 
1862. (2) Herbert George, born May 16. 1865; married ( >ct. 2. 
1889, Donna Louise, daughter of William Freer of Ithaca. (3) 
Carrie Bell, horn Nov. 21, 1870; died Oct. 24. 1872. 


214. ii. Edwin Joseph, born Sept. 17, 1843. 

iii. Hetty Eliza, born May 14, 1847; died January 8. 1888; married 
first January 1, 1864, Ogden Hoffman Hall, born April 10, 
1844; died Jan. 10. 1871. Married second ( )ct. 30, 1873, Henry 
TOwnley. Children: (1) Lizzie Sinclair Hall, born Jan. 28, 
1865; died May 28, 1868. (2) William Burritt Hall, born Feb. 
19, 1866; married Alice West Fielder, of Dansville, N. Y., 
born July 11. 1866, and had : Edwin Fielder, born June 8, 1892, 
and Harold Glen, born May 16, 1894. (3) Hetty Bell Townlev, 
born Sept. 3, 1874. 

iv. Caroline Augusta, born June 30, 1851 ; married Jan. 28, 1873, 
Edgar Avery Atwater of Ithaca. They moved to Manchester, 
Iowa, and had: (1) Horace Burritt, born Feb. 17, 1874. (2) 
Laura Ellen, born March 2, 1876; married June 9, 1897, Jesse 
Floyd Jackson of Manchester, Iowa. (3) Florence Bell, born 
April 27, 1879. 

215. v. Joseph Atwater, born June 6, 1876. 


CHARLES DAVID, (Joseph 69) born May 29, 1823; 
died at Ithaca, N. Y., May 7, 1856; married first time, Aug. 
27, 1844, Jerusha Webster Lord, daughter of Harley Lord. 
He married a second time, Nov. 19, 1854, Orpha Iantha Ran- 
dall, daughter of Joshua Randall of Camden, N. Y. 

He was graduated from the College at Middletown, Conn., 

in 1843. He joined the Oneida Methodist Conference and 

was given his first pastorate at McGrawville and succeeding 

ones at Skaneateles, Norwich, Ithaca and Cazenovia, and 

was for a time president of the Wesleyan Female Seminary 

at Delevan, Ohio. He was eminently successful as a preacher 

and educator. 

Children : 

i. Mary Eliza, born at Middletown, Conn., May 31, 1845; died 

Aug. 9, 1845. 
ii. Charles Paddock, born July 1847, at Havana, N. Y. ; died Aug. 

iii. Mary Lord, born Sept. 7, 1848. at Skaneateles, N. Y. ; married 

July 14. 1874, George E. Foster, of Milford. N. H.. and had: 

Jesse Webster Foster, born Feb. 11, 1880. 
iv. Emma Eliza, born Oct. 1850; died Aug. 1851. 

216. v. Charles Randall, born Oct. 8, 1855. 


ROBERT, (Robert Wilberforce 70). Married Carrie 

Children : 

i. Ida May. 


ii. Ina. 

iii. Minnie. 

iv. Wilson. 

217. v. Robert. 


NEWELL FLETCHER (Robert 70) born 1839; died 
1929; married Sarah Lucy Hitchcock. \vh<> was burn at Fair 
Haven, Conn.. 1845; died 1895. She was a daughter of Rob- 
ert (born 1815; died 1861) and Abigail (Blakeslee) Hitch- 
cock, w r ho was born 1817; died 1893. 

Newell Fletcher Burritt served in the Civil War as Sergt. 
in Company H., 15th Reg. Connecticut Volunteers. 

After the war he was a carpenter by trade and in his later 
years spent much of his time in writing. He died at the 
Togus Soldiers Home at Augusta, Me. 
Children : 
i. Clarence. 
ii. Augustus. 
iii. Horace. 

218. iv. Robert. 

219. v. Edward Earle, horn March 25, 1X77. 


Eighth Generation 


CHARLES GRANDISON, (Grandison 72) born Nov. 6, 
1831; died Dec. 18, 1891; married Theodosia Ann Compton 
of Cloverdale, Ky. 


i. Charles Compton. born April 1, 1861 ; died March 4, 1865. 
220. ii. George Duty, born April 27, 1863. 

iii. Edith Ellen, born March 28, 1866; died July 12, 1908; married 

March 26, 1883, Theodore M. Winsor. 
iv. Sarah Marcelia, born May 15, 1868; married Nov. 17, 1890, 
Adelbert S. Roddle. 


RONLAND, (Grandison 72) born Feb. 6, 1842; died at 
Tomahawk, Wis., June 1, 1905. Married in Red Wing-, 
Minn., Oct. 14, 1866, to Mary Kerns who died July 4, 1894. 

i. Grace Selina, born Jan. 30, 1868; married Robert Kopplin, 
Sept. 16, 1884. Children: (1) Grace Augusta, born Nov. 21, 
1885. (2) James Leonard, born July 21, 1887. (3) Jessie 
Anna, born April 12, 1889. (4) Charles Walter, born Aug. 
24, 1892. (5) Robert Kerns, born Feb. 28, 1895. (6) George 
Frederic, born Jan. 18, 1896. (7) Marv Estella, born Jan. 14, 
ii. Mary Estella, born July 14, 1869; married Duncan Carmichael. 
Children: (1) Forest William, born Dec. 30, 1887. (2) Dun- 
can, born June 22, 1890. (3) Violet May, born May 2, 1892. 
(4) Carleton, born Oct. 14, 1897. (5) Bruce, born April 29, 
1900. (6) Robert Ronland, born April 12, 1906. 
iii. Ronland Grandison, born Aug. 5, 1871. 
iv. John Kerns, born March 20, 1874. 
v. Harry, born March 14, 1876. 

vi. Robert Henry, born May 23, 1880; died in hospital Jan. 11, 
1906. Married, two children. 

vii. Beatrice Barbara, born March 11, 1882; married June 29, 1904, 
Paul Ralph Chilleo, son of H. Benton and Isabel (Ingraham) 
Chilleo. They had one daughter. 

viii. Cora Mertice. born April 4, 1887; married June 7, 1909, 
Richard Wallace. 

ix. Charles Ernest, born April 7, 1891. 



JOHN GREY, (Grandison 72) born Sept. 22. 1844; mar- 
ried Oct. 20, 1878, Katherine Hart. Their home was in 
Mauston, Wis. 


i. Marcus Irving, Lorn July 2. 1881. 
ii. Frances Lilliax. Lorn Dec. 31, 1883. 
iii. Charles Glen. Lorn April 20, 1886. 
iv. Katherine. Lorn June 28. 1900. 


LOREN, (Samuel 73) horn in Uniondale, Pa., Tulv 2?, 
1837, died Nov. 11, 1889, in Athens, Pa. 

Married July 25, 1876, Delphine Raynsford, daughter 
of Edward and Charlotte Mead (Drake) Raynsford. of 
Oswego, N. Y. Loren Burritt enlisted in Company K. 
56th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. He was commis- 
sioned 2nd Lieutenant and was later transferred to the 8th 
Regulars L T . S. Colored Troops and finally promoted to 
Lieut. Colonel. 

He was wounded while in command at Olustee, Fla., from 
which he never fully recovered. After the war he practiced 
law at Athens, Pa. 

No children. 


IRA NICHOLS, (Samuel 73) born Dec. 2i<. 1838; died 
Nov. 20, 1887, in Washington, I). C. Married June 4. 1868, 
Elizabeth Augusta Nicholson, who was born June 6. 184*. 
She was a daughter of Major Augustus and Sally ( Carroll i 
Nicholson of Washington, D. C. 

He served in the Civil War as Captain of Company K. 
56th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. Was in more 
than one hundred battles, was wounded at Gettysburg and 
at the Wilderness. 

Settled in Washington after the war and edited the Sun- 
day Herald there for 22 years. 

Children : 

i. Effie Ann. born Aug. 11. 1869, in Washington; married July 3, 
1894. John Henry Martin, who was Lorn at Louisville. Ky.. 
FeL. 16. 1869. and Las children: (1) Florence Steele. Lorn 
March 31, 1895. (2) Daniel Carroll. Lorn Sept. 6, 1896. (3) 


John Henry, born June 18, 1898. (4) Ira Nichols, born |itne 
25. 1900. (5) Mary Elizabeth, born Dee. 8. 1902. 
ii. Carrol Fitzhugh, born Nov. 16, 1870. Unmarried. 

221. iii. Elihu Guy, born July 29, 1872. 

iv. Eric Boyce. born Feb. 8, 1877. Served in Fourth I'. S. Cavalry 
in the Philippine War. Lives in Washington,. D. C. Un- 

v. Sallie Carroll, born Sept. 3. 1879; married April 7. 1903, Dun- 
can Hannegan, son of Sellman and Marv ( Nelson ) Hannegan. 
Child : Edward Allen, born Dec. 11, 1905. in Washington, D. C. 


PHILO. (Samuel 7i) born April 11, 1841; married Oct. 
14, 1869, Ella Ellis, who was born Jan. 8, 1845. She was a 
daughter of Jonathan Trumbull and Eliza (Kent) Ellis, of 
Herrick, Pa. 

Philo Burritt served in the Civil War in the Commissarv 
Department, U. S. Volunteers. After the war he settled in 
Uniondale, Pa., where he engaged in farming. He served 
his district in the state legislature for a number of terms. 

Children : 

i. Edith Amanda, born June 23, 1878; married Sept. 26, 1900. 
George Frank Couch, who was born Jan. 13, 1876. He is a son 
of George and Lydia (Clark) Couch, of Carbondale, Pa. Chil- 
dren: (1) Edith, born April 2, 1904. (2) Katherine, born Aug. 
27, 1906. (3) George Burritt, born Nov. 14, 1907. 
ii. Samuel Ellis, born March 24, 1883. Unmarried. 


PAYSON, (Samuel 73) born July 16, 1846; died Oct. 20, 
1905, in Washington, D. C. Married Sept. 20, 1883, at Mar- 
tin's Ferry, Ohio, to Martha Clark, who was born Feb. 18, 
1860. She is a daughter of William (born in Scotland, Aug. 
13, 1820; died at Martin's Ferry, O., May 8, 1897) and Mar- 
garet (Culbertson) Clark (born June 25, 1830; died May 5, 

Payson Burritt served in the Civil War in Company B, 
143rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. After the war 
he was in the employ of the Union Pacific Ry. Co. as Civil 
Engineer and later in engineering work in Texas. He moved 
to Washington in 1877 where he was in Government employ 
until his death. 

Children : 

222. i. Clark Culbertson, born July 12, 1885. 


ii. Alice, born Jan. 15, 1888. Graduated at Piatt Institute in De- 
partment of Domestic Science, Brooklyn X. Y. Spent some 
time teaching in Washington, D. C. schools. She married at 
Washington, May 7, 1914, Howard Paul Bagley. 

iii. Phoebe, born Oct. 9, 1889. 

iv. Loren, born Oct. 2, 1891. 

v. Margaret, born Aug. 15, 1893; married at Brooklyn X. Y.. June 
19, 1914, Paul K. Winter. Child: Clark Burritt Winter born at 
St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 8. 1915. 


NEWELL. (Samuel 73) born Dec. 9. 1851; died Feb. 2, 
1903, at Brady, Neb. Married Oct. 4. 1890, Carrie Louise 
Cohn, who was born Aug. 2, 1872, at Cotton Springs. Neb. 
She is a daughter of Magnus Jacob and Marie Louise ( Uhl- 
man) Cohn. 

They had no children. 


BLACKLEACH, (Rufus 74) born Aug. 31, 1843: mar- 
ried first time, March 3. 1872, Matilda Robbins, who was 
born Nov. 13, 1848, and who died at Marshalltown, la.. Dec. 
9, 1879. She was a daughter of John and Esther (Griffith) 
Robbins. He married a second time, Oct. 6; 1X80. Lottie 
Brooks Armstrong, daughter of Samuel and Lydia (Cross 
Brooks of Albion. Ta. She died June 15, 1905. He is a prac- 
ticing attorney at Marshalltown, Iowa. 

i. Edwin, born Feb. 26, 1873. 

ii. Mabel Claire, born 1876; married Feb. 24. 1893. Eugene Gwinn, 
who was born Dec. 16. 1876. He is a son of George and Belle 
(Parrat) Gwinn. Child: James Donald, born Dec. 15, 1902. 
iii. Jessa. born Sept. 13, 1880; married May 24. 1906. Jacob Wittel. 

son of Jacob and Barbara ( Ruopp ) Wittel. 
iv. Florence, married Fred Buchwald. son of Charles and Matilda 
(Wise) Buchwald. Children: (1) Thelma. born April 15. 1902. 
(2) Elaine, born Nov. 16. 1903. | 3) Glen, born May 20. 1906. 
v. Raymond, married 1906. Alta Johnson, 
vi. Bessie, born May 15. 1885. 
vii. Maud, born June 13. 1886. 
viii. Harold, born Oct. 22. 1888. 
ix. Hazel, born Dec. 4. 1889. 



EDWIN LE GRAND, (Rufus 74) born June 15, 1849; 
married Feb. 1, 1875, Mary Abagail Warren, daughter of 
|abez and Harriet Warren. 


i. Eugenia Harriet, born Dec. 28, 1875, at Jermyn, Pa. 


JOHN CONSIDER, (Ely 75) born July 23, 1846, at 
Bridgeport, Conn.; married Geneve E. Wells, who was born 
April 4, 1865. 


i. Beatrice Wells, born Sept. 14, 1897. in Wells Co.. Indiana. 


ARTHUR GRINNELL, (Ely 75) born March 26, 1860, 
at Honesville, Pa. Married Nellie Yilate Wooley, who was 
born at Grantville, Utah, Jan. 28, 1874. She is a daughter of 
Samuel W. and Maria Wooley. They have no children. 


EARL WHEELER, (Ely 75) born Aug-. 7, 1863, at Dy- 
berry, Pa. Married Lena Smith of Akron, Ohio. 


DAVID, (Read 76) was clerk of Court at Stratford, On- 
tario, Canada. 


i. Royal, wbose children are: Frances, married Guy Gostling; 
James, David, Arthur, Melvin. Royal married Elsie Fisher and 
lived in Winnipeg, Canada. 


ALDEN, (Charles 77) born in Maitland, Ontario, Canada, 
Feb. 7, 1830; died in Mitchell, Ont., Feb. 22, 1904; married 
Lucy Ann Hurlburt, who was born April 1 1, 1836. He owned 
and operated a large hosiery manufacturing - plant at Mit- 

Children : 

i. Helen Felicia, born at Maitland, April 14, 1857; married Rob- 
ert Henry Verity, who was born Feb. 11, 1857. and had 
children: (1) Alice Louise, born March 8, 1889. (2) Wilfred 
Burritt, born May 2, 1891. (3) Lucile Fountain, born March 


2. 1893. (4) Helen Gertrude, born Sept. 1. 1894. (5) Henry 
Alclen. born Oct. 17. 1895. (6) Robert Charl<^ Burritt, born 
Oct. 15. 1898. 
ii. Katherine Eliza, born May 27, 1858. 
223. iii. Charles Hurlburt, born Jan. 15. 1864. 


JOHN DULMAOE, (Charles 77) born at Meaford, Ont., 
Canada, Aug. 7, 1840; died at Brooksville, Fla., Sept. 25. 
1904. He married first Mary Ann Hurlburt of Meaford, 
Ont., April 16, 1872. She died July 6, 1883. He married sec- 
ond Anabel Turner of Paducah, Ky.. a daughter of Capt. 
William J. and Martha ( MacLin) Turner of Kentucky. He 
and his wife came to Brooksville, Fla., in 1886, where he was 
a jeweler and merchant until his death. 

Children by his first wife: 

i. Charles Wesley 1).. born Oct. 12. 1873; died Sept. 19. 1874. 

ii. Edith May. born May 21. 1875; married Brunker Madill and 
bad : I 1 ) Margaret. ( 2 ) Stewart, who died when a young man. 
This Margaret Madill married William Brookbank of Ontario, 
Canada, and they have a son. William David Brookbank. Their 
home is at Kirkland Lake. Ont.. Canada. 

iii. Florence Lena, born at Meaford. Ont., Nov. 2. 1878; married 
Nov. 6, 1901. Norton Keathey, of Brooksville. Fla., son of C. 
C. and Mary Elizabeth (Outlaw) Keathey of North Carolina. 
Their children, all born in Brooksville, Fla.. are: (1) Mary 
Elizabeth, born Nov. 19, 1903. 1 2 1 Margaret Helena, born 
July 21. 1905. (3) Christopher C. born Nov. 3. 1908. (4) 
Andrv Bnrritt. born Feb. 4. 1910. (5) John Algernon, born 
April 2, 1911. (6) Hazel May. born Feb. X 1913. Of the chil- 
dren of Norton and Florence Lena (Burritt) Keathey. Mary 
Elizabeth Keathey. who was born Nov. 1 () . 1903, as above, at- 
tended Cumberland University. Lebanon. Tenn. ; married Leon 
Whitehurst. a lawyer practicing in Brooksville. Fla.. a son of 
S. and Missouri B. ( McKinney ) Whitehurst. They have a son 
Leon Whitehurst. Jr., born April 7, 1925. 

Margaret Helena Keathey, who was born July 2, 1905, as 
above, married June 22. 1932. William Leslie McGee. son of 
W. T. and Lauretta (Goff) McGee. Thev have a son. William 
Jack McGee. born April 17. 1933. 

Audrey Burritt Keathey. born Feb. 4. 1910, attended Cum- 
berland University, Lebanon. Tenn. ; married ( )nan Whitehurst. 
lawyer, of Brooksville. Fla.. brother of Leon Whitehurst above. 
Their children are: Mary Audry. born Aug. 22. 1932; John 
Onan. born Oct. 3. 1934; George Burritt. born Nov. 8. 1935. 

John Algernon Keathey, born April 2. 1911; married Dec. 
9. 1937. Sophia Reiehert. daughter of Henry and Sophia 
(Pitch) Reiehert, of Titel. Switzerland. 


Hazel May Keathey, horn Feb. 3, 1913, attended Florida 
State College; married at Washington, 1). (.'., May 25, 1935, 
William Carlyle Hannah, son of Hamer and I lelen ( Fitzgerald ) 
Hannah. They have a son, William Carlyle. horn June 26, 1936. 
Their home is in Washington, D, C. 

John I). Burritt had children by his second wife. Anahel 
(Turner) Burritt, as follows: 

iv. Walter Brown, horn Mav 9, 1886, at Brooksville; died there 
Sept. 5, 1910. 

v. Ruth Hazel, horn Feh. 15, 1892; married Dee Shaffer of 
Brooksville, son of Ord O. and Rhoda Eva ( Kippert) Shaffer. 
They moved to Tampa and then to Coral Gahles, Fla., where 
Ruth died Jan. 27, 1913. Their children are: ( 1 ) Anahel Dor- 
othy, horn "May 5, 1919. (2) Ruth Hazel, horn [an. 15. 1921. 
(3) Nellie Dee, horn Sept. 23, 1923. (4) Donald Dee, born 
Feb. 18, 1926. (5) Kenneth Dulmage, born June 20, 1928. 
(6 & 7) twins, Jack Marvin and Jean Muriel, born July ( ), 1930. 
224. vi. Kenneth Boyd, born Oct. 4, 1896. 


ALBERT, (Charles 77) born at Maitland, Ont., June 19, 
1845; died Jan. 31, 1935. He married at Maitland, Oct. 22, 
1885, Agnes Edith Robertson, who was born at Maitland, 
Nov. 3, 1865. She is a daughter of David and Jean (Boyle) 
Robertson, both having been born in Glasgow, Scotland, and 
both died in Maitland. He, June 19, 1895, and she, July 3, 

Albert Burritt completed his education at Stratford, Ont., 
Grammar School, living - during this time with his uncle, 
Judge Read Burritt. He returned to his father's farm where 
he lived until 1894 when he moved to Gainsborough Town- 
ship. He was active in public affairs, was an acting magis- 
trate, served as Counsellor and Reeve and was past-master 
of St. James Masonic lodge for over sixty years. 

Children : 

i. David Laurier, born Sept. 15, 1886. 
ii. Margaret Isabella, born Sept. 15, 1889. 
iii. Edward Hartley, born June 17, 1894. 
iv. Jessie Alberta, born Feb. 28, 1906. 


HENRY OSGOODE, (Edmund 78) born at Easton's 
Corners, Ont., 1822; died in New York in 1874; married 
Louise Strong, daughter of Major General William Strong. 
U. S. A., of New York. 


Children : 

i. Henry Strong, of Brooklyn. X. Y. 

ii. Louise Strong, married Reginald Lockhart and had: Norman 

Burritt. Reginald, James, Louise Isabel, Douglas Burritt, who 

married Thelma F. Spencer, 
iii. William Edmund, Supreme Court Registrar, Prince Rupert, 

B. C. 
iv. Augustus Perrin. married Jean Smith. 


ALEXANDER, (Edmund 78) born at Eastern's Corners. 
Ont., in 1830; died in Ottawa, 1905: married Sarah, daugh- 
ter of Archibald Foster of Ottawa. He lived in Ottawa 
where he was Registrar of Deeds. 

Children : 

i. Alexander Hamilton, born Oct. 17. 1865. 

225. ii. Edmund Foster, horn May 30, 1867. 
iii. Archibald Dunham, horn 1869-70. 
iv. Mary Vincent. 

v. Anna Caroline. 


HAMLET GEORGE, (George Landon 80) married de 


Children : 

i. Gertrude, married Armstrong. 
ii. Augusta. 
iii. Ada. 


HORATIO CHARLES. M. 1)., (Dr. Walter Horatio 82) 
born at Smith's Falls, Ont.. 1840: died in Toronto. 1916. 
Married 1864, Maria Harriet Rogers of Grafton, Ont., 
daughter of James Grafton and Maria (Burnham) Rogers 
and a great granddaughter of Major James Rogers of 
Roger's Rangers. 

Horatio C. Burritt was educated at Bishop's College. Len- 
noxville, Que., and McGill University, Montreal, where he 
graduated in Medicine in 1863. He served as Assistant Sur- 
geon at Lincoln General Hospital, Washington. D. C, dur- 
ing- the American Civil War. Practiced medicine in Morris- 
burg, Peterboro, and Toronto, Canada. 

Children : 

226. i. Charles Arthur, born Oct. 25, 1865. 
ii. Florence Rogers. 








Frederick Walter, born 1870. 
Alan Schoeield, born 1872; died 1900. 
Clarence James, born 1874. 

Georgia Maria, born 1881 ; married Spencer de Wynter and had: 
Edith Louise, born 1911, died 1912; Mary Georgiana, born 
1913; Alice Harriet, born 1915. 
229. vii. Horace Wellesley, born 1883. 


JAMES HENRY, (Walter Horatio 82) died 1926; mar- 
ried Cecelia Irving. 


i. Mary Helen, married Tom Atkinson. 

ii. Jessie Irving, married Will Hunter and had: Mary, Henry Bur- 

ritt, Eleanor Elizabeth, and Frank, 
iii. Maria Gwen, died 1934. 

iv. Enid, married Tom Benson and had John and Alan. 
v. Marian, married Percy Baldwin and had: Mary, Margaret, and 

vi. Margaret, married Gawn Clems and had : Shirlev Margaret, 

born 1931 ; died 1934. 


DANIEL HERBERT, (Walter Horatio 82) born Feb. 
1852; died Jan. 1938; married Florence Dugan, who died 
Nov. 1934. Lived in Peterboro and Toronto, Canada. 

Children : 
i. Walter, married Katherine Cleveland, and had Hugh C, and 

ii. Frances Dugan, married Alex Mulhearn. 
iii. Flora Muriel. 
iv. Grace W., married Geo. Benjamin. 
v. Hugh Vernon, died 1926. 
vi. Edward Lionel, married Mary Leadley Harrison. 


MARQUIS F., (Nelson A. 87) born at Hinesburgh, AT., 
Oct. 18,T827; died there Jan. 20, 1905; married Jane Mills, 
who was born at Shelburne, Vt., Jan. 20, 1829; died at Hines- 
burgh, Jan. 20, 1905. 

Children : 

i. Wallace F., born 1853; died Dec. 28, 1907. 
ii. Ernest S., born 1855; died May 29, 1897. 
iii. Nellie H., born 1857; died May 19, 1864. 
iv. Chloe A., born 1859; died Feb'. 25. 1864. 













v. Ida E., born 1860; died May 5, 1864. 

vi. Lovisa, horn 1862; died March 8, 1865. 

vii. Leonard, horn 1864. 
viii. Trueman, horn 1866; died 1920. 

230. ix. Guy L., born 1868. 

x. Viola, horn 1871 ; died Jan 6. 1923. 

xi. Cornelia L., horn 1873. 


OSCAR C, (Nelson A. 87) born March 5, 1829; died Feb. 
10, 1904; married Dec. 25, 1X55, Abigail A. (.ray. 

Children : 

Nelson A., horn May 14, 1857. 
Oscar C, Jr., horn [nlv 24, 1863. 

Bertha A., horn Nov.' 18. 1866; died Sept. 30, 1904; married 
Jan. 15, 1889, George Bushnell, and had: LeGrand E., horn 
Dec. 8, 1889; killed by runaway horse ( )ct. 11. 1895. 
Bert L., (Twin of above) born Nov. 18, 1866. 
William G., born July 8, 1872. 
LeGrand B., horn Nov. 8, 1875. 
Home was in Shelhurne. \'t. 


LEVERETT SHERMAN. < Nelson A. 87) born at Hines- 
burgh, Vt., July 29, 1833: died at Fenton, 111.. Aug. 7. 1899; 
married Feb. 28. 1859, Elizabeth Ann Simonson who was 
born at Starkey, Yates Count)', N. Y., May 25. 1833; died at 
Morrison, 111., at the age of 84. 

Leverett S. Rurritt moved from Vermont to Whiteside 
County, Illinois, in 1854 and purehased a farm there. 

Children : 

i. Maria E.. horn at Altay. Schuyler Co.. X. Y.. March 8. 1862. 

236. ii. Walter Everett, horn May 12. 1870. 

iii. Ermina Belle, born at Fenton, 111., Nov. 6. 1874. 


GEORGE A., ( Daniel 88) born at Hinesburgh, Yt.. 1840; 
died there 1915; married at Moncton, Yt.. Helen L. Bald- 
win, who was born at Monckton 1838; died Hinesburgll. 
Daughter of Roderick and Lydia Baldwin. 

Children : 

237. i. George H., horn Sept. 1, 1871. 
ii. Roy. 

iii. Mrs. E. H. Tucker, now living in Minneapolis, Minn. 



CHARLES GARRAD, (Andrew J. 89) horn Sept. 1860 
at Shelburne, Vt.; died Nov. 17, 1906, at Minneapolis, Minn., 
while on a visit with his mother and sister; buried in village 
cemetery Shelburne, Vt. 

He married Aug-. 15, 1888, Marie Wilhemina Rushlow, 
son of George and [Catherine (Halloway) Rushlow, born 
July 28, 1867, at Highgate, Vt.; died April 8, 1924, at Hemp- 
stead, N. Y. ; buried Shelburne village cemetery. 


i. Katherine Rushlow Burritt, born May 19, 1889, at Shel- 
burne; married at Burlington. Vt., July 2i, 1917, Frederick 
Hamilton Montgomery, of New York City. Their son, David 
Burritt Montgomery, was born July 11, 1918 in New York. 
Residence, Hendrickson Road, Hempstead, New York. 


SARAH ELIZABETH, (Bailey 91) born Dec. 13, 1831; 
died Dec. 17, 1888; married April 29, 1851, to Lewis H. De- 
LaVergne, born Dec. 6, 1824, at Amenia, N. Y. 

Soon after Elizabeth's marriage to Lewis DeLaYergne, 
they moved to Albion, Mich., where all their children were 
born. Their married life, if not easy, was certainly eventful. 
Lewis had been one of the first to leave Parma, during the 
gold rush, and wanderlust was in his blood. From Michigan 
they went to Montana in a covered wagon, but later (about 
I860) returned to live in Parma. During the Civil War 
Lewis again left home, this time for four years, leaving his 
family to live with her people at the old Burritt homestead. 
He sent her money, but she lost it in a bank failure at the 
time. When he returned he took up farming on the James 
Curtis farm, northwest of Hilton and west of Bartlett's Cor- 
ners, where they lived until Elizabeth's death. 

Children of Sarah E. and Lewis H. DeLaYergne:* 

238. i. Manley, born July 1, 1853. 

239. ii. Fannie A., born Aug. 21, 1854. 

240. iii. Jessie F., born Sept. 8, 1856. 

241. iv. Melville A., born Aug. 8, 1858. 

242. v. Carrie E., born Nov. 20, 1860. 

*Much of the data for this family was gathered by Mary 
Elizabeth DeLaYergne Northrup Miller (No. 356). 



ESTHER ANTONETTE, < Bailey 91 ) born Oct. 6, 1833; 
died April 14, 1898; married about 1881 to Hart Smith, a 
farmer of Chili, N. Y. Ester was a graduate of old Ingham 
University at LeRoy, N. Y., and is said to have taught a pri- 
vate school, probably on the Seth H olden farm at the east 
end of the Burritt road while her father lived there. 'Aunt" 
Esther lived with her father in the old homestead at Burritt 
Corners for many years, marrying- late in life. Xo children. 


MELVILLE COX. (Bailey 91 ) born Oct. 11, 1836. at Hil- 
ton, N. Y. ; died Dec. 24, 1914. at LeRoy. X. Y. ; married 
Aug-. 28, 1866, to Miranda, daughter of Barton and Almira 
Flint Horton, born Oct. 17. 1838, at Sand Lake (Grafton), 
N. Y.; died Oct. 24. 1916, at Fulton. X. Y. 

Melville was born about three years after the Burritt fam- 
ily moved to Monroe from Rensselaer County. He was edu- 
cated at Lima Seminary, and after that became a minister 
of the Free Methodist Church in the western New York 
area. He occupied pulpits in many places in western New 
York until 1883, when he bought a farm in the town of Chili. 
near Chesbrough Seminar}-, in order that he might educate 
his six children there. He became a trustee of Chesbrough 
Seminary, and was an influential and respected, public-spir- 
ited citizen. In his later life he moved to LeRoy to be with 
some of his children who were then living there. Miranda, 
his wife, was an inspiring mother to her children and was 
respected by all. Some of the places where Melville lived 
and preached are indicated by the birth places of his children. 

Children : 

243. i. Olin Howard, born Nov. 9. 1867. 

244. ii. William Miller, born Oct. 6. 1869. 

245. iii. Melville Emmett, born April 20. 1872. 

iv. Charles Vincent, born May 28. 1874; died Nov. 6. 1880. 

246. v. Carrie Luella, born June 9. 1876. 

247. vi. Bailey Barton, born May 31. 1878. 

248. vii. Earl Hart, born July 26." 1881. 


HANNAH FRANCES (Bailey 91 ) born March 20, 1839, 
at Hilton, N. Y. ; died Ian. 6, 1908, at Hilton, N. V.; married 
Dec. 25, 1862, at Hilton, N. V., to Seth W. Holden, born 


Mav 26, 1835, Deckertown, N. J. ; died Aug. 10, 1918, at Hil- 
ton, N. Y. 

Seth W., a farmer, went to Michigan in the late fifties, 
during- the wheat rush of that territory. Four years after 
marriage he purchased the farm of Bailey Burritt on the 
Burritt Road. For many years he was a class leader in the 
Methodist church and frequently represented it at annual 

Children of Hannah Frances and Seth W. Holden: 

249. i. Miriam Etta, born May 22, 1864. 

ii. Mahlon Ellsworth, horn April 1868; died June 24, 1869. 

250. iii. Grace Amelia, born Feb. 9, 1871. 

iv. Huldah Luella, born May 16, 1872; died Sept. 9, 1872. 

251. v. Elton Beverly, born Nov. 9, 1879. 


BEVERLY WAUGH (Bailev 91) born Hilton, N. Y., 
June 30, 1844; died Feb. 9, 1922; married Dec. 25, 1866, to 
Mercy Amelia Bass. Following the death of Bailey, Bev- 
erly purchased and occupied the old Giles homestead at Bur- 
ritt's Corners. He was of a venturesome spirit and had 
many side lines. Was an ardent church man. 

Children : 

252. i. Eldon Grant, born Sept. 9, 1868. 

253. ii. Fred Hanford, born April 21, 1870. 

254. iii. Herbert Melville, born Oct. 26, 1872. 

255. iv. Thurlow Weed, born Jan. 7, 1884. 


MARY, (William 92) born Feb. 13, 1839, at Greece, Mon- 
roe County, N. Y. ; died April 26, 1926; married July 24, 
1853, Orville Louis Compton at Matamora, Mich., born Mav 
10. 1829, at Hunter, N. Y. ; died July 18, 1906, at Big Rapids, 
Mich. Mary was said to be a proud and gentle woman. 

Children of Marv and Orville Compton: 

i. Alice M., born May 29, 1854; died May 13, 1879. Died without 

ii. Ella, born Tan. 24, 1856; died March 16, 1856. 

256. iii. Bion H., born March 10, 1857. 

257. iv. Clara M. ) _, . , . ., , 10 ^i 

258. v. Carrie M. J Twins ; born A P nl ! < 186L 

259. vi. Addie B.. born Oct. 13. 1863. 

260. vii. Eugene S., born Dec. 24. 1866. 

261. viii. Eunice B., born May 26, 1873. 

262. ix. Lewis W., born Feb. 23. 1879. 

118 BURR ITT 1- AM I LY 


JOAN (or Josephine), (William 92) born April 9, 1841, 

in Kendall, N. Y. ; married about 1858 E. James Rood (or 
Rudd). Lived in the west; died Hollywood, Calif., about 
1932 or 1933. (No further information obtainable, i 

Children of Joan and E. J. Rood: 
i. Cora, born April 1859. 
ii. Dollia. born Dec. 1868. 
iii. Fred B., horn Nov. 1873. 


ELIZABETH SOPHIA, | William 92) bom Jan. 22, 1843. 
in Oakland County, Mich.; died Jul}- 13, 1926; married in 
1859 to Russell C, son of John and Mary IMass. born Sept. 
7, 1836; died Jan. 16, 1919," at Romeo. Mich. 

Elizabeth who early dubbed herself "Let," by which name 
she was subsequently generally known, inherited from her 
father and grandfather the venturesome spirit which caused 
them to leave home and seek a new home in the west, and 
which carried her still further west. At the early age of 16 
she married a man with the western urge, and soon after set 
out for Nebraska. This was in the sixties and during- these 
pioneer years they suffered from cold and hunger. It is re- 
lated by her niece* that on one occasion during a very cold 
spell, the supply of fuel became exhausted, and Let decided 
that young (Tiles' precious sled would have to be sacrificed, 
for she said, it would be of more use to them as fuel. "How 
long- will it keep us warm, mother?" asked Giles. "About 
four hours," she replied. "No," said young ( riles, "We will 
die four hours sooner." 

From the same source* we have it that the wish of Let to 
re-visit the old home in Michigan was about to be gratified, 
when at last a prosperous year had been experienced. Her 
husband had gone ahead to Chicago with cattle which were 
to be sold there. Russell was to send money back to Let - 
that she could join him and come on east for the antcipated 
visit. When owner and cattle arrived in Chicago they were 
met by the great Chicago fire, and the cattle had to be sac- 
rificed and the trip home postponed. Later the Llass family 
moved to Kansas and finally to Oregon, where Elizabeth 

* Eunice Gilmore (No. 261) to M. C. P.. at Big Rapids. Mich., on July 13, 1939. 

B U R R I TT FA MM. Y 119 

died at the ripe old age of 83, after a life filled with experi- 
ences which are examples of the rich heritage which is. 

Children of Elizabeth Sophia and Russell E. Plass:** 

263. i. Carrie Estella, born April 19, 1860. 

ii. William, born Aug. 5, 1862; died in 1864. 

264. iii. Giles, born Oct. 12, 1864. 

265. iv. John Burritt, born May 19, 1866. 

266. v. Bayard, born Aug. 5, 1870. 

267. vi. Celia May, born Oct. 22, 1874. 
vii. Ray, born 1870; died about 1882. 

269. viii. Mary Ellen, born Feb. 24, 1884. 


GILES, (William 92) born Feb. 17, 1847, at Metamora, 
Mich.; died 1934, at Big Rapids, Mich.; married Sept. 20, 

1867, to Josephine , at Farmer's Creek, Mich.; born 

1848; died 1922. 

Children of Giles and Josephine Burrett : 
i. John T., born July 23, 1869. 
ii. Nora E., born Feb. 20, 1871. 
iii. Blanche M., born Dec. 7, 1876; died in 1894. 


GEORGE FRED, (William 92) born Feb. 14, 1851 ; died 
Jan. 22, 1927, at Metamora, Mich.; married May 12, 1888, 
Hnlda Fuchlinski; born in Germany in 1867; died May 14, 

Children of George Fred and Hnlda Burrett : 

269 ' ii Clyde E I Twins ; born March 6 - 1889 ; °- vde died - Tune 3 ' 1889 ' 

270. iii. May, born Sept. 27, 1891. 


DEXTER, (Seeley 93) born March 27, 1836; died June 6, 
1862; married Sept. 18, 1856, to Angeline, daughter of Ben- 
jamin Fowler, born about 1806 at Waterport ; died Feb. 19, 
1891. Dexter enlisted in the army at the beginning of the 
Civil War, taking the place of a neighbor who had been 
drafted, and leaving a young wife and child at home. He 
never returned and died a prisoner in Libby prison. 

** Data on this family furnished hv Mrs. Carrie E. VanHousen, Portland, Ore.„ 
on Aug. 17, 1939. 


Child of Dexter and Angeline Burrett : 

i. John P. Hale, born July 22, 1861, at Hilton, X. Y.; died April 
22, 1939, at Hilton, X. Y. ; married first January 20, 1887, to 
Katherine Reardon ; horn Oct. 10, 1863, at Greece. X. Y.; sec- 
ond June 15, 1925, to Elizabeth Stroh. Children of John P. 
Hale and Katherine Burrett: (\) Chester, born Oct. 19, 1889; 
died Jan. 6. 1905. (2) Elmo, born Feb. 1888; died June 15. 


MATILDA, (Seeley 93) born Aug. 18, 1838, at Hilton, X. 
Y.; died April 22, 1928; married July 4. 1859, to William 
Smith, born Jan. 3, 1829, at Little Harrowden. Northampton 
Shire, England; died July 12, 1925. William and Matilda in 
active years were thrifty farmers. They were especially ac- 
tive in maintaining the annual reunion of descendants of 
Giles and were always present on the occasion. Of four chil- 
dren, all born at Hilton, X. Y.. all are dead, three dying 

Children of Matilda and William Smith: 

271. i. Nina Elizabeth, born Dec. 26. 1862. 
i. Lovina Adell, born May 6, 1866; died Jan. 24, 1882. 
ii. Charlotte Sophia, horn Sept. 28. 1869; died Dec. 31, 1870. 
v. Sylvester Burritt. born Dec. 2. 1874; died Sept. 24, 1886. 


SEELEY, JR.. (Seeley 93) born Feb. 27, 1841. at Parma, 
N. Y. ; died May 3, 1925, at Bellevue, Mich.; married ( first I 
Nov. 15, 1860, to Marilla M., at Clarkson, X. Y., daughter of 
Leonard and Amavilla Monroe, born Sept. 15, 1842; died 
Oct. 10, 1890; married a second time, Nov. 15, 1893, to Eliza- 
beth Bush, daughter of Edward and Mary Bennett Bush 
(Mrs. Elizabeth Clint) Hamlin, X. Y., born Aug. 28, 1843; 
died Dec. 15, 1894, at Bellevue, Mich.; married a third time, 
June 16, 1897, to Sarah J. Thomas, daughter of David T. 
and Margaret Remsey Thomas, born March 30. 1861. 

Children of Seeley and Marilla Burrett. 

272. i. Elmer Dexter, born Jan. 13, 1862. 

273. ii. Nettie S.. born Oct. 27. 1864. 

274. iii. Luther W.. born March 4. 1869. 
iv. Leonard S.. born Aug. 16. 1871. 



LODEMA, (Seeley 93) born May 4, 1846, at Parma, X. 
Y. ; died Oct. 3, 1911 ; married Luther Collamer, son of X T el- 
son and Mary Collamer, of Saratoga, X. Y., born June 29, 
1845; died in 1922 at Hilton, N. Y. Luther was a large and 
successful fruit grower and a loyal member and supporter 
of the Baptist church of Hilton, N. Y. 

Child of Lodema and Luther Collamer: 
i. Mary L., born Nov. 26. 1872; died July 1, 1890. 


CYRUS ADELBERT, (Seeley 93) born Dec. 10, 1851, at 
Hilton, N. Y. ; died Oct. 30, 1935, at Honeoye, N. Y. ; mar- 
ried in 1871 to Ida L, daughter of Henry and Jane Sage, 
born Feb. 5, 1854, at Ionia, N. Y. ; died March 31, 1933, at 
Honeoye, N. Y. 

*Cyrus was born on the homestead farm, where he spent 
his boyhood days working- for his father. This placed him, 
during- his youth in the time of the slavery agitation and 
Civil War in this country. He was too young to enlist in the 
army of the North, but it is said that during the last year of 
the war he attempted to enter the service as a drummer boy. 
He early wished to become a veterinarian. This desire was 
discouraged by his parents and he then secured a position in 
Phelp's General Store at North Greece, N. Y. In that period 
merchandise offered for sale was drawn by horse and wagon 
from Rochester. The principal medium of exchange for 
merchandise by farmers was butter and eggs. The merchant, 
in turn, sold or exchanged them for needed supplies in the 
general store. This was Cyrus' job for a few years. Later he 
learned the harness-maker's trade, which he followed until 
machine-manufactured harness replaced hand-made. This 
was about 1900. These early years were devoted to bringing 
up four boys and it required all the available money and en- 
ergy to make it possible for the boys to have the necessities 
of life and a simple education. In 1906 Cyrus moved with 
his family to Ann Arbor, Mich., where he established the 
Smith-Burrett Private Hospital. At the same time he began 
some real estate operations on a small scale. These enter- 
prises were continued until 1923, when both Cyrus and his 

*These notes on Cyrus Adelbert and all his family were prepared by his son, 
Dr. Claude, in January, 1940. 

122 B U R RITT F A M I L Y 

wife, Ida, retired from active business and moved hack to 
New York state, locating at Honeoye. 

It is interesting to note that as soon as the}' were relieved 
from the responsibility of bringing up their boys, they began 
to accumulate property and funds made it possible for them 
to retire and still enjoy some of the comforts of life. Cyrus 
was affectionately known as "'I >ad" by a host of friends dur- 
ing his later years. 

The mother, Ida, was gifted in art and during her lifetime 
produced a number of excellent paintings, particularly scen- 
ery and flowers. At the same time she became skillful in 
china painting. .Many of her rare pieces of china and paint- 
ings are and have been enjoyed by her four children. Per- 
haps she showed some of her most valued characteristics 
after she was seventy years old. when she turned her atten- 
tion to matters of human interest and literary attainment. 
During those latter years she became intensely interested 
and active in the Order of the Eastern Star, the women's; 
organization of Masonry. 

Children of Cyrus Adelbert and Ida Burrett: 

275. i. Dexter C, born April 16. 1872. 

276. ii. Aebuktus, born March 14, 1N74. 

277. iii. Claude Adeekekt. born July 13, 1878. 

278. iv. Henry Frank, born May 22, 1886. 


HIRAM. (Seeley93) born Sept. 11. 1857, at Parma. X. V.: 
died Aug. 4, 1899 at Parma. X. Y.; married Ella Winship, 

daughter of George and Eliza Winship, horn Aug. 13, . 

at Parma, N. Y. 

Children of Hiram and Ella W. Burrett: 

279. i. John W., born May 21. 1877. 

280. ii. Lloyd, born Sept. 11, 1889. 


NELSON AMIDON, (Polly 94) horn March 10. 1S40: 
died February. 1912; married (first) Delia Emma, daughter 
of Rufus Dauchy; married a second time, Lillian Moshier. 

Children of Nelson and Emma Amidon: 

281. i. Cora. 

2S2. ii. Carrie M.. born ( >ct. 24. 1864. 
iii. Sylvester, died young. 



ELIZABETH A. AMIDON, (Polly 94) born Sept. 13, 
1841, at Parma, N. Y. ; died 1920 at Hilton, \. Y.«; married 
Feb. 21, 1861, at Clarkson, N. Y., to Spencer ('.. son of 
Abram F. and Julia Ketcham, born Oct. 6, 1X40, at Alton. 
N. Y.; died at Hilton, N. Y. 

Children of Elizabeth Amidon and Spencer Ketcham: 

2S3. i. Alturus S., born April 23, 1863. 

284. ii. Ida B., born Jan. 25, 1865. 

285. iii. William A.. 'born Sept. 23, 1872. 


HIRAM AMIDON, (Polly 94) born Aug. 7. 1844. at 
Hamlin, N. Y. ; died Oct. 25, 1901; married Jan. 1, 1867, to 
^ Louisa, daughter of Daniel Lichard, born March 4, 1845; 
died May 5, 1896, at Brockport, N. Y. 

Children of Hiram and Louisa Amidon: 

286. i. Boyd A., born 1869. 

ii. Martin. Martin went to Missouri, where, at last report, he was 
engaged in farming. 


^DELPHENE M. AMIDON, (Polly 94) born April 29, 
1848; died April 15, 1872; married April 15, 1869. to Court- 
ney F., son of Martin V. and Rebecca A. Fowler, born June 
9, 1845; died 1872, Waterloo, Iowa. 

Child of Delphine M. and C. F. Fowler: 

i. Martin Vincent, born March 14, 1870; died Sept. 26, 1870. 


CYRUS AMIDON, (Polly 94) born May 27, 1850, at 

Clarkson, N. Y. ; died ; married Feb. 27, 1872, 

at Clarkson, N. Y.. to Julia M., daughter of Ida and 

Crary, born Feb. 19, 1853 at Clarkson, N. Y. 

Child of Cyrus and Julia Amidon : 

i. Marjorie A., born Aug. 16. 1876; married to James A. Lawe- 
rence of Kansas City. Kans. They had one child, a daughter, 
who was killed in an accident about 1915. Mr. Lawerence was 
a contractor. 


GILES B. AMIDON, (Polly 94) born July 22, 1853, at 
Clarkson, N. Y. ; died June 20, 1920; married Dec. 13, 1877. 


at Sweden, X. Y., to Xellie, daughter of James and Rachel 
G. Mershom, born Feb. 8, 1859, at Clarkson, X. Y. 
Child of Giles B. and Xellie Amidon: 

i. Jessie Lelia, born Sept. 25. 1879; died Dec. 9. 1933; married 
March 4, 1903, at Rochester. X. Y.. to George II. Holland; 
born June 28. 1880, at Clarkson, X. Y. 1939 residence, 136 
Holley St.. Brockport, X. Y. No children. 

SEELEY B. MORELAND, (Malinda 95) bom Feb. IS, 

1838, at Parma. X. Y.; died March 12. 1900. at Findlay, 
Ohio; married (first) Dec. 24, 1858, at Burdett, X. Y.. to 
Sarah, daughter of James and Margaret I [opkins, born Sept. 
24, 1844; died at St. Louis. Mo.; married a second time. July 
15. 1S72, Mary L., daughter of William and Mary Estelle, 
born July 15, 1847; died July 15. 1906. 

Children of Seelev B. and Sarah Moreland: 
2^7. i. Minnie L., horn Oct. 2'?. 1860. 

288. ii. Cora I.. Lorn Nov. 21. 1861. 

Children of Seelev B. and Mary L. Moreland: 

289. iii. William L., born May IS. 1873. 

290. iv. Herman I-;., born July 24. 1876. 

291. v. Iui.ia K.. horn Aug. 26, 1878. 

vi. Lindie M.. horn Aug. 1880; died < Ictober 1880. 
2 C )2. vii. David R., born Aug. 31. 1881. 

293. viii. Roy, horn April 14. 1883. 

294. ix. Pansy G., born Jan. 18. 1887. 


MARY E. MORELAXD. (Malinda 95) born Sept. 2?, 
1841, at Amsterdam, X. V.; married May 3, 1882, at Wayne, 
N. Y., Ensley Travis, son of Elias and Almira Travis, born 
Dec. 23, 1851. No descendants. 


HULDAH SOBER MORELAND, (Malinda 95) born 
March 9, 1845, at Trumansburg, X. Y. : died March 1. 1906, 
at Savona, X. Y. ; married March 2X. 1861, to James Delos, 
son of James and Caroline Nares, born July 6, 1842. at 
Geneva, X. Y. ; died October, 1919. 

James was Chief of Police of Corning, X. Y., for several 

Child of Huldah and James Nares: 

i. Xellie Caroline, horn Tan. 12. 1872. at Watkins, X. Y. ; married 


first Dec. 17, 1891, at Corning, N. Y.. to Ward Edward, son of 
Otis and Sarah Richards, horn Sept. 30, 1868, at Nelson, Pa.; 
died March 11, 1896; married second Aug. 12, 1900, at I [oneoye 
Falls, N. Y., to Floyd Wytnan Ayres, horn May 21, 1872, at 
Himrods. N. Y. Nellie had one child by her first husband, 
Roland Ward, horn July 3, 1893. at Corning. X. Y.* Farmers 
and operators of riding academy at Painted Post, N. Y, 
♦Roland married Dec. 2, 1933, at Ontario, Canada, Mabel Cath- 
erine, daughter of John W. and Caroline Huchncrgard. 


ROSELIA EUNICE, (Sylvester 96) born April 26, 1854, 
at Parma, N. Y. ; died May 11, 1927; married Feb. 8, 1874, to 
Frank W. Rowley, son of Samuel and Elizabetb (Davis) 

He was born at Greece, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1852; died at Hil- 
ton, Dec. 1, 1914. The Rowleys bought a portion of her 
father's farm where they lived until 1903 when they built a 
home in the village of Hilton and moved there. They were 
active members of the church and for many years members 
of the Parma Grange of which Roselia served as secretary 
several terms. She was also secretary of the organization of 
the descendants of Giles Burritt ; corresponded with many 
other branches of the family and began the record which 
now covers all the Giles branch of the family. The excellent 
records which she began inspired others to carry on after 

Children of Roselia Eunice and Frank Rowley : 

i. Milo Frank Rowley, born Aug. 12, 1879; married first Oct. 8, 
1902, Edith Rose Hawes, of Burwell, Cambridge, Eng., born 
Oct. 26. 1880; died Hilton, April 16. 1911. Child: Stella May, 
horn Dec. 1906; married at Huntington, W. Va., May 31, 1929, 
to Walter Sumpter and had Sally Burritt Sumpter, born Sept. 
19, 1936, at Huntington W. Va. Milo Rowley married a second 
time Sept. 2, 1912, Matie Mott, daughter of Charles and Fanny 
Mott of Hilton. She was born at Hamlin, N. Y. in 1882. 
ii. True Milton Rowley, born Dec. 28, 1884, at Parma, X. Y. ; 
married Nov. 6, 1904, at Greece, N. Y., Carrie, daughter of 
John and Nettie Bridgeman, of North Greece, horn Nov. 6, 
1883. True is an automobile dealer and operates a garage in 
Hilton. He is also clerk of the town of Parma. Children: (1) 
Harold True, born May 1. 1904; married at Huntington, YV. 
Va., Feb. 6, 1931, Elizabeth, daughter of William A. and Mar- 
garet (O'Brien) Cutts, born Dec. 5. 1906. at Huntington. W. 
Va., and had William True, born Jan. 2. 1935. (2) Millard Bur- 
ritt, born Dec. 22, 1909; married at Hilton Sept. 1. 1934, Marian 


A., daughter of William V. and Georgianna < Elliot! ) Newcomb, 
born April 3, 1911. (3) Helen Janet, born June 12, 1912; mar- 
ried at Hilton, Aug. 15. 1933, Russell C. White, soil of Archer 
and Emma C. White of Rochester, X. Y.. and had Janet Row- 
ley White, horn March 29, 1939. True M . Rowley and family 
make their home in Hilton, 
iii. Anna Rosalia, horn Sept. 28, 1886. in Parma, X. Y. ; married 
Nov. 28, 1906, at Hilton, Fay C. Bagley, son of 1 lenry and Ella 
Moul Bagley of Greece. X. Y.. horn Dec. 17. 1882. and had: 
Rosella M., horn Aug. 8, 1910. at Hilton. The Bagleys are 
farmers and active members of the Baptist Church of Hilton. 
Rosella Bagley is a teacher and singer and has spent time in 
European travel. 


NEWTON S., (Sylvester 96) born Feb. 25, 1860, at 
Parma, N. Y. ; died at Spencerport, X. V.. July 14, 1928; 
married (first) Jan. 17, 1883, Etola Clark, daughter of [acob 
and Martha B. Clark, born Oct. 14. 1858; died Nov. 5, 1917; 
he married a second time Jan. 10, 1920, Bessie Nichols, 
daughter of John and Oleva Nichols, born at Spencerport, 
N. Y. Newton was a farmer, first on the Burritt road ad- 
joining - his uncle Stephen's farm, later on his first wife's 
farm near Spencerport. No children. 


LORETTA, (Sylvester 96) born May 15, 1865, in Parma; 
married Jan. 12, 1887, William W. Williams. M. 1).. son of 
Benjamin and Mariette (Barber) Williams of Waterport, 
N. Y. He was born at Waterport Oct. 6, 1853; died at Hil- 
ton, Oct. 19, 1919. Dr. Williams practiced medicine and 
surgery in and around Hilton for more than thirty-five 
years, much of the time before the days of improved roads. 
He wore himself out in the service of the community where 
he was relied upon and esteemed by all. He acquired many 
farms which he managed in connection with his extensive 
practice. Loretta was ever his faithful aide and abettor. 
Like her sister she has been and is greatlv interested in the 
descendants of her grandfather Giles and upon her sister's 
death she took over and added to the family records. Her 
aid in compiling this record has been invaluable. More or 
less confined to her home in later vears, her wide acquaint- 
ance, keen personal interest and cheerful helpfulness, have 


Eighth Generation 

made her home a mecca for hundreds of old friends whom 

she and the doctor have helped. 

Children of Loretta B. and William \Y. Williams: 
i. Chester Burritt, born Hilton, July 30, 1891 ; married first Oct. 
20, 1913, L. Madelyn Simpson ; second Feb. 26, 1926 to Dorothy 
R. Hickey of Rochester N. Y. A world war veteran, having 
served in the war as aviator in the U. S. A. He is assistant 
manager of the Rochester airport. No children, 
ii. Ruth Loretta, born May 12, 1894, at Hilton; married in 1925 
at New York City, James V. Ricci, of New York, son of Anse- 
lemo and Andelene (de Silvestri) Ricci, born Scopali, Italy, in 
1891, and coming to this country with his parents when a child. 
Ruth is a trained nurse as well as a skilled X-ray operator. She 
was for two years before her marriage instructor of nurses at 
the Woman's Hospital in New York City, while studying at 
Columbia University. In 1935 she went to Naples and on to 
Ethiopia with a complete hospital unit which the Italian people 
of New York City donated. She served on an Italian Hospital 
Ship along the Ethiopian coast. She was with the first contin- 
gent of the Italian army to enter Addis Ababa, as a news re- 
porter. She holds several Italian medals and decorations in 
recognition of her services. In June, 1938, she again went to 
Europe, landing at Gibraltar with an especially built automobile. 
She drove 10,000 miles in Spain during the war in that country, 
again as a news reporter. Then crossing into Africa, she drove 
Across Spanish and French Morocco, Algeria and Tunesia, to 
Libya and Egypt. Thence she shipped her car to Massua and in 
the next five months drove 13,000 miles in Abyssinia, touching 
the Blue Nile, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, Kenya, Sudan, 
British and French Somalia. Back to Italy in 1939, she visited 
Germany and Albania. Ruth remained in Italy until that coun- 
try entered World War II, when unable to get home she took 
up Red Cross work. She has had a rich experience in the old 
world in revolution and has made a fine camera record of an 
almost unexampled trip. Dr. Ricci is a graduate of Brown, 
Harvard and Columbia Universities, and at present is director 
of gynecology and obstetrics at three of the leading New York 
City hospitals. He was captain in English Army Medical Corps 
during first World War. The Riccis are at home in New York 
City. No children, 
iii. Grace M.. born Sept. 6, 1895; died June 14, 1896. 


EMELINE, (John and Elizabeth Burritt Taber 97) born 
at Hilton, N. Y., Jan. 23, 1845; died March 7, 1930, at At- 
tica, Mich. ; married Nov. 28, 1866, Lyman S. Talmag-e, born 
Hilton, Oct. 3, 1839; died July 12, 1884, at Attica. Lyman 
served during the Civil War in Co. A, 3rd New York Cav- 


airy. Their occupation was farming and Emeline was a 

school teacher. 

She must have been possessed of the pioneer spirit of her 

grandfather Giles. With her husband she migrated to Mich- 
igan soon after the war and it was here that her children 
were born. Left with this family and a farm by her hus- 
band's death just after her last child was born, she success 
fully reared the family and operated the farm. 

Children of Emeline Taber and Lyman S. Talmage: 

295. i. Milton S., born Jan. 4, 1868. 

296. ii. Fred D., bora April 3, 1870. 

iii. Clara E., bora Lampeer, Mich.. Nov. 21, 18/2; married first 
March 26, 1908. Edward Fosdick, a retired farmer of Drvden. 
Mich. He was a Mason and she a member of the Eastern Star. 
She married second. March 16. 1939. Elmer Williamson of 
Pontiac, also a retired farmer. 

297. iv. Nellie A., born July 27, 1875. 

298. v. Rosa E., born June 5, 1877. 

299. vi. John L, bora Aug. 5. 1879. 

vii. Harvey L., bora Attica. Mich.. Dec. 24. 1881 ; married first Sept. 
29. 1909. Frankie Emma Galloway; born Jan. 15, 1886, at Pon- 
tiac; died Detroit, Mich. He married second. Eorraine Clark; 
third. Margie Shafer. Harvey was a barber. 

300. viii. Mae E.. horn March 19. 1884' 


HENRY GALUSHA, (John and Elizabeth Burritt Ta- 
ber 97) born at Hamlin. X. V., March 6, 1848; died at Hil- 
ton, July 24, 1920; married Nov. 24, 1870. Alary J., daughter 
of George and Eliza Smith, born June 16, 1852; died March 
5, 1836.^ 

Galusha, as he was called, was a life long farmer on the 
Burritt road about a mile from his grandfather's homestead. 

Of his children, Elizabeth was born at Hamlin and the 
others on the home farm. 

Children of Henry Galusha and Mary J. Taber: 

301. i. Elizabeth, born Oct. 28. 1871. 

ii. Charles, horn June 16. 1873; married Aug. 2 ( ', 1916. Mary A., 
daughter of Yolores and Almina Ellinwood. of North Rose. X. 
Y., born June 8. 1888. No children. 

302. iii. Fahy C, born March 6. 1876. 

303. iv. Mae A., horn Dec. 28, 1877. 

304. v. Rose A., born April 18. 1880. 

305. vi. Bert S., born April 16. 1882. 

306. vii. Foster G., born June 24. 1884. 

B UK R 1 TT FA M I LY 129 

307. viii. Iohn D., born [une 18, 1886. 

308. ix. Jessie M., born March 18, 1889. 

x. Francelia M.j born June 20, 1891 ; married Aug. 20, \92 i ), Elton 
Beverly Holden, son of Seth and 1 1. Frances Holden, born Nov. 
9, 1879. After finishing high school Francelia graduated from 
Mechanics Institute in Rochester. They are farmers and active 
members of Hilton Methodist Church. No children. (See 251 ). 


DELNO C, (Stephen D. 98) born Aug. 5, 1847, at Parma; 
died there April 4, 1915; married Nov. 14, 1872, Adelaide, 
daughter of Dexter and Miranda Amidon; born Dec. 22, 
1849, at Clarkson, N. Y. Like his grandfather and father be- 
fore him he was a life long and respected farmer. His farm 
on the Burritt road a half mile west of the old homestead is 
now owned and operated by his daughter and son-in-law 
and is still known for its clean thrifty appearance. 
Children : 

i. Frank LaVerne, born Aug. 31, 1877; died April 19, 1903; mar- 
ried Jan. 14, 1903. Mary, daughter of Bert and Nellie Randall; 
born Sept. March 14, 1881. (See No. 302). No. children, 
ii. Josie L., born June 16, 1880; married March 18, 1903, Edward 
C, son of Julian and Anna Guyett, of Kendall, N. Y. Farmers 
at Hilton N. Y., and have Mild'red J., born Sept. 10, 1910. 


WILLIAM S., (Stephen D. 98) born at Parma, N. Y., 
June 11, 1851; died Nov. 11. 1920; married Nov. 14, 1872, 
Sarah D. Garlock, daughter of Elisha and Lucy Garlock. 
She was born at Greece, N. Y., Oct. 16, 1852, and died Sept. 
2, 1924. "Willie," as he was familiarly known, was a life long 
farmer and respected citizen on a farm across the road from 
the farm where he was born. 

His father helped to set him up in business as he did his 
brothers. In later life William was very active as a leader 
in his local Grange, Parma No. 328. Active and jolly he was 
liked and respected by all. 


i. Ferne L.. born June 8, 1876; died March 31, 1930; married June 
23. 1896, Orange A., son of Jacob and Viola Green, of Patchins- 
ville, N. Y., and had Violet Burritt, born March 6, 1897. Orange 
A. Green is a druggist at Hilton and Violet is associated with 
him in this business, 
ii. Mabel L., born July 30. 1886, at Hilton; married Nov. 4, 1909, 


Luther B., son of ( reorge Winship, of I lamlin, X. Y. They had : 
George William, horn July 4. 1913; and Robert, horn Dec. 27, 
1917. Home is at 218 Washington St., Geneva, X. Y. Luther 
is a hookkeeper and auditor. 


MARY LAVINA, (Stephen I). 98) hum Sept. 20. 1855; 
died July 6, 1925; married Nov. 24, 1875, to Adelbert H., son 
of William T. Filer of Laurens, X. Y. He was horn March 
20, 1854; died Jan. 30, 1908. He was a watch maker and jew- 
eler. In the house in the village of Hilton which her father 
helped her to acquire, she lived quietly, a good neighbor and 
active in church work. No children. 


FRANK M., (Stephen 1). 98) born Parma, X. Y.. [an. 24, 

1859; died there Aug. 16, 1927; married Dec. 17, 1878. Mary 
Elmina, daughter of James and Sarah Welch, born Sept. 4, 
1858, at Parma Center. 

A life Ion"; and respected farmer living on a farm adjoin- 
ing- the home farm on the south. 

Children : 

i. Minnie Isabel, horn June 26. 1880; died April 17, 1 ( >38; mar- 
ried Dec. 24, 1900, Cornelius J., son of Cornelius and Sarah 
Vanderheck ; horn at Parma Center, Julv 25, 1876. Children: 
(1) Ethelwyn Irene, horn April 3. 1903; died April 15, 1926. 
( 2 ) Avis Marion, horn Aug. 6, 1905, at Greece, X. Y. ; married 
July 11. 1928, George, son of Frank Blair of Hilton. (3) 
Frederick Cornelius, horn March 14. 1913. 

ii. Sarah Lavina, horn Dec. 19, 1881 ; married March 26. 1912, 
Charles, son of George and Margaret Skinner, hotel proprietor, 
Hilton. X. V. Child: Charles S. Jr., born Jan. 13, 1913. 


MARTHA JAXE, (Stephen D. 98) horn Oct. 19, 1862, at 
Parma, N. Y. ; died at Hilton, Jan. 1. 1934; married Dec. 22, 
1882, William 1). Wilkinson, horn at Springwater, X. Y., 
Oct. 12, 1856. 

Lived and reared her family in the hamlet of Parma Cen- 
ter in the home her father helped provide. 

Children of Martha Tane and WiUinm Wilkinson: 

i. Victor C. Wilkinson, horn Sept. 3. 1884; imrried Dec. 24. 
1907, Cora Baxter, daughter of Chauncev and Laura Luella 
Baxter, horn Aug. 2.>, 1887. at Hilton, X~ Y. Children: i 1 | 


Edna Grace, born June 23, 1908. (2) Laura Azella, horn Jan. 
29, 1911. (3) Harold Baxter, horn Nov. 9, 1913; (4) Helen 
Clairhelle, horn July 7, 1918. (5) Matie Victoria, horn Jan. 4, 
1921 ; died Dec. 3, 1924. Victor Wilkinson is a farmer living 
at Hilton, N. Y. Edna and Azella graduated from Hrockport 
Normal School. 

ii. Rolla H. Wilkinson, horn March 3, 1 887, at Greece. N. Y. ; 
married Jan. 22, 1908, Anna M., daughter of Aussie Bennett, 
horn Jan. 25, 1889, at Hilton. They have one child, Alice May, 
born May L 1909; married April 27, 1935, to Francis, son of 
Francis and Katherine McKenna. Alice May has by this union, 
Carol Ann, horn Dec. 10, 1936, and Doris May, horn Feb. 18, 
1939. Rolla works at Eastman Kodak Co., at Rochester, N. Y. 

iii. Lottie May Wilkinson, born June 14, 1891 ; married July 19, 
1930, to Wilford Wright. No children. 

iv. Retha Lavina Wilkinson, born April 6, 1899; married Sept. 
23, 1922, to Ernest W. Alpeter. No children. 


MAURICE CHASE, (Stephen D. 98) born Feb. 4, 1883, 
at Hilton, N. Y. ; married Aug. 9, 1911, to Estella May, 
daughter of Gilbert N. and Wealthy Buell of Bergen, N. Y. ; 
born Feb. 2, 1879. 

After finishing his preparatory training begun at the Hil- 
ton High school, at Genesee Wesleyan Seminary at Lima in 
1902, Maurice secured his college education at Cornell Uni- 
versity where he received the degrees of B.S.A. in 1908 and 
M.S. A. in 1910. Immediately after graduation he engaged 
in farm management field work for the United States De- 
partment of Agriculture in the northeastern states for three 
years. Then for a period of about three years he was editor 
of the New York Tribune Farmer, successor of Horace 
Greeley's farm page in the New York Tribune. 

In 1914 he was called to Ithaca, N. Y., as director of Farm 
Bureaus for the State College of Agriculture and the State 
and Federal Departments of Agriculture. This new agency 
was developing rapidly and during the next few years Mau- 
rice was chiefly responsible for organizing and establishing 
the New York County Farm Bureau system and County 
Agricultural and Home Demonstration work in the state, 
on a sound and permanent basis. About 1918 he became 
Director of Extension at the New York State College of 
Agriculture, under the newlv enacted Smith-Lever Exten- 


sion Act, and organized the college extension service on the 
new and broader basis made necessary by the war and by 

changed economic and social conditions. 

Having resigned this position in 1924, he returned to the 
active personal operation of his home farm at Hilton, where 
his father had farmed before him from 1845 to 1X89. He 
continued farming for a period of nearly seven years, during 
which he also served as Comptroller of the large New York 
purchasing cooperative, the Grange-League-Federation Ex- 
change, a term as President of the New York State Horti- 
cultural Society, and for a time as 1 'resident of the Rochester 
National Farm Loan Association. During this period he 
was also Chairman of the Monroe-Orleans Council of Boy 
Scouts. In 1928 he was designated as a "Master Farmer" by 
American Agriculturist. 

In 1930 he was appointed a member of the New York State 
Public Service Commission for a ten year term, by ( iovernor 
Franklin Roosevelt, and reappointed for a second term by 
Governor Herbert Lehman in 1939. He was the first repre- 
sentative of farmers and the rural areas to be a member of 
the Commission. During this period the extension of rural 
electric lines has more than doubled. His office is in the 
State Office Building, 60 Court Street, Buffalo, X. V. His 
residence is Beechwood Farm. Hilton. X. Y. 

In 1932 he was called upon to take the presidency of the 
reorganized State Bank of Hilton, and has continued in that 
office until January. 1940. when he became chairman of the 
board. He is a Trustee of Cornell University, elected by 
the alumni in 1935 and again in 1937. Author of "Apple 
Growing," in 1912, and of "The County Agent and the Farm 
Bureau" in 1922. With the assistance of Elton Holden he 
gathered and compiled the data for this record of the Giles 
Burritt family. 

Estella is a graduate of Brockport Normal school and 
studied one term in the Cornell summer school. She taught 
in the Hilton High school for several years. In recent years 
she has given much attention to adult education and has 
conducted many discussion groups for the Home Bureau 
and other local groups. She is a local leader of the Tubercu- 
losis Association and of other social and educational local 



Maurice Chase Burritt 


Children of Maurice C. and Estella B. Burritt. 
i. Helen Rosamond, born at New York City, X. Y., |ulv 14, 1912. 

Educated at Cornell University, (U.S. I'M.}), Columbia Uni- 
versity ( M.S. 1934), Nursery School teacher in New York ("it v. 
1934-1935, in Adelaide, Australia, 1935-1937, and in Nagpu'r, 
India, in 1 ( '37-1940. At 24 years of age Helen went out to 
Australia to teach in a private nursery school. She remained 
there about a year and a half, traveling in other parts of that 
country during vacations. En route home she stopped in India 
to visit friends. An opportunity offering, she established her 
own nursery school in cooperation with Mrs. Irene Mott P>osr. 
at Nagpur, where she is now teaching children of native Indians 
and English residents. She returned home later in 1937, com- 
pleting a trip around the world before she was 26 years old. She 
returned to her school in Nagpur in 1938. 

ii. Stephen Gilbert, horn at Ithaca, N. Y., June 8, 1914. Eagle 
Scout. Educated at Cornell University (B.S.A. 1936). and at 
Harvard School of Business Administration (B.A. with Dis- 
tinction 1938). With General Mills, Inc., Farm Service Stores, 
Inc., Minneapolis, Minn. 

iii. Maurice Buell, born at Ithaca N. Y., June 13, 1920. Eagle 
Scout. After graduating from Hilton high school. Maurice 
supplemented his preparation for college with a post graduate 
course at Western Reserve Academy, Hudson, Ohio. 


ELLA L., (Thomas 99) born Sept. 25, 1852, at Hilton, 
N. Y. ; married Dec. 8, 1875, at Hilton, N. Y., to Cyrus, son 
of Sylvester Fosmire, born Aug - . 22, 1848, at Hamlin, N. Y. ; 
died April 5, 1916, at Canandaigua, N. Y. Mr. Fosmire was 
a dealer in farm produce at Spencerport, N. Y. All three 
children were born at Hilton. Ella is one of four grand chil- 
dren of C Hies who were living - in 1940. 

Children of Ella L. and Cyrus Fosmire: 

i. Burton C., born Aug. 17. 1877, at Hilton, N. Y. ; married March 
31. 1909, to Myra LaSalle, born Oct. 30, 1878 at Rochester, 
N. Y. Burton is a produce dealer at Spencerport. N. Y. No 
309. ii. Edward P., born Sept. 25, 1879. 

iii. Pearl Mae, born Oct. 14, 1890; died April 26, 1894. 


AMELIA F., (Thomas 99) born Sept. 11, 1854, at Parma, 
N. Y.; died Oct. 28, 1923, Hamlin, N. Y. ; married Dec. 20, 
1876, to Justin E., son of James and Julia Blossom, born July 
23, 1857, at Hamlin, N. Y. 


Children of Amelia and Justin E. Blossom: 

310. i. Myron Eroy, born Dec. 9, 1881. 

311. ii. Mabel, born Aug. 22, 1884. 

312. Hi. Ora C, born March 23, 1887. 

iv. Elsie C, born Sept. 21, 1890; died Jan. 10, 1891. 

313. v. Leona H.. born July 28. 1895. 


LAMONT, (Thomas 99) born Aug. 24. 1856, at Hilton. 
X. Y.; died Aug. IS, 1936; married Jan. 30. 1SX4. to Emma, 
daughter of Jane and John McKinney, horn Oct. 1. 1858 
Lamont was a farmer at Hilton. X. Y. 

Children : 
i. Maude Elizabeth, born Hilton, X. Y.. Oct. 4. 1886; married 
Dec. 22, 1909. tn Oscar, son of George Jr. and Mary Smith, 
born Sept. 4. 1884. The Smiths are farmers at Hilton. X. Y. 
( )ne child. Marguerite, born lime 23. 1911 ; married July 1935, 
to William Lenz, son of Carl Lenz. 
ii. Grace Edna, born Hilton X. Y.. Oct. 5. 1891. Lives (19 
with her mother at I lilton. X. Y. 


THOMAS FERDINAND, (Thomas «' ! '> bom May 8, 

1862; died Oct. 25, 1915; married (first) Nov. 4. 1882, to 
Etta, daughter of William McKinney : l><>ni in 1858 and died 
Sept. 26, 1889; married a second time in 1891 to Ella Twen- 
tvman of Parma Center, who died seven "i" eight years after 
this marriage; married a third time about 1900 to Ella Sad- 
den of Rochester, "herd." as he was commonly known, was 
an undertaker at I 'anna Center. X. Y. 

Children : 

314. i. William Thomas, born June 21. 1SS4. 
ii. Eroy D., born in 1886 and died in Sept. 1889. 

315. iii. Gertrude, born Jan. 21. 1888. 


SEYELTA ORILLA (*Giles Jr. 100) horn Sept. 29, 1855, 
in Greece, X. V.; died May 13. 1936, at Los Angeles, Calif.: 
married Aug. 29, 1873. at Meadville. Mo., to Andrew Jack- 
son Botts who died May 10, 1929. at Meadville. All children 
were born at this place. 

*Data for this entire family furnished bv Adeline P. Botts. of Los Angeles, Calif. 


Children of Sevelia and Andrew J. Botts: 

316. i. Marriet May, born Dec. 3, 1876. 

317. ii. Maud S., born June 10, 1880. 

318. iii. Adeline Preston, born Jan. 13, 1884. 

319. iv. Berdine Almeda, born April 27, 1886. 

v. Mansur D., born Dec. 29, 1888; died March 16, 1893. 

320. vi. Effie D., born Oct. 10, 1890. 

vii. Valentine B., born Feb. 14, 1893; died March 23, 1893. 

321. viii. Gladys Lee, born March 1, 1894. 


SYLVESTER WILLIAM, (Giles Jr. 100) born Sept. 29, 
1857, at Parma, N. Y. ; died Nov. 1, 1924, at Rochester; mar- 
ried Emogene Wagner who was born 1855; died Oct. 24, 

Sylvester was for twenty years a member of the Roches- 
ter tire department retiring- in 1908 with rank of lieutenant. 
Children : 
i. Adrian S., born Aug. 11, 1880; died Feb. 6, 1933; married June 
29, 1904, Katherine Terressa, daughter of John and Anna Far- 
rell. born March 23, 1880. No children. 

ii. Clyde P., born Aug. 2, 1882; married Emma Wales. No chil- 
dren. Is proprietor of a cigar store in Rochester. 


STEPHEN DAY, (Giles Jr. 100) born July 22, 1860, at 
Parma, N. Y. ; died July 12, 1938; married Sept. 10, 1884, at 
Rochester, Emma C, daughter of Alfred Horton of Sand 
Lake who was born at Sand Lake April 28, 1857. After 
spending his early boyhood at Meadville, Mo., where his 
father was living' he returned to Parma, N. Y., and later 
opened a jewelry store in Rochester, which became one of 
the largest and best known in western New York and which 
he continued to operate until his death. 

One of his avocations for which he became widely known 
was the selling of horse whips at county fairs. For many 
years "Steve" maintained a standing offer to give a diamond 
ring to every child born into the Giles Burritt family. These 
were awarded each year at the family reunion. 


i. Ora. born at Rochester. Oct. 1, 1886: died at Chicago. Nov. 4. 
1914; married Nov. 1. 1913 to William Shultz. 



CHARLES PHILLIP, (Giles Jr. 100) born Dec. 17, 1865; 

died Jan. 10, 1919; married first time Aug. 5. 1882, Margaret, 
daughter of John and Elizabeth ( Denning) Kelly, born Jan. 
5, 1863. He married a second time June 1. 1891, Elizabeth, 
sister of Margaret, born Dec. 28, 1865. Of his children the 
first only was daughter of the first wife. 


i. Estelle Maud, born April 5. 1884; married June 15, 1903, at 
Rochester. X. Y.. to Erie Lawrence, bom March 19, 1882, son 
of William H. and Nora ( Doud ) Miller of Conesus. X. V. 
Their children are: (1) Dorothy Elizabeth, horn Oct. 17. 
1905 ; married June 29, 1934, to Donald S.. son of Frank R. and 
Martha ( Kuelps) Moody, horn Oct. 10, 1904. (2) Donald 
William, horn Aug. 26, 1907; married Nov. 29. 1 ( >34. Mary P., 
daughter of Ramon and Theresa (Ryam) Lopez, horn March 
12, 1912. (3) Allison Margaret, horn May 10. 1910; married 
Sept. 10, 1937. to H. L.. son of Anton and Alice (Wood) Oak- 
ley, horn Jan. 9, 1909. 

322. ii. Ralph Alexander, horn March 22. 1892. 

323. iii. Stephen Giles, born April 26, 1898. 

iv. Mary Jane, horn April 4. 1903; marired April 30. 1927. to J. 
Malcolm, son of John H. and Delia ( Hutchings) McKennv. 
No children. 


EDWARD ARTHUR. ( Giles Jr. 100) born Dec. 17. 1879. 
at Rochester. X. V.; married at Chicago. 111.. July IS. 1903, 
Wilahemmena Bertha, daughter of Henry and Louise 
Schultz. born May 2H. 1878. Xo children. Edward worked 
for the Standard Oil Co. for 20 years and is now sales man- 
ager for the Wells Petroleum Co. of Chicago. He resides 
at 316 X. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park. 111. 


CHESTER ALAX. (Giles Jr. 100) born Dec. 8. 1881. at 
Rochester, X. Y. ; married first time Aug. 17. 1907. to Flo- 
rence A. Broadway, born July 12. 1881, died January. 1034; 
married a second time April 13. 1934. to Mary Elizabeth 
McCarty, born Oct. 13, 1910. Chester is a veteran of the 
Spanish American War. a 32nd degree Mason and a Shriner. 
He is a photographer, and proprietor of "Monroe Studio." 
at 2036 East 14th Place at Tulsa. Okla.. where he has lived 
for 21 vears. Xo children. 



WILLIAM THOMAS, (William 101) born in New Brit- 
ain, Conn., 1864; died in Waterbury, Conn., 1926; married at 
Waterbury in 1888, Lizzie Emma Abbott, who was born at 
Waterbury in 1869 and died there in 1936. 

She was a daughter of Dudley Hiram and Mary Marie 
(Perkins) Abbott. 

Their home was in New Britain. 

Child : 

324. i. Elihu Abbott, born 1891. 


LESLIE ALLISON, (Stephen Bradley 103) born Seneca 
Falls, N. Y., Feb. 30, 1857; married Dec' 4, 1876, Ella Far- 
rar Curtis, who was born New York City, Oct. 9, 1857, 
daughter of Edward Payson (born Burlington, Yt.) and 
Harriet (Foggin) Curtis. 


i. Grace Vivian, born Great Bend, Kans., April 18, 1878; married 
John Wilson Logan. 


CHESTER CRAWFORD, (Stephen Bradley 103) born 
Seneca Falls, N. Y., Aug. 3, 1860; married at Bayonne, N. 
J., Dec. 15, 1887, ErYie Davenport who was born Sept. 20, 
1865, in New York City, daughter of Charles Frances (born 
Stratford, Conn., May 5, 1840), and Grace (Ouinan) Dav- 
enport, who was born New York City 1844. 

Children ; 

i. Edna Crawford, born Bayonne, N. J., Sept. 26, 1888. 
ii. Margaret Kemp, born Stratford, Conn., Nov. 3, 1890. 
iii. Leslie Davenport, born Bayonne, N. J., April 2 ( >, 19tX). 


WILLIAM WALLACE, (Jonathan Elisha 104) born at 
Horsehead, N. Y., 1829; moved to Illinois with his parents 
in 1837; served in the Civil War in Co. G, 113th Illinois Vol- 
unteers and was among those who ran supplies down the 
Mississippi river past nine miles of Rebel batteries for the 
garrison at Yicksburg, in honor for which Congress voted 
him a "Medal of Honor." 

After the war he went to Fort Wayne, Ind., and there 


married the widow of Col. John Bass who gave him one son. 
Other children were by a second marriage. 

i. Langdon. 
ii. Jennie. 
iii. Grace. 
iv. Inez. 
v. Richard. 


JOHN HARVEY, (Jonathan Elisha 104) born in Will 
County, Illinois, 1843; married at Salem, End., 1880, Hulda 
Jones, who was born 1855. 

Moved to Ainsworth, Neb., and owned a farm there. 

Children : 
i. Emma. 
ii. Elizabeth. 
iii. Annette. 
iv. Benjamin H., an attorney at Lincoln, Neb. 


DR. WILLIAM HARVEY, (Dr. Harvey 105) born at 
Gilead, (now Grand Rapids) Ohio in 1842; died at Toledo. 

Ohio, July, 1901; married first time, Allie M. . who 

died April 10, 1866, in her 20th year. He married a second 
time at Waterville, Ohio, Julia Elizabeth Reed who was 
born at Waterville, in 1846, and who died at Chicago, 111., 

May 4, 1929. She was a daughter of Henry and ■ — 

(Bachus) Reed. 


William Reed, born Aug. 15. 1870. 

Charles Amos, born Oct. 9. 1872. 

A son born 1875. died 1877. 

Julia Anna, born Manmee. ( >hio, July 22. 1877. died at Chicago, 
Sept. 26, 1937; married Frank Bloom of Detroit. Mich., in 
1899. He died in 1 ( X)2 and she married < hven T. < hven, of 
Toledo, in 1910. Children are: Frances Louise Bloom, born 
Toledo. Aug. 18. 1902. and Jane Owen, born Dec. 4. I'M 4. 
Frances L. Bloom married George Griffith of Chicago. 


GEORGE ALFORD. (Charles 106) born June 17. 1S40. 
in Cayuga County, N. Y. ; died Oct. 23, 1895. at Rockford, 
111.; married Jujy 11. 1866, Harriet M. Drake, who was born 
at Bristol. Vt., June 5, 1845. and who died at Rockford. Til.. 









George Alford 

mm wm^ 

Dwight Nathan 


May 6, 1898. Harriet (Drake) Burritt was a daughter of 
Royal W. (born Jan. 23, 1818) and Sophronia E. ( Dunshee) 
Drake, of Bristol, Vt. (She was born Aug. 21, 1821). (See 
Drake and Parmelee in appendix). 

Children : 

327. i. Lewis L., horn Feb. 9, 1868. 

ii. Jessie May, born May 4, 1870; died Aug. 1, 1940; married Sept. 
18, 1906, William Whiting Thayer, who was born Dec. 4, 1867, 
at Rockford, 111. He is a son of Herman (born Springfield, Vt., 
Nov. 17, 1829; died Rockford, 111., 1918) and Harriet H. 
(Whiting) Thaver. She was born at Rockbridge, Vt., Aug. 6, 
1831 ; died Rockford. 111., April 1, 1892. 

iii. Neenah Sophronia, born Jan. 31, 1872, educated at Rockford 
High School and Rockford College. After completing her 
education she began teaching in the county schools and shortly 
afterwards in the Rockford City schools, continuing until the 
time of her death, July 9, 1930. She was a successful teacher, 
a talented musician, a true friend, and led an industrious and 
happy life, doing much good in the community. 

328. iv. Roy Walter, born March 16, 1875. 

329. v. Frank Clinton, born Feb. 26, 1882. 


RUFUS HENRY, (Charles 106) born in the Town of Ira, 
Cayuga County, N. Y., Sept. 23, 1842; died at Santa Bar- 
bara, Calif., while on a visit to his son Fred E., Feb. 14, 1913. 
Married at Rockford, 111., May 28, 1868, Mary J. Rorebeck, 
who was born in New York State, March, 1848; died at 
Rockford September, 1897. 

She was a daughter of Edwin Fairchild (born 1821 ; died 
1881) and Weltha (Whitney) Rorebeck (born 1819; died 

He married a second time, Mary J. (McEvoy) Hall, who 
died about 1918. 

Rufus Burritt enlisted for service in the Civil War Feb. 3, 
1864, as a recruit from Owen, Winnebago County, in Com- 
pany M of the Eighth Illinois Cavalry and was mustered out 
of service July 17, 1865. He was mustered into Nevious Post 
No. 1, G. A. R., as a comrade, Oct. 8, 1881, and served as 
an officer of the guard in 1907. 

Rufus and Mary Burritt on their marriage settled on their 
farm in the Town of Owen, near Rockford, where they con- 

144 B URR] TT FA M I LY 

tinned to reside until 1887, moving to the city, where they 
had built a new home, in that year. 

Their children : 
i. Laura Eva, 1><>rn July 31. 1869; died Oct. 24. 1904; married at 
Rockford, June 22, 1892, Alanson Goodnough Steward, who 
was born at Rockford. Feb. 2.1 1867; died Aug. 13, 1930. He 
is a son of Alanson | born Canada. 1833 ; died Rockford, 1907 i 
and Melinda (Welter) Steward (born 1834, died 1909). Four 
children were born to them: Pearl Evelyn, born Sept. 30, 1895 ; 
married Aug. 18. 1928, Krnest F. Kleinsmith. Clinton Edwin, 
born May 24, 1897; died June 1. 1897. Edna Grace, born Aug. 
2. 1898;' married Aug. 31, 192''. Erik K. Forsberg. Clarence 
Burritt. born April 23. 1903; married Dec. 10. 1925, Hazel 
Leile Conklin, born Nov. 27, 1906, a daughter of Jay B. and 
Grace R. (Hurd) Conklin. They have: Richard Alanson 
Steward, born Oct. 3, 1926; Burritt lav Steward, born < tat 5. 
1929; and Alyce Eeile Steward, b^rn May 11. 1933. 

330. ii. Fred Edwin, born May 25, 1871. 

iii. Rena Alice, born in the town of Owen, Jan. 16, 1873; married 
at Rockford, Oct. 18, 1899. Frederic John Cory, who was born 
in Michigan. April 12. 1873. His parents were John ( born Bel- 
fast. Ireland. 1839; died 1898) and Addie P.. Cory, (born Nova 
Scotia 1845). Child: Burritt Fred, born July. 1°02. 

331. iv. Walter Roy, born Feb. 14. 1S73. 
v. Baby, born 1876, died in infancy. 

vi. Leta Mary, born in the town of < )wen. Jan. 2?>. 1880; married 
at Rockford. 111.. May, 1902, Roy Reynolds Skinner, who was 
horn in Rockford. Dec. 1878; died at Durand, 111.. Jan. 4. 1924. 
He was a son of Henry (born Oneida Co.. X. Y.. July 1835; 
died at Rockford. Dec. 1906) and Eleanor (StockweH) Skin- 
ner, (born Erie Co.. Pa.. Jan. 1837; died Rockford, May P'10). 
Two children were born to them: Edwin Burritt. born at Rock- 
ford. Sept. 3. 1912, and Robert Henry, born at Rockford. Sept. 
6. 1914. 

332. vii. Bert Norton, born Ausr. 29. 1882. 


DWIGHT NATHAN, (Charles 106) born April 10. 1848. 
in Cayuga County, X. Y. ; died at Ems Angeles, Calif., in 
1914; married Dec. 19, 1876, Clara Reeves who was horn at 
Rockford, 111., in 1853; died in Los Angeles January, 1^24. 

Dwight X. Burritt received his preliminary education at 
Lounshurv Academy in Rockford and graduated from the 
University of Michigan. After graduation he went to Pom- 
ona, Calif., as a teacher in the city schools and was for many 
years principal of the high school in that city. He also 


owned and operated an orange ranch in that vicinity. Shown 
in Who's Who in America, 1922-23, as Educator and Agri- 

Children : 

333. i. Dwight Nathan, born April 15. 1878. 

334. ii. Frank Clyde, born Nov. 16, 1881. 

335. iii. Charles Cecil, born April 2, 1883. 

336. iv. Otto John Howard, born July 19, 1884. 
v. Clara Una, born Jan. 19. 1886. 

33>7. vi. Leon Leslie, born April 1, 1887. 


CHARLES LEWIS, (Charles 106) horn Weedsport, N. 
Y., July 16, 1855;.d;ed San Bernardino, Calif., Dec. 22, 1931 ; 
married June 11, 1875, Jessie Louise Fowler, who was horn 
in 1856. He married a second time, Hannah Janicke, April 
26, 1891. She was horn March 5, 1871 ; died at Los Angeles, 
Calif., July 31, 1939. 

Charles L. Burritt was a ranch owner in California. 


i. Ida Marian, born July 16, 1877. 


LEWIS EBEN, ( Eben Lewis 108) born in Weedsport, 
N. Y., March 28, 1875; married at Weedsport, Jan. 1, 1901, 
Katherine Agnes Elmendorf, who was born at Newburg, N. 
Y.. April 29, 1875. She is a daughter of John C. (born April 
4, 1837) and Hannah (Vines) Elmendorf (born Utica, N. Y., 
July 1, 1847, died Aug. 8, 1918). 

Lewis Eben and Kitty Burritt lived in Buffalo, N. Y., 
where he was in the United States Customs service. 


i. Beatrice Fanny, born Nov. 11. 1905; married Aug. 7, 1927, 
John Darwin Palmer, who was born at Lima, Ohio, March 1, 
1904. They have two children: Lewis Burritt Palmer, born 
Geneva, N. Y.. June 26. 1930; Joan Darlene Palmer, born 
Jackson, Mich., March 14, 1934. 

Lewis Eben Burritt died Feb. 8, 1925, and is buried in 
Weedsport, N. Y., beside his father and mother. 


CHARLES MORRIS, (Daniel Austin 110) born Feb. 19, 
1870, at W^aterbury, Conn.; married Marian Day. 

146 B U R K I TT FA.MIL Y 

He is a foreman in the brass factory at Waterbury and 
amateur water color artist. 

Children : 

338. i. Richard Day, horn April 23, 1904. 
ii. Elizabeth Fairchild. 


IVES D'ARCY, (William Hubbel 111) married Jessie 
Children : 

i. Rents, married Lynn Harter. 

339. ii. Carris. 

340. iii. Grant. 


ROBERT J., (Calvin Wolcott 112) born in the Town of 
Ira, Cayuga County. X. Y., May 20, 1874: married at Bar- 
ker, Niagara Count}-, X. Y.. June 1<>. 1902. Selina Hoag, who 
was born at Barker April 1 1, 1878. She is a daughter of An- 
drew (born at Lockport, X. Y., Jan. 14, 1827: died Aug. 13, 
1901) and Hannah (Horsfall) Hoag (born Somerset. Ni- 
agara County. X. Y.. Nov. 2. 1835; died May 20, 1914). 

Robert and Selina Burritt are living at Auburn. X. Y.. 
where he is a practicing attorney. 

Robert came with his parents t<> Auburn. X. Y.. in 1885, 
graduated from Auburn High school and entered the law 
office of Coburn and Hunter of that city where he remained 
for two years. He then attended Union College Law school 
and was admitted to the bar in 1899. In 1900 Assistant Dis- 
trict Attorney of Cayuga Countv, and in 190h elected Dis- 
trict Attorney, serving in that office until 1912. 

He has traveled extensively in this country and in Europe, 
is a charter member of the Auburn Country Club, member 
of Masonic Lodge and Elks Club. 


i. Lucy Elizabeth, born Sept. 25. 1 ( )10. at Auburn, educated at 
Highland Hall, Hollidaysburg. Pa., and Sarah Lawrence Col- 
lege. Bronxville, X. Y. Married Jan. 28, 1931 to George M. 
Sterling, of Phoenix, Ariz. She married a second time. June 
22. 1940. Charles P. Armitage, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence 
L. Armitage of Auburn. Charles is a graduate of the Lniversity 
of Pennsylvania., and is employed by Fir'h Carpet Co. The 
home is in Auburn. 



GEORGE, (George Winslow 114) married Isabel Rock- 

Children : 

i. Edward R. 
ii. Isabel. 
iii. Claire. 


FREDERICK, (Henry Eben 117) married first time, 
Emma S. Beasley ; married a second time, Aurora Risert; 
married a third time, Anna Kelly. 

Child by first wife: 

i. Gladys, married William Clark of Rochester, N. Y., and had two 
sons. William and Edward. Both live in Rochester. 


LEWIS, (George 119) born in Stratford, March 21, 1831 ; 
died in Elmira, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1911; married at Monroe, 
Conn., Oct. 25, 1858, Cordelia Plumb, who was born at Mon- 
roe, May 16. 1830, and who died at Stratford June 28, 1914. 
She was a daughter of Waite Plumb. 

Children : 

i. Ida Jane, horn in Stratford, May 17, 1860. 
3U. ii. Arthur Winfield, horn July 15, 1861. 


EDWIN JOSEPH, (Joseph Curtiss 120) born Sept. 17, 
1843; married Sept. 29, 1864, Louisa Minerva, daughter of 
John D. Weed. He was in the jewelry business. 

Children : 
342. i. Edwin Charles, horn April 5, 1886. 


JOSEPH ATWATER, (Joseph Curtiss 120) born June 
6, 1876. A jeweler by trade. 


CHARLES RANDALL, (Charles David 121) born Oct. 
8, 1855, at Delaware, Ohio; married Sept. 19, 1883, Emma 
Presher of Ithaca, N. Y. 

148 B U R R I XT FA M ILY 

They are living at Canestota, X. Y., where he is in the 
jewelry business. 


i. Nina May, horn May 2, 1885, at Ithaca, 
ii. Edna, horn July 26, 1888, at Sayre, X. Y. 


ROBERT, (Robert 122) married Esther De Laney. 

Children : 
i. Dorothea. 


ROBERT, (Newell Fletcher 123) born 1872; died 1 ( M0; 
married May . 


i. Harold, who married first Jennie Bedell; second, Florence and 
had Harold Jr., and Marjorie. 


EDWARD EARLE, (Newell Fletcher 123) born at New 
Haven, Conn.. March 25, 1877; married New York City, 
March 22 y 1897. Edith Alice Benn, who was lorn in York- 
shire, England, August 1, 1878. A daughter of Alfred Roth- 
ery Benn (born Yorkshire, England, May 16, 1855) and 
Hannah (Gomersol) Benn, who was horn in Yorkshire May 
26, 1855. 

Children : 

i. Marion, hern (an. 1. 1898; married Sept 17. 1922, Hugh Alfred 

Dorian and had: Wallace. July 29. 1923; Paul, Aug. 30. 1926; 

Harriet. June 5. 1930; Hugh Alfred. Jr.. < >ct. 12. 1931. 
ii. Mildred, horn Nov. 17, 1899; married Jan. 26, 1920. Theodore 

Nolte and had: Theodore, Dec. 7. 1**20. 
iii. Esther Vincy, horn Jan. 10. 1903. 
iv. Ann May. horn June 12. 1907; married May 26, 1931, Arthur 

B. Witty and had: Sandra Ellen, Sept. 23, 1933; Wendy Hope, 

April 4, 1936. 
343. v. Edward Earl Jr.. horn Jan. 26. 1 *>10. 

vi. Barbara Florence, horn Oct. 1. 1919. now a student at Russell 

Sage College, Troy, N. Y. 


Ninth Generation 

GEORGE DUTY, (Charles Grandison 124) horn April 
27, 1863; married Nov. 20, 1890, Dora Valleau. 
Children : 

i. Merton Marcus, born June 5, 1894. 

ii. Arnold Keith, born April 11, 1898. 

iii. Mildred Dorothy, born Aug. 18, 1903. 


ELIHU GUY, (Ira Nichols 128) born July 29, 1872, at 
Uniondale, Pa.; married Dec. 11, 1895, Mary Frances Mo- 
ran, who was born in Washington, D. C, April 3, 1874. 

Daughter of Jonn and Catherine (Fitzpatrick) Moran. 


i. Katherine Elizabeth, born Jan. 31, 1897. 
ii. Jane Carroll, born June 8, 1898. 
iii. Mary Frances, born Jan. 3, 1900. 
iv. John Moran, born Nov. 2, 1901. 


CLARK CULBERTSON, (Payson 130) born at Wash- 
ington, D. C, July 12, 1885; married at St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 
24, 1915, Mary Nesmith, who was born at St. Louis, March 
6, 1895. She is a daughter of Charles H. (born at Athens, 
Ohio, July 26, 1867; married April 23, 1890) and Maggie M. 
(Echols) Nesmith (born at McLeansboro, 111., Feb. 12, 

Clark C. and Mary Burritt are living in Washington, D. 
C, where he is in the Government employ. 

They have no children. 


DR. CHARLES HURLBURT, (Alden 138) born at 
Maitland, Ontario, Canada, Jan. 15, 1864; married at Mitch- 
ell, Canada, Jan. 10, 1893, Mary Davis who was born at 
Mitchell, Oct. 2, 1886. She was a daughter of John Evans 
Davis who was born in Wales and who died in Mitchell. 
Canada, in November, 1893, and his wife, Jane Forsyth Wil- 
kinson Davis who was born in Kilkenny, Ireland. 

No children. 

Dr. Burritt practiced medicine in Mitchell, Canada, until 
1938 when he moved to Claremont, Calif.. U. S. A. 



KENNETH BOYD, (John Dulmage 139) born at 

Brooksville, Fla.. Oct. 4, 1896; married at Tampa, Fla., June 
1. 1921. Rebecca Harvey Knight, daughter of Thomas Gar- 
ret Knight of Williamsburg, Va., and his wife Emma ( Wil- 
liams) Knight who was of Birmingham, Ala. 

Kenneth Burritt moved to Miami Beach. Fla., where he is 
in the general insurance business. He resides at 115 First 
Terrace, Rivo Island, Miami Beach. 

A daughter: 

i. Kay Williams Burritt, born Aug. 31, 1925. in Miami. 


EDMUND FOSTER. (Alexander 142) born at Ottawa. 
Canada, May 30, 1867; married at Ottawa June 15, 1901. 
Helen Caroline Smith, who was born at Peterborough, Ont., 
July 1, 1871. She is a daughter of Alexander (born Scot- 
land) and Elizabeth Roger (Hall) Smith (born Peterbor- 
ough, Ont.) 

Edmund Foster Burritt was educated at the Collegiate In- 
stitute; graduated from Osgoode Hall in 1894. He is bar- 
rister-at-law, member of the firm of Burritt & Burritt. with 
offices at Trusts Bldg., and resides at 243 Augusta St., Ot- 
tawa. Member of Rideau Club and Royal Ottawa Club. 

Children : 

i. Alexander Foster, born March 10. 1903, 

ii. Elsie Marion, born Sept. 2. 1905; married P. G. Vokins, and 

has one son, Peter B. 
iii. Jean Elizabeth, born Jan. 11. 1 ( 07; married John A. Creasor. 

and has John B. and Alexander David. 


CHARLES ARTHUR. (Horatio Charles. M. 1).. 144) 
born Oct. 2S, 1865: married Mary Austin: lived at Denver, 

Children : 

344. i. Normn, Austin. 

ii. Helen Margaret, born Oct. 16. 1897; married Stewart Cuth- 
hertson. horn Jan. 2S>. 1894. and had: Margaret Renee. Mary 
Burritt. Jeanne May. 
iii. Marie Gertrude, married Horatio Wright and had: Gwendolyn 
Louise. Horace MeEhor. and Eleanor Marie. 



FREDERICK WALTER, (Horatio Charles, M. I). 144) 
born 1870; married first time, Ethel Horrocks; married a 
second time, Hilda Rowan. 
Children : 

i. Dorothy, married |ohn Janney and had: Horatio Burritt, born 

ii. Alica, married Ralph Anspach, and had Jane. 


CLARENCE JAMES, (Horatio Charles 144) born 1874; 
married Eleanor Ryley. 

Children : 

i. Gladys Marian, horn 1907. 
ii. Alan George, horn 1914. 


HORACE WELLESLEY, (Horatio Charles 144) born 
at Toronto, Canada, Sept. 1, 1883; married at Toronto, Jan. 
24, 1912, Isabel May Grindlay who was born at Toronto 
1886, a daughter of William H. (born Scotland, died Tor- 
onto 1899) and Alice M. Grindlay, who was born in Mon- 
treal and died in Toronto in 1931. 


i. John Grindlay, born Oct. 1912. 
ii. Herbert Charles, horn May 1915. 
iii. Margaret Edith, horn Nov. 1919. 


DR. GUY LLEWELLYN, (Marquis F. 147) born at 
Hinesburgh, Yt., Sept. 15, 1868; married first time, Clara 
C. Landon of Hinesburgh; married a second time, Sept. 6, 
1906, Mabelle R. Grace, who was born at Harrington, Me., 
Nov. 24, 1884. 

He is a practicing" physician at Harrington, Me. 

Children : 

i. Vera V., horn April 18, 1896. 
ii. Landon F.. horn Feb. 14, 1900. 


NELSON A., (Oscar C. 148) born May 14, 1857; died 

1923; married Oct. 27, 1880, Julia F. Bushnell. 


i. Helene, born Feb. 10, 1893. 



OSCAR C. JR., (Oscar C. 148) horn July 24. L863; died 
May 13, 1899; married first time, April 25, 1889, Dora Sad- 
ler; married a second time. Nov. 11, 189/. May Allen. 


i. Nelson, born Jan. 14. 1892. 
ii. Ruth, daughter of second wife. 


BERT L., (Oscar C. 148) born Nov. 18, 1866; died June 
1939; married Sept. 17, 1895, Helen Grace Lansing. 
No issue. 


WILLIAM G., (Oscar C. 148) horn July 8. 1872; married 
Feb. 2, 1898, Anna A. Peckham. 

i. Ruth. 


LE GRAND B., (Oscar C. 148) horn Nov. 8. 1875: mar- 
ried June 29, 1899, Ada I). Harrison. 

Children : 

i. Lola May. horn July 25. 1900. 

ii. Bessie Junk, horn June 26. 1904; married July 21. 192S. Anton 

M. Hansen and had: ]une. horn Dec. 7. 1931 ; and Karen M., 

horn Aug. 31. 1935; died April 28. 1937. 

LeGrand B. Burritt and his family live at North Troy. X. Y. 


WALTER EVERETT, ( Leverett Sherman 149) hum at 
Fenton, 111., March 12, 1870; married June 6, 190n. Lena 
Barbara Irion, who was horn in Illinois Oct. 1. 1883. 

Walter E. Burritt tor many years owned and operated a 
large farm in the vicinity of Morrison, 111. 

Later he moved to that city and was elected t<» various 
county offices, among them county clerk and recorder and 
was finally chosen mayor of Morrison. 

He is now living in a fine home in that city. 

Children : 

i. Frances Elizabeth, horn Jan. 2. 1908. 

ii. Doris Eloise, horn March 3. 1011. Doris is a teacher of English 
and Languages in a neighboring high school. 



GEORGE H., (George A. 150) born Hinesburgh, Vt., 
Sept. 1, 1871; married Charlotte, Vt., Oct. 3, 1894, Fannie 
O. Env, who was born Charlotte, Vt., Nov. 20, 1866, daugh- 
ter of Martin and Mary ( Ball) Env. Live in Burlington, Vt. 

Daughter : 

i. Lillian E., born Hinesburgh, Oct. 11, 1897. 


MANLEY DELAVERGNE, (Sarah Elizabeth 152) 
born July 1, 1853; died July 20, 1885, aged 32 years; married 
to Mary, daughter of Jake and Julia Hendershot. born in 

They lived in the town of Hamlin on what was known as 
the Winship farm. 

No children. 


FANNIE A. DELAVERGNE, (Sarah Elizabeth 152) 
born Aug". 21, 1854, at Albion, Mich.; died Sept. 7, 1938; 
married March 19, 1873, to Edwin A., son of Harry and Al- 
mira Dauchev Northrup, born Oct. 2, 1847, at Farmersville, 
N. Y.; died May 29, 1918. 

They went to housekeeping - near the town of Hamlin. 
About two years later they bought the west farm of R. B. 
Wood on the German Church road, east of the North Star 
school house. Land was high and the sixty acres cost them 
$5,000.00, but the house stood on a hill with two big horse 
chestnut trees, and made a pleasant home. The land was 
good and the young- couple, filled with ambition, thrift and 
hard work, wiped out the mortgage five years after they 
moved to the place, and their only child, a son was born, but 
they brought up Elizabeth, the youngest child of Melville 
and Minnie L. DeLaYergne. In March, 1906, they moved 
to the village of Hilton where they bought a home and lived 
until Edwin's death in 1918. Failing eye sight made Fanny 
dependent in her last years, in contrast to her former, vigor- 
ous vears. 


Children of Fannie E. and Edwin A. Northrup; 
345. i. Myron L., born April 5, 1884. 

ii. Elizabeth (by adoption No. 241), born Feb. 20, 1895. (See 

154 B U K R I T T F A M I L Y 


beth 152) born Sept. 8, 1856; died Oct. 8. 1930. at Bellevue, 
Mich., her home for fourteen years; married Nov. 20, 1879, 
to Nathan Henrv, son of [ohn and Harriett Cronk; born 
Feb. 9, 1855; died Oct. 22, 1932. The marriage by the Rev. 
William Ingleby took place at the home of Bailey Burritt, 
the old homestead in Parma, and they begun life together 
on a farm near Brockport, X. Y.. where two children were 
born. After four years there, they removed to Hastings', 
Mich., and thence to Bellevue about 1884, where they pur- 
chased a farm which the}- operated until they moved into 
the town, spending the last twenty years of life there. They 
were life long members of the Methodist church and active 
in church and neighborhood affairs. They accumulated con- 
siderable real estate and stocks and bonds, much of the lat- 
ter proving to be worthless. 

Children of Jessie F. and Nathan F. Cronk: 

346. i. Fannie Belle, born Feb. 24. 1881. 

ii. Merton, born March 24. 1883; died in 1889. 

347. iii. Leon Everett, born January 2. 1886. 

348. iv. Henry LaVern, born April 12. 1888. 

349. v. Myrtle Evelena, born Feb. 12. 1892. 

vi. John Lewis, born Aui;. 7. 1S95; died in infancy ( Nov. 1895 i. 

350. vii. Waiva Elnora Louise, born May 21, \ (> ^2. 


MELVILLE A. DELA VERGNE, (Sarah Elizabeth 
152) born Aug. 8, 1858, at Albion, Mich. : died April 29. 1937, 
at Geneseo, X. Y.; married first time. Jan. IS, 1888, t«> Min- 
nie, daughter of Charles and Mary Lamb; born Aug". 12. 
1862, at Covington, X. Y.; died March, 1897: married a sec- 
ond time, Oct. 28, 1903, at Wadsworth, X. Y.. to ('.race A., 
daughter of Myron H. and Mary H. Boyd, born May 23, 
1872. There were ten children (five each wife) all born at 
Covington, N. Y. 

After the family returned from Michigan, Melville lived 
with his grandfather Burritt at the old Burritt homestead, 
until his father returned after the Civil War. when he went 
to live with his family on the James Curtis farm, northwest 
of Hilton. In the little cobblestone church at Bartlett's Cor- 
ners he joined the neighbor boys and girls for singing" school 
and church on Sundav. At the death of his mother in 1888 

B I'R RI TT FA M II. Y 155 

he moved to Wyoming County, taking his father with him 
and took up farming there on a farm owned by Thankful 
Collamer Burritt. Here he met Minnie Lamb, the daughter 

of Charles Lamb, who at the close of the Civil War took up 
a grant of land from the government. The}' were married 
Jan. 18, 1888. Tragedy struck the family about a year after 
the birth of their fifth child, Elizabeth. Minnie developed 
consumption and in spite of her great determination to live, 
saying, "she could not die and leave her babies," she passed 
away in March, 1897. 

Melville was a wise and loving father and for seven years 
he mothered the little brood of four. Then in 1903 he mar- 
ried again. This time the tall dark haired daughter, the 
eldest of Rev. Holly Boyd's nine children. Whatever her 
private misgivings may have been, no one ever learned what 
she felt in acquiring a family of four along with a husband. 
After this marriage, Melville with his family moved to the 
Lamb homestead. Here four daughters and a son were born. 
When they were old enough, Mell felt it advisable to be 
nearer a good school, and selling the farm to his son Judd, 
the family moved to Geneseo, N. Y. Mell found in his sec- 
ond wife a real helpmate and a fine mother for his older chil- 
dren. Her gentle manner and unselfishness made life very 
pleasant for the family. Her children developd much of her 
fine character. Failing health kept Mell from active duties 
in his last years and he passed away at seventy-nine. This 
is the life story of a man who had run a good race. He left 
behind, not vast riches, but a fortune in pleasant memories. 

Children of Melville and Minnie DeLaYergne: 

351. i. Clifton Manly, born Nov. 22, 1888. 

352. ii. Maude Eleanor, born Nov. 30, 1889. 

353. iii. Vera May, born July 14. 1891. 

354. iv. Judd H., born March 15, 1893. 

355. v. Mary Elizabeth, born Feb. 20, 1895. (Adopted by her Aunt 

Fanine Northrup No. 239). 

Children of Melville and Grace B. DeLaYergne: 

356. vi. Winifred Louise, born Sept. 16, 1904. 

357. vii. Melva Florence, born July 23, 1906. 

358. viii. Louis Boyd, born Jan. 9, 1909. 

359. ix. Harriette B., born July 29, 1911. 
350. x. Grace H., born June 20, 1914. 



CARRIE E. DELAVERGNE, (Sarah Elizabeth 152) 
born Nov. 20, 1860; died Jan. 4, 1924; married Nov. 12. L885, 
to Wilbur, son of Eliza Ann ( Buss) and Samuel Bacon, burn 
Dec. 1, 1848; died Jan. 10, 1922. 

Children of Carrie E. and Wilbur Bacon: 
i. Clara Belle, born June 7. 1SSS. Unmarried. School teacher, 
Solvay, X. Y. 

361. ii. Mildred Grace, born July 5. lS'JO. 

362. iii. Boyd Wilbur, born Nov. 16. 1894. 

iv. Yergxe Elisha, born Aug. 5. IS' > l ). Unmarried. Farmer at 
Hilton. X. Y. 

363. v. Violet Elizabeth, born April 25, 1901. 

364. vi. Robert Dean, born Nov. 3. 1903. 


OLIN HOWARD, (Melville Cox 154) born West Swe- 
den, N. V.. Nov. 9, 1897; married Aug. 4, 1892 at Rochester, 
N. Y., to Almetta Althea, daughter of Reuben and Sarah 
(Chapman) Benton, born [rondequoit, X. Y.. June 1. 18'''': 
died Philadelphia, Pa., March 2^, 1932. Married a second 
time in 1939 to Margaret Alexander, daughter of George 
Dallas and Jennie Goodman Phillips. 

Olin graduated from the University of Rochester in L890, 
and became principal of the high school at Schuylerville, N. 
Y. Following this he was principal of the high school at Ma- 
lone, X. Y. He became interested in the education of the 
blind as a result of his oldest son losing his sight at the age 
of five. He later became superintendent of the State Insti- 
tution for the Blind located at Batavia, X. Y. Subsequently 
he became superintendent of the Pennsylvania School for 
the Blind in Overbrook, Philadelphia, Pa., one of the oldest 
and most progressive institutions in the United States. He 
was a director of the American Foundation for the Blind, 
and took an active part in the development of the recording 
of literature on records for the blind, known as 'Talking 
Books," which became part of the Circulating Library of 
Congress. He wrote many articles for educational and other 
journals. The University of Pennsylvania gave him an hon- 
orary degree of Doctor of Science. His wife, Almetta. made 
friends easilv and was loved by all. Olin retired from active 



Olin H. Burritt 



work in 1937 and has continued to reside in Philadelphia. 
Children of Olin H. and Almetta A. Burritt: 

365. i. Howard Benton, horn April 27, 1893. 

366. ii. Robert William, born Aug. 7, 1898. 

367. iii. Edward Horton, horn July 2, 1908. 


WILLIAM MILLER (Melville Cox 154) born Oct. 6, 
1869, at Sweden, N. Y. ; died Oct. 17, 1932, at Baldwinsville, 
N. Y. ; married December 27, 1899, at Gaines, N. Y., to Lil- 
lian Mary, daughter of Martin Luther and Emily A. Petty 
Greene, of Carleton, N. Y., born May 24, 1873. 

William was educated at Chesbrough Seminary, Chili, N. 
Y. After marriage he continued farming for a time; later 
with his brother Earl he became joint owner and manager of 
a department store in LeRoy, N. Y. Subsequently he was 
the owner and manager of a general store in Fulton, N. Y., 
and later did contracting work in Onondaga County. Later 
he lived in Baldwinsville, N. Y., where he died. His wife, 
Lillian, is a woman of splendid character, loved and re- 
spected by her many friends. She resides with her daughter 
in Baldwinsville, N. Y. 

Children of William Miller, and Lillian Burritt: 

368. i. Mildred Lois, born Chili, Monroe Co., N. Y., Dec. 17, 1900. 

369. ii. Norman William, born LeRoy, Genesee Co., N. Y., May 4, 1903. 

370. iii. Elmer Olin, born LeRoy, Genesee Co., N. Y., Jan. 6, 1907. 

371. iv. Clayton, horn Feh. 18, 1913. 


MELVILLE EMMETT, (Melville Cox 154) born April 
20, 1872, at Franklinville, N. Y. ; married August 25, 1897, 
to Mary Grace, daughter of Gilbert and Mary E. Tunbridge 
Eggleston, of Rochester, born Dec. 14, 1872. 

Emmett was graduated from Chesbrough Seminary, 
Chili, N. Y. He then became identified with Wood Harves- 
ter Company in Rochester, N. Y., which subsequently was 
merged with the International Harvester Company. He 
later moved to Boston and then to St. John, New Brunswick, 
Canada, continuing all of this time with the International 
Harvester Company. His wife, Grace, before her marriage 
was with Sibley, Lindsay & Curr, a department store in 


Rochester, N. Y. She is a woman of line character, with 
manv friends. Residence, St. John, New Brunswick, ( 'anada. 

Children of Melville Emmett and Grace E. Burritt: 

i. Gladys Egleston, born Onchiota, X. Y.. Aug. 12. 1900; married 
March 15, 1922. to Lew E., son of Edward Henry and Char- 
lotte A. Kierstead Merritt. July 17. 1889, at M<>— Glen, New 
Brunswick. Canada. Gladys, while completing her secondary 
education, became increasingly interested in music and attended 
the Boston Conservatory of Music. After her parents moved 
to St. John. Xew Brunswick, she continued her interest in music 
and became a teacher of music in private schools of St. John. 
Her husband maintains a general store and post office at Roth- 
sax. Xew Brunswick. Children : < icrald E., born St. John. 
King Co., Xew Brunswick, Canada. Sept. 28, 1923. 


CARRIE LUELLA (Melville Cox 154) born Kenyon- 
ville. N. Y., June 9, 1876. 

Carrie received her education at Chesbrough Seminary, 
the high school at M alone, X. Y., and Cornell University, 
where she was given the degree of A. B. For a time she 
worked with her brothers in the general department st<»re 
at LeRov, X. Y., and later at Fulton. Subsequently she 
became a social worker, identified with the Xew Y<»rk As- 
sociation for Improving the Condition of the Poor in New 
York City, which organization, in 1939, was merged with 
the Community Service Society. During these latter years 
she has resided in Yonkers. X. Y. Unmarried. 


BAILEY BARTON, (Melville Cox 154) born May M. 
1878, at Parma Center. X. Y.; married May IS. 1909. at 
Rochester, X. Y.. to Ruth Hogarth, daughter of John and 
Jennie Markham Dennis, of Lima, X. Y.. burn Aug. 2?. 1879. 

Bailey Barton received his secondary education at Ches- 
brough Seminary, Chili. X. Y.. at the Hotchkiss school in 
Lakeville, Conn., and at the high school in Malone. X. Y. 
He received the decree of A. B. from the University of Ro- 
chester in 1902, the degree of A. M. from Columbia in 1903. 
He completed his academic work for the degree of I Mi. D. at 
Columbia and published a thesis on the occupation of col- 
lege graduates in 1908. He was assistant secretary of the 
State Charities Aid Association of Xew York from 1908- 



Bailey Barton Burritt 


1913; secretary of the Committee on Criminal Courts, Char- 
ity Organization Society, New York City, from 1911-1913; 
general director New York Association for Improving the 
Condition of the Poor, 1913-1939. In 1939 he became chair- 
man of the Executive Council Community Service Society, 
New York City. During the war Bailey was appointed cap- 
tain of the American Red Cross and organized the Home 
Service of the American Red Cross in Paris, France, in 1918. 
For more than twenty years he has been treasurer of the 
Yonkers Family Service Society ; was treasurer of the East 
Harlem Nursing Health Service and the Judson Health 
Center in New York City. He was a member of the Eco- 
nomic Advisory Committee of President Harding's Confer- 
ence on Unemployment in 1921 ; a member of the Westches- 
ter County Government Commission in 1923-4; a member 
of President Hoover's Committee on Child Health and Pro- 
tection ; a member of Mayor La Guardia's Commission on 
Merging Emergency Relief with the Department of Public 
Welfare in 1939; a member of the American Academy of 
Political and Social Science, the National Conference of So- 
cial Work, and of Theta Chi and Phi Beta Kappa fraterni- 
ties; chairman of the Board of Trustees, Baptist Church of 
the Redeemer, 1939. 

His wife, Ruth, received her secondary education in the 
high school of Rochester. Among the very first of the 
women to graduate from the University of Rochester, where 
she received an A. B. degree, she graduated with honors and 
was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity. In addition 
to being a devoted mother to her children, she has partici- 
pated in many civic undertakings in Yonkers, and was at 
one time president of the metropolitan branch of the alum- 
nae of her university. 

Since his marriage Bailey and Ruth resided continuously 
at 16 Prospect Drive, Yonkers, N. Y., where all of their 
children were born. 


372. i. Phyllis Louise, born April 30. 1910. 

373. ii. Alan Hogarth, born Jan. 5, 1914. 

374. iii. Hazel Horton, born May 6, 1915. 

375. iv. Bailey Barton, Jr., born' March 20, 1917. 
v. Alice Markham, born Sept. 27, 1919. 

vi. Ruth Dennis, born May 18, 1921. 

164 B U R R I T T F A M I L Y 


EARL H., (Melville Cox 154) born July 26, 1881, at 
Franklinville, X. V. ; married Sept. 17. 1903, to Julia E., 
daughter of Cassino A. and Ann Jane Forsythe Stuart, of 
Chili, N. V., born Dec. 16, 1879. 

Earl received his education at Chesbrough Seminary. 
Chili, N. Y. With his brother William he organized and he- 
came joint owner and manager of a general department store 
in LeRoy, N. V. Both children were hum here. He later, for 
a short time, did Y. M. C. A. work in New York City. He 
left this to take charge of advertising business of the Messen- 
ger Publishing Company for the metropolitan area of New 
York City, including Long Island and the counties along the 
Hudson River and northern Xew Jersey. His wife, Julia, 
was the daughter of influential farmers in Chili, X. Y.. and 
became a devoted mother of two children and a respected 
citizen. Residence, 14 Prospect Drive, Yonkers, X. V 

Children : 
376. i. Merton E., born Dec. 5. 1905. 

$77. ii. Ruth S.. born Nov. 21. 1°09. 


MIRIAM ETTA HOLDEN I Hannah Frances 155) born 

May 22, 1864; died Jan. 8. 1939. at Hilton. X. Y.; married 
Dec. 22, 1887. at Parma Center to Charles A. Williams, born 
Feb. 14, 1864. at Greece, X. Y. Day laborer, butcher, gar- 
dener and farmer sums up the business adventures of Miriam 
and her husband. Fortune smiled on their efforts more than 
the average. 

Children of Miriam E. and Charles A. Williams: 

i. M. Everett, born Parma Center. X. Y.. Aug. 28, 1891 : died 

Aug. 4. 18 ( >o, at Parma Center, 
ii. Luella 1... born Parma Center. X. Y.. Aug. 4. 1896. Before she 
returned home to help her mother in her last years, Luella was 
a secretary in the private Columbia Preparatory School in 
Rochester. She has also been tor some years and is now Secre- 
tary of the Bnrritt Family Reunion. Cnmarried. 
iii. Myrtle, born Jan. 1. 1895; married July 23. 1919, at Hilton 
N. Y., to Francis Coe. son of Fred and Lillie Coe, Spencerport, 
N. Y.. horn Nov. 3. 1893. Mr. Coe works in Eastman Kodak 
Co. One child: Ruth Miriam, horn Sept. 2 ( ~>. 1921. 
iv. Merton. horn Jan. 1. 1896; married Dec. 5. 1918. at Hilton. 
X. Y.. to Gertrude, daughter of James and Laura McClellan, 
horn Dec. 10, 1890. One child: Dorothy Catherine, horn April 
2, 1920. 



GRACE AMELIA HOLDEN (Hannah Frances 155) 
horn at Hilton, N. Y., Feb. 9, 1871 ; married on Oct. 15, 1894, 
to George R. Ingraham, horn Hilton, N. Y., June 1, 1872. 
Grace, in cooperation with Bailey Bnrritt organized the first 
reunion of descendants of Giles and Elizabeth, which was 
held at Genesee Valley Park, Rochester, N. Y., August 17, 
1899. George is a graduate nurse, trained in Rochester State 
hospital. He is a barber by trade. 

Children of Grace A. and George R. Ingraham: 

378. i. Harold Holden, born Feb. 9, 1896. 

379. ii. Mahlon Weed, born Jan. 10, 1897. 

380. iii. Vincent Richard, born Nov. 28, 1899. 

381. iv. Paul Burton, born Sept. 17, 1901. 

382. v. Elizabeth Edith, born Feb. 1, 1904. 
?>^. vi. Frances Burritt, born May 11, 1906. 
384. vii. Elton George, born May 19, 1909. 

viii. Joseph Carlyle, born Aug. 9. 1914; died June 26, 1939. No 


ELTON BEVERLEY HOLDEN (H. Frances 155) horn 
Nov. 9, 1879, at Hilton, N. Y. ; married, first time, Dec. 23, 
1903, to Elizabeth H., daughter of Jacob and Ida Cosman, 
born Jan. 31, 1882; died Feb. 5, 1928, at Hilton, N. Y. ; mar- 
ried a second time, Aug. 20, 1929, to Francelia M., daughter 
of Henry G. and Marv 'Caber (No. 181) at Canandaigua, 
N. Y., born June 20, 1891. 

Elton has been a life long farmer at Hilton, first on the 
home farm at the east end of the Burritt Road and later on 
the farm of his father-in-law where he now resides. He is an 
active member and worker in the Hilton M. E. church and 
was sent as a lay delegate of his church to the general con- 
ference in 1924. He is also an active Farm Bureau member, 
and served the Monroe county association as secretary and 
president, each for two years. He is one of those quiet, effi- 
cient and dependable public spirited community workers, 
who are so indispensible when there is a worth while job to 
be done, whether it be church, school, farm bureau or other 
community enterprise. He has on several occasions shown 
real talent as a director of local pageants and in decoration 
and landscaping. 

One of the Eltons' many interests has been in establishing 


and maintaining a permanent record of the Burritt family. 
As early as 1902 he was a member of a special family com- 
mittee with Earl (248) and Carrie (246) Burritt which later 
gathered data which has been invaluable basic data in de- 
veloping this present story of the family. The work that 
Elton has done in assisting to bring this record down to 
date, shows that his interest ha:; not waned. 

Children of Elton B. and Elizabeth 15. Holden. 

i. Ramona, born Oct. 19. 1906; married May 5. 1927, to William 
Dean, of Rochester, X. Y. She is an efficient secretary of the 
County Farm Bureau. The Deans live in Rochester. No chil- 

ii. Keith C, born Feb. 14. 1913. Keith is employed in the Agricul- 
tural Conservation office and lives in Rochester. 


ELDOX GRANT, (Beverley Waugh 156) born Hilton, 

X. Y., Sept. 9. 1868; died Aug. 26, 1927; married on Aug. 21. 
1895. at Rochester, X. Y.. to Carrie Amelia Turell, born 
West Webster, X. Y., Jan. 7. 1S70. Eldon was graduated 
from the A. M. Chesbrough Seminary in 1SS7. Received de- 
cree of A. B. from the University of Rochester in 1891. From 
the same institution he received the degree of A. M. and was 
awarded a Phi Beta Kappa key. For two years he was ass 
ciated with G. Howard Bradstreet in a preparatory school 
for hoys. One year he was a graduate student at the Univer- 
sity of Chicago. From that time on he devoted his life t<> 
cause of Christian education in denominational schools. 
During his last twenty years he was president of Greenville 
College. Greenville, 111. In June, 1927. the board of trustees 
of the college conferred on him the honorary degree of 

Carrie Turrell Burritt graduated from the Rochester Free 
Academy and Normal Training Class. She taught in the 
public schools until her marriage. For thirty-two years ^he- 
shared her husband's burdens in school life. In recognition 
of her services the trustees of Greenville college voted to 
give her name to the woman's building, one of the buildings 
erected during the Burritt administration. From 1927 t<> 
1939 she was general president of the Woman's Missionary 
Societv of the Free Methodist church. 

Child : 
385. i. Burton Terrell, horn Aug. 24. 1899. 



Eldon Grant Burritt 



FRED HANFORD, (Beverley Waugh 156) born Hil- 
ton, N. Y., April 21, 1870; died Oct. 31, 1898; married June 
10, 1896, to Helen Marie Bacon, born Albion, X. Y., Dec. 17, 
1871. Fred taught school for a number of years. After mar- 
riage engaged with his father in farming on the homestead 
at Burritt's Corners. They were among the first in the lo- 
cality to adopt modern, scientific methods. 
Children : 

i. Alan Beverly, born May 2, 1897; married June 11. 1930, to 
Margaret Hemsley, daughter of Richard Pleasant and Katie 
Welcher McNutt Johnson, of Knoxville, Tenn., horn [an. 5, 
1902. Alan is a landscape architect with the Tennessee Valley 
Authority and resides at Memphis Tenn. No children, 
ii. Freda Helen, horn at Hilton N. Y., Aug. 8, 1898; married 1925. 

to Byron Samuel, son of and - - Lamson. 

They have two children: (1) Mary Virginia, born Nov. 2, 1926, 
at Riverside, Cal., and (2) Lillian Burritt, born Feb. 4. 1933, 
at Altodena, Calif. 


HERBERT M., (Beverley Waugh 156) born Hilton, N. 
Y., Oct. 26, 1872; died Oct/ 11, 1917; married on Aug-. 30, 
1899 at Clarkson, N. Y., to Marion Garrison, born Clarkson, 
N. Y., March 24, 1872; died March 13, 1939. Herbert was 
trained as nurse in Rochester State Hospital. Later he grad- 
uated from Buffalo Medical School, and opened an office in 
Kendall, N. Y., where he enjoyed an extensive practice. He 
later moved to Hilton and took over the office of Dr. Car- 
penter. Here he practiced until his death. No children. 

Marion Garrison Burritt was married a second time to 
Charles H. Northrup on Feb. 9, 1905, who was born at North 
Greece, N. Y., Jan. 10, 1865 ; died Hilton, N. Y., May 2, 1933. 


THURLOW W., (Beverly 156) born Jan. 7, 1884, at 
Hilton, N. Y. ; married Aug. 18, 1909, at Parma Center, 
N. Y., to Maud B. Stamp, born Sept. 29, 1884, at Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Thurlow occupied himself at various times as 
school teacher, salesman and Kodak worker. Maud, his 
wife, taught school and did practical nursing. 1939 residence 
421 Columbia Avenue, Rochester, N. Y. 


Children of Thurlow and Maud Stamp Burritt: 

i. Edith Blanche, born Jan. 2'K 1911. at Hilton, X. Y.. married 
| nne 28, 1939. to Roy, son of George and Isabella Burnett, born 
Jan. 10, 1904. 
ii. Beverly II.. born Oct. 4. 1913, at Hilton. X. Y.; married Aug. 
26, 1939, to Dorothy, daughter of Edith II. and Arthur Miller 
of Mohnton, I 'a., horn Nov. 17. 1912. Beverly graduated from 
Brockport State Normal School and is now teaching. 
hi. Richard S., horn Dec. 29, 1915. at Hilton. X. Y. 


BION COMPTON, (Marx 157) born March 10. 1857, at 
Metamora. Lapeer County, Mich: married first time. Dec. 
25, 1886, Mora Maw daughter of William and Martha Mc- 
Camlev at Big Rapids, Mich.: married a second time. Inly 2. 
1909, Jessie Edna, daughter of John W. and Cornelia Star- 
itt of Victoria, Canada. No children of last union. For many 
years Bion worked as a millwright and foreman, first in 
Everett, Wis., and later in Washington state where he went 
in 1902. At 80 years of age he was actively carrying on his 
farm at Oakville, Wash. 

Child of Bion and Flora May Compton: 

i. Fay LeRoy. horn Big Rapids, Mich.. Aug. 2. 1888; married July 
2, 1914. first Violette Grace, daughter of E. I. Clark of Kan 
Claire. Wis., horn Sept. 22. 1900; died 1917; second. Sept. 22. 
1 ( >24, Margaret, daughter of Jerry and Alice Jones of Lima. 
No children of this union. Fay LeRoy is an auto mechanic in 
Lima, Wash. 

Child of hay LeRoy and Violette Grace Compton: 
Ayleen, horn Aug. 14. 1915. at Brewster, Wash, married Nov. 
25. 1933, Leonard C. son of Sven and Laura Fo.d. of Minne- 
apolis. Minn., at Brewster, Wash. Children: i 1 ) Lorna Eloise, 
horn Feb. 18, 1935, at Brewster, Wash. (2) Leonard Wayne. 
born Nov. 3, 1936. at Elma, Wash. (3) Keith Loren, horn 
April 26, 1938, at Aberdeen, Wash. 


CLARA M. COMPTON fMarv 157) horn April 1, 1861; 
married March 27, 1883. to John F. Murray of Big Rapids. 
Mich.; died June 14, 1885, at Muskegon, Mich. Clara died 
at the birth of her first child. 

Child of Clara M. and John F. Murray: 

i. Roy Murray, horn about 1885 ; married Dec. 20. 1906 to Ida M.. 
daughter of Cornelius and Alice Rolt of Grand Rapids, Mich.; 
horn March 21. 1892. Roy works in the shops of the Pere Mar- 

B L'R R I IT FA M I LY 171 

quette Railroad at Grand Rapids. He has seven children: | 1 ) 

Thelma, born June 14, 1908. (2) Stella Mae. horn Feb. 1''. 
1910. (3) Leona, horn Aug. 7. 1912; married Oct. 1. 1928, to 
Rolland Edgar Jarvis. They have two children: Mona Win- 
chester, horn 1930, and Joseph II., horn 1932. (4) Roy Selkirk, 
horn May 8, 1913. (5) Harold Renwick, horn July 6, 1915. 
(6) Betty Jean, horn Aug. 13, 1922. (7) kuth. born [uly 24 


CARRIE M. COMPTON, (Mary 157) twin of Clara, 
born April 1, 1861, Metamora; died April 16, 1919, at Grand 
Rapids, Mich.; married a third time, Hewitt H. Patterson, a 
mail carrier. Carrie had been married twice before and. had 
one child by her first husband. This child died youngj how- 
ever, and there is no living issue of Carrie. 


ADDIE COMPTON, (Mary 157) born Oct. 13, 1863. at 
Metamora, Mich.; married Sept. 8, 1887, Judson Marble at 
Big Rapids, Mich.; died Feb. 16, 1930, at Lansing, Mich. 
Widow lives with her daughter, Nyda, in Lansing, Mich. 
Children of Addie and Judson Marble: 

i. Nyda, born Big Rapids, Mich., Jan. 8, 1889; married Judson B. 
Lane, son of Fred and Carrie Lane, of Coldwater, Mich., Oct. 
17, 1908. Mr. Lane is an automohile salesman and lives at 228 
West Saginaw St., Lansing, Mich. One child: Margaret, horn 
June 3. 1909; married William E. Watson, Dec. 30, 1934. No 
children (1939). Lives at Linwood, Calif, 
ii. Eunice, horn May 25, 1892, at Big Rapids, Mich.; married Nov. 
17, 191 1, at Windsor, Canada., Asley Wells, son of E. W. Hud- 
nutt of Big Rapids, Mich. Teacher in high school in Los 
Angeles. Lives in Santa Monica, Calif. No. children (1939). 


EUGENE E. COMPTON, (Mary 157) born Dec. 24, 
1866, Metamora, Mich.; married Melvina Ward April 14, 
1899. of Stanwood, Mich. Farmer in Metacosta County, 


i. Hazel, born Jan. 18, 1909; married Lee Hackett. of Ionia. Mich. 
Mortician at Ionia where thev now live. No children (1939). 



EUNICE B. COMPTON, ( Mary 157) born May 26. 1873, 
at Big Rapids, Mich.; married Jan. 8, 1893, Ulysess Grant 
Gilmore, born Mecosta County, Oct. 17, 1864, a fanner at 
Stanwood, Mecosta County, Mich.; died March 11, 1929, at 
Big- Rapids, Mich. In the early days of William and his 
family in Michigan, because of her ability and liking for 
it. it fell to the lot of Eunice to write letters to the family 
in Xew York. She corresponded for many years with 
her Aunt Eunice (Mrs. Sylvester) at Parma. Having ven- 
tured into new country William was. of course, anxious to 
justify his decision and always insisted, Mrs. Gilmore re- 
lates, upon putting the best foot forward. A "chin up" say- 
ing of William came to be a family byword. "Tell them we 
have plenty of fruit," he would say, although this was ap- 
parently not the fact. Mrs. Gilmore has in her possession 
William's family bible with the births, marriages and deaths 
of his own family. The most treasured of these records in 
William's own hand writing is the original data of his own 
rive children. Eunice now (1939) lives at 422 S. Warren 
Street, Big- Rapids, Mich. 

Children of Eunice and Ulysses Grant Gilmore: 
i. Velma, horn Sept. 2, 1894; married Milton Holden Fehling, May 

6, 1922, at Detroit. Now living in Santa Monica. Calif. Teacher 
in Los Angeles College at Los Angeles. Child of Velma and 
Milton Fehling, David Milton, horn June 25. 1923. 
ii. Donavan Gordon, horn Oct. 1. 1 S99 ; married Helen McGregor 
of Big Rapids, Sept. 1921. Teacher in Junior High School in 
Pontiac, Mich. No children (1939). 


LEWIS W. COMPTOX. ( Mary 157) born Feb. 23. 1S79; 
married Nov. 2, 1904, Lottie Northwav, Beldinq-. Mich. No 
children (1939). Now lives in Ionia, Mich. 


CARRIE ESTELLA PLASS, (Elizabeth Sophia 159) 
born April 19, 1860, in Kent County, Michigan; married 
May 4, 1890, at Chanute, Kans.. to Millard Fillmore; born 
Oct. 12, 1856, son of Daniel and Mary YanHousen. living at 
3964 X. Massachusetts Avenue, Portland. Ore., in 1939. 


Children of Carrie and Millard F. VanHousen: 

386. i. Bertha Hazel, born June 24, 1891. 

387. ii. Gladys Lee, born [an. 25, 1893. 

388. iii. Giles Daniel, born Feb. 9, 1895. 

389. iv. Pansy Loy, born Oct. 2, 1899. 

390. v. Theodore Roosevelt, born Dec. 12, 1904. 


GILES PLASS (Elizabeth Sophia 159) born Oct. 12, 
LS64, in Kent County, Mich.; married at Erie, Kans., in 1894 
to March Elizabeth, born June 17, 1868, daughter of James 
C. and Elizabeth Hudson, living at Wallowa, Ore., in 1939. 

Children of Giles and Mary E. Plass : 

i. Lulu May, born Dec. 14, 1895; married June 16, 1916. at Wall- 
owa, Ore., to Leonard W., born April 28, 1891, son of Minne 
and George Evans. Children: ( 1 ) Marietta L., born March 20, 
1917. (2) Robert Leonard, born Aug. 7, 1921. (3) Lucretia 
C, born Aug. 11. 1923. (4) Denny Glenn, born Nov. 27, 1927. 

ii. James R. B., born Oct. 30, 1897; married to Edith, daughter of 
Daniel McKenzie, 1939 address, Bend, Ore. Children: (1) 
Lovena. (2) Vernon. 

iii. Carolyn Zelma, born Oct. 12. 1899; married Barney, son of 

and Harriet Corey in Chicago, 1939 address, 7775 S. 

Shore Drive, Chicago, 111. Child : Mary Corey, born June 20, 

iv. LeRoy A., born Jan. 12, 1901 ; married Dec. 26. 1926. to Mar- 
guerite, daughter of Marie and Ralph Charles Henderson, with 
Mohawk Oil Co. 1939 address, Klamath Falls. Ore. Children: 

(1) Patricia, born Sept. 24, 1927. (2) Robert, born [ulv 3, 
1931. (3) Royanna, born Dec. 16, 1938. 

v. Giles Glenn, born Sept. 6, 1904; married on to 

Winifred Norris, Redmond, Ore., with Signal Oil Company. 
Children: (1) Sandra jean, born Oct. 13, 1931. (2) Barbara 
Ann. born April 23, 1938. 

vi. Herman Hudson, born May 20, 1907; married Oct. 13, 1928, to 
Grace, daughter of George and Carrie Coleman, born Aug. 26, 
1906. Herman is superintendent of Wallowa Creamery at 
Wallowa, Ore. Children: (1) Bettv Lou. born Tan. 22. 1930. 

(2) Joe Ann, born May 25, 1932. 


JOHN BURRITT PLASS, (Elizabeth Sophia 159) born 
May 19, 1866; married first time about 1889 Imogene Hin- 
son at Wallowa, Ore.; married a second time Nov. 3, 1901, 
to Edith, born Dec. 11, 1880, daughter of Charles and Eliza 

174 BU l< K I TT FA M I LY 

Hall. John had eight children, three by his first wife and 
five by his second. 

Children of John B. and Imogene I 'lass : 

i. Harry C, born Nov. 25, L890; married first Pearl dray in 1909; 
married second Florence Bickford in 1918. farmer. No chil- 
dren. 1939 address. Silvern m, ( >regon. 

ii. HiLMA, born Feb. 17. 1892; married to Glenn, son of William 
Sherod. 1939 address, Wallowa. Ore. Children: il) Gene- 
vieve, horn Feb. 2. 1914; married Clifford, son of Henry Key- 
ser. 1939 address. Oregon City, Ore. (2) Donna lean, horn 
July 22, 1931. 

Hi. Ruth, horn Feb. 7. 1895; married about 1914 to Jesse, son of 
Leigh and Ann Spencer. 1939 address. 21 10 Cedar St.. La< rrade, 
Ore. Children: i 1 ) Stanley, horn Sept. 29. 1915. (2) Evelyn, 
horn Dec. 27. 1916. (3) Doris, horn Jan. 7. 1918. 

Children of John B. and Edith II. I Mass: 

iv. Carmi.n. horn Sept. 30. 1902; married June 7. 1931. to Harold, 
son of Frank and Dollie Pierece. Teacher, Cheynev, Wash., 
Normal School. Child: Harold. Jr., horn Feb. 21, 1939. 

v. Orville, horn Aug. 13. 1904; married May 3, 1934. Alma, daugh- 
ter of Xeal and Dell Baker. Carpenter. 1939 address, Baker, 
Ore. Children: (I) Darlene, born Oct. 4, 1931. (2) Beverly 
Ann. horn Sept. 30, 1935; died 1935. 

vi. Leona, horn Sept. 8, 1906; married Dec. 25, 1926, to Claire, son 
of George and Eliza Childers. Child: Geraldine, horn |nlv 25. 

vii. Gr \xyii.le. ( twin ) horn Aug. 3, 1911 ; married in 1939 to Wanda, 
daughter of Arthur Roach. LaGrande Normal School. 

viii. Melville, (twin) horn Aug. 3, 1911. Parmer. 


BAYARD T. PLASS, (Elizabeth Sophia 159) born Aug. 
5, 1870. at Putneyville, Penna.; married Dec. 27. 1893. to 
Margaret, daughter of John and Mary Beck Thompson, 
born in Nebraska; died Dec. 11, 1919. Born in Nebraska. 
Bayard went to Oregon with his parents when only a small 
boy. After marriage he removed to Washington where he 
became a farmer. Now retired ( 1940) he lives at Black Dia- 
mond, Wash. 

Children of Bayard and Margaret Plass: 

391. i. Mary Frances, horn Inne 3. 1895. 

392. ii. Beatrice N., horn March 19, 1897. 

393. iii. Myrtle L., horn Oct. 1, 1898. 

iv. Howard G., horn Jan. 29, 1901 ; died Jan. 21, 1923 (unmarried). 


394. v. Margaret P., born )ulv 29, 1902. 

395. vi. Helen, born April 27, 1904. 

396. vii. Elizabeth B., born .May 21, 1906. 

397. viii. Katherine, born Nov. 1, 1907. 

398. ix. Russell C, born Aug. 21, 1910. 


CELIA MAY PLASS, (Elizabeth Sophia 159) born Oct. 

22, 1874; died Jan. 25, 1933; married first time Oct. 29, 1892. 
to Martin Luther Fuller, died Oct. 30, 1899; married a sec- 
ond time July 10, 1900, to Charles A., son of John C. and 
Dorothy A. Playle. 

Children of Celia May and Martin L. Fuller: 

i. Carlyle Giles, born Oct. 12, 1893; married Sept. 23, 1917, to 
Hazel May, born Dec. 6, 1892, daughter of Christopher and 
Belle Welch. Farmer. 1939 address, Alicel. Wash. Child: 
Claire, born March 13, 1923. 
ii. Russell Ray, born Dec. 21, 1895 ; married June 2, 1918, to Lorna 
Lynette, born Jan. 8, 1894, daughter of James and Jane M<>>v 
Farmer. 1939 address, at Alicel, Wash. Child: Richard Ray, 
born Sept. 14, 1925. 
iii. Ethel Juanita, born Dec. 6, 1898; married Oct. 22, 1916, to 
Earl, born Aug. 8, 1897, son of Morris and Evelvn Rosenbaum. 
1939 address. 2460 Main St.. Baker, Ore. Child': Helena May. 
born Oct. 17. 1917; married Dec. 27, 1936, to Carroll, son of 
Manton Mitchell. 1939 address, Pittsburg, Calif. Child: Man- 
ton Earl, born Sept. 23, 1937. 

Child of Celia May and Charles A. Playle: 

iv. Audmer Roy, born March 3. 1901 ; married Nov. 8, 1925, to Dor- 
othy, daughter of Perry and Janet Caldwell. Roy is assistant 
district manager of Texaco Oil Co., Seattle. 1939 address, 710 
Belmont Place, Seattle, Wash. No children. 


MARY ELLEN PLASS, (Elizabeth Sophia 159) born 
Feb. 24, 1884, in Crawford County, Kans.; died March 29, 
1913; married in 1904 to John Bliss, son of Leonidas and 
Alice McKennon. 

Child of Mary Ellen and John Bliss McKennon: 
i. Kenneth 'born May 14. 1905 ; died 1933. 


CLAUDE. (George Fred 161) born March 6, 1889; mar- 
ried July 1, 1916, to Lila, daughter of Anton and Anna An- 
derson of Big Rapids, born Aug-. 26, 1896. For some years 


Claude was a mail carrier on rural routes in his home com- 
munity, and he is still a supply or substitute carrier. His 
real occupation, however, is that of a farmer on the old home 
farm at Big Rapids, first cleared by his grandfather, and 
subsequently owned and operated successively by his father 
and himself, where he carries on as they wished him to do. 
He has added 80 acres to the old home farm. Claude is t he- 
last of the line of William to bear the name of Purritt. both 
of his children being girls. 

Children of Claude and Lila Burrett: 

i. Eugenia May, horn Sept. 8, 1918. 

ii. Doris Ailez, born Dec. 24, 1920; married July 9, 1938, to M. 
Regnold, son of Archie and Eva Mitchel. They have one son, 
Stephen Burrett Mitchell, horn in September, 1939. 


MAY, (George Fred 161 ) born Sept. 27, 1891, at Big Rap- 
ids; married May 11, 1915. to Floyd, son of George and Jen- 
nie West, pioneers in Big Rapids, where Floyd i> an auto- 
mobile salesman. They have one child. Clyde, born March 
14, 1916. 


NINA ELIZABETH SMITH (Matilda 163) born Dec. 
26, 1862, at Hilton. X. Y.;died Oct. 2. 1903; married Jan. 12. 
1886, to Elmer Dunbar; born 1864. Elmer was a farm 

Children of Nina Elizabeth and Elmer Dunbar: 

i. Wilbur |., horn An<(. 10. 18 ( KJ. at Spencerport, X. V.; married 
Nov. 19. 1910, to Minnie Wholers, horn June 22, 1886. at Wil- 
liamsville, X. Y. Wilbur earned his living as a day lahorer. 
Child: Harvey, horn Sept. 9. 1905. at Williamsville, X. Y.; 
married to Margaret Bart. They live in Rochester, X. Y. No 
399. ii. Nettie, horn Feb. 11, 1892. at Parma. X. Y. 


ELMER DEXTER. (Seeley, Jr. 164) bom Jan. 13, 1862, 
at Parma, X. Y. ; married Aug. 19, 1885, at Parma, X. Y., 
to Francelia, daughter of Samuel Berridge, of Bergen, X. Y.. 
born Max 22, 1861. Retired farmer. Resides at Bellevue, 


Children of Elmer Dexter and Francelia B. Burritt: 

400. i. Sarah Cordelia, born April 20, 1886. 

ii. Julia Amerilla, born Nov. 8, 1887; died Sept. 24. 1923. School 
teacher. Unmarried. 

401. iii. Seeley J., born April 3, 1890. 

iv. Harold Wilson, horn May 14. 1895; died |une 8. 1926. 

402. v. Maurice B., horn Jan. 25,' 1897. 

403. vi. James Mason, horn July 6. 1905. 


NETTIE SOPHIA, (Seeley, Jr. 164) born Oct. 27, 1864, 
at Parma, N. Y. : married Nov.* 19, 1902, at Battle Creek, 
Mich., to Wilson Berridge, born May 16, lc868, at Parma, 
N. Y. Factory worker. 1940 address 120 Grenville Street, 
Battle Creek, Mich. 

Child of Nettie S. and Wilson Berridge: 
i. Hulda Merilla, horn April 24, 1903. 


LUTHER WILLIAM, (Seeley, Jr. 164) born March 4, 
1869, at Parma Center, N. Y. ; died Dec. 21, 1937; married 
March 2, 1898, at Bellevne, Mich., to Lottie Jenks, born 
Aug-. 21, 1867, at Bellevne, Mich. Store keeper at Olivet, 

Children of Luther W. and Lottie Burrett : 

404. i. Nettie Fidema, born Feb. 17, 1900. 

405. ii. Merilla Gertrude ) „ . . XT _ inr ._, 

406. iii. Myrtle Genevieve j Tw,ns - born Nov - 7 > 1902 - 

407. iv. Orpha Lodema, born Jan. 1, 1905. 

v. Luther William, Jr.. horn March 29, 1907. 


DEXTER C, (Cyrus A. 166) born April 16, 1872, in Hil- 
ton, N. Y. ; married May 27, 1901, to Fannie F., daughter of 
John D. and Emma Adell Chase Babbitt, at Rochester, N. 
Y., born April 15, 1879; died in September, 1924, at Roches- 

Dexter C, the eldest of the four boys received a common 
school education. He early became a barber's apprentice 
and followed that trade through most of his life. He was 
very athletic, was very fond of horses, and at one time was 
a jockey until he became too heavy for that occupation. His 
son, Ralph, was a student at Ypsilanti Normal College. 


Ralph and his wife live at Pontiac, Mich. I lis wife is a 
teacher of art in the public schools and Ralph is an employee 
in the Pontiac automobile factor}'. 

Child of Dexter C. and Fannie F. 15. Burrett: 

i. Ralph John, horn April 20. 19Q2, at Canandaigua, X. Y.. mar- 
ried March 29, 192S. to Margaret, daughter of K. and 
Dwyer | Davis) Shelly, horn Sept. 9, 1903. Ralph J. "Burrette" 
is director of tlu- .Medical and Safety Departments of the Wil- 
son Foundry and Machine Company at Pontiac, Mich, where 
he resides at 4 Edna Avenue. No children. 


ALBURTUS, (Cyrus 166) born March 14. 1874. in Hil- 
ton, N. Y., (on old homestead farm) ; married Sept. 29, 1S<>7. 
to Edyth Adele. daughter of Charles Page and Emily Ma- 
son Murrell, born June 7. 1877, in East Bloomfield, X. Y. 

Alburtus. after receiving a common school education, in- 
cluding work at the Brockport Normal school, learned tin- 
carpenter's trade. He later became a blacksmith and iron 
worker, operating his own shop at Holcomb, X. Y. With 
the coming of automobiles he turned to automobile mechan- 
ical work, and for years was employed in the Lozier auto- 
mobile factory in Detroit. This was followed by his taking 
up the more important work of a tool maker. 
Children of Alburtus and Edyth A. Burrett: 

i. Grace Murrell, horn April 2?. 1898, in Last Bloomfield, X. Y. ; 
married Aug. 8, l'>22. in Ann Arbor, Mich., to Russell Alexan- 
der, son of Dr. Edward Alexander and Nettie Barnum Run- 
yon, horn Aug. 13, 1894, in Perry, Mich. Grace has been a 
teacher in the public schools of Hint, Mich., for many years. 
Russell is a graduate of the University of Michigan and is em- 
ployed as an accountant with the Chevrolet Motor Co., in Flint, 
Mich. Children: (1) Mary Jane, born Sept. 6, 1925. (2) 
John Edward, horn May 15, l <f 2S. 
ii. Gladys Emily, horn Jan. 26. 1901, in Holcomb, X. Y. ; married 
May 27. 1939 in Bowling Green, Ohio, to Donald, son of 
Thomas C'larkson and Lillie Jane Butterfield Ellis of Detroit. 
Mich., born May 20, 1903. in Towner. X. D. Gladys has been 
for years private secretary to the president of the Sherwin 
Williams Paint Co. She and her husband reside in Detroit. 
No children. 


CLAUDE ADELBERT, (Cyrus A. 166) born July 13, 
1878, at North Greece, X. Y.; married July 13, 1905, at East 



Dr. Claude A. Burritt 


Bloomfield, N. Y., to Clara Virginia, daughter of Barton 

Scott Partridge, M. IX, and Ella Clara Louise Harris, born 
April 24, 1879, in Norfolk, Va. 

Claude was admitted to Syracuse University where he 
worked his way through college with such help as could be 
given by his father and mother. Following graduation from 
the literary college of the university he was admitted to the 
Syracuse University College of Medicine. After two years 
of study in that institution he transferred to the Cleveland 
Homeopathic Medical College, graduating in 1905. During 
his studies there he became assistant in the department of 
physiology and equipped the first physiology laboratory in 
that institution. That summer he married Clara Partridge 
who had just been graduated from Oberlin college. Imme- 
diately following graduation from medical college he ac- 
cepted the position of instructor at the University of Michi- 
gan Homeopathic School of Medicine. During nine years at 
the University of Michigan, he was successively advanced to 
the position of professor surgery and urology and registrar 
of the college. 

In 1914 Dr. Claude was made professor and head of the 
department of surgery at Ohio State University Homeo- 
pathic Medical College (with which the Cleveland Homeo- 
pathic Medical College had become affiliated), and also be- 
came dean of that college. He remained at Ohio State Uni- 
versity for nine years until 1932, when the allopathic and 
homeopathic medical colleges of the University were 
merged. During that period the first unit of the University 
hospital and the Kettering research laboratory buildings 
were constructed. 

During the World War Dr. Burrett was surgeon to the 
Student Army Training Corps of Ohio State University and 
was a member of the medical division of the Ohio War De- 
fense Board. He was made a Fellow of the American Col- 
lege of Surgeons in 1915. 

After three years of practice of surgery in Rochester, N. 
Y., from Jan. 21, 1923, to Dec. 1, 1925, he was elected dean, 
as well as professor and head of the department of surgery, 
of the New York Homeopathic Medical College and Flower 
Hospital. In June, 1939, he was appointed president of the 
college and hospitals. During his incumbency, that institu- 

182 B URR1 TT 1- AM I LY 

tion has become the New York Medical College, Flower and 
Fifth Avenue Hospitals, and includes the following: Flower, 
Hahnemann, I .aura Franklin, Fifth Avenue, and the New 
York Ophthalmic hospitals. It has affiliated with it. for the 
purpose of clinical teaching, the Metropolitan and Willard 
Parker Hospitals of the City of New York, the Middletown 
State hospital, and the P^ast Harlem Health Center, one of 
the units of the health department of the City of New York. 
Children of Claude Adelbert and Clara V. Burrett: 
i. Adelbert Partridge, born May 17. 1907, at Ann Arbor. Mich.; 
married Dec. 27. 1929, to Dorothy May, daughter of Herman 
C. and Lydia Lee Maugham Ehlers, born March 8, 1904. at 
Dunkirk. X. Y. Adelbert is a graduate of Syracuse University. 
He is the New York State representative of the Jamestown 
Lounge Company. His wife is also a graduate of Syracuse 
University. They reside at 145 Hodge Street, Buffalo, X. Y. 
(1939). Child: Charles, horn May 26, 1933, at New York. 
ii. Helen Louise, horn June- 9, 1909, at Ann Arbor, Mich.; married 
Sept. 27. 1929 at Upper Montclair, X. I., to Randall Voorhi 
son of Raymond Mcrtal and < Hive Emily < lakes of Maplewood, 
X. J., born Feb. 16, 1 ( >06. at East < Irange, X. J. Helen Louise 
attended the college of Fine Art of Syracuse University. Her 
husband, Randall, is a graduate of Cornell University and is 
employed by Montgomery, Scott and Company, a stock broker- 
age firm in New York. They reside in Upper Montclair. X. J. 
Children: (1) Randall Vborhees, Jr.. horn May 11. 1931. at 
Montclair. X. J. <2) Thomas Burrett, horn Dec. 7. 1933. at 
Orange, X. J. (3) Claude Raymond, horn May 24. 1937 at 
Xew York. 

iii. John Barton, horn Aug. 3. 1911, at Ann Arbor, Mich.; married 
July 2. 1938, at Xew York. X. Y.. to Clara Theodora, daughter 
of William Calvin and Sinah Dickinson Bray, of < trlando, Fla. 
John Barton attended the college of Liberal Arts of Syracuse 
University and received his degree of M.D. from the Xew York 
Medical College, Flower and Fifth Avenue Hospitals. He is 
now (1940) on a graduate fellowship at Harvard University 
Medical School. His wife. Clara, is a graduate of the Fifth 
Avenue Hospital School of Nursing in Xew York. She holds 
the position of surgical nurse at the Deaconess Hospital in 1 
ton. No children. 

iv. Virginia, horn ( >ct. 24. 1913, at Ann Arbor, Mich. : married Sept. 
9, 1939. at Xew York. X. Y.. to Berger Male, son of Norman 
Arthur and Jessie Olive Male of Stamford. Conn., horn June 
25. 1914. at Xew Haven, Conn. Virginia was graduated from 
Oberlin College and subsequently completed her training in 
medical social service work at Western Reserve University, 
when- she received the degree of Master of Science. She is a 

B U R R I T 1 FA M I L Y 183 

member of the Medical social service staff of the Hartford 
Municipal hospital. Her husband, Berger, is a graduate of Yale 
University School of Engineering and is a mechanical engineer 
in Hartford, Conn. 


HENRY FRANK, (Cyrus A. 166) born May 22, 1886, at 
Brockport, N. Y. ; married Jan. 15, 1907, at Cleveland, Ohio, 
to Anna Caroline, daughter of Meljor and Margaret Heich- 
ler Alheit, born in Ceylon, Ohio. Henry Frank, after a com- 
mon school education at East Bloomfield, N. Y., while vet 
in his early teens, began as an apprentice with the Steam's 
Automobile Company of Cleveland. He followed the auto- 
mobile industry for many years, in Cleveland and Detroit. 
Since 1923 he joined with his brother, Claude, in the owner- 
ship of the California Ranch farm at Honeoye Lake, where 
he resides. 

Children of Henry Frank and Anna C. Burrett : 
i. Lillian, born Feb. 1, 1908, at Cleveland, Ohio; married May 4, 
1932, to Harold Charles, son of Walter and Rose Weber Stew- 
art of East Bloomfield. N. Y., born Jan. 20, 1908. Lillian and 
her next younger sister, Marian, were graduated from the 
Flower Hospital School of Nursing in New York. Harold is 
engaged in farming at East Bloomfield, N. Y. Two children, 
both born at Canandaigua, N. Y. : ( 1 ) Roger Lewis, born 
March 13, 1936. (2) Harold Carl, born Sept. 14, 1939. 
ii. Marian Elizabeth, born April 8, 1909, at Cleveland, Ohio; 
follows her profession of nursing at Flower and Fifth Ave. 
Hospitals, New York, N. Y. 

iii. Charles Vernon, born fune 20, 1910, at Cleveland, Ohio; died 
Aug. 4, 1910. 

iv. Meljor Cyrus, born July 10. 1912. in Detroit, Mich. Studied 

engineering at Syracuse University. 
v. Margaret Alheit, born Aug. 3. 1918 at Ann Arbor, Mich., is 

employed in the Monroe County Clerk's office, Rochester. N. Y. 
vi. Jack Douglas, born April 14, 1926, at East Rochester, X. Y. 


John W., (Hiram 167) born May 21. 1877; married P"\ 
2v3, 1902, Myrtie Chenev, daughter of Chauncey and Ida 
Sheer Cheney, born April 1885 at Hilton, N. Y., where they 
have since lived. 

184 B U K R I T T FAMIL Y 


i. Evelyn May. born Nov. 16. 1903; married Sept. 23, 1925. 

Richard Brashear, Child: Richard. Jr.. horn Dec 23, 1926. 
ii. Luther, horn Aug. 13, 1906. 
iii. Ruth Beatrice, born Sept. 23. 1912; married June 17. 1933, 

kiehard Edic, son of Charles and Kittie Edic. Children: ( 1 i 

Beverlv foyce, horn May 27, 1934. (2) Jacqueline, horn Sept. 

9. 1938. 
iv. John, horn Dec. 25, 1916. 


LLOYD L.. (Hiram 167) born Sept. 11. 1889, at Hilton 
X. Y. ; married March 4, 1913, to Edna, daughter of William 
I. and Bessie Smith, born Jan. 10. 1904. Lloyd is an electri- 
cian by trade. He is now a caretaker in a fraternity in 
R( (Chester University. 
Children of Lloyd L. and Edna Burritt: 

i. Lucille Ella, born Jan. 30, 1914; married Jan. 13, 1931, to 
William, son of William and Alice Pfarrer, born Sept. 11. 1911. 
Children: ( 1 ) Donna, born < >ct. 6, 1932. (2) Betty Lou, l>orn 
Aug. 25. 1937. 
ii. Pearl Betty, born March 18, 1917; died Aug. 4. 1934. 
iii. Lloyd William, born ( tat. 13, 1 9 1 S ; married < >ct. 14. 1939. to 
Aubrey Elizabeth, daughter of Krrol G. Sheldon, of Rochester. 
X. Y. Both are employed by Eastman Kodak Co. 
iv. Marion Lois, born May 1. l r >23. 


CORA AMIDON, i Nelson 168) married James Parmalee. 

Children : 

408. i. Nelson Charles, horn July 22. 1880. 

409. ii. Hiram [ _ . „ 1M3 
iii. Herman- \ ^wms, born Aug. 22, 1883. 


CARRIE M. AMIDON, (Nelson 168) born Oct. 24. 1864, 
at Rochester, N. Y. ; died June 8, 1902. at Syracuse. X. Y.; 
married Nov. 18, 1S85. to Charles J., son of Charles and 
Mary Grace Bainbridge, born May 7. 1825; died May 19. 

Child of Carrie and Charles Bainbridsre: 

i. Harold Charles, horn March 29, 1887. at Syracuse. X. Y.; 
married Dec. 17. 1908. to Violet Emelia. daughter of Rohert 
Edward and Sara Woodbury Hugman, horn Sept. 7. 1890. 


Harold is manager of C. J. Bainbridge, manufacturer of badges, 
buttons, etc. Home, 1018 LeMoyne Ave., Syracuse, X. Y. 
Children: (1) Grace Dorothy, horn Dec. 27, 1909; married 
Dec. 12, 1930, to Edmond Hand Morris. Children: 1 Paul 
Bainbridge, born September 16, 1933. 2 — Mary Grace, born 
January 23, 1935. 3— Helen Lou, born May 24," 1936. Home, 
Osakis, Minn. (2) Donald Robert, born March 3, 1911 ; mar- 
ried April 26. 1933, to Dorothy Mohr. Children: 1 — Narcissa 
Ann, born Dec. 18, 1934. 2— Carol Janet, born July 31, 1935. 
3 — Betty Beryl, born Sept. 4, 1936. Home, Syracuse, X. Y. 
(3) Leah Marjorie, born Feb. 16, 1919. Unmarried. Home, 
Syracuse, N. Y. 


ALTURAS (ALTON) KETCHAM, (Elizabeth 169) 
born April 23, 1863, at Parma, N. Y. ; married November 2^, 
1887, to Lettie E. Yanderbeck Slade, daughter of Frances 
Yanderbeck, Hilton, N. Y., born Jan. 13, 1861. 


i. Luella Elizabeth, born March 28, 1889, at Hilton, N. Y. ; 
married Aug. 12, 1908, at Rochester, N. Y., to Albert Edward, 
son of William and Hannah Chadwick of Medina, N. Y., born 
Jan. 13, 1888; died Dec. 9, 1938. 1939 address. 633 Melville 
St., Rochester, N. Y. Children: (1) Loraine Doris, born Nov. 
28, 1910; married October 3, 1930, to Hazen E., son of Frank 
and Velzora Wigmore, born May 24, 1904. Children: 1 — Wil- 
liam Thorne, born May 5, 1931. 2 — Frank Albert, born April 
10, 1933. 3— Joanne Doris, born Oct. 26, 1936. (2) Shirley 
Mae, born Nov. 3, 1914; married April 19, 1933, to Joseph F., 
son of Frank and Agnes Rybke, born March 7. 1910. Children: 
1 — Dorothy Ann, born May 15, 1933. 2 — Beverly Dean, born 
Jan. 21, 1937. 


IDA B. KETCHAM, (Elizabeth 169), born Jan. 25, 1865, 
at Hamlin, N. Y. ; died July 10, 1933; married first time Dec. 
27, 1882, at Clarkson, N. Y., Marvin Bramin ; died Feb. 7, 
1937; married a second time Albert G. Schorler. 

Child of Ida and Marvin Bramin : 

i. Louis, born Aug. 14, 1886; married Feb. 12, 1919 to Eva Blanche, 
daughter of James Williams, born July 29, 1884. Truck driver. 
1939 address, 1651 Dewey Blvd., Butte, Mont. No children. 


WILLIAM AGEN KETCHAM, (Elizabeth 169) born 
Sept. 23, 1872, at Hamlin, N. Y. ; died June 17, 1910, at R<>- 


Chester, N. Y. ; married Nov. 18, 1897, to Josephine Clara.* 
daughter of Samuel and Lavina Thayer, horn Feb. 9, 1878, 
at Parma, N. Y. 

Child of William A. and Josephine Ketcham : 

i. Ruth Acnes, horn Feb. 8, 1903. at Rochester. X. Y. ; married 
July 18. 1925. to Irving Thomas, son of Herbert and Carrie 
Fellows, born May 18. 1900. Lives at Parma Corners. X. Y. 
Children: ( 1 ) Richard David, born Aug. 23. 1932, (2 i Robert 
Thomas, born July 30, 1934. 


BOYD AMIDON, (Hiram 170) born in 1869; died in 
1923; married Harriet 1. knapp, born 1866; died 1923. 

Children of Boyd and Hat tic Amidon: 

i. Max. married Hattie Martin, now in Count}- Hospital, Rochester. 
X. Y. Max was manager of Endicott Johnson Shoe Store in 
Philadelphia. Pa. Now lives in Washington. They have two 
children: (1) Martin Craig, born April 24. 1915. I 2) Allis 
Anna, born < tet. 1916. 

ii. Clyde, born March 1893; died Feb. 20. 1926; married April 25. 
1914, to Gladys, daughter of John and Susie Cooley. Gladys is 
a practical nurse in Rochester. X. Y. Clyde and Gladys have 
two children : i 1 i Robert, born Nov. 6, 1914. i2) Phylis, born 
July 20. 191 S. 


MINNIE L. MORELAND, (Seeley B. 174) born Oct. 25, 
1860; died March 20, 1939; married Jan. 12. 1879. to John 
Lang, son of William and Philena Richardson at Burdett, 
N. V.. born Aug. 29. 1853; died July 2'?. 1936. 

Children of Minnie L. and John L. Richardson: 

410. i. Frances Adelaide, born Dec. 30. 1879* 

411. ii. Sarah Anna, born March 25. 1883. 

412. iii. William Bvrritt. born May 5. 1887. 

413. iv. John Lawrence, born Sept. 15. 1890. 

414. v. Nellie Amanda, born July 3. 1893. 

415. vi. Frederick La Verne, born May 15. 1897. 

416. vii. Jessie May, born Feb. 3. 1901.' 

417. viii. Thelma Hattie. born March 23. 1''06. 

* Mrs. Josephine Ketcham married Mr. William Herring oi Spencerport, X. V 

after her first husband's death. 

* Mrs. Frances Adelaide Richardson Burnap of 33 Wallace St., Corning, X. Y. 
furnished the data for this family. 



CORA I. MORELAND, (Seeley B. 174) born Nov. 21. 
1861, at Hector, N. Y. ; married first time John Wesley 
Lockwood of Northville, N. Y., born April 18, 1850; died 
Feb. 10, 1879, at Denver, Colo.; married a second time Al- 
vah H. Simpson, born Oct. 18, 1876, at Elmira, N. Y. 

Child of Cora I. and John W. Lockwood: 
i. Herman Arthur, born May 10, 1879. 


174) born May 18, 1873; died April 9, 1913, at Findlay, Ohio; 
married first time Jennie Norton; married a second time 
Emma Elizabeth, daughter of Elizabeth Arnold and Wil- 
liam Schneider. Home ( 1940) 237 East Fifth Street, Perrys- 
burg, Ohio. 

Children of William and Jennie N. Moreland: 
i. Madaline. 
ii. Dewey Curtis. 

Child of William and Emma S. Moreland: 

iii. Beatrice, born Nov. 27, 1909; married July 20, 1931, to Edmund 
Tarr, son of James Harvev and Alta Mae Hamlin. Child: (1) 
Beatrice Mae, born Dec. 28, 1932. 1939 home, 618 So. 23rd 
St., Arlington, Va. 


HERMAN E. MORELAND (Seelev B. 174) born fiilv 
24, 1876; died in 1914. 


JULIA E. MORELAND, (Seelev B. 174) born Aug. 26, 
1878; died Dec. 1909; married about 1897 to William Fitch. 

Children of Julia and William Fitch : 

i. Clifford McAfee, born about 1898. 
ii. Gail Caroline, born about 1901. 


DAVID ROY MORELAND, (Seelev B. 174) born Aug. 
31, 1881; married Jan. 5, 1905, to Mary" Agnes, daughter of 
Horace Russely and Laurenna (Middleton) Twigg, born 
May 27, 1881. David is a minister of The Church of ( iod 


stationed at Rhodell, W. Va. Home address (1940) 512 

Chriver Ave., Cumberland, Md. 

Children of David R. and Mary A. Moreland : 

i. Lourenna May, born Oct. 26, 1906. Unmarried, 
ii. Allen. \ Pearl, born Dec. 31, 1909. Unmarried. 


ROY MORELAND, < Seeley B. 174) born April 14. 1883, 

at Wayne, X. Y. ; married first time Nov. 16, 1907. to Iva 
Pearl Nousholder; born Feb. 16. 1887, at Utica. Ohio; di- 
vorced; married a second time, Sept. 14. 1934, to Mabel 
Leola, daughter of Bertha Stults, born Aug. 4. 1X92. Roy iA 
a steel worker and core maker. Home I 1939) 59 X. Prince- 
ton Avenue, Columbus. Ohio. 

Child of Rov and Iva I'. Moreland; 

i. Edward" Herman, born April 2X. 1909; died Aug. 21. 1909. at 
Findlay, Ohio. 


PAXSY <i. MORELAND, (Seeley B. 174) born Jan. IS. 
1887; married March 13. 1902, to John Franklin, son of 
George and Mary X. Bushong, born Oct. 4. 1876. John is an 

interior decorator. Residence (1939) 295^> Hazelwood St., 
Detroit, Mich. 

Children of Pansy G. and John F. Bushong: 

i. Ralph Ardel. born March 24. 1904; married about 1923, to 
Leona Ava Irene, daughter of Harry and Emma Cox. born 
June 13. 1906. No children. < Occupation, painter, 
ii. Bertha Beatrice, born March 10, 1''06; married about 1938 to 
Clrirles Jason, son of James and Charlotte Kilter, born Aug. 8, 
1899. Charles is a plumber. Child: ( 1 > Betty Elaine, born 
Jan. 20. 1939. 
iii. Ethel Grace, born June 24. 1908; died July 13. 1935; married 
to Roy I). Hinkle, of Milan. W. Va. No children. 


MILTON S.. (Lyman & Emeline Talmage 180) horn at 
Hartland, Mich., Jan. 4, 1868; married Nov. 26, 1890. at 
Lapeer, Mich., Minnie Belle Haynes, born Romeo, Mich., 
May 19, 1870. He was a farmer by occupation. 
Children : 

i. Guy S.. born Matamora, Mich.. Oct. 13. 1891 ; died Pontiac. May 
19, 1929; married Nov. 15. 1916, label Allen. He was a factory 
worker and carpenter. Xo children. 



Floyd L., bom Attica, Mich., May 30, 1893; married April 22, 

1916, Estella Chappell. He is a mechanic. Children born in 

Pontiac, Mich.: (1) Harold E., horn July 27, 1918. (2) Ruth 

E.. horn July 23, 1922. (3) Dorothy, born Dec. 11, 1925. 

iii. Grant E., horn Attica. Mich., Dec. 25, 1897; married Nov. 3, 

1921, Signa DeSoix. He graduated from high scli.nil and is a 
contractor. Children horn at Detroit : ( 1 ) Eugene, horn Aug. 6, 

1922. (2) Adriene E.. horn March 29, 1924. 

iv. Mabel C, horn Pontiac, Nov. 7, 1899; married Nov. 15. PH9, 
Edward DeLorge. Mabel graduated from high school and the 
home is in Pontiac, where was horn: lack K., horn April 15 

v. James V., horn Pontiac, Feh. 15, 1908; married Aug. 31, 1929. 
Ann Carpenter. Graduated from high school and is doing office 
work. No children. 


FRED D., (Lyman & Emeline Talmage 1X0) horn La- 
peer, Mich., April 3, 1870; married first time May 27, 1893, 
Annis A. Fisher, born Almont, Mich., March 23,"l868; died 
Dryden, Mich., Nov. 19, 1904; married a second time March 
1906, Nellie Muir, born Imlay City, Mich., March 2H, 1880. 
Occupation, farmer. Children born in Dryden, Mich. 

Children : 

i. Milson E., horn Jan. 13, 1895; died Pontiac, May 5, 1933; mar- 
ried July 2, 1917, Laura Gray. Graduated from high school 
and was employed by a railroad company. No children. 

ii. Elizabeth M., horn Jan. 21, 1899; married June 8, 1921. Rohett 
Gass. Elizaheth graduated from high school and was a teacher. 
Children horn in Imlay, Mich. : (1) Harold D., horn Mav 11, 
1922. (2) Maurice R, horn May 17. 1925. 

iii. Gilbert Linus, horn Oct. 10, 1900; married June 8, 1922, Ruth 
Gass. Occupation farmer. Children horn in Imlay, Mich.: (1) 
Thelma E., horn Tune 20, 1925. (2) Rurfred P., born April 11. 
1927. (3) Nettie D., born Dec. 7. 1928. 

iv. Grace E., horn April 12, 1903. After graduating from high school 
married Roderick Dorey. No children. 


NELLIE A., (Lyman & Emeline Taber Talmadge 180) 
born Lapeer, Mich.,' July 27, 1875 ; died March 22, 1934; mar- 
ried Julv 3. 1893, Herbert G. Perkins, born Sept. 30, 1874. at 
Attica. Mich. 


Herbert belongs to Masonic order and Nellie to Eastern 

Star. Children born in I mlay City, Mich. 

Children : 

i. Belle Irene, born April 15. 1894; married Aug. 24. 1914. at 

Imlay City, Harold Leavens, a mail carrier. Children born in 

Imlav City: < 1 ) Everett P., born June 27, 1915; married Oct. 

15. 1936, 'to Hernice Pollack at Royal Oak. Mich. (2) 1. Neil, 

horn May 7. 1925. 
ii. Homer L.. horn May 17, 1897; died June 10. 1912. 
iii. Elmer L., horn Aujj. 3. 1907; married Nov. 23. 1929, Bernice 

Turner. Elmer has a high school education and is a farmer. 

Children horn at Imlay : ( 1 ) Elizabeth Ann, horn Feb. 26. 1931. 

(2) foyce Caroline, horn Feb. 29. 1936. (3) Douglas, horn 

Aug. 1938. 


ROSA E., (Lyman & Emeline Taber Talmage 180) born 
June 5, 1877, at Attica, Mich.: married first time June 17. 
1896. at Dryden, Mich., Frank Bartlett, a farmer: married 
a second time. Nov. 19, 1929, Ellsworth Thomas who oper- 
ates a meat market. Children were born at Dryden. 

Children : 

i. William Frank, horn May 16, 1898; died Feb. 2. 1932. at 
Lapeer ; married < )ct. 28, 1 ( ^22. Mabel Stepnetz. William was a 
mechanic. Children horn at Dryden: ( 1 ) Stuart I... horn Dec. 
10, 1923. i 2) Reba Mae. horn' Dec. 5. 1925. 

ii. Nellie M.. horn April 20, 1903; married Dec. 2'^. 1925, Cecil M. 
Youngs, horn Dec. 29, 1903, at Dryden. He is a garage opera- 
tor. Nellie has a degree from Ypsilanti, College, and was a 
teacher. Child horn at Dryden: Marilyn A., horn March 12. 

iii. Erma E., horn lulv 2. 1905; married July 7. 1926, to William 
Rosebrook, of ( >hio, horn Feb. 28, 1898, at Detroit, Mich. Child 
horn at Detroit: Billy Donald, horn Aug. 21. 1927. 

iv. Lettie I., horn Sept. 2. 1907; married Aug. 30. 1930. Guy Kick. 
horn Sept. 1907. at Hadley. Mich., a barber by trade. Child: 
L. Robert Garry, horn June 5. 1935. 

v. Robert I., born Sept. 10. 1913; married Nov. 9. 1935. < lertrude 
Jones, horn in ( )akland Co.. Mich.. May 27. 1908. He i> a high 
school graduate. Children horn in Drvden : l 1 i T."i> Ann. horn 
Feh. -C1937. (2 1 Paul Dean, born May 15. 1938. 

vi. Ruth F.. horn Dec. 15. 1918. 


TOHX I.. (Lyman & Emeline Talmage 180) born Attica. 
Mich., Ail"". 5, '1879; married March 20. 1007. Carrie Ball. 


born at Drvden Jan. 3, 1880. John is a farmer. Children 
were born at Drvden. 

i. Helen Madeline, born Aug. 29, 1911 ; married Frank House. 
ii. Irvine John, born April 10, 1915. 
iii. Max Edward, born May 10, 1922. 


MAE E., (Lyman & Emeline Talmage 180) born Attica 
Mich., March 19, 1884; married June 28, 1906, at Lapeer to 
Lloyd Youngs, born May 20, 1884, at Attica. The}' arc 


i. Harry C, born Dryden, March 29, 1914; married Nov. 9, 1935, 
Eileen McMullen, born June 23, 1916. 


ELIZABETH E., (Henry G. Taber 181) born Oct. 28, 
1871, at Hamlin, N. Y. ; married Jan. 29, 1891, at Hilton to 
Leonard L., son of Jacob and Mary Simmons, born Dec. 14, 
1868, at Hamlin; died Feb. 20, 1913, at Walker, N. Y. 


i. Luella Mae, born March 3, 1895; married Jan. 29, 1915, at Hil- 
ton, Seymour S. Blossom, son of Everett and Carrie Blossom 
of Hamlin, born Nov. 30, 1890. Farmers at Hamlin, N. Y. 
No children. 


FAHY, C, (Henry G. Taber 181) born March 6, 1876; 
died April 10, 1938, at Hilton; married Jan. 9, 1906, Mary 
Randall Burritt Curtis, daughter of Bert and Nellie Randall, 
born March 14, 1881. (182) Farmer. 

Children : 

i. Nellie E., born Dec. 30, 1908; married Nov. 21, 1925, at Roches- 
ter, Floyd Richard Martindale, born May 27, 1906, at Glen 
Falls, N. Y. Children: (1) John Harvey,' born July 17. 1927, 
at Rochester. (2) Frank La Verge, born June 24, 1928, at 
Rochester; died April 13, 1933, at Livonia, N. V. (3) James 
Henry, born Aug. 8, 1930, at Rochester. (4) Lloyd R., born 
July 2, 1932, at Canandaigua. ( 5) Elizabeth Jane, born May 4. 
1933, at Livonia. (6) George Arthur, born Nov. 9, 1935 at 
ii. Mildred Aileen, born Aug. 8, 1911 ; married Aug. 2^. 1 ( >34. at 
Rochester, Cyril J. Kerber, born Oct. 2, 1909 at Rochester. 


Children: (1) Kathryn Elaine, born June 4, 1937, at Roches- 
ter. (2) Robert Charles, born Nov. 29. 1938. at Hartford, 

hi. Elsie J., born April 5. 1914. 


MAE A., (Henry G. Taber 181) born Dec. 2%, 1877; mar- 
ried Sept. 4, 1914, at Hilton. Fred E., sun of M. and Phoebe 
Peck, born Oct. 11. 1877. Mae is a graduate of Brockport 
Normal and of Pratt Institute of Brooklyn, having taken a 
course in domestic science. She taught that subject in the 
public schools for some time. Fred is a graduate of Brock- 
port Normal school. They are farmers on Peck road, Hil- 
ton, N. Y. 


i. Helen, born July 26. 1915. Attended Antioch College for 2 years 
and secured her B.A. degree from the University of Rochester, 
majoring in Social Service. 


ROSE A., (Henry ( i. Taber 181. born April 18. 1880; 
married July 3, 1905, at Rochester. Edwin \\\. son of Jesse 
and Jane Judd. born Jan. 7, 1870, at Mappeldurham, Oxford- 
shire, England: died Feb. 13, 1939. 

Edwin served abroad with the Y.M.C.A. during the 
World War. Farmers of Burritt Road. Hilton. 


i. Mariox E.. born July 1. 1912; died July 9. 1936; married July 
30, 1929. at Rochester. Howard, son of Herman and Bertha 
Zarpentine. born Sept. 11. 1908. Child: Charles Robert, born 

Nov. 27. 1033. 


BERT S., (Henry ( i. Taber 181) born April 16, 1882: mar- 
ried March 8, 1905. at Hamlin. X. Y.. Alta Effie, daughter 
of Tohn W. and Effie W. Xesbitt. born at Hamlin. Sept. 17. 
1883. After his father's death Bert took over the home farm 
where he has since lived. 

Children : 

i. W. Lawrence, born June 20. 1906. 

ii. Ruth A., born June 6, 1911 ; married June 30. 1934, to William. 

son of Joseph Turso, of Center Moriches. T.. T.. born April 8, 

1912. William is an aviator. Xo children. 


iii. Edith E., born June 23, 1916; married March 25, 1937, Alonzo, 
son of Herman and Bertha Zarpentine, born Aug. 27. 1915, at 

Spencerport, N. V. Child: Dale Lawrence, bom at Speno 
port, March 7, 1939. Farmers at Spencerport. 


FOSTER G., (Henry G. Taber LSI) born June 24, 1884; 
married Jan. 1, 1910, Nellie, daughter of John and Harriet 
Morgan, born Sept. S, 1888, at Hamlin. Farmers at Morton. 
N. Y. 

Children : 

i. Ethelyn May, born Dec. 13, 1910. 

ii. Allen M., born Aug. 11, 1912; married Sept. 8, 1934, Anna, 
daughter of George Henry and Anna M. Rosedale, born March 
10, 1911, at Spencerport. Xo children, 
iii. Ralph, born Nov. 23, 1926, at Morton, N. Y. 


JOHN DAVID, (Henry G. Taber LSI) born June 18, 
1886; married May 21, 1919, Ella, daughter of William Fred 
and Hannah C. Webster, born Nov. 29, 1883, at Hilton. John 
was welfare officer for the Town of Parma for several years. 
He is now with the Eastman Kodak Co. in Rochester. 

i. Harold W., born May 10, 1910; married July 11. 1934, Doris, 
daughter of Charles and Ella Fairbanks, of Covington, N. Y., 
born Jan. 8, 1909. Children: (1) Nancv Lou, born Nov. 16, 
1935. (2) Neal F., born March 24. 1937. (3) Robert Allen, 
born March 22, 1938. (4) Barbara Jean, born July 31, 1939. 
Harold works at Hawkeye Camera Works in Rochester, 
ii. Dorothea Evelyn, born April 19, 1913; married June 27, 1936, 
Charles, son of Jesse and Mary Hiscock ; born Aug. 29, 1908. 
Farmers. No children. 

iii. Elinor Louise, born April 18, 1918. Works Eastman Kodak 
Co., Rochester. 


JESSIE M., (Henry G. Taber 181) born March 18, 1889; 
married March 6, 1912, Arthur, son of Chauncey and Lois 
Odell of Parma Center, born Sept. 29, 1887. Arthur and 
Jessie are active members and he a trustee of the Methodist 
church of Hilton. He is also a prominent and active mem- 


ber of the Grange, the Dairyman's League and the Farm 
Bureau. Farmers at Hilton. 


i. Willard T., born June 27. 1914; married Sept. 9, 1939, Vivian 
daughter of Loren and Julia Davis, of Mansfield, Pa., born 
April 16, 1914. Willard is a graduate of Michigan State Col- 
lege and specialized in entomology. 

ii. Raymond Arthur, horn ( )ct. 5, 1916. A student at Cornell 

iii. Margaret Lois, horn Dec 13, 1922. 


EDWARD P. FOSMIRE, (Ella L. 188) born Hilton. 
N. Y., Sept. 25, 1879; married on Aug. 1. 1901, at Charlotte, 
N. Y., to Sadie Baker, born Hilton, X. Y.. March 2?, 1876. 
Edward was of a political trend and was for many years a 
deputy sheriff. 

Child : 
418. i. Albert 1'., horn Spencerport, X. Y.. Nov. 4, 1903. 


MYRON EROY BLOSSOM, (Amelia 189) born Dec. 9, 

1881, at Hamlin, X. Y. ; married Aug. 14, 1906, Clara, daugh- 
ter of Richard and Lillian Lassen, born Aug. 14. 1881, at 
Hilton, X. Y. Myron is a fruit grower in Hamlin. X. Y. 

Children of Myron E. and Clara B. Blossom: 

i. Dorothy Mae, horn July 11. 1 (| <>'), at Hamlin, X. Y. ; married 
August 22, 1931, at Walker. X. Y.. to John W., son of Charles 
E. and Emma Tighe. Children: i 1 ) |ohn W'.. lr.. horn Feb. 

21, 1935. (2) (iary Richard, born < >ct. 30, 1938. ' 

ii. Marguerite Leona, horn April 11. 1''12, at Hamlin. X. Y. ; 
married July 22. 1933, at Walker. X. Y.. to Lester M . Buck- 
man, horn May 20. 1910, in < >hio. Children: i 1 ) Thomas C, 
horn Aug. 20, 1936. (2) Lesley Anne, horn Aug. 17. 1939. 

iii. Betty Ik, born Sept. 25, 1016; married Dec. 2?>. 193S. at Walker. 
X. Y.. to Ward E., son*of Henry and Marie Cosman, horn July 
10. 1916. at Hilton. X. Y. ( )ne child. Gale Suzanne, born April 

22, 1940. 


MABEL BLOSSOM, (Amelia F. 189) born Aug. 22. 
1884; married Oct. 24, 1908, to Samuel Cannon, son of Clin- 
ton Johnston and Sarah Antoinette Hendrickson, born Sept. 


20, 1884; died May 26, 1939. Mabel graduated from Roches- 
ter A. M. I. in 1907, taking a course in tine arts. She has 
traveled in the eastern United States and Canada and spent 
five months in Porto Rico. Her husband was a road con- 
tractor. Home, ( 1939) Lima, N. Y. 

Children of Mabel B. and Samuel C. Hendrickson: 

i. Clinton Justin, born July 25, 1909; married Oct. 2, 1934, to 
Katherine, (laughter of Clarence and Catherine Tufts. Children: 
(1) Sarah Ellen, born June 28, 1935. (2) Stephen Carmon, 
born Nov. 21, 1936. Clinton attended Chicago Art Institute 
and now is a highway construction foreman. 

ii. Samuel Carmon, Jr., born Oct. 26, 1911 married Jan. 26, 1936; 
to Katherine, daughter of William Cardiff. Child : William 
Clinton, born May 3, 1939. Carmon is a graduate of Danville 
Military Institute and has attended the University of Alabama. 
He is now employed in Eastman Kodak plant in Rochester, X. Y. 

iii. Stephen Olin, born May 4, 1913; died Oct. 24, 1936. 


ORA BLOSSOM, (Amelia F. 189) born March 23, 1887, 
at Hamlin, N. Y. ; married Oct. 20, 1909, at Walker N. V., 
to Ernest J. Thomas, born Dec. 22, 1885, at Pittsford, \'t. 
Children of Ora and Ernest J. Thomas: 
i. John, born Feb. 20, 1916. 
ii. Fred, born March 24, 1918. 


LEONA BLOSSOM (Amelia F. 189) born July 28, 1895; 
died Jan. 26, 1919; married Dec. 16, 1913, to Earl Frank 
Simmons, born June 16, 1895. 

Children of Leona B. and Earl F. Simmons: 
i. Monica, born May 30, 1915; died in 1922. 

ii. Corrine, born June 1, 1917; married Nov. 20, 1927, to Charles 
Victor, son of Lillian and Avery Hazen, born May 1. 1912. 
Child: Ellen Adair, born Dec. 10, 1928. Corinne was educated 
in Colorado Springs, Colo., and Mount Saint Gertrude's Acad- 
emy at Boulder, Colo. She won a scholarship to the University 
of Colorado. Home ( 1939) Hamlin. N. V. 


WILLIAM THOMAS, (Thomas Ferdinand 190) born 
June 21, 1884, at Hilton, N. Y., and died there July 2, 1917; 
married Feb. 1, 1905, to Mary Barons, born Aug:. 12, 1886. 
"Willi," as he was always called, was like his father, an 


undertaker. After Willi's death on Feb. 17. 1921, Mary Kar- 
ons Burritt married Charles Lotz of Hilton, X. Y. 
Children of William T. and Mary B. Burritt: 
i. Leona, born Sept. 20. 1906. 
ii. Francis Burdett, born Oct. 18, 1908; died Oct. 22. 1927, at 

Tucson. Ariz, 
iii. Helen Marguerite, born Nov. 14. l'^lO; married Jan. 14. 1939, 
to Francis J., son of fohn Culross of Rochester, X. Y., born 
March 11. I'M 2. 
iv. Edwin, born Sept. 20. 1914. 
v. Vivian, born ( )ct. 21. 1916. 


GERTRUDE, (Thomas Ferdinand 191 | horn Jan. 21. 
1888, at Hilton, X. Y.; married first time Nov. 29. 1905, to 
Herbert S., son of Elmer Wolfrom, born Feb. 8. 1886; died 
Jul}- 29, 1926, at Hilton, X. Y.; married a second time July 
13, 1927, to Elmer Leggett of Niagara Falls, X. Y.. born 
Jan. 21, 1883. There were no children of this last marriage. 

Children of Gertrude and Herbert S. Wolfrom: 
i. Grace Etta, born June 1. 1906; died < >ct. 4. 1912. 
ii. Elmer B., born Sept. 4, 1914. 
iii. Naureen, born April 18, 1916; married July 2?>, 1935. to Paul, 

son of Lorenzo and Xettie Rood, born Sept. 21. 1916. 
iv. ELEANOR, born March 10, 1917. 


HARRIET MAY. (Andrew J. & Sevelia Burritt Botts 
192) born Dec. 3. 1876; married June <>. 1895, to Robert A. 
Harding' of Tioga, 111., born Dec. 28. 1867. Is in hotel busi- 
ness at 50 Breeze Ave, Venice, Calif. 


i. Richard Bland Harding, born April 30. 1896; married Ailene 
Grace and has a son born Dec. 24. 1924.. Jack Richard. 


MAUD S.. (Andrew T- & Sevelia Burritt P.otts 192) born 
Tune 10, 1880. at Meadville. Mo.: married Sept. 2?\ 1903. 
Leonard M. Thomas of Linnen, Mo. He is a druggist at Cor- 
pus Christi. Texas. Xo children. 



ADELINE PRESTON, (Andrew J. & Sevelia Burritt 
Botts 192) born Jan. 13, 1884. Unmarried. Lives at 1208 
Believe Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 


BERDINE ALMEDA, (Andrew J. & Sevelia Burritt 
Botts 192) born April 27, 1886, at Meadville, Mo.; married 
Sept. 16, 1908, at Hobart, Okla., to Milton A. Maupin, Jr., 
of Middle Grove, Mo., born Aug. 26, 1879. Is a retired grocer 
and lives in Houston, Texas. No children. 


EFFIE D., (Andrew J. & Sevelia Burritt Botts 192) born 
Oct. 10, 1890; married Aug-. 25, 1911, to Harry E. Hill. No 
children. Resides Los Angeles, Calif. 


GLADYS LEE, (Andrew & Sevelia Burritt Botts 192) 
born March 1, 1894; married Sept. 24, 1914, to Roy E. Good- 
wine. Lives at Brookfield, Mo. 


i. Virginia Maxine, born Aug. 6. 1915. 


RALPH ALEXANDER, (Charles Phillip 195) born 
March 22, 1892; married Nov. 25, 1911, Anna Louise, daugh- 
ter of Henry and Bertha (Bramer) Majesky. She was born 
April 8, 1889. Home in Rochester, N. Y. 

Children : 

i. Anna Lorraine, born Jan. 1 1, 1913 ; married Jan. 11, 1932, Wil- 
mot George, born Aug. 8, 1912, son of Robert H. and Ethel M. 
(Defendorf) Purely. Children: (1) Beverly Lorraine, born 
Oct. 2, 1933. (2) Robert Ralph, born Aug. 20, 1935. (3) 
Ronald Wilmot, born Jan. 1, 1939. 
419. ii. Charles Henry, born May 12, 1914. 


STEPHEN GILES, (Charles Phillip 195) born April 26, 
1898; married July 28, 1917, Cinderella, born May 11, 1896, 


daughter of Freeman and Eunice (Barlow) Staats. Home 
in Rochester. 


i. Howard Stephen, born Nov. 26. 1918. 
ii. Eunice Elizabeth, horn April 21, 1928. 


ELIHU ABBOTT. (William Thomas 197) born in New 
Britain, Conn., 1891 ; married 1913 Elizabeth Carter who 
was born at Coaldale, Penna., in 1893. 

She is a daughter of Major and Elizabeth ( Young) Carter. 

Major Carter and his wife Elizabeth were both born in 
Wales, England, and were married there. She died at Coal- 
dale, Penna., in 1900, and he at Watertown, Conn., in 1903. 

Elihu A. Burritt and his wife are living in Stratford, Conn. 

Children : 

i. Lois Elizabeth, horn 1915; died 1919. 
ii. Elihu William, horn 191S. 
iii. Roger Carter, born 1 ' '26. 


WILLIAM REED. (Dr. William Harvey 202) born at 
Maumee, Ohio. Aug. 15, 1870; died at Mobile. Ala.. March 
1912; married at Bryson City. X. C in 1904. Edith John- 
son of Olnev, Illinois. 
Children : 

i. William J., died in 1915. 
ii. Elizabeth. 
iii. Eleanor. 

The present home is in ( )lney. 111. 


DR. CHARLES AMOS. ( Dr. William Harvey 202) born 

at Canton, III, Oct. 9, 1S72; married Nov. 1. 1904. Edith 
Eleanor Emrick, daughter of Jacob Wellington and Anna 
( Baumgardner ) Emrick of Wooster, Ohio. 

Dr. Charles A. Burritt is a practicing physician as was his 
father and grandfather and lives with his wife at 2211 
Scottswood Ave., Toledo, Ohio. There are no children. 



Roy W. Burritt 



LEWIS L., (George 203) born at Rockford, 111., Feb. 9, 
1868; married June 24, 1896, Olive Gertrude Evans, who was 
born in Cherry Valley, 111., March 25, 1873. She is a daugh- 
ter of David W. (born Grenville, Canada, Nov. 30, 1840; 
died Oct. 12, 1923) and Emma Jane (Conklin) Evans (born 
Utica, N. Y., March 28, 1849; died March 17, 1924). (Sec 
Conklin and Denison). 

Lewis and Olive Burritt, on their marriage, settled on the 
Burritt farm in Owen Township near Rockford, but in (an 
uary, 1900, moved to York County, Virginia, where they 
bought a farm on the banks of the York river and it was 
there that their children were born. This farm has since 
become a part of the Government Navy Mine Depot near 
Yorktown, Va. In August, 1910, they returned to Rockford, 
111., where they now reside. 

Besides his farming activities, he was active in farmers' 
institute work, was an organizer and secretary-treasurer of 
the Virginia Peninsula Produce Exchange, a purchasing and 
shipping association, president of York View Realty Cor- 
poration of Norfolk and Williamsburg, \*a. After returning 
to Rockford, conducted a real estate and insurance broker- 
age business. Served on the county board of supervisors 
and the county forest preserve commission. 

Olive has held membership in Rockford Art Club, 1). A. R. 
and D. U. V. 

Their children are: 

420. i. George Evans, born Nov. 4, 1898. 

421. ii. Lewis Everett, born April 4, 1901. 

422. iii. Jesse David, born May 19, 1903. 


ROY WALTER, (George 203) born at Rockford, 111., 
March 16, 1875; married at Rockford, Sept. 13, 1899; Ella 
Lorraine Elvidge who was born at Rockford, Sept. 13, 1876. 
She is a daughter of Edmund (born Nottingham, England, 
June 3, 1830'; died at Rockford May 22, 1913) and Mary L. 
(Smith) Elvidge (born Chautauqua County, N. Y., Aug. 3, 
1832; died Rockford, 111., June 24, 1914.) 

Roy and Ella Burritt on their marriage settled on the Bur- 
ritt farm in Owen Township near Rockford, later buying a 



portion of the farm, where they now live in the house built 
by his grandfather Charles Burritt. 

Roy has held a number of township offices, principally 

assessor and town clerk which office he has held for a num- 
ber of years. He also served as president of the Winnebago 
County Farmers' Institute and is an active member of the 
Winnebago County Grange. Is a farmer and secretary of 
the "Burritt Mutual Fire Insurance Company." 

Children : 

i. Harriett Miranda, born Feb. 7. 1903. Educated at Rockford 
College and DeKalb College. Now a teacher in Rockford City 


ii. Frances Elizabeth, horn Feb. 22. 1904. Educated at Rockford 

College and now doing secretarial work. 
iii. Margaret Alice, horn ( >ct. 26, 1905. Attended Rockford Col- 
lege, and taught in the City schools for a time. Married Paul 
Bainbridge, and has Marcella and Joan. 

423. iv. Roy William, horn March _'<). 1«09. 

424. v. Robert Elvidge, horn June 19, T'18. 


FRANK CLINTON, (George 203) horn at Rockford, 
111.. Feb. 2c, 1882; married at Rockford. Dec. 17. 1913, Bessie 
Ellen Schmaling, who was horn at Winona. Minn., Nov. 15, 
1XcS7. She is a daughter of Fred Henry (born in Germany, 
Feb. 2X. 1860; died at Rockford. 111.. Feb. 2.\ 1931 I and Es- 
tella L. (Lockwood) Schmaling, (horn at Winona. Nov. 26. 
18S4. ) Frank and Bessie Burritt live in Rockford where he 
is engaged in the manufacturing business. They are active 
members of the Congregational church and active in the 
social life of the city. Clubs: Masons. Elks, and Kiwanis. 

Children : 

i. Barbara Jane, horn March 15. 1 ( )16. Graduated at Rockford 
College in the class of 1 ( W\ studied voice during and after her 
college work and is an accomplished singer. For two years \va- 
employed in secretarial work with the J. L. Clark Manufactur- 
ing Co. of Rockford. On Sept. 2. 1939, she married Dr. Rohert 
Fuller Dearhorn. who was horn June 23, 1911. He is a son of 
Jesse Berne Dearhorn and Jessie Ernestine ( Fuller ) Dearhorn. 
and a direct descendant of Gen. Henry Dearhorn of Revolu- 
tionary fame. Rohert graduated from the University of Illi- 



Frank C. Burritt 


nois School of Medicine in 1 ( M7. Is practicing in ( >rangeville, 
111., where they reside. Child: Anne Drake, horn Aug. 30, 1940. 
ii. Elizabeth Ann. (Betty) born Oct. 2.1 1921. graduated from 
Rockford high school in 1939. Entered Lawrence College ai 
Appleton, Wis., in fall of 1939. 


FRED EDWIN, (Rufus204) born May 25, 1871, at Rock- 
ford, 111.; married at Rockford, June 20, 1901, Gertrude Pat- 
terson who was born at Rockford, Jul)' 20, 1874. She is a 
daughter of William C. (born June 6, 1846; died Ian. 1891 ) 
and Nina A. (Miller) Patterson, (born Jan. 21, 1851 ). Fred 
and Gertrude Burritt lived in Rockford for a time after their 
marriage, later moving to Patterson, Calif., where they ope- 
rated a fruit ranch. Fred E. Burritt died at Patterson, Dec. 
21, 1928, and is buried at Glendale, Calif. No children. 


WALTER ROY, (Rufus 204) born at Rockford. 111., Feb. 
14, 1875; married at Kishwaukee, 111., Feb. 14, 1905, Ida A. 
Erfrmeyer, who was born at Kishwaukee, near Rockford, 
Jan. 20, 1878. She is a daughter of William G. (born in Ger- 
many Nov. 8, 1840) and Mary W. ( Erxleben ) Erfrmeyer, 
(born in Germany July 31, 1851). W r alter enlisted May 8, 
1898, in Troop L, Regiment 3, United States Cavalry as a 
private in the Spanish-American War. He was discharged 
Jan. 11, 1899. He is a member of United Spanish-American 
War Veterans Assn. Walter and Ida Burritt after their mar- 
riage first settled on a farm in Kishwaukee Township but 
later moved to Rockford where they now reside. 

Children : 
425. i. Burnell Oliver, horn March 12, 1910. 

ii. Maxine Rosella, horn April 24, 1913. She graduated at Rock- 
ford College in 1934. Married in 1936, Carleton YV. Knight, 
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Knight of Fayette, Iowa. He is a 
graduate of Upper Iowa University at Fayette. Their home 
is at Fayette, Iowa. 


BERT NORTON, (Rufus 204) born at Rockford. 111., 
August 29, 1882.; married at Rockford, June 30th, 1904. 
Maud S. Cain, who was born at Woodstock, 111., March 4. 
1884. She was a daughter of Hiram J. (born New York, 

206 B U R R I T T FA M I L Y 

July 25, 1840; died May 10, 1917) and Sarah M. Cain (born 
May 22 ,1844). Bert was in business in Rockford for a num- 
ber of years, but in 1916 moved to Los Angeles where he is 
in the automobile business. 


DWIGHT NATHAN, JR., (Dwight 205) born at Pom- 
ona, Calif., April 15, 1878; married July /. 1900, Daisy Clark 
who was born July 24. 1886. 
Children : 

i. Eda LlOLA, horn April 22, 1903. 
ii. Frances Loralie, born April 14, 1907. 
Live in Los Angeles, Calif. 


FRANK CLYDE, (Dwight 205 i born Nov. 16, 1881, at 
Pomona, Calif.; married July 2, 1905, Helen Cm., per. who 
was born Sept. 23, 1887. 
Children : 
i. Rae Lillian, born Aug. 30, 1906. 
ii. Ariel Helen, born Oct. 26, 1909. 
iii. Eunice Claire, horn April 1, 1917. 
Live at Los .Angeles, Calif. 


CHARLES CECIL. (Dwight 205) born at Pomona, 

Calif., April 2, 1883; married Nov. 19, 1910. Dora E. Bragg 
who was born March 24, 1888. 

They have no children. Live at Los Angeles, Calif. 


OTTO JOHN HOWARD, (Dwight 205) born July 19. 
1884. Lives at Los Angeles, Calif. Unmarried. 


LEON LESLIE, (Dwight 205) born April 1, 1887, at 
Pomona, Calif.; married Sept. 4, 1917, Florence V. Jones, 
who was born June 18, 1891. 

They have no children. Live at Los Angeles, Calif. 




RICHARD DAY, (Charles Morris 208) born April 23, 
1904; married July 19, 1927, Gertrude C, daughter of Har- 
vey J. and Catherine A. Roth. 
Children : 

i. Marian, born March 13, 1940. 

Richard Day Burritt is on the editorial staff of the New York 
Tribune, and resides at 126 Wood Terrace, Leonia, N. J. 


CARRIS, (Ives D'Arcy 209) married Florence Hatch. 
Live in Seneca Falls, N. Y. 


GRANT, (Ives D'Arcy 209) married Dorothy Brown, 
daughter of Mrs. Nellie Brown of Seneca Falls, N. Y. Live 
in Seneca Falls. 


ARTHUR WINFIELD, (Lewis 213) horn in Stratford, 
July 15, 1861; died June 18, 1931; married March 2. 1886, 
Fannie May Clark, who was horn in Stratford Aug. 16, 1866. 

She is a daughter of Nathan William, (horn in Milford, 
Conn., June 1, 1832; died in Stratford, Dec. 24, 1910) and 
Mary Jane Clark, (born in Stratford, Aug. 9, 1835). Arthur 
VV. Burritt with his family made their home in Bridgeport. 

Children : 

i. Ruby May, born in Bridgeport, April 21, 1888. 
426. ii. Stanley Clark, born in Bridgeport, May 13, 1893. 


EDWIN CHARLES, (Edwin Joseph 214) horn April 5, 
1866; died April 5, 1924; married April 22, 1896, Lilla, 
daughter of Samuel Kinnan. He was a jeweler by trade. 

Edwin C. Burritt moved from Ithaca, N. Y., where he 
was born, to Freeport, 111., where his two older children 
graduated from high school, then moved to San Antonio, 


Texas, where he again engaged in the jewelry business and 
becoming- known as an artist finally gave up his business 

and opened a studio. 

Children : 

i. Frances Loyisi:, born Sept. 5, 1897; married Second Lieutenant 

Clarence S. Thorpe (now Major C. S. Thorpe of the U. S. A. 

Air Corps), 
ii. Lilla Leone, horn May 22. 1905. 
iii. Edwin Kinnan, horn Aug. 14, 1908. 
iv. Kathleen Maxine, horn Sept. 20, 1910. 


EDWARD EARLE, JR.. (Edward Earle 219) born Jan. 
26, 1910; married Aug. 5, 1933, Jane Crew-. 

Children : 

i. John, born June 18, 1934. 


Tenth Generation 

NORMAN AUSTIN, (Charles Arthur 226) married Lu- 
cia Robinson. Lived in Denver, Colo. 
Children : 

i. Edith Constance, born Nov. 20, 1921. 

ii. Emma Jane, born Jan. 1, 1924. 

iii. Mary Frances, born Dec. 31, 1925. 


MYRON L. NORTHRUP, (Fannie 239) born April 5, 
1884, at Hamlin, N. Y. ; married Nov. 1, 1904, to Jennie N., 
daughter of David Cosman, born April 5, 1884. After mar- 
riage they made their home on Lake Avenue, Hilton, N. Y. 
Here their first two children were born. Their first child, a 
beautiful blue-eyed girl with golden hair, died at eighteen 
months and their first son lived only a few hours. They pur- 
chased the Dave McFarland farm, located northeast of Hil- 
ton on the Moul road, and moving here Myron was engaged 
in farming until 1924. Another son, Myron, Jr., and a daugh- 
ter were born here. Moving to Geneseo their children fin- 
ished school (Normal). Myron, Jr., spent one year in the 
University of Miami, while engaged in orchestral work. 
He is now a teacher in Sodus. Betty, the youngest child, 
taught a year in Ripley, N. Y., after finishing Normal and 
is working for her degree at Albany State. Myron L. has 
been an overseer on the Wm. Wadsworth estate for a num- 
ber of years. Both Myron, Jr., and Betty are unmarried. 

Children of Myron L. and Jennie N. Northrup : 
i. Thelma Mary, born Oct. 10, 1906; died March 16, 1908. 
ii. David Edwin, born Nov. 9, 1908; died Nov. 9. 1908. 
iii. Myron C, born Jan. 4, 1913. 
iv. Betty, born June 28, 1919. 


FANNIE BELLE CRONK, (Jesse Freemont 240) born 
Feb. 24, 1881; married first time Nov. 28, 1903, to Carl P. 
Lockwood, born May 21, 1881, at South Lyon, Mich., di- 
vorced, now living in Port Huron, Mich. ; married a second 
time, Oct. 27, 1925, to Carl H. Johnson. They are members 
of the Congregational church and live an active, out of doors 


life. Fannie Belle's hobby is collecting antiques, china, glass 
and shells. Home (1940) 17 Surby, Battle Creek. Mich. 

Children of Fannie Belle and Carl Lockwood: 

i. Beatrice Ruth, born Feb. 15. 1905; married April 7, 1926, to 
Glenn Jones, of Battle (reek. Mich. They own and live on a 
ranch at Colorado Springs. Mr. Jones is in the sporting goods 
ii. Charles Henry, horn April 19. 1908; married Oct 27. 1930, to 
Lorna Myke of Detroit. Mich. He is a graduate of the Detroit 
College of Law and practicing in Detroit, is a Circuit Commis- 
sioner and heads the Junior Chamber of Commerce and the 
Exchange Club. 
iii. Helen May, horn Jan. 26, 1910; married Sept. 15. 1930, to Ken- 
neth Crawford, of Battle Creek, Mich. Mr. Crawford operates 
his own welding shop. They live at Clear Lake, Mich., seven 
miles north of Battle Creek. Helen is fond of out-of-door life. 


LEON EVERETT CRONK, (Jessie Freemont 240) born 

Jan. 2, 1886; married Sept. 2. 1911, to Alice R. . Leon 

has lived in Chicago, Minnesota. California, Idaho and 
Washington. No children. 


HENRY LAVERNE CRONK,* (Jessie 240) born April 
12, 1888; died An- 20, 1938; married first time Nov. 24. 
1913, to Lena F. Elston of Bellevue, Mich.; horn March 15. 
1890; died Jan. 4. 1929; married a second time Aug. IS. 1936, 
to Bertha B. Church, born Feb. 8. 1886. After graduating- 
from the local high school Laverne attended Argubright 
Business college. Then he went to North and South Dakota, 
to Denver, Colo., and finally to St. Louis. Mo., where he 
worked in a foundry for a time. After a tew years he re- 
turned to Michigan and worked for his father on the home 
farm which he eventually bought. His wife. Lena, was an 
energetic helpmate on the farm. After her sudden death 
from pneumonia in 1929 Laverne had the care of four young 
motherless children until he married again in 1936. There- 
after he left the farm for a time and became a salesman. He 
died in an accident due to a runaway team at the farm which 
he visited at every opportunity. 

*Data for this family was furnished by Mrs. Carl Swanson. 



Children of Henry L. and Lena E. Cronk: 

i. Rosalyn Lenorda, born Oct. 11. 1914; married Oct. 19, 1937 
to Karl Emil Swanson, of Emmaljunga, Sweden, borri rune 
19, 1911. 1940 address. 15/ 2 S. Wabash St.. Battle Creek 
Mich. No children. Rosalyn was a frail child and only 15 years 
of age when her mother died. While a housekeeper took care of 
the home and family, she finished high school, worked around 
at such jobs as she could secure and helped clothe the other 
children. After marriage she and Karl lived at the farm and 
were there when her father was killed. Karl is now a machinist 
at Kellogg's in Battle Creek. Mich. Both are fond of hunting 
and fishing. Karl is guardian of Harold and Fleta, and spend" 
much time at the farm. 

ii. Rex Eldon. born March 4, 1916; married June 4. 1936. to Clara 
B. Gardenier. of Bellevue. Rex was happy-go-lucky as a boy 
and got lots of fun out of life. He was brought up' as a farm 
boy with the usual chores in the winter before and after school 
and plenty of hard work in the summer, but he found time for 
play and for trapping. After he finished school he worked for 
his father on the farm. After marriage he tried the job of sales- 
man and then worked for the B. C. Bread Company, but he 
liked the farm and since his father's death he has operated it 
for the family. They now live there with his younger brother 
and sister. No children. 

iii. Harold Leon, born Dec. 9, 1920. Harold is the quiet one of the 
family. In 1935 he went to the W. K. Kellogg Foundation 
Camp. He has worked for Rex on the farm when not in school. 
He plays basketball, baseball and football, and is fond of hunt- 
ing. His hobby is harmonica playing. When he graduates he 
plans to go west. 

iv. Fleta Rolene, born Feb. 12, 1923 ; married Feb. 18, 1940, Harold 
E Selfton, of Coldwater, Mich., born June 20, 1919. Fleta was 
the "baby" of the family and an attractive favorite. Before her 
father's second marriage she carried much home responsibility, 
being the only woman with three men in the house. She was 
brilliant in school. Harold is a sound radio electrician. They 
will make their home in Coldwater, Mich. 


MYRTLE EVELENA CRONK, (Jessie Freemont 240) 
born Feb. 12, 1892; married 1910 to Harry Miller of Belle- 
vue, Mich. Address ( 1939) 444 Peterboro St., Detroit, Mich. 

Child of Myrtle Evelena and Harry Miller: 

i. Henrietta, married first Jerry Alexander of Battle Creek, Mich. ; 
Second, Charles McWain. 

212 B U R R I T T F A M I L V 


mont 240) born May 21, 1902; married first time to Harry 
Jones; married a second time, Clarence Higdon of Battle 
Creek, Mich. Address (1940) St. Mary's Lake. Battle Creek. 

Child of Waiva E. L. and Harry Jones: 
i. Bruce, bom l (, 2f>. 


241) born Nov. 22, 1888, near Perry, X. Y.: married Dec. 
15. 1915, to Elizabeth, daughter of John and Margaret Brian; 

born March 15. 1895. 

While still a very young man Clifton took over from his 
father the Thankful Burritt farm which the latter had pur- 
chased and where he and his four brothers and sisters were 
born. The young man prospered and was soon able t<> 
build a line barn and afterwards a house to replace the ivy- 
covered cottage, known to all the Family as the "Little Red 
House." It stood atop a hill from which could be seen the 
little white church at Covington where the family wor- 
shiped, and by night the lights of Geneseo, across the val- 
ley. Perhaps it was from this peaceful spot — or was it from 
his religious mother — that he caught the idea of the good 
and simple life. Boyish in manner, always sincere, he was a 
good husband and a kind father. 

Children : 

i. Kenneth Brian, horn May 10. 1917. 
ii. Robert Judson, born Dec. 5, 1920. 


MAUDE E. HE LA VERGNE, (Melville A. 241 > born 
Nov. 30, 1889; married April 13, 1918. to Louis C. son of 
Lewis D. Howes: born June 23. 1889. at Wyoming, X. V. 

Maude was trained as a nurse and followed that profes- 
sion until she married. Louis is a dentist and graduate of 
the University of Buffalo. He practices in Buffalo, X. V.. 
where the Howes now (1939) live. No children. 



VERA MAY DE LA VERGNE, ( Melville A. 241 ) bom 

July 14, 1891. Vera is unmarried. Trained as a teacher in 
Rochester and at (ieneseo Normal School she preferred to 
follow her profession in the little country school where she- 
felt she could come closer to the heart of the child. Soft of 
voice and gentle in manner she early showed much of the 
strict religious character of her grandmother Lamb. Al- 
ways devoted to her family she has carried much of its re- 


JUDSON H. DE LA VERGNE, (Melville A. 241) born 
March 15, 1893; married April 15, 1916, to Cornelia F., 
daughter of James and Marietta Morris YanCise, born Nov. 
22, 1892. After high school and a short course in horticul- 
ture at Cornell, an urge to see the country led him into the 
western states, and Canada where he worked in wheat har- 
vest. He soon returned to the home country, married, pur- 
chased the old Lamb homestead, and became a dairyman. 
He has since extended his holdings by buying adjacent 

Children of Judson H. and Cornelia F. DeLaYergne: 

i. Olive Vivienne, born Aug. 19, 1818. 
ii. Mary Elizabeth, born July 3, 1920. 
iii. Donald Judd, born May 11. 1927. 
iv. Richard F., born Aug. 10, 1931. 



(Melville A. 241) born Feb. 20, 1895; married May 15, 1917, 
at Hilton, N. Y., to Melvin A., son of Elmer and Lucinda 
Miller, born May 15, 1894. 

As above noted Elizabeth's mother died when she was a 
baby. She had been temporarily taken to the home of her 
Aunt Fannie Northrup. After her mother's death her broth- 
ers and sisters wanted to see their baby sister so Aunt Fanny 
brought her back. When she prepared to leave, baby Eliza- 
beth would not be left behind. So she went to live with her 
aunt and was later adopted by the Northrups. 


For many years Elizabeth has kept the books and run the 
office of the Hilton Milling & Warehouse Co. Inc.. of Hilton. 
Melvin works for the Clark Steko Company of Rochester. 
N. Y. Home (1939) Cordon Avenue. Hilton. \. Y. No 


241) born Sept. 16, 1904. Inmarried. Although handi- 
capped by deafness resulting from an operation at an early 
age, Winifred finished college at Keuka and became a dieti- 
tian in a Mercer. Penna., hospital. Later, believing that the 
climate would be better for her health, she went to Bennetts- 
ville, S. C, where she is following her profession. Ambi- 
tious, keen of mind and possessing a sunny temperament, 
she is fond of sports and motoring, and has musical talent on 
violin and piano. 


MELVA F. DE LA VERGNE, (Melville A. 241) July 
23, 1906; married May 29. 1937. to Charles, son of John 
Ouincy and Dora H. Trip]) of Albion. X. Y.; born Aug. 2r. 
1904. Graduating from Geneseo Normal School Melva went 
to Albion to teach. There she met and married Charles. The 
Tripps make their home in the old Tripp homestead which 
has come down to Charles through four generations since 
1812. It is located just a mile from Albion and furnished 
with many line antiques. Charles is engaged in the gas busi- 
ness in Albion. No children. 


LOUIS BOYD DE LA VERGNE, (Melvlile A. 241) 
born Jan. 9. 1909. Unmarried. While still at home Louis 
was a great help to his father in his last years. After a year 
at Alfred University, and finishing a course at Oswego Nor- 
mal School he became a teacher of Industrial Arts at Bath, 
N. Y. 


HARRIETTE R. DE LA YERGXE. (Melville A. 241) 
born July 29, 1911 : married September 17. 1933. to Herbert, 
son of Joseph Archer of Auburn. X. Y. 


Harriette graduated from keuka College, where she ma- 
jored in French, hoping to go to France. She taught Latin 
and French in Kings Ferry High School, where she met tin- 
tall, red-headed boy who became her husband. Since mar- 
riage she has devoted herself to her home. They have one 
daughter. Herbert is employed by the Coca Cola Company 
of Rochester, N. V., and thev make their home at Geneseo 
N. Y. 

Child of Harriette B. and Herbert Archer: 
i. Diane LaVergne, born July 14, 1934. 


GRACE H. DE LA VERGNE, (Melville A. 241) born 
June 20, 1914. The youngest of Melville's large family, she 
enjoyed more freedom than the others and acquired a dif- 
ferent outlook. After a short course in beaut}- culture, she 
attended Normal School at Geneseo, N. Y., and became a 
teacher. She is now located at Endwell, N. Y. 


MILDRED GRACE BACON, (Carrie 242) born [uly 5, 
1890, at Parma, N. Y. ; married April 1, 1918, at East Ro- 
chester, N. Y., to Jesse Roberts; born May 31, 1888, at Bed- 
fordshire, England. 

Mildred for many years was a successful school teacher. 
Jesse purchased and operates farms near Hilton, N. Y. He 
is active in County Farm Bureau work and was director in 
organization and county chairman of board for several 
years. They have made several trips abroad to Jesse's old 
home in England. No children. 


BOYD WILBUR BACON, (Carrie E. 242) born Nov. 
16, 1894, at Hilton. N. Y. ; married March 15, 1921, to Grace 
Irene, daughter of Charles Davidson and Agnes Cecilis 
Buss, born April 7, 1894, at Cleveland, Ohio. Farmer near 
Perry, N. Y. No children. 


VIOLET ELIZABETH BACON, (Carrie E. 242) born 
Anril 25, 1901. at Hilton, N. Y. ; married April 6. 1920. at 


East Rochester, N. Y., to Duncan, son of George and Har- 
riet Higbee; born May 14, 1901, at Egypt, X. Y. Divorced. 

Business secretary, Solvay, X. Y. No children. 


ROBERT DEAN BACON, (Carrie E. 242) born Nov. 
3, 1903, at Clarkson, X. Y. ; married June 28, 1925. at East 
Rochester, X. Y., to Lillian Russell, daughter of James 
Lockhart, born Oct. 10, 1906. 
Children : 

i. Doris May. horn Aug. 19, 1926, at Utica, X. Y. 

ii. Beverly Ruth, born Oct. 26. \'>27. at East Rochester, Y. Y. 

hi. Bruce Douglas, horn Feb. 21, ]'>29, at Greece, N. Y. 


HOWARD BENTON, (Olin Ho ward 243) born Schuy- 
lerville, N. Y., April 27. 1893; married at Philadelphia, Pa., 
on March 23, 1918, to Orca Zora, daughter of Henry J. and 
Martha C. E. Mutton Miller, born Mechanicsburg, Pa., Aug. 
15, 1884. 

Howard became blind at the age of five from spinal men- 
ingitis. He received his education in the Batavia Institution 
for the Blind and in the Pennsylvania School for the I Hind 
at Overbrook, Philadelphia, Pa. Subsequently he attended 
the University of Pennsylvania and received the degree of 
A. B. from this university. In spite of his blindness he went 
back and forth to the university alone from the suburb of 
Overbrook, and graduated with honors from the university. 
He then became a stenographer, typist, and editor of the 
house magazine at the Atlantic Refining Company. In ad- 
dition he organized a magazine subscription business of con- 
siderable volume. His wife, Orca. is a musician and an active 
church worker. Residence. 540 East Mayland St.. German- 
town, Philadelphia, Pa. 


i. Howard Benton. Jr.. horn Nov. 25. 1918, at Philadelphia, Pa. 


ROBERT WILLIAM, (Olin Howard 243) born Aug. 7. 
1898, at Malone, X. Y. ; married May 14. 1024. at Philadel- 
phia, Pa., to Beatrice Swain, daughter of James Swain and 


Mary M. Hollingshead Ross of Cape May Court House \ 

J., born April 13, 1898. 

Robert, after completing his secondary education, re- 
ceived the degree of A. B. from Haverford University. Later 

he organized and became president and treasurer of the 
Marine Transportation Company, Philadelphia, Pa. This 
company did a large business in the transportation of fuel 
oil and gasoline. His wife, Beatrice, is a gifted woman with 
many friends. She is a member of the 1). A. R. and takes an 
active part in many civic undertakings. Residence, 1350 
Indian Creek Drive, Philadelphia, Pa. No children. 


EDWARD HORTON, (Olin Howard 243) born July 2, 
1908, at Philadelphia, Pa.; married Jan. 3, 1931, at Harris- 
burg, Pa., to Miriam Edith, daughter of Ross Franklin and 
Ida E. Husson Barr of Lancaster City, Pa., born Dec. 19, 

After completing his secondary education, Edward re- 
ceived the degree of A.B. from the University of Pennsyl- 
vania. He then became assistant placement officer and 
bookkeeper for the Pennsylvania School for the Blind at 
Overbrook, Philadelphia, Pa. Residence, 421 South 43rd 
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 


i. Miriam Ellen, born Lancaster City, Pa., Aug. 22, 1931. 


MILDRED LOIS, (William Miller 244) born Dec. 17, 
1900, at Chili, N. Y. ; married Sept. 3, 1932, at Phoenix, N. 
Y., to Richard Ivan, son of Harry and Ida Max- Llorne 
Sawyer of Martville, N. Y., born July 12, 1905. 

After completing her secondary education, Mildred helped 
her father in his department store at Fulton, N. Y. Subse- 
quently she worked for the MacMillan Company in Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. She is a woman of gentle and lovable tempera- 
ment and strong character. Mr. Sawyer is also with the 
MacMillan Company. Residence, 42 Downes Street, Bald- 
winsville, N. Y. 

Child of Mildred Lois and Richard I. Sawyer: 
i. Richard Ivan, Jr., horn Nov. 3, 1938. 




NORMAN WILLIAM, (William Miller 244) horn May 
4, 1903, at LeRoy, N. Y.; married Oct. 23. 1930. at Suray, 
\'a., to Louise Camille, daughter of Charles Joseph and Ca- 
mille Louise (Nolard) Oarvev, of Arlington, \'a., horn Jan. 
31, 1905. 

After completing his secondary education. Norman he- 
came identified with the retail distribution of gasoline and 
oil. Later he joined his brother Elmer in his husiness at Ful- 
ton, N. Y. His wife Louise is an employee of the Federal 
Government. Residence, 510 South Fifth Avenue. Fulton, 
N. Y. 

Children : 

i. Norman Miller, bom Sept. 16, 1932. Syracuse. 
ii. Hugh Garvey, born Jan. 8, 1934, Fulton. 


ELMER OLIN. (William Miller 244) born Jan. 6, 1907. 
at Leroy, N. Y.; married Aug. 16, 1 ( '2~, at Fulton, X. Y., to 
Dorothy Carolyn, daughter of George and Nellie (Stratton) 
McKay', horn Fulton, N. Y.. Nov. S. 190S. 

After completing his secondary education. Elmer hecame 
interested in retail distribution of gasoline and oil and suh- 
sequently hecame the manager of a local distribution busi- 
ness at Fulton. X. Y. Dorothy is a capable woman with 
many friends. Residence, 118 West 4th Street. Fulton, X. Y. 

Children : 

i. Richard McKay, born May 6, 1930. 
ii. Carolyn Kay. born July 1. 1933. 
iii. Barbara Jean, born May 7, 1934. 


CLAYTON MELVILLE, (William 244 . born LeRoy, 

N. Y., on Feh. 18, 1913; married June 26, 1936, to Arres Isa- 
belle. daughter of Andrew Burns and Helen May ( Hosmer) 
Henderson, horn April IS. 1912, at Baldwinsville, X. Y. One 
child, Bruce Burns, horn April 15. 1939, at Syracuse. X. Y. 

After completing his secondary education, Clayton iden- 
tified himself with the husiness of retail distribution in com- 
munities in Onondoga County. Arres Isabelle is an attractive 
girl and a capable school teacher, with many friends. 

Residence, 202 Xew Castle Road, Syracuse, X. Y. 



PHYLLIS LOUISE, (Bailey Barton 247) born April 30, 
1910; married at Schroon Lake, N. Y., on Aug. 25. 1930, to 
Joseph Clifford, son of Fred Bennett and Edith L. (Shaver) 
Baker, born Oct. 16, 1907, at Oxford, N. Y. 

Phyllis received her secondary education at Gorton High 
School, Yonkers, N. Y. She then entered Cornell Univer- 
sity. She was married, however, before she completed her 
university work. Her husband, Joseph Baker, graduated 
from Cornell University as a sanitary engineer. He became 
identified with the Chicago and Cook County Sanitary Com- 
mission and subsequently with the National Cash Register 
Company at Dayton, Ohio. Residence, 145 Rockhill Ave., 
Dayton, Ohio. 

Children : 

i. Allen Lee Baker, born Jan. 24. 1939, Dayton, Ohio. 


ALAN HOGARTH, (Bailey Barton 247) born Jan. 5, 
1914; married at Rochester, N. Y., on Oct. 16, 1937, to* Mabel 
Elinor, daughter of Frank Edgar and Jessie Mae Henrv 
Pine, born Oct. 29, 1915, at West Hoosic, N. Y. 

Alan received his secondary education at Saunders Trade 
School, a technical high school in Yonkers, N. Y. He then 
attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy, N. Y., 
where he received the degree of electrical engineer. He 
then became identified with Eastman Kodak Company in 
Rochester, N. Y. His wife, Mabel, was a trained nurse, edu- 
cated in Troy, N. Y. Child, Barbara Jean, born May 6, 1940. 

Residence, 52 Clearview Road, Rochester, N. Y. 


HAZEL HORTON, (Bailey Barton 247) born May 6, 
1915; married May 1, 1937, to Irving Oscar, son of Arthur 
Oscar and Louise Hoffman Oehler, born July 11, 1911, at 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

Hazel received her secondary education at Yonkers High 
School, Yonkers, N. Y. She then entered Swarthmore Uni- 
versity. Before completing her work, however, she was mar- 
ried to Mr. Oehler, a metallurgical engineer, who graduated 



from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. After marriage they 
went to Buffalo, X. Y., where Mr. Oehler is identified with 
the Repuhlic Steel Co. 

Residence, 738 Egbert Road, Buffalo, X. Y. 

i. Marion Louise, born Sept. 11. 193''. 


BAILEY BARTON, [R. (Bailey B. 247) born at 
Yonkers, X. Y.. March 20, 1917; married August 26, 1939, 
at Batavia, N. Y., to Dorethea Evelyn, daughter of John and 
Zuzanna K. Kutka, horn Yonkers, X. Y., Aug. 26, 1917. 
Bailey Jr. graduated from Yonkers High School. He then 
attended Antioch College for one year and Rensselaer Poly- 
technic Institute for two years. He left Rensselaer to accept 
a position with the Lap]) Insulator Co. in LeRoy, X. Y. His 
wife, Dorethea, also graduated from Yonkers High School. 
She received the degree of B. A. from the Sarah Lawrence 
College. Residence (1939) Batavia, X. Y. 


MERTON E., (Earl II. 24S) born at LeRoy, X. Y.. on 
Dec. 5. 1905; married at Greenwich, Conn., on Oct. 14, 1927, 
to Agnes Ragsdale. daughter <>f Lewis Seymore and Louise 
Messenger Dorntee, born March 8, 1898, at Boston, Mass. 

After completing his secondary education, Merton be- 
came a salesman of automobiles in Yonkers, X. Y. Subse- 
quently he was in the real estate business in Greenwich, 
Conn. About 1930 he moved with his family to a farm in 
Charlottesville, \'a. His wife is a spirited woman and an 
admirable mother. 

Children : 

i. Stuart Dorntkk. born Sept. 5. 1928, at New York, X. Y. 
ii. Merton Randolph, born May 21. 1930, New York. X. Y. 


RUTH STUART (Earl Hart 248) born at LeRoy, X. Y.. 
on Nov. 22. 1909; married at Miami, Fla., on June 2?. 1934. 
to Franz Hahr, son of Joseph Spencer and Selma Hahr 
Stewart, born Sept. 6, 1906, at Athens. ( la. 

Ruth completed her secondary education in the high 


schools of Yonkers, N. Y. She was much interested in musi : 
and carried on her musical education in New York City, in- 
cluding work at the Juillard School of Music. After marry- 
ing Dr. Stewart, who was graduated from Columbia Medi- 
cal School, they moved to Miami, Fla., where Dr. Stewart 
has a wide practice as a physician. 
Children : 

i. Franz Hahr, Jr., born May 16, 1935, Miami, Wade Co., Fla. 

ii. Earl Spencer, bom Oct. 11, 1938, Miami. Wade Co., Fla. 


horn Feb. 9, 1896, at Rochester, N. Y. ; married June 5, 1919, 
to Leona, daughter of James and Gertrude Draffin, horn 
July 4, 1898. *Harold was manager of a large fruit farm at 
Fairport, N. Y., for many years, and now operates his own 
farm** at Hilton, N. Y., where all his children were horn. 
Children : 

i. Margaret Francelia, born Dec. 21, 1921. 

ii. Bernice Frances, born May 11, 1926. 

iii. Ralph Setii, born Sept. 4, 1928. 


MAHLON WEED 1NGRAHAM (Grace A. 250) horn 
Jan. 10, 1898; married Dec. 5, 1922, to Dorice, daughter of 
Ernest and Fannie Wadsworth of Hilton, N. Y., horn in Sid- 
ney, Australia, Sept. 15, 1892; died Feb. 1, 1932. Mahlon has 
been manager of farms at Hilton, N. Y., and now works for 
the A. A. A. 
Children : 

i. Robert Paul, born June 21, 1924, at Wadesboro, N. C. 
ii. Shirley May, born June 28, 1928, at Rochester, N. Y. 


VINCENT INGRAHAM (Grace A. 250) born Nov. 28, 
1899; narried April 11, 1922, to Leora, daughter of Samuel 
and Jeannette Ireland, born Dec. 2, 1901, at Clarkson, N. Y. 

*During World War Harold was enlisted in U. S. Army Sept. 11, 1917. Served in 
France from April 1918 to June 1919. Was member of Machine Gun Co. of 82d 

*This is the farm formerly owned by Thomas Burritt (No. 99) and later by his 
daughter, Hattie Unger. Thomas was the brother of Harold's great-great-grandfather. 



Vincent has operated farms at Hilton, X. Y., and now works 
at Eastman Kodak, Rochester, X. Y. 


i. [eannette Grace, born Feb. 20, 1923. 

ii. Marilyn Joan, born April 20, 1924. 

iii. Richard Vincent, Jr.. burn March 21, 1925. 

iv. Beryl Eunice, born Feb. 8, 1932. 


PAUL BURTON [NGRAHAM, (Grace A. 250) born 

Sept. 17, 1901; married Feb. 2/. 1922. to Julia, daughter of 
Charles and Grace kincaid, born Sept. 23, 1900. Paul oper- 
ates the dairy and fruit farm of Loretta Williams | No. 179), 
granddaughter of Giles, across the road from the old home- 
stead on the Burritt road. He is an active Farm Bureau 
member and local Committeeman for the Conservation Pr 
gram (A.A.A.) 


i. Betty Jean, born Feb. 5, 1923. 



born Feb/. 1, 1904; married Dec. 31, 1923, to Earl, son of 
Webster and Lydia Hawkins of Spencerport, X. Y.. born 

May 20, 1X95. Earl works in the Eastman Kodak plant at 
Rochester, X. Y. 

Child of Elizabeth and Earl Hawkins: 
i. David Howard, born July 2?>, 1928. 


born May 11, 1906; married Oct. 1, 1926, to Yernard R.. son 
of Vernard and Mattie Johncox, born April 17. 1903. at Wal- 
worth, N. Y. They are farmers at PennYan, X. Y. 

Children of Frances B. and Vernard R. Johncox: 
i. Aubrey LaYeRne, born fnne 15, 1927. 
ii. Verne. Jr.. born April 18, 1930. 
iii. Elizabeth May, born Aug. 30, 1931. 
iv. Lily Mae, born July 22. 1934. 
v. Audrey Frances, born Oct. 14. 1936. 
vi. Jack R.. born Feb. 16. 1938. 
vii. Jacqueline Grace, born April 26. 1939. 



ELTON GEORGE INGRAHAM, (Grace A. 250) born 
May 19, 1909; married March 31, 1934, to Jeanette, daughter 
of Charles and Olive Ross, born Feb. 22, 1910. Elton is a 
mechanic in a garage and lives at San Luis Obispo, Calif. 


i. Michael Ross, born Aug. 5, 1937. 


BURTON TERRELL (Eldon Grant 252) born Chicago, 
111., Aug. 24, 1899; married Aug. 1, 1937, to Myrtle Arm- 
strong". Burton Terrell graduated from Greenville College 
in 1919, studied journalism at Northwestern University at 
Evanston, 111. He taught in Greenville College two years. 
He became editorial writer for the Courier, Waterloo, Iowa, 
and since 1930 has been city editor for the same paper. Child, 
John Giles, born Dec. 7, 1939. 


263) born June 24, 1891, at Chanute, Kans.; died Jan. 22, 
1937, at Chico, Calif.; married June 18, 1911, to Wendall H. 
Oliver; born Tan. 2, 18S9, son of Elijah and Mary Oliver. 
Children of Bertha H. and Wendell H. Oliver: 

i. Leo Lynn, born April 13, 1912, at Alicel, Ore. ; married May 31, 
1935, to Dorcas, born March 1, 1912, daughter of Marcus and 
Dorcas Sloan. Graduate of Chico State Normal School. Teacher. 
1939 address, Quincy, Calif. Children: (1) John Wayne, born 
Sept. 17. 1937. (2) Margaret Susan, born Dec. 14, 1938. 
ii. Laveta Gladys, born Jan. 20, 1914, at Alicel, Ore. ; married April 
11, 1936, Louis, born Oct. 3, 1912, son of John William and 
Margaret Tescher. 1939 address, Chico, Calif. Children: (1) 
Robert Louis, born Nov. 21, 1937. (2) Nancy L., born Oct. 24, 

iii. Gordon Wendall, born Nov. 8, 1916, at Alicel, Ore. ; married 
May 7, 1937, to Esther, born April 8, 1917, daughter of Lester 
and Mary Belle Bramell, salesman Shell (Oil Company, Chico, 
Calif. Child: James Gordon, born Sept. 23, 1938. 

iv. Giles Ernest, born Sept. 26, 1918, at Prescott, Wash. Graduate 
Chico State Normal School. Teacher, Chico, Calif. 

v. Mary Carolyn, born Dec. 14. 1925, at Princeton, Calif. 



GLADYS LEE VAN HOUSEN, (Carrie Estella 263) 
born Jan. 2?, 1893, at Elgin, Ore.; married May 3, 1925, to 
Robert Harold, born Sept. 11, 1898, son of Merton and Lily 
Frampton, beauty operator, 1939 address 3415 X. E. Stan- 
ton Street. Portland, Ore. No children. 


GILES DANIEL VAN HOUSEN, (Carrie Estella 263) 
born Feb. 9, 1895, at Elgin, Ore.; married Aug. 17. 1917. to 
Edlie, born Oct. IK, 1X97. daughter of Alex and Mary Smith 
at Elgin. Farmer. 1939 address Union, Ore. 

Children : 

i. Verle Earlene, born July 11, 1918, at Alkel. Ore. 
ii. Robert Dale, born I He 14. 1919, at LaGrande, Ore. 
iii. Neal Charles, born March 8, 1921, at Union, Ore. 
iv. Leon Lowell, born May 4. 1925. at Union, Ore. 
v. Dona Marie, born Feb. 14. 1928, at Hot Lake. ( )re. 


PANSY LOY VAN HOUSEN, (Carrie Estella 263) bom 
Oct. 2. 1899. at Elgin, Ore.: married June 16, 1937, to Ru- 
dolph Gordon, born Oct. 18, 1894, son of Frederick and 
Fredericke \Wvg. ( iraduate of Oregon Normal School and 
University of Oregon. Teacher. 1939 address 3964 X. Mas- 
sachusetts Avenue, Portland, Ore. No children. 


Estella 263) born Dec. 12. 1904: married June 8, 1935, to 
Lily, born May 4. 1913, daughter of Jacob and tngrid Kier- 
nan. mechanic. 1939 address 2839 S. E. 35th Avenue, Port- 
land, Ore. 

Children : 

i. Richard Arnold, bom Nov. 23. 1937. 

ii. Carol Lee. born Aug. 8. 1938. 


MARY FRANCES PLASS. fBayard 266) born Time 3 
1895: married March 3. 1919. to Frederick Lynwood, son of 
Toseph F. and Corie Lynwood Topping, born Sept. 19. 1895. 


Home Fort Shafter, Honolulu, Hawaii, where three living 
children are in school. 

Children of Mary Frances and Frederick L. Topping: 

i. Virginia Lee, born Dec. 16, \9V). Attended William and Mary 
College in Virginia, University of Hawaii in Honolulu. Now 
completing a course in Wolfe School of Design in Honolulu. 

ii. Frederick Lynwood, born May 19, 1925. 

iii. Russell Joseph, born March 22, 1927. 

iv. Mary Frances, born May 16, 1933; died Sept. ( K 1933. 


BEATRICE PLASS, (Bayard 256) horn March 19, 1897; 
unmarried. Graduated from State Teachers College, Bel- 
lington, Wash., 1922. After teaching- for a time she engaged 
in business and is now the owner and operator of a specialty 
shop. Home (1939) 5016 University Way, Seattle, Wash. " 


MYRTLE L. PLASS, (Bayard T. 266) born Oct. 1, 1898; 
married April 13, 1922, to Charles, son of Alice White and 
Thomas Coulbert, born March 14, 1893. Residence (1939) 
1061 Mercer St., Seattle, Wash. 

Child of Myrtle L. and Charles Coulbert : 
i. Clifford, born Jan. 9, 1923. 


MARGARET PLASS, (Bayard 266) born July 29, 1902; 
married March 19. 1932, to Albert M.. son of Myron Arthur 
and Maud Eva (Atkin) Dodge, born July 17, 1910. Home 
(1939) 4112 46th Ave., Seattle, Wash. ' 

Children of Margaret and Albert M. Dodge: 
i. Daniel David, born Feb. 1, 1933. 
ii. Joy Lynn, born May 31, 1938. 


HELEN LORETTA PLASS, (Bayard 266) born April 
27, 1904; married June 10, 1930, to Steuen Peter, son of 
Steuen and Mary Strom Von Essen, born Aug. 19. 1900. He 
is a painter. They reside at Mountain View, Calif. 
Children of Helen Loretta and S. Peter Yon Essen: 
i. Donald, born Feb. 14, 1934. 
ii. Lee, born Sept. 9, 1937. 
iii. Gerald, born Sept. 16, 1939. 



ELIZABETH PI. ASS. | Bayard 266) born May 21, 1906; 
married Aug. 13, 1928, to Herbert Eugene, son of Charles 
Hunter, born Dec. 3, 1908. Herbert is a crane operator. They 
reside at 1432 McHugh Avenue, Enumclaw, Wash. 

Children of Elizabeth (Plass) and Herbert Hunter: 
i. Robert Howard, born May 17, 1929. 
ii. Donald John, born Dec. 24. 1^30. 
iii. Do re. i. ass Herbert, born May 10. 1934. 


KATHERINE PLASS, I Bayard 266) born Nov. 1, 1907; 
married (first) April 19, 1926 to Richard, son of William 
Charles and Mary Easterday Hazen. Divorced in January 
1935; married (second) July 13, 1935. to William, son of 
Anna and Carl Jeppesen, born June 2. \x { )?. William is a 
Captain in the Reserve Corps, United States Army and com- 
mander of a Civilian Conservation Corps camp. They reside 
(1939) at 304 X. 149th Street. Seattle. Washington. Helen, 
daughter of Richard Hazen was adopted by William Jeppe- 

Child of Katherine (Plass) and Richard Hazen: 
i. Helen Carol Hazen, born Nov. 19, 1928. 

Child of Katherine ( I Mass) and William Jeppesen: 
ii. Susan Marie Wilhelmina, born June 17. 1937. 


RUSSELL I". PLASS, I Bayard T. 266) born August 21, 

1910; married Nov. 2. 1935. to Helen, daughter of John and 
Anna (Perhonen) Lasonen, born Sept. 18, 1914. Russell is 
an engineer. He lives at Black Diamond, Wash. 


i. Pricilla Anne, horn May 12. 1937. 


NETTIE DUNBAR, I Nina Elizabeth 271 | Born Feb. 11. 
1892, at Hilton. X. Y.; married July 1912 to James Cotter, 
born Aug. 7, 1882. 

Children of X^ettie and James Cotter: 
i. Alvah \\\. born Jan. 25. 1913. 
ii. Esther, born Feb. 2. 1915; died Tan. 18, 1923. 


iii. Donald, born March 31, 1917. 
iv. Elsie, born March 20, 1919. 
v. Wesley, born Dec. 12, 1920. 
vi. Matilda, born June 29, 1922. 
vii. Samuel, born May 25, 1925. 
viii. Harriett, born Dec. 22, 1927. 
ix. Ora. born April 26, 1929. 
x. Annabelle, born Jan. 7, 1931. 
xi. Bettie, born July 8, 1935. 


SARAH CORDELIA, (Elmer Dexter 272) horn April 20, 
1886, at Convis, Michigan; married March 15, 1905, at Belle- 
vue, Mich., to Ralph William King of Holton, Midi., horn 
March 11, 1878. Farmer at Bellevue, Mich. 

Children of Sarah C. and Ralph W. King: 

i. Charles Elmer, born Sept. 17, 1905; married June 29, 1929, to 
Margaret Frances McLennan. Child : ( 1 ) Carol Ann, born 
Dec. 21, 1938. Steam fitter. 1940 address, 110 Lathrop Street. 
Battle Creek, Mich. 

ii. Grace Francelia, born March 16, 1907; married Nov. 28, 1935, 
to Ernest Eldon Halbert. Children : ( 1 ) Karl Eldon, born 
Sept. 10. 1936. (2) Dale Brooks, born Sept. 17, 1937. (3) Paul 
King, born Aug. 29, 1939. Farmer at Battle Creek, Mich. 

iii. Ruth Julia, born Nov. 8, 1908. 


SEELEY J., (Elmer D. 2'2) horn April 3, 1890; married 
Jan. 20, 1915, to Mattie Hickman. Mechanic. Soldier in 
World War of 1914. Now in Veterans' Hospital, Dearborn, 


i. Dorothy, born Oct. 27, 1915 ; married Nov. 11, 1933, to Lawrence 
Boodv. Children: (1) Theodore Robert, born Oct. 15, 1934. 
(2) Gerald David, born Dec. 31, 1939. Laborer. 1940 address. 
816 Maple Street, Marshall, Mich. 


MAURICE BERRIDGE. (Elmer D. 272) born Jan. 25. 
1897; married June 11, 1931, to Mildred (Cooley) Ball. 
Farmer. 1940 address Augusta, Mich. 


i. Anna Marie, born Dec. 14, 1931. 



JAMES MASON, (Elmer D.272) born July 6, 1905;mar- 
ried August 12, 1927. to Reah Sanders. Laborer. 1940 ad- 
dress Bellevue, Mich. 
Children : 

i. Dene Mason, born Aug. 27. 1931 ; died Dec. 10. 1931. 
ii. Betty Jam:, horn Oct. 19. 1933. 
iii. Larry Lee, born May 20, 1936. 


NETTIE FIDEMA, < Luther \V. 274) born Feb. 17. 1900; 

married Aug. 10. 1921, to John Dixon. Salesman. 1940 ad- 
dress Michigan Center. Mich. 

Children of Nettie Fidema and John Dixon: 
i. Jack Jr.. born Nov. 18, 1922. 
ii. Leonard Paul, born May 20, 1924. 


MERILLA GERTRUDE, (Luther W. 274) born Nov. 7, 

1902; married Sept. 1. 1923. to Lewis Strickland. Bus driver. 
1940 address Lansing, Mich. 

Children of Merilla Gertrude and Lewis Strickland: 
i. Donald Lewis, born Nov. 27. 1926. 
ii. Doris Lavon, born Nov. 18. 1927; died Sept 2.\ 1928. 
iii. Wanda Dorine, born Dec. 21, 1929. 
iv. Gertrude Ann. born June6, 1 (, 34. 


MYRTLE GENEVIEVE, | Luther W. 274) born Nov. 7. 

19Q2; married first time June 20, 1920, t<> Lester Raymer; 
married second time, Dec. IS. 1 ( ;2(>. t<> Leo Davidson. Truck 
driver. 1940 address Bellevue. Mich. 

Children of Myrtle Genevieve and Lester Raymer: 
i. Virginia Arlene, born April 1, 1921. 
ii. Vivian Irene, born March 14. 1922; married Sept. 2. 1939. to 

Max Bowen. 1940 address. Marshall, Mich. 
iii. Lester Clyde (Bud), born Sept. 5. 1 Q 23. 
Children of Myrtle Genevieve and Leo Davidson: 
iv. Deo Rurrett. born Aitg. 1. 1 Q 29. 



ORPHA LODEMA, (Luther \Y. 274) born Jan. 1, 1905; 
married June 30, 1923, to Dale Figley. Bus driver. 1940 ad- 
dress, Lansing, Mich. 

Children of Orpha Lodema and Dale Figley: 
i. Robert Dale, born Dec. 26, 1925. 
ii, Richard Dale, born Sept. 7 1935. 


July 22, 1880, at Adams Basin, N. Y. ; married May 11. 1903, 
Georgia Ludden of Detroit, Mich., at Buffalo, born Mav 17, 

Child of Nelson C. and Georgia Parmalee: 

i. Dorothy Cora, born Feb. 15, 1904, at Buffalo, N. Y. 


HIRAM PARMALEE, (Cora 281) born Aug. 22. 1883, 
at Adams Basin, N. Y. ; married Ian. 12, 1903, Nancy Pearce 
of Acton, England, at Buffalo, N. Y. 

Children : 

i. Ellen M., born Nov. 7, 1904, at Buffalo, 
ii. Irene M., born July 3, 1911, at Buffalo. 


287) born Dec. 30, 1879; married first time Nov. 15, 1897, at 
Hector, N. Y., to loseph E., son of Georg'e and Betsy Sparks, 
born Sept. 10, 1879 (divorced Dec. 3, 1908) ; married second 
time Nov. 15, 1909, to Jesse Dyke, son of Parley and Adeline 
Burnap of Hornby, N. Y., born March 25, 1886. Jesse is an 
assembler of air compressors at the Ing-ersoll-Rand Works 
at Painted Post, N. Y. They reside at Corning", N. Y. 
Child of Frances A. and Joseph E. Sparks : 

i. Sarah Lauretta, born Oct. 10, 1900; married Sept. 6, 1915, to 
William Francis, son of William and Mattie Moore, born Nov. 
6, 1896. Children: (1) William Francis. Jr., born Jan. 20. 
1918; married Sept. 30, 1939, to Bessie Virginia, daughter of 
Bert Scoutin, born Sept. 25, 1927. (2) Robert Elbert Jesse, 
born April 19. (3) Bernard Junar, born April 16. 1924. (4) 
Donald Edmund, born Nov. 30, 1931. (5) Mary Elizabeth, 
born Dec. 1. 1939. 1939 residence, Corning. N. Y. William 


Francis, Jr., is an electric welder at the [ngersoll-Rand works. 
making three generations of their family who work for this 

Child of Frances A. and Jesse I). Burnap: 
ii. Richard La Verne, horn ( >ct. 28, 1911 ; married May 28, 1938, 
to Beatrice Helen, daughter of Harry and Helen Kilburn, horn 
March 21, 1919. Child: Larry Richard, horn June 30. 1939. 
Richard is an assembler of valves at the En^ersoll-Rand works at 
Painted Post. X. Y. They reside at Corning, X. Y. 


SARAH ANNA RICHARDSON, (Minnie L. 2*7) bora 
March 25, 1883, at Hector, X. Y.: married June 26, 1901, at 
Corning, X. Y., to Charles Hubert, son of James and Hattie 
Wainwright, horn Jan. 16, 1880. Charles works for the In- 
gersoll-Rand Works at Painted Post, X. Y. 1939 residence 
at Corning, X. Y. N<> children. 


287) horn Max 5, 1887, at Dix, X. Y.: married June 19, 1907, 
at Corning, X. Y.. to Ida May, daughter of William and 
Viola Taylor, horn July 31, 1889, at Erwin, X. Y. William 
is a plumber. They reside at Corning. 

i. Clifford Lawrence, born July 10. 1915; married ( >ct. 23, 1931, 
to Cora Bell, daughter of William and Cora Eves, born Aug. 
16, 1912. Children: i 1 ) Clifford Lawrence, Jr., born Sept. 6. 
1932. (2) Robert Carrolton, born Feb. 2. 1934. Clifford works 
in a ] taper mill and resides at Penn Yan. X. \ . 



born Sept. 15. 1890, at Corning, X. Y.: died July 27. 1920: 
married March 16, 1912. to Eva V., daughter of John and 
Mary Vanettin, horn Jan. 31, 1885; died July 27, 1920. Both 
John and Eva were killed by a train at Gibson, X*. Y. John 
was a glass blower. No children. 


NELLIE AMANDA RICHAK1 )S( )X. (Minnie L. 287) 
born July 3, 1S93: married June 16, 1915, to Lorenzo Lee. 
son of James and Hattie Wainwright, horn Sept. 13. 1S89. 


Lorenzo works for New York Central Railroad at Corning, 
N. Y. They reside at Cooper's, N. Y. 

Children of Nellie A. and Lorenzo L. Wainwright : 

i. Everett Hubert, bom March 8, 1916; married [une 21, 1936, 
to Gladys, daughter of Charles and Belle Wilson, hum Aug. 
27, 1916. Children: Richard Lee. born May 3, 1937. (2) 
Betty Jane, horn July 16, 1938. Garage man at Corning. X. V. 

ii. Winona Anna, horn March 4, 1919. 

iii. Verona Lawrence, born Feb. 6, 1921. 

iv. Clifton Donald, born Aug. 15, 1922; died Dec. 6, 1922. 

v. Marjorie Thelma, born July 28, 1925. 

vi. Paul Benjamin, born Feb. 28, 1927. 

vii. Louis Neville, born July 24, 1928. 

viii. Kieth Lee, born April 26, 1936; died June 7, 1937. 


287) born May 15, 1897; married April 16, 1919, to Man- 
Alice, daughter of Anna and Charles Andrews, born April 
5, 1896. Frederick, though a glass blower by trade, now op- 
erates a gas station at Corning, N. Y., where he resides. 


i. Juanita Anna, born Nov. 28, 1919; married Aug. 6, 1939, to 

Eldee, son of Mary and Luther Andrews, born Dec. 15, 1918. 

Eldee is an electric lineman at Corning. N. Y. 
ii. Ruth Alice, born March 2, 1928. 


JESSIE MAY RICHARDSON, (Minnie L. 287) born 
Feb. 3, 1901; died Feb. 20, 1926; married May 16, 1916, to 
Thomas Warner, son of Thomas and Anna Hopkins, born 
June 17, 1894. After the death of Jessie the children were 
placed in orphan homes. Thomas is a truck driver and lives 
at Elmira, N. Y. 

Children of Jessie M. and Thomas Hopkins: 

i. Elizabeth LaVerne, born April 1, 1918; married; one son. 
ii. Nestor Warner, born June 20. 1920: married; two children, 
iii. John Hallowell, horn April 11. 1922. 
iv. Louise Maye, born June 13, 1925. 


born March 23, 1906; died April 1. 1929; married May 11, 
1923, to Benjamin, son of George and Minnie Crumm, born 

232 BURR] T T FA M I L Y 

April 18, 1898. Ben is a fireman on the New York Central 

Railroad. After Thelma's death, Nora and Bennie, Jr., lived 
with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wainwright in Corning, X. Y. 

Children of Thelma H. and Benjamin Crunnn: 
i. Nora, born Nov. 30, 1923. 
ii. Bennie, Jr.. bom Dec. 8, 1925; died Dec. 27. 1927. 


ALBERT P. FOSMIRE, (Edward 309) born Spencer- 
port. X. Y.. Nov. 4. 1903; married on April 15. 1922, to Cath- 
erine Smith, horn Spencerport, X. Y.. March 2?, 1903. Al- 
bert is undertaker in the firm of Walker Brothers of Spen- 
cerport, X. Y. 

Children : 

i. Edward I'., born < >ct. 12, 1924, at Spencerport, X. Y. 
Albert II. Jr., born July 1. \92<>. at Spencerport, X. Y. 
Anna Lorraine, died miuhlt. 



CHARLES HENRY, i Ralph Alexander 322) born May 
12, 1914; married Aug. 21, 1936, to Marion Osborn, horn 
Sept. 26, 1913, daughter of Stephen L. and Mary i < rangloff) 



i. Cheryl Ruth, lxirn Aug. 9, LM9. 


CEORCE EVANS, ( Lewis L. 327) born in York County, 
near Williamsburg, \'a.. Nov. 4, 1898; married March 1. 
1934, at Florence. Ala., Mrs. Ida Reid (Calhoun) hutch who 
was born at Nashville, Term.. Oct. 18, 1907. She is a daugh- 
ter of Tyler Calhoun, who was horn at Nashville July 26, 
1866, and who married June 2. 1892. at ( ireensboro, Ala.. Ida 
Josephine Reid. She was horn at Nashville, Term., Sept. 25, 
1866, a daughter of George Hilary and Caroline (French) 
Reid. Tyler Calhoun's parents were I reorge Reid and Marie 
(Roberts) Calhoun. 

George Evans Burritt attended the University of Illinois 
from 1918 to Nov. 1. 1921, when he decided to take the ex- 
amination for Lieutenant in the army, he having seen service 
in the S. A. T. C. at the university during the World War. 


Enlisted as private in S. A. T. C, University <>f Illinois 
Oct. 19, 1918. Commissioned 2nd Lieut. Field Artillery, U 
S. Army, Nov. 1, 1921; 1st Lieut. November, 1921.' I),, 
charged 1st Lieut, and commissioned 2nd Lieut. Nov. 22. 
1922". 1st Lieut. |an. 27, 1927, Captain Aug. 1, 1935. Major 
July 1, 1940. 


i. Ida Calhoun, born Oct. 7, 1926. Born to Ida C. Burritt, of her 
previous marriage and adopted by George E. Burritt after their 


LEWIS EVERETT, (Lewis L. 327) born in York 
County, near Williamsburg-, Va., April 4, 1901 ; married June 
25, 1925, at San Francisco, Calif., Hazel Elizabeth Marr, 
who was born in Chicago, 111., Feb. 2, 1903. 

She is a daughter of William Low Marr who was born 
Sept. 29, 1869, and his wife Belle ( Searl ) Marr who was born 
Dec. 22, 1878. Hazel was educated in the Oak Park, 111., 
schools and graduated at the University of Illinois in the 
class of 1924.' 

Lewis Everett graduated from Rockford High School and 
from the University of Illinois in the class of 1923. Soon 
after graduation he entered the employ of the Simmons Bed 
Co., in their foreign trade department at their Chicago 

He was soon sent to San Francisco as their foreign repre- 
sentative there and later to Honolulu, T. H., where the fam- 
ily now resides. 


i. Lewis Everett, born Aug. 11, 1926, at San Francisco, Calif. 
ii. Richard William, born Aug. 21, 1931, at Honolulu. T. II. 


IESSE DAVID, (Lewis L. 327) born York County, neat 
Williamsburg. Va., May 19. 1903. 


ROY WILLIAM, (Roy Walter 328) born at the Burritt 
Farm Homestead in Owen Township, Winnebago County. 
Illinois, March 20, 1909; married in 1929 Lucille Bainbridge. 


who was born Feb. 21, 1908, in Winnebago County, Illinois. 

She is a daughter of Frank Alvin, (born Rockford, 111.. 
July 9, 1878) and Martha (Smith) Bainbridge (born March 
22, 1882). 

William and Lucille are living in Rockford. 111., where he 
has a position with the Central Illinois (las & Electric Co. 


i. Richard William, born May 25, 1930. 
ii. Louwane, born May 17. 1932. 


ROBERT ELVIDGE, (Roy Walter 328) born June 19, 
1918; married July 6, 1940, Jeanette Watts who was born 
April 1, 1917, daughter of George and Harriet Watts of 
Burritt Township near Rockford, 111. Jeanette is a graduate 
of Rockford High School and of Brown's Business College, 
and has been holding a secretarial position. 

Robert graduated from Rockford High School and is 
with an automobile accessor}- firm. The limne is in Rock- 


BURNELL OLIVER, (Walter R. 331) born March 12. 

1910, in Rockford. 111.; married first time Dec. 3, 1928. Mar- 
garet Wilson, who was born Aug. 17, 1910. She was a daugh- 
ter of Max and (Catherine (Magee) Wilson. He married a 
second time Feb. 19. 1938, Elva Mae Sherbnn wh<> was born 
Jan. 19, 1918. She is a daughter of Ward I. and Effie Mae 
(Stoler) Sherbon. Lives at Cleveland, Ohio. 


i. Jack Oliver, born July 19, 192". 
ii. Joan Ruth, born Jan. 26. 1931. 
iii. Barbara Lee. born Jan. 4. 1 ( >32. 


STANLEY CLARK. (Arthur Winfield 341) born in 
Bridgeport. Conn.. May 13, 1893; married Jan. 7. 1921. Lydia 
Mather, who was born Feb. 10, 1899. She is a daughter of 


Arthur and Fanny (Loomis) Mather, and was born at 1 [art- 
ford, Conn. Her father died Aug. 5, 1934. 

i. Dwight Calvin, born July 8, 1922. 
ii. Jane Clark, born April 29, 1924. 
iii. Chapin Mather, born July 2, 1926. 

Mr. Burritt succeeded his father in the management of the 
A. W. Burritt Lumber Co.. Bridgeport, Conn. 


For your own records. Start where your last family rec- 
ord appears in this volume and refer to number shown. 













15 U R R I T T F A M I L Y 

244 B URR I TT FA M 1 LY 


REV. ADAM BLAKEMAN was born in Stratfordshire, 

England, in 1598, was bred at Christ's College, Oxford, be- 
ing matriculated Max - 28, 1617, in his nineteenth year; 
preached in counties of Leister and Derby before he came to 
America which was about 1638 and came to Stratford, 
Conn., in 1639. 

He died September. 1665, aged 67. His widow Jane died 
in 1674 aired 74 years. 















JAMES, son of Rev. Adam, married first Miriam, daugh- 
ter of Moses Wheeler in 1657; married a second time April. 
1708, Bathsheba, daughter of Stephen Pierson of Derby. 
James was a miller by trade. His will was dated at Orenoque 
[ulv 18. 1689. proved Nov. 7. 1689. 'The inventory was 
£402. 18s. 

Children : 

Sarah, born April 25. 1658. 

Mary, born April 21. 1661. 
iii. Hannah, born Jan. 21, 1664. 

. Jane, born Oct. 26, 1668. 
v. Miriam, born Feb. 8, 1670. 
vi. Zechariah. born May 26. 1678. 
vii. Adam. 
viii. James. 
ix. Elizabeth. 
x. Martha. 


ZECHARIAH. son of James 2. born May 2(\ 1678; mar- 
ried Dec. 24, 1704, Elizabeth Denman of Derby, Conn. She 


died in 1732 and he married a second time, Mrs. Dinah Sher- 
man of New Haven, June 19, 1733. He died July 11, 177''. 
Children : 

i. Mary, born Sept. 2, 1705. 

ii. Elizabeth, born July 2$, 1708. 

iii. James, born Oct. 28, 1713. 

iv. Zechariah, born July 14, 1720. 


ZECHARIAH, son of Zechariah 3, horn July 14, 1720; 
married Elizabeth Hull, who was born 1731-2. 

Children : 

i. Abijah, born Nov. 1750. 

ii. Zechariah, born about 1753. 

iii. Mary, baptized March 1756. 

iv. Elizabeth, born July 28, 1745; married John Burritt and moved 

to Monroe, Conn. (See Burritt 41). 
v. Marcy, married Agur Curtiss. 


Two brothers, John and Ananias Concklyne, came from 
England about 1636. Both were married in St. Peter's 
Church, Nottingham, England; John to Elizabeth Alsae- 
brook in 1625 and Ananias to Mary Launder in 1631. 


ANANIAS CONKLIN, baptized Nottingham, England; 
died Easthamptin, Long Island, 1657. He established the 
first window glass factory in the colonies. 

Children : 

i. John. 

ii. Jeremiah, baptized 1634. 

iii. Cornelius. 

iv. Benjamin. 

v. Jacob and Elizabeth, twins. 

vi. Lewis, baptized 1643. 

vii. Hester. 


JOHN CONKLIN, (Ananias) married Helena 

Resided first at Flushing", L. L, until 1665, then at Rye, X. 
Y., until 1676 when he sold his land and removed to West- 
chester, N. Y., where he died before 1698. 



DELIVERENCE CONKLIN, (John) was born in Rye. 
N. Y., and married Oct. 2, 1695, Eng-eltje Boeckhout, daugh- 
ter of Matthys Janszen and his wife Lysbeth (Elsworth) 
Boeckhout. They settled about 1697 in Phillipsburg, X. Y. 


JOHN CONKLIN, (Deliverence) born Aug. 20. 1700; 
died Nov. 15, 1785; married March 22, \72A, Annatje Storm 
who was born in 1701. daughter of David and Esther (See) 


ABRAHAM CONKLIN, (John) horn 1737; died 1814; 
married first time April 17, 1761, Sarah Carpenter, daughter 
of Joseph and Sarah ( Latting) Carpenter. Married a second 
time, Tjatje Tappan. 

Lived in Poughkeepsie and Schodack. N. Y. Children by 
first marriage were Carpenter and Sarah. By second wife, 
Gilbert, Mathew, Tennis and David. 


CARPENTER CONKLIN. (Abraham) born about 1763: 
married Lucretia Nelson. Lived in Sand Lake. Renssalaer 
County, N. Y., in late 1700 and early 1800. There were 
eleven children, the second being Nathaniel, born Oct. 14. 


NATHANIEL CONKLIN. (Carpenter) born Oct. 14. 
1798; died Nov. 1871 ; married Aug. 22. 1822. Clarinda Hunt, 
who was born March 24. 1803: died Dec. 1876. She was the 
daughter of Lemuel and Rachael (Finney) Hunt and grand- 
daughter of Capt. Ziba Hunt who served several campaigns 
in the Revolutionary War. enlisting first as a private in the 
17th Albany Regiment. (New York in the Revolution, p. 
338. Land Bounty Rights.) He was later made captain. His 
wife was Joanna Blount. 

Nathaniel had eleven children, the eldest being Tames 
Skiff, born Tune 14. 1823. 



JAMES SKIFF CONKLIN, (Nathaniel) born in the 

Town of Eastern, Washington county, N. Y., June 14, 1823; 
died in Cherry Valley, 111., 1898; married Jan. 27, 1846, Ter- 
ressa Jane Martin, who was born in Oneida County, Xew 
York, July 15, 1828; died Cherry Valley, 111., July 4, 1897, a 
daughter of David and Terressa (Denison) Martin. (See 

There were 14 children, the second, a daughter, Emma 
Jane, born March 29, 1840; died March 17, 1924; married 
April 27, 1868, David W. Evans, born Nov. 30, 1840; died 
Oct. 12, 1923. Enlisted in Co. L, 8th Illinois Cavalry in 1861 
and served throughout the Civil War. (See Burritt 327). 


JESSE De FOREST married in Leyden, France, Marie 
du Cloux. He died in Brazil, 1624. 
i. Jean, born in Leyden, France, 
ii. Henry. 
iii. Rachael. 
iv. Jesse. 
v. Isaac, born 1616. 

vi. Israel } Tw ins, died VOU ng. 

vn. Phillippe \ 


ISAAC De FOREST, son of Jesse, born 1616; sailed for 
New Amsterdam, N. Y., Oct. 1, 1636, in the yacht Rens- 
selaerwyck, Capt. Jean Tiebkins. 

He married in New Amsterdam, N. Y., June 9, 1641, Sarah 
du Trieux, daughter of Philip and Susannah ( de Cheney) 

Children : 

i. Jesse, baptized Nov. 9, 1642; died young, 
ii. Susanna, baptized Jan 22. 1645. 
iii. Gerrit, baptized May 24, 1646; died young, 
iv. Gerrit, baptized June 10, 1647. 

vi. Michel ! Twins - ba P tized - Tan ' 10 - 1649 - 
vii. Jan, baptized March 27, 1650. 
viii. Philip, baptized Julv 28, 1652. 
ix. Isaac, baptized April 25, 1.655. 


x. Hendrich, baptized Sq>t. 9. 1657. 

xi. David, baptized Aug. 1. 1660; died young. 

xii. David, baptized Dec. 19, 1663; died young. 

xiii. Marie, baptized July 7, 1666. 

xiv. David, baptized Sept. 1669. 


DAVID De FOREST, son of Isaac, baptized 1669; mar- 
ried Martha, daughter of Samuel Blagge, whose father was 
Benjamin Blas^e, of New York. The marriage took place 
in 1696. The}' went to Stratford. Conn., where the}' joined 
the church Aug. 7, 1697. lie died April 20, 1721. She mar- 
ried a second time, Deacon J. Thompson in November 1721. 

Children : 

i. Mary, born Jan. 27. U>%. 

ii. Sarah, born Nov. 9. 1698; married Benjamin Lewis, Jr. (See 

Burritt 42). 
iii. Martha, born April 13, 1700. 
iv. David, born April 24. 1702. 
v. Samuel, burn .April 4. 1704. 
vi. Isaac, born April 14. 1706. 
vii. Edward, born July 25. 1708. 
viii. Henry, born July 10. 1710. 
ix. Elizabeth, born July 4. 1714. 
x. Benjamin, born May 18, 1716. 


JOSEPH De FOREST, son of Samuel, and grandson of 
David, had four sons who were in the Revolution and all of 
whom drew pensions for many years. They are given below. 

Children : 
i. Samuel, born July 1758. 
ii. Abel, born April 1761. 
iii. Mills, born May 1763. 
iv. Gideon, born Sept. 1761. 

First Generation 

WILLIAM DENISON, (son of John Denyson, who 
was living in Stortford, Hertfordshire, England, in 1567, 
and died there of the plague in 1582.) 

William was baptized at Stortford, Feb. 3, 1571, and was 
married to Margaret (Chandler) Monck Nov. 7, 1603. He 


was well seated in Stortford but hearing of the promise of 

the New England colonies decided to cast his lot with the 
Puritans there. His oldest son James was a clergyman and 
remained in England. 

The parents with the three younger sons crossed the 
ocean in 1631 and settled in Roxbury, Mass., in 1634. Mr. 
Denison was deacon of the Roxbury church. He had been 
liberally educated and with him, as a tutor to his younger 
sons, came John Eliot who later became pastor of the Rox- 
bury church and was known as "The apostle" from his mis- 
sionary work among the Indians. 

William Denison died at Roxbury Jan. 25, 1653, and his 
wife Margaret Feb. 23, 1645. 

Children : 

i. James, eldest son, remained in England, 
ii. Daniel, born in 1612. 
iii. Edward, born in 1614. 
iv. George, born in 1618. 

Second Generation 

GEORGE DENISON, (William) born in Stortford. Eng- 
land, in 1618; died in Hartford, Conn., while there on special 
business Oct. 23, 1694. Married first time in 1640 Bridget 
Thompson, daughter of John Thompson, gent., of Preston. 
Northamptonshire, England, whose widow, Alice had come 
to America and was living at Roxbury. Bridget died in 1643. 

George Denison then went to England and served under 
Cromwell in the army of the Parliament. He was wounded 
at Nasby and taken to the house of John Borodel where he 
was nursed back to health by the daughter Ann Borodel. 

This John Borodel who was living in England at the time 
was a native of Cork, Ireland. Ann, the daughter, is said to 
have been remarkable for her fine personal appearance and 
charm. She was known as "Lady Ann". Some of her des- 
cendants still preserve samples of her needle work of which 
thev are very proud. She died Sept. 26, 1712, at the age 
of 97. 

The acquaintance of George Denison and Ann Borodel, 
led to their marriage and the return to America in 1645. 
They settled in Roxbury, Mass., where they lived until 1651 


when they removed to New London. Conn., and finally to 
Stonnington, Conn. 

He was a Captain in the Pequat wars where he rendered 
valuable service and finally rose to the rank of Colonel. 
There were nine children, the first two being those of 
Bridget Thompson Denison. 

Children : 

i. Sarah, born .March 20, 1641 ; married Thomas Stanton, Jr. 

ii. Hannah, born May 20, 1643. twice married. 

iii. John, horn July 14, 1646. 

iv. Ann, horn May 20. 1649; married Gershon Palmer. 

v. Borodel, born 1651 ; married Samuel Stanton. 

vi. George, horn 1653; married Mercy Gorham. 

vii. William, horn 1655; married Sarah Stanton. 

viii. Margaret, born 1657; married lames Brown, Ir. 

ix. Mercy, born 1659; died March 10, 1761. 

Third Generation 

JOHN DENISON, (Capt. George) born July 14. 1646; 
died in 1698; married Nov. 2(). Inn". Phoebe Lay who was 
horn in 1650 and died in 1699. She was the daughter of Rob- 
ert and Sarah Lay of Saybrook, Conn. 

The marriage contract or dwd of settlement arranged be- 
tween their parents is recorded in Saybrook. By its terms, 
the respective parents conveyed to John Denison and 
Phoebe Lay, the farm granted to Capt. George Denison 
near the mouth of Mystic River in Stonnington, and the 
house and land in Saybrook which Mr. Lay had formerly 
bought of John Post. 

They settled on the farm "near the mouth of Mystic 
River". He was known as "Capt. John Denison" and held 
a prominent position in Stonnington. 

Children : 

i. John, horn Jan. 1, 1669. 

ii. GEORGE, horn March 28, 1671. 

iii. Robert, horn Sept. 17, 1673. 

iv. William, horn April 7, 1677. 

v. Daniel, horn March 28, 1680. 

vi. Samuel, horn Feb. 23, 1683; died May 12. 1683. 

vii. Ann. born Oct. 3. 1684. 

viii. Phoebe, horn April 6, 1690. 

ix. Sarah, horn |nlv 20. 1692. 


Fourth Generation 

GEORGE DENISON, (Capt. John ) born March 28, 1671 ; 
died Jan. 22, 1720. Married 1694 Mrs. Mary (Wetherell) 
Harris, daughter of Daniel Wetherall of New London who 
was born in Maidenstone, County Kent, England, Nov. 29, 
1630, and died in New London April 14, 1719. 

George Denison graduated from Harvard, studied law 
and settled in New London where he was town clerk, county 
clerk and clerk of probate. 

Children : 

i. Grace, born March 4, 1695. 

ii. Phoebe, horn March 6, 1697. 

iii. Hannah, horn March 28, 1699. 

iv. Borodel, horn May 17, 1701. 

v. Daniel, horn June 27, 1703. 

vi. Wetherell, born Aug. 24, 1705. 

vii. Ann, born Aug. 15, 1707. 
viii. Sarah, born June 20, 1710. 

Fifth Generation 

DANIEL DENISON, (George) born June 27, 1703, was 
married to Rachael Starr Nov. 14, 1726, and lived in New 
London. He died previous to 1760 and his widow married 
Col. Ebenezer Avery of South Groton, who had twelve chil- 
dren by his first wife, Lucy Latham, who was born May 21, 
1709, daughter of Jonathan Latham. 

Rachael Starr Denison had ten children by her first hus- 
band. One of these, Daniel Jr., married Col. Ebenezer's 
daughter Katherine previous to his mother's second mar- 
riage and her daughter Phoebe, married his son, Ebenezer 
Avery, Jr. Rachael died in 1791 aged 86 years. 

Children : 

i. Mary, born Aug. 19, 1728. 

ii. Daniel, born Dec. 16. 1730. 

iii. Thomas, born Nov. 4, 1732 

iv. Rachael. born Sept. 20, 1734. 

v. Samuel, born Nov. 9, 1736; died 1767. 

vi. Hannah, born Jan. 2, 1739. 

vii. Ann, born Sept. 18, 1743; died 1767. 

viii. Phoebe, born Sept. 18, 1743. 

ix. James, born April 18, 1746. 

x. Elizabeth, born Nov. 19, 1748. 

252 B U R R I T T F A M I L Y 

Following arc ancestors of Rachael Starr Denison. 


DR. COMFORT STARR, died 1658. Wife Elizabeth. 


DR. THOMAS STARR, married Rachael . 


SAMUEL STARR, born in 1640; died 1688; married 
Dec. 22> y 1664, Hannah Brewster who was horn Sept. 3, 1641. 
She was a daughter of Jonathan! and Lucretia (Oldham) 
Brewster and granddaughter of William and Mary Brew- 
ster who came to America on the Mayflower. 


THOMAS STARR, born Sept. 27. 1668; died Jan. 31, 
1711-2; married Jan. I, 1693, Mary Morgan who was horn 
March 20. 1670. She was a daughter of James and Mary 
( Vine ) Morgan. 


RACHAEL STARR, born Sept. 15, 1705: married Nov. 
14, 1726, Daniel Denison. All descendants of this Daniel 
Denison and Rachael Starr Denison are thus descended 
from William and Mary Brewster of the Mayflower. 

Sixth Generation 

DANIEL DENISON, JR., (Daniel) horn in New Lon- 
don, Dec. 16, 1730: died 1783. Married July 1. 1756, Kathe- 
rine Avery who was horn in 1737: died 1825. Daughter of 
Col. Ebenezer and Lucy ( Latham) Avery. 

They lived in Xew London until 1771 when they moved 
to Stephentown, Renssalaer county, X. Y. 

By act of the legislature he was appointed one of the com- 
missioners to adjust boundary disputes between the settlers. 
From a memorandum hook which he kept is found this 
item: "June 1771, I moved into this county from Xew Lon- 
don and brought with me nine children.'* 

Children : 

i. Katherine, born July 24. 1757. 
ii. Daniel, horn Sept. 26, 1758. 
iii. Kbenf.zer, horn fan. 26. 1760. 


iv. Jonathan, born May 17, 1761. 

v. George, born April 12, 1763; died 1786. 

vi. Griswold, born Aug. 21, 1765. 

vii. Aseneth, born Feb. 24, 1767. 

viii. David, born March 1 ( >, 1769. 

ix. Latham, born March 8, 1771. 

x. Child unnamed, born and died Aug. 18, 1773. 

xi. Samuel, born Oct. 24. 1774. 

xii. Elihu, born April 14, 1777. 

xiii. Thomas, born May 5, 1779. 

Seventh Generation 

LATHAM DENISON, (Daniel, |r.) born March 8, 1771. 
died 184/. Married Nov. 20, 1796, Eleanor Tift who was 
born Jan. 13, 1780, died 1846. In 1800 moved into the wilder 
ness in the town of Floyd, Oneida county, X. Y.. and resided 
there until death. 

i. Holly, born Nov. 21, 1797; died young. 

ii. Pedy, born 1799; died young. 

iii. Terressa, born April 19, 1800. 

vi. George, born Marcb 31, 1802; died young. 

v. Rhoda, born Jan. 28. 1804. 

vi. Alonzo, born March 15, 1806. 

vii. Halsey, born Feb. 24, 1808; died young. 

viii. Pedy, born Jan. 3, 1810. 

ix. George T., born Jan. 23, 1812. 

x. Angeline, born May 9, 1816. 

xi. Wellington, born Jan. 29, 1822. 

Terressa Denison, third child of Latham Denison married 
March 24, 1818, David Martin who was born April 16, 1798, 
in Western Oneida county, N. Y. 

Children : 

i. Melissa, born April 21, 1819. 

ii. Harvey Clark, born Jan. 27, 1821. 

iii. George Andrew, born July 3, 1822. 

iv. Eleanor Sarah, born Aug. 17, 1824. 

v. David Avery, born April 9, 1826. 

vi. Terressa Jane, born July 15, 1828. 

vii. Rhoda, born July 13, 1830. 

viii. Helen Marian, born Aug. 9, 1832. 

ix. Theodore Mills, born Dec. 22, 1834. 

yJ Delevan ) . , „ 7 

xi. Rose Ann J Twins ' born March 7 ' 1837 ' 

xii. Denison Delevan, born Dec. 24, 1839. 

xiii. Leland Alonzo, born Feb. 6, 1846. 


Terressa Jane Martin married Jan. 27, 1846, James Skiff 
Conklin, who was born in the town of Easton, Washington 
county, N. Y., June 14, 1X23. (See Burritt No. 327). 


The family of Drake is of very ancient lineage, the tradi- 
tion being that the name originated from a noble Roman 
family called "Drago" or the "Dragon" and that a member 
of the tribe came to England with Julius Caesar at the time 
of the Roman conquest. 

The Coat-of-arms displays a Wivern, a sort of Dragon 
on a silver shield. The crest an arm extending a battle-axe. 

The motto is "Aqualli Non Captat Muscas," an eagle does 
not capture flies. 

The original home of the family was Mount Drake which 
had been the site of an early Roman fortress. It was built 
sometime in the 14th century and rebuilt perhaps 100 years 
later. Situated in the county of Devon on a commanding hill 
and surrounded by about one hundred acres of land. Later 
the family acquired by marriage, the House of Ashe which 
afterwards became a favorite residence. It was situated in 
the parish of Musbury, county of Devon. 


JOHX DRAKE, Esq., of Mount Drake and Exmouth, in 
the county of Devon, "a man of great estate and a name of 
no less antiquity," says Prince in his "Worthies of Devon," 

married in the time of Henry V ( 1413-22 A. I ). ) Christiana, 
daughter and heiress of John Billett of Ashe. By this al- 
liance the estate of Ashe, in the parish of Musbury, came to 
the Drake family, and was handed down from father to -"ii 
for fully 400 years, although the most usual residence was 
Mount Drake, a mansion previously built by them in the 
same parish and undoubtedly the original home of the 
Drakes, they having occupied it before the coming of Wil- 
liam the Conqueror. This John Drake, or. possible his father 
was reported in Exmouth in 1360. 

At the death of John, his widow married a second time, 
Richard Francheney, thus unlawfully excluding; from the 
estate of Ashe her son John Drake i 2 i. She had Christopher 


Francheney, who had Richard, who was the father of Sim- 
eon, from whom John Drake, (5) by a suit at law, recovered 
Ashe, which had been so long unjustly withheld from his 

father, grandfather and great grandfather. 

JOHN DRAKE, numbered in the hundred of East Bud- 
leigh, Devon. On the marriage of his mother, he settled in 
Otterton, about sixteen miles from Ashe. He married 
Christiana, daughter and heiress of John Antage, and had: 

JOHN DRAKE (3) of Otterton, who married a daughter 
of John Crews or Cruwys, representative of Crews More- 
hard, an ancient saxon family of importance, their name oc- 
curring frequently in the old Devonshire rhyming legions 
concerning the Saxon families who were prominent before 
the coming of William the Conqueror. This John was suc- 
ceeded by his son : 


JOHN DRAKE (4), of Otterton, in the county of Devon. 
Esq., who by his wife Agnes, daughter of |ohn Kailwav, 
had : 

i. John, his heir. 

ii. Johan, who married William Poole, 
iii. Robert, second son. 
vi. Gilbert, third son. 

v. Thomas, of Herford, in the county of Devon, who married Ellin, 
daughter of Bennet Hillen of Fenawtrie, by whom he had six 
children as given in "Visitations of Devon," page 292. His 
descendants live in Herford, Whytecombe Raleigh, Colebrooke, 
and Musbury. 


JOHN DRAKE (5) Esq., of Ashe, Exmouth, in the 
county of Devon, having recovered Ashe, as before stated, 
married Margaret, daughter and heiress of John Cole of 
Rill, in the parish of Whytecombe Raleigh, Devon, near Ex- 
mouth, which he gave, together with the Manor of Whyte- 


combe to a younger son. John, whose daughter and heiress 
brought it to her husband, Thomas Raymond of Chard. 
John had issue as follows: 
i. John, his heir. 
ii. [ohn, second son, mentioned by Sir William Poole as a "greal 

Russian merchant." 
iii. Alice, who became the- second wife of Walter Raleigh, the father 

of Sir Walter Raleigh. 
iv. Gilbert, third son, of Pratshead, parish of Littleham, County <>f 


JOHN DRAKE (6), of Mount Drake. Ashe and Ex- 
mouth, High Sheriff of Devon in the time of Queen Eliza- 
beth, lie married in the 26th year of Henry VIII. (1535) 
Anne, daughter of Roger Greenville of Stow, Cornwall, the 
ancestor of t 1h- Rt. Hon. Earl of Bath. He died ( )ct. 4. 1558. 
He and his wife were buried in the parish of Musbury, where 
still may be seen their tomb bearing their effigies, with the 
following inscriptii >n : 


Children : 
i. Sir Barnard, Knight. 

ii. Robert of Wiscomb in the parish of Southleigh, Devon. 
iii. Richard of Esher, horn 1535, equerry to Queen Elizabeth, died 

July 11. 1603. 


SIR BARNARD DRAKE, (7) Knight, of Mount Drake 
and Ashe in Devon. Knighted at Greenwich Jan. l K 1585. 
He was a very distinguished person and "employed in sev- 
eral great offices at sea." being much in favor with < lueen 
Elizabeth, who conferred honor of knighthood upon him. 

Prince, in his "Worthies of Devon" pp. 328-329, says of 
him: "I find him to descend down to us under a very honor- 
able character. That he was a gentleman of very rare and 
excellent accomplishments, as well as qualified for a soldier 
and courtier. He was in great favor with the illustrious 
Princess of immortal memory, Queen Elizabeth, and of high 



Owned by the Drake Family from 1413 to 1793. 


esteem in her courts. . . . That Sir Barnard Drake, a Devon- 
shire Knight, came to Newfoundland with a commission, 

and having divers good ships under his command he took 
many good Portugal ships and brought them into England 
as prizes. And for his great undertaking this way he is 
ranked second among the great sea captains of our country 
in his time, than whom no age before or since can boast a 
greater. " He is said to have "nobly expended" . . . for the 
honor and safety of his country, in the discovery of foreign 
countries and such other virtuous achievements as purchase 
glory and renoun," so as "greatly to have exhausted his 
tates." Sir Barnard's last exploit was while England was at 
war with Spain, when, having been at sea. on his return he 
took a large Portugal ship, which had for a long time been 
hovering up and down the coast and brought her into the 
harbor of Dartsmouth, which action, "how brave soever it 
might be, proved fatal to himself and many other persons of 

The story is that these Portuguese seamen were brought 
to trial for piraacy and that Sir Barnard together with other 
magistrates sat on the bench. Suddenly there arose such a 
noxious odor in the court room that everyone was obliged 
to leave immediately and all were stricken with a most ter- 
rible illness from which not one recovered. 

If the story was somewhat overdrawn, it is probable that 
there was some sort of plague, perhaps cholera, on the ship 
and that it proved quickly fatal to these Englishmen. 

He died in the house of Ashe April 10, and was buried 
April 12, 158h. in the parish of Musbury. count}- Devon, 
where his monument, bearing bis effigy still stands, on 
which is the following inscription: 



There is also a monument to Sir Laniard Drake in the 

15 UR R ITT FAM I LY 259 

present Filleigh church, built after the destruction of an 
older edifice. 

By his wife Gertrude Fortescue, of the greal Norman 
house of Fortescue, a descendent in the fifth generation of 
Sir John Fortescue, Chief Justice of the King's bench under 
Henry VI and Lord Chancellor, and daughter of Bartholo- 
mew Fortescue of Filleigh, near South Moulton in Devon- 
shire. Sir Barnard had : 

i. John, his heir. 

ii. Hugh, died in Portugal 1589, without issue. 

iii. Marie, first daughter, married to Mr. Tynsley of County Lincoln. 

iv. Mary, second daughter, married John Sherman of St. Marie, 

v. Eleanor, third daughter, married John Button of Wilts. 


JOHN DRAKE, (8) of Mount Drake and Ashe, buried 
April 11, 1628. He married Dorothy, daughter of William 
Button of Ashton in Wiltshire. He was buried in the par- 
ish church of Musbury where his tomb may still be seen 
bearing the effigies of himself and wife and with the fol- 
lowing inscription : 


His will was dated Jan. 16, 1620-1, probated May 29, 162S. 
Her will dated Dec. 7, 1631, probated Jan. 13, 1632. 
They had issue as follows : 

i. Mary, married Sir Henry Rouswell of Ford in Devon, buried in 

Musbury, Nov. 4, 1643. 
ii. Sir John, Knight of Ashe, 
iii. William of Yardbury, second son. Ancestor of American branch. 


SIR JOHN DRAKE, (9) of Ashe, in Devon died August, 
1636, and buried in Musbury. He married May 18, 1616, at 
Giles in the Field, county of Middlesex, Elinor or Helen, 
daughter of Sir John Butler or Boteler, baronet. He died 
Oct. 4, 1666, and was buried in Holyrood church Southamp- 

Children : 

i. Mary, died unmarried. 

ii. Dorothie, aged three in 1620. 

260 H U R R I IT FA MIL Y 

iii. Elinor, married John Briscoe, Count}' Cumberland. 

iv. Elizabeth, fourth daughter, married Winston Churchill, of Glan- 

ville, Woten, in Dorset, Knight. Their son was the first Duke of 

v. Garthrude, died unmarried. 
vi. Joane. 

vii. Jane, married Sir William Yonge, knight, of Castleton, in Dor- 
viii. Anne, married Sir Richard Strode, knight, of Chalmington in 

I Dorsetshire. 
ix. Sir John of Asm:, first son. Knighted by Kin,L, r James II.. and 

afterwards made a baronet by the same kii)L, r . Aug. 31, 1660. 

Buried July 7. 1669. 
x. George, second son. died without issue. 
xi. Thomas, third son. unmarried, 
xii. HENRY OF AXMINSTER, twice married, and had six children. 

Charles, Richard, and four daughters. 

WILLIAM DRAKE (9) of Yardbury in tin- parish of 
Colyton, second son of |<>hn Drake Esq. ( 8 ) buried in the 
Temple church. London. ML will dated Nov. 2. 1636, pro- 
bated Feb. 29, 1639-40. Married Margaret, daughter and 
heiress of William Westover, of Colyton, marriage license 
dated Nov. 14, 1620, buried April 16, 1635, at Colyton. 

The Drake-W esto\ er monument in the chancel of St. An- 
drews church, Colyton, lias the following inscription: 


"Till". MOTHER < >F THE SAID WILLIAM DRAKE, Till-. S< >\\ 


This as will be seen marks the burial place of William. Jr., who is shown 

among the children : 

i. John, baptized March 26. 1623, Colyton. 

ii. Dorothy, baptized March 26, 1623. in Colyton. 

iii. Eleanor, baptized Dec. 15. 1625. in Colyton. 

iv. Joan, baptized June 11. 1628, in Colyton. came to America. 

v. William, baptized Dec. 22. 1629; buried March 6. 1680. in St. 

Andrew's Church. Colyton. (See above), 
vi. Elizabeth, baptized Dec. 10. 1632. in Colyton. came to America 


with her brother Thomas and sister Joan. Married Ezekiel 

Hamlin in Boston, 
vii. Endimion, baptized June 25, 1634, in Colyton. 
viii. Thomas, baptized Sept. 13, 1635, in Colyton. Emigrated to 

America and settled in Weymouth, Mass. " 


First Generation 

THOMAS DRAKE was born in Colyton, county Devon, 
England, where the parish register still shows the record of 
his baptism on Sept. 13, 1635. He was the youngest son of 
William Drake Esq. of Yardbury in Colyton. 

Thomas Drake, his father and mother being both dead, 
followed his relative, John Drake of Taunton, Mass., and 
Windsor, Conn., to America about 1653-4. He was accom- 
panied by his sisters Joan, who married Thomas Randall, 
and Elizabeth, who married Ezekial Hamlin of Boston, Aug. 
8, 1654. 

Thomas Drake soon settled in Weymouth, Mass., his 
name first appearing on the records of that town in a list of 
property owners in 1663, in which he is described as owning 
"Lot 70 containing six acres in 1st division begininge on 
Brauntry Dyne" and eighteen acres, Lot 3>o in second divi- 
sion. Prior to that, the latest list of land owners noted was 
that of Nov. 26, 1651, in which his name does not appear; 
hence he settled in Weymouth after 1651 and before 1663. 
The frequency with which his name appears on the land 
deeds and war records of the time shows that Thomas Drake 
took active part in the affairs of the town. His name appears 
as witness of Deeds Dec. 15, 1664, and three years later he 
was a member of the Suffolk Troopers. He took active part 
in King Philip's war, and June 24, 1676, was a member of 
the garrison at Punckapouge where he saw at least two 
months service. 

Plymouth county deeds record large purchases of land 
by him on July 20, 1682, near the Taunton river in Freetown, 
half of whicr/land he sold June 12, 1688, to Ralph Paine of 
Rhode Island. 

He died in Weymouth 1691, and his estate settled in 1692 
valued at £237-2s-2d., a considerable sum at that time. 

Thomas was twice married, his first wife being Jane Hoi- 

262 BURR I T T F A M I L Y 

brook, daughter of Thomas and Jane Holbrook of Wey- 

His second wife was widow Milicent Carver, daughter of 

William Ford, whom he married March 9, 1681. 


i. Thomas, horn at Weymouth, about 1657; died Aug. 19. 1728, 

without issue. 
ii. John, horn March 12, 1659 I Weymouth T. R. ) 
iii. William, horn .May 30. 1661 (Weymouth T. R.) 
iv. Joseph, horn Oct. 28. 1663 i Weymouth T.R.) 
v. Amy, horn Feb. 3. 1666 (Weymouth T. R.) 

vi. Elizabeth, horn in Weymouth 1670; died in Easton, June 14. 
1748; married John I Mi'lli] <s and had >ix children. 

Second Generation 
JOHN, (Thomas 1) born March 12. 1659. in Weymouth; 
died Oct. 10, 1717, in Easton. John taxed in Boston 1681, 

also 1686. He married the first time Rachaael , who 

had three children. He married a second time. Dec. 12. 1687, 
at Milton, by Rev. Peter Thatcher. Sarah King, probably 
horn Jan. 31, 1666; died Sept. 4. 1727, daughter of Samuel 
and Experience ( Phillips) King of Weymouth. John bought 
a share of land of Ephraim Hewett of Easton in April. 1702. 
and settled on it in 1703. It joined the Bridgewater line 
north of Stone House Hill and probably included what was 
known a century later as North Daily Place. 

The remains of the cellar may still he seen, the massive 
door step, a good bulkhead way and other signs are indica- 
tions of a well appointed house. 
Children by first wife: 

i. Rachael, horn Nov. 21. 1680. 

ii. Martha, born June 19, 1683; married March 21. 1702. William 

iii. John, born June 12. 1685; died young. 
Children by second wife: 

iv. Prudence, horn Nov. 9. 1688; died Feb. 16. 1670. in Easton. 
v. John, horn Sept. 20, 1694; married probably June 25. 171°*. by 

Dr. Cotton Mather. Esther Joyce. 
vi. Thomas, reported May 4, 1718. when he and his hrother Joseph 
sold their rights in their father's e>tate hut he was dead before 
March 12. 1730. 
vii. Joseph, died at Easton. ( let. 26. 1780. 
viii. Ebexezer. an early settler in Faston being in business there in 

1724. Xo record of family. 
ix. Sarah, married in Bridgewater. Oct. 8, 1734. to John Curry. 
x. Samuel, horn ahout 1700. died in Faston. 


Third Generation 

JOSEPH, (John 2) horn in Huston before 1717, died Oct. 
26, 1780; married Mercy Smith, who died May 7, 1759, 
daughter of Samuel and Esther Smith of Taunton. He was 
a member of the first militia company of Easton, April 7. 
1757, under Capt. Ebenezer Leonard. Aug. 27, of the same 
year, he enlisted in the company of Capt. Ebenezer Dean of 
Taunton, Col. Eliphat Leonard's regiment, which marched 
to the relief of Fort William Henry, Lake (ie<>rge, in the 
French and Indian war. 
Children : 

i. John, born Oct. 17, 1723; died Jan. 23, 1759. 

ii. Mercy, born July 17. 1725; married first Dec. 3, 1746. Xehemiah 
Randall; married second, Sept. 15. 1772. Daniel Littlefield. 

iii. Joseph, born Oct. 20. 1727; died Nov. 30. 1812. 

iv. Jean, born July 15. 1730. 

v. Hezekiah, born Feb. 12, 1739; died Feb. 24. 1799. 

vi. Thomas, born Feb. 12, 1739; died Feb. 9, 1798. 

Fourth Generation 

THOMAS, (Joseph 3) horn Feb. 12, 1739, in Easton; died 
Feb. 9, 1798; married March 22, 1764, Alary Manley, born 
March 16, 1742, in Easton, died in Weybridge, Vt., March 
31, 1839, a daughter of Ichabod and Experience (Phillips) 
Manley. Thomas started from Easton for Vermont with 
team and one son and died suddenly on the way, at Charles- 
town. The body was taken hack to Easton for burial. Later 
the whole family moved to Vermont. 

Thomas served as sergeant through the Revolutionary 
war, enlisting first Dec. 7, 1776, from Easton in Capt. Ran- 
dall's company, Col. George Williams' regiment, serving 
a month in Rhode Island. We next find his name as serg- 
eant on the payroll of Capt. Josiah King's company, C<»1. 
Daggett's regiment, Aug. 28, 1778, warrant to pay dated 
Jan. 31, 1783. On July 27, 1780, he enlisted in Rhode Island 
service. His next service was in Capt. Mathew Randall's 
company, Col. Abiel Mitchell's regiment, "raised agreeable 
to an of the Great and General Court of the State of Massa- 
chusetts, June 27, 1780, to reinforce the Continental Army." 
This is undoubtedly the Thomas who was out at the Lexing- 
ton alarm, in Capt. Macy Williams' company of "Minute 
Men" from Easton, April 19, 1775. 


Children : 

i. Isaac, born March 22, 1765; died March 15, 1830. 

ii. Oliver, born July 13, 1767; died Oct. 19, 1829. 

iii. Rhoda, horn Feb. 9, 1770. removed to llinklev, Ohio, and died 
there aged 92. Married Chauncey Ellsworth of Bristol, Vt., 
and had seven children. 

iv. Polly, horn June 16, 1772; married July 2 ( K 17' '2. Asaph Hay- 
ward, son of Joseph, of Bridgewater. Had children: Asaph, 
horn 1793; Olive, horn 1794; Joseph, born 1796; Azel, horn 
1801 ; Edwin and Emmy, twins, horn 1803. Family moved to 
Weybridge, Vt. 

v. Desire, horn Dec. 26. 1777. died about 1840; married Enos Soper. 

vi. Solomon, born July 3. 1780. in Easton; died Jan. 5, 1S76. 

vii. Sylvia, horn Oct. 31, 1784; died Feb. 14. 1868; unmarried. 
Lived in Weybridge, Vt. 

Fifth Generation 

ISAAC, (Thomas 4) born March 27. 1765; died March 
15, 1830. Settled in Bristol, Vt., about 1800, where he mar- 
ried Lydia Bush, daughter of John and Lydia (Ames) Bush, 

of Bristol, who died Oct. 16, 1851. 
Children : 

i. Emeline, horn May 24. 1812; married April 3, 1839, Henry W. 
Hager of Weybridge, Vt., son of Benj. and Sarah (Martini 
Hager, and had Laura S., Charlotte; married Calvin Norton; 
Henry B., married Sophronia Catherine Drake, his cousin, 
daughter of Noble F. and Jam- i Book) Drake. 

ii. Lucetta E., horn April 20. 1814; married A. Valley of Wey- 
bridge. No children. 

iii. Laura F... horn Jan. 16, 1816; died Feb. 25, 1897; married first 
Samuel Russell; second Samuel Beardsley; third. Lauren 

iv. Royal W., born Jan. 23, 1818. 

v. Noble Frances, horn Nov. 12, 1820; died Nov. 28, 1861. His 
wife was Jane Book. 

Sixth Generation 

ROYAL WASHINGTON, (Isaac 5) born Jan. 3, 1818, 

at Bristol, Vt. ; died March, 1898, at the home of his son 
Noble B. Drake, of Howard, S. D. Married Dec. 27. 1842, 
Sophronia E. Dunshee, who was horn Aug. 21, 1821, a 
daughter of Edward and Miranda (Parmelee) Dunshee. 

Settled in Bristol, Vt., but removed to Rockford, 111., in 
1856 settling on a farm north of Rockford and later buying 
a tract of land near Durand, in the same country. She died 


at Rockford, 111., Sept. 4, 1892. Both arc buried at Rockford 


Children : 

i. Harriett Miranda, horn at Bristol Vt., June 5, 1845; died May 
6, 1898; married July 11, 1866, George A. Burritt. (See Bur- 
ritt 203). 

ii. Edward Payson, born in Bristol, June 14, 1847; died in Sioux 
City, Iowa. Dee. 1, 1886, and is buried in Rockford, 111. Mar- 
ried Sept. 10, 1874, Abbie L. Tilden. No children. 

iii. Louisa Emeline, born in Bristol, July 2, 1855; married Nov. 2, 
1881, David A. McCullough, and moved to Howard, S. D., 
where she died March 15, 1895. No children. 

iv. Noble Brayton, born at Rockford, 111.. Sept. 10, 1857; married 
at Beaver, Minor County, S. D., Clara J. Palmer. Nov. 23, 1887. 
She was born Aug. 27, 1858, and died March 4, 1923. Their 
children were: Florence, born March 8, 1889; Edward Palmer, 
born Feb. 26. 1892; Lucille, born [an. 18, 1903. He died at 
Kenosha, Wis., Feb. 18, 1939. 


As early as the year 1000 A. D. this family is known to 
have lived in Wales and the name has been traced by given 
name, from long before the use of surnames through Elidm, 
second son of Lord Eyton ; Meilor Eyton ; Cadwgan; Gif- 
ford; Llywelyn ; Madog; and hnally Lewys as the name 
appears in the records of Glamorganshire. 


EDWARD LEWIS, married May 8, 1550, Margaret 
Jones of Cardiff, Wales. He was Head Warder in 1574 and 
Capital Burgess in 1577. 


WILLIAM LEWIS, (Edward) born April 4, 1561, at 
Penarth, Wales; married Aug. 3, 1592, Sarah Cathcart. 


WILLIAM LEWIS, (William) born Jan. 3, 1504. at 
Liandough. Wales; married Feb. 7, 1618, Felix, daughter of 
Walter and Felicia ( Boudrib) Collyer of Cardiff, Wales. He 
was of Stranstead, Essex, England, in 1623; came to Amer- 
ica with his family on the ship Lion which sailed June 27, 
and arrived Sept. 16, 1632. Was of Cambridge 1633; in Hart- 


ford 1636, his name being funnel on the Founders Monu- 
ment ; was of Hadley 1659 where his wife died April 17. 1671. 
He died at Farmington Aug. 2, 1683. 


WILLIAM LEWIS, (son of William and Felix (('..liven 
Lewis) born in Wales. Aug. 19, 1620, came to New England 
with his parents in 1632; married in Hartford 1644 Mary. 
daughter of William Hopkins of Stratford. He was an early 
settler in Farmington where he died Aug. 18, 1690. 

BENJAMIN LEWIS. (William and Felix (Collyer) 
Lewis) and brother of the above William, was born either 
in Wales or England, probably about 1630, came to New 
England with his parents in 1632; married firsl time Sarah 
Xichols. removed to Wallingford in 1669 and to Stratford 
in 1676-7 where he married a second time, Hannah, daugh- 
ter of Sergt. John Curtiss. Settled then in Wallingford but 
returned to Stratford in \(w?. His wife Hannah died in 172S 
at the age of 74. 

Children : 

i. John, born Sept. 167J. 
ii. Mary, born Nov. 1674. 

iii. James \ Twins, born 1679. 

iv. Edmund \ 

v. Joseph, born 1683. 

vi. Hannah, born 1685. 

vii. Mary, born 1688. 

viii. Martha, born 1691. 

ix. Benjamin, born 1696. 

x. Eunice. 


BENJAMIN LEWIS. (Benjamin) born 1696, married 
Sarah De Forest, daughter of David and Martha (Blagge) 
De Forest, who was born Nov. 9, \(> ( ^. (See He Forest and 
Burritt 42). 


The family name of Livingston is derived from an Hun- 
garian erentleman of the name of Livingius. who accom- 
nanied Margaret, sister of Edgar Atheling, and wife of King 
Malcome Canmore, from her native countrv to Scotland 
about the time of the Norman Conquest, 1066. 


In the reign of David the First of Scotland | 1124-1153), 
says tradition, Livingius received grants of land in Wesl 
Lothian which was created a barony and named after the 
proprietor, Livingius' Town, later Livingston. This estate 
was transmitted through the descendents for nearly four 
hundred years, when in the reign of James I (1488-1513) 
Bartholomew Livingston, dying without heirs, the direct 
line became extinct. A co-lateral branch, however, in the 
meantime acquired wealth and consequence and it is from 
this line that the Earls of Linlithgow in Scotland and the 
Livingstons in America are descended. 

In the reign of David II ( 1329-1370), Sir William Living- 
ston, knight, marrying Christiana, daughter of Patrick de 
Calender, in the county of Sterling received the barony of 
Calender with her. His grandson, John, had Alexander, his 
heir; Robert, the ancestor of the Earl of Newburg; and Wil- 
liam, progenitor of Viscounts of Kilsyth. 

Sir Alexander, eldest son of John above, was, in 1437. on 
the death of James I of Scotland, appointed regent with 
Crichton during the minority of James II. Not long after. 
his propertv was confiscated and his son brought to the 
block. His other son, James, who succeeded to the barony 
of Calender, was created Lord of Livingston. He died in 

The lordship appears to have been one of the more impor- 
tant baronies. William, the great-grandson of this James, 
Lord Livingston, married Agnes, sister or daughter of Sir 
Patrick Hepburn. Alexander, their oldest son, succeeded to 
the title. It was his daughter who was one of the "four 
Maries" that accompanied the Scottish Queen Mary to the 
French Court. 

(See Mrs. Jameson's "Celebrated Feminine Sovereigns"). 
"Last night the Queen had four Maries 
Tonight she'll have but three ; 
There was Mary Seaton, Mary Beaton, 
And Mary Livingston and me." 

Alexander was created Earl of Linlithgow in 1600. His 
second son was created Earl of Calender, who was also men- 
tioned afterward in the title. These Earls distinguished 
themselves through five generations, more than a century, 
bv attachment to the throne and the house of Stuart. In 1715 



the Earl of Linlithgow joined the Earl <>t" Mar. On the failure 
of that nobleman's enterprise, the former's title and estates 
were confiscated. The earldom was never returned as were 
some others. The heir to whom it was last offered declined 
"the barren honor." 

From this ancient family of Scotland the American Liv- 
ingstons originated. 

Origin of American Line 

Robert, second son of Lord William and Agnes < Hepburn i 
Livingston, was killed at the battle of Pinkie Field in 1547. 
He is called the ancestor of the American Livingstons. 

John Livingston, his grandson, or perhaps his great grand- 
son was the parent of Robert Livingston who was the first 
of the name to come to America. 

This John was a minister, and was born in Monybrook in 
Sterlingshire, June 21, 1603. He married 1635 Barbara Flem- 
ing, daughter of Bartholomew Fleming, a merchant of Edin- 
burgh. In 1630, while chaplain to the Countess of Wigtoun, 
he delivered at the Church of Shotts a sermon the eloquence 
of which produced an extraordinary effect. 

Shortly after, he was called to the church of Killinchie. 
Ireland. Here he was harrassed on account of his non-con- 
formity, and having a desire for liberty of religions thought. 
he embarked for Massachusetts Lay. His ship was driven 
back by adverse winds and he abandoned the attempt. In 
1638 he was settled at Stren-cawer, Scotland. In 1658 be was 
one of the Commissioners senl to Breda, Holland, by the 
Scottish Church to treat with Charles II. In 1663, at the 
restoration, after refusing to take the oath of allegiance, he 
was banished and going o Holland, became pastor of the 
Scottish church at Rotterdam, where he spent the last days 
of his life, dying in lo~2. 


Robert Livingston, son of the Reverend John ( 1603-1672) 
was born Dec. 13, 1654. at Ancrum, Roxburgshire, Scotland, 
where his father had been preaching. He went to Holland 
with his parents and was a pupil of his father for the greater 
part of his education. Here he naturally became conversant 
with the Dutch language and customs. At the age of eighteen 


Robert was left by the death of his father to decide his own 
future and influenced somewhat by his father's desire to go 
to the new country, he decided to go to America. Unlike his 
father, he is thought to have been more influenced by the 
hope for good business opportunities than for religious free- 
dom. He made good use of these opportunities. In 1673 he 
came to America and acquired land near what is now Al- 
bany, ultimately approximating 160,000 acres. This tract of 
land lying on the east side of the river in what is now 
Duchess County, N. Y. 

This tract was secured to the Livingston family by Gov. 

Hunter in 1715, and was divided by will of the first Robert 
between two of his sons, Philip and Robert, the eldest son, 
John, having died before the death of his father. Philip, the 
second son, became the Lord of the Manor. 

Several unsuccessful attempts were made to break up the 
estate, both by encroachments from the state of Massachu- 
setts and by other attacks on the validity of the title. The law 
of entail was abolished by the Revolution, and as a conse- 
quence the extensive estate was divided fairly by the third 
Lord, Robert, among- his heirs. Owing to continued disturb- 
ances, the proprietors finally, in 1844, sold the land to the 

Robert Livingston married in 1697, Alida Schuyler, daugh- 
ter of Philip Schuyler, and widow of the Rev. Nicholas Van 

Children : 

i. Joh annus or John, born April 26, 1680. 

ii. Margaret, born 1681; married 1700; died 1758. 

iii. Johanna Phillippina, born 1683; died 168''. 

iv. Philip, born 1686. 

v. Robert, born 1688; married Margaret Hawarden, 1717; died 

vi. Gilbert or Hubertus, born 1689; married Cornelia Beelman, 

1711 ; died 1746. 
vii. William, born 1692. 

vm. Johanna, born 1694; married Gerrit Van Home, 
ix. Catherine, born 1698; died 1699. 


Alida, was born April 26, 1680. When he was about ten years 
old, circumstances seem to have been such that he was left in 

270 B U K R I T T F A M I L V 

the care of John Winthrop, then General of the Connecticut 
troops, for his education. 

In the year 1690, the New York and New England colonies 
united their forces against Canada, from which French and 
Indians had issued and destroyed Schenectady. Feb. 8, L690. 

General Winthrop, in command of the land forces, with 
the rank of commander-in-chief, marched to Lake Cham- 
plain, hut Indian auxiliaries failing, could go no further. Pro- 
visions were scarce and he was obliged to retreat to Albany 
for subsistence. The Meet was no less unfortunate, sailed too 
late, and found Quebec too strong for them. They returned 
home and the expedition was a failure. 

The government of New York, greatly exasperated, at- 
tributed the failure to ( ren. Winthrop, had him arrested and 
it was only by the adventurous friendship of the Mohawks 
under his command that he was freed. Winthrop's reputa- 
tion in Connecticut was not diminished, the Legislature ap- 
proving of his every act, and as we know, he later became 
Governor of that Colony. 

John Livingston continued to live at the Winthrop home 
and married Mary, only daughter of ( ren. Winthrop. He was 
one of the four first purchasers of Mohegan Reservation from 
the Indians. This tract of land lay in North Parish, New 
London. Here he had his country estate and continued to 
make his home, marrying as his second wife, Elizabeth 
Knight. In 1718 he seems to have gone to England on a busi- 
ness mission and died there Feb. 1 ( ^. 1720. 

This death was untimely and there was no Will and no 
record of the names of children but family tradition has it 
that he left a family and that among them was the son. John, 
of the following generation. 


JOHN LIVINGSTON, said to be son of Capt. John, was 
born about 1615, married Martha . who died in 1768. 

Children : 

i. Fames, born May 23. 1741. at Wallingford, Conn, 
ii. Jane, horn Oct. 1742; baptized same year. 
iii. .Mary, born April 19, 1744. 
iv. Martha, born Dee. 5. 1745; baptized 1746. 

v. AGNES, born June 22. 1748; married Samuel Smith; died in 
Waterburv, 1770. 


vi. Abigail, born March 17. 1749, at Wallingford, (nun.; married 

Daniel Seymour, 
vii. Daniel, horn June 22, 1752. baptized at Meriden. 
viii. A child baptized in 1754. 
ix. Isaac, horn Jan. 27, 1755. 


ISAAC LIVINGSTON, son of John and Martha above, 

was born Jan. 27, 1755, married Ann Jackson, who was born 
1763 and who died in 1836. Isaac died in 1823. 

Isaac Livingston enlisted for service in the Revolutionary 
War first under Capt. Couch of Meriden, Conn., as soon as 
news of the battle of Lexington reached there. They wen- 
out only seven days, time to go to Boston and back. He 
then joined the regiment raised in first call for troops by the 
legislature in April or May 1775, Seventh Company, under 
Capt. Isaac Cook, Jr. 

Took part in operations along Lake George and Lake 
Champlain under Gen. Schuyler; assisted in reduction of St. 
Johns in October and was afterwards stationed at Montreal. 
Discharged Oct. 17, 1775. He enlisted in Bradley's Battal- 
ion, Wadsworth Brigade under Capt. John Conch of Meri- 
den, Conn., June 25, 1776. Discharged Jan. 19, 1777. He en- 
listed again for three years, May 17, 1777. in the Eighth 
Regiment of the "New Connecticut Line." He was sergeant 
under Col. John Chandler of Newton, in Capt. David 
Smith's Company. Discharged May 10, 1780. Evidently be- 
gan service again Dec. 25, 1780, as "Connecticut Men in the 
Revolution" page 345 has this entry "Paid from Dec. 2?, 
1780, to Dec. 31, 1781. Held the rank of Sergeant." Also in 
list of pensioners, page 635. 

In this last service he was in Fifth Regiment, Connecticut 
Line Formation of 1781 to 1783 which was composed of the 
First and Eighth regiments of the previous formation, with 
Lieut. Col. Isaac Sherman of New Haven, Capt. Sam'l Corn- 
stock's Company. 

The movement of that part of the army of which he was 
a member is recorded as follows: Went into field at Camp 
Peekskill in the spring of 1777 under Gen. McDougall. 
Fought at Germantown and his detachment defended Fort 
Miflin, .Mud Island, Penn., Nov. 16, 17, 1777. Wintered at 
Valley Forge, 77 and 78 and on June 28, following, fought 


the battle of Monmouth. Encamped during tin- summer at 
White Plains, Huntington Brigade. Wintered 78 and 79 
at Redding, Conn. Engaged in storming Stony Point, July 
15, 79. Wintered 79 and '80 at Morrison Heights, X. J. Sum- 
mer of '80, main army on the Hudson. Wintered '80 and '81 
at Cam]) Connecticut Village, (pp. 231 "Connecticut Men in 
Revolution" ). 
Children : 

i. Lucy, born Jan. 2. 1783. 

ii. [ane, born Feb. 5, 1786; married in 1804 M. Hill Baldwin; died 

iii. Martha, horn Sept. 5, 1789; died in Roxbury, Oct. 24. 1845. 
iv. Axx, bom April 17. 1791 ; died April 10. 1823. 
v. Isaac, born May 9. 1793. In 37th Infantry Regiment, War of 

vi. Melinda, born Aug. 16, 1795. 

vii. Ferrand, born Nov. 5, 1796; married Margaret V. Farrington. 
viii. Abigail, born Nov. 5, 1796. 
ix. Loudon, born March 20, 1802; died May 1834. 
x. WILLIAM, born March 20. 1804; married Sally Edwards. Their 
daughter. Julia Livingston, married Daniel Austin Burritt. (See 
Burritt 110). 
xi. Chloe, born May 9, 1806; married Seabury Crossman, 1823. 
xii. Fannie Pomeroy, born June 1. 1809; married Lyman Fenn, 
1826; died ( >ct. 23, 1869. Their son, Henry Harrison Fenn, 
married Dec. 28, 1858, Sarah J. Burritt, daughter of Roswell 
and Anna (Seward) Burritt. (See Burritt 67). 


References: Mills Genealogy by Susan Mills; Stiles Wind- 
sor; Sketches of Early Settlers of Simsbury by Abie! Brown; 
Manwaring's Early Probate Record: The Phelps Family by 
Judge O. S. Phelps; Ralph Shepard Puritan by R. H. Shep- 



SIMON MILLS, according to tradition, came to America 
with Capt. Newbury; his first wife Sarah, daughter of John 
and Alar}- (Drake) Bissell, came on the same ship. 

Simon Mills' name first appears in Plymouth, Mass.. in 
1628. He was one of the founders of Windsor, Conn. 


SIMEON, (Simon 1 ) horn about 1637, died July 6, 1683; 

B U R R I T T F A M I L V 273 

married Feb. 23, 1660* Mary Knell, who was born Sept. 3, 
1642, and died June 24, 1718. She was a daughter of William 
and Mary ( Post) Buell. 


JOHN, (Simeon 2) born Jan. 2, 1669;died March 12. 1698; 

married 1689, Sarah Pettibone who died April 3, 1748. 

She was a daughter of John and Sarah | Eggleston ) Petti 
bone of Simsbury. Sarah Eggleston was a daughter of Begat 
and Mary Eggleston. 


JOSEPH, (John 3) born Dec. 2^>, 1694; died April 19, 
1783; married 1724, Hannah Addams who was burn 1709 
and died September 1776. 

She was a daughter of Daniel and Thanks (Shepard ) Ad- 

Daniel Addams was a son of Daniel and Mary ( Phelps) 
Addams of Simsbury and grandson of George and Frances 
Addams of Wattertown. 

Mary Phelps was a daughter of Samuel and Sarah ( ( iris- 
wold) Phelps of Windsor and granddaughter of William 
and Elizabeth Phelps, (See Phelps in this volume) of Wind- 
sor, Conn. 

Thanks Shepard was a daughter of Abraham and Judith 
Philbrook (Sill) Shepard of Concord and granddaughter of 
Ralph and Thanks (Lord) Shepard. 


JOSEPH, (Joseph 4) born Feb. 12, 1726; died July 26, 
1792; married first time Susanna Case who died Aug. 8, 1767. 
She was a daughter of Daniel and Penelope (Butolph) Case. 
His third wife, married in 1777, was Hannah Remington. 

Joseph Mills served as Moderator at town meeting June 
26, 1780. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. 

His home was in Norfolk, Conn. 


PENELOPE MILLS, daughter of Joseph and Susan 
Mills was born May 25, 1755; died March 1814; married 
April 27, 1773, Jabez Remington and moved from Connecti- 
cut to Auburn, N. Y., in 1799. (See Remington and Burritt 



Olmsted Family Genealogies by Henry King Olmsted, 

revised and completed by Rev. George K. Ward in 1912 
shows the Olmsted family in England back to 1242 but there- 
are several gaps where the connections are not complete. 
Reference is made to Mordant's History of Essex, England, 
which says the family is mentioned in the Doomsday Hook 
in 1086. 

James and Jane (Bristow) Olmsted of Creat Leighs, 
County Essex, England, has a son Richard. 

This Richard had sons Richard and James who emigrated 
to America. 


RICHARD, of Norwalk, Conn., the oldest son, was bap- 
tized at Fairsted, County Essex. Feb. 20. 1612. He was twice 
married but the names of his wives are unknown. lli-> sons 
were children of his first wife. His will i> dated Sept. 5. 1684. 


JOHN OLMSTED, second son. came to Hartford. Conn., 
in the summer of \()M) with a party from Newtown (after- 
wards Cambridge), Mass. lie was a firsl settler and propri- 
etor of Hartford. From his owning a house in Hartford, it 
is probable that he was married before 1640. 

On June 19. 1650, articles of agreement were drawn up for 
the purchase of "Norwalke" from Roger Ludlow of Fair- 
field, Conn., and on Sept. 11. 1651, "it was ordained that Nor- 
walk should be a town." He was there in 1650-51 as his name 
appears in the deed of the Indian chiefs, dated Feb. 15, 1651. 

His Civil Services: In ln-k> he was constable in Hartford. 
1649 fence viewer. 1653 deputy of Norwalk to the General 
Court at Hartford. 1656 appointed by General Court as 
leather seller for Norwalk. 1657 chosen Townsman in Nor- 
walk. 1660 was Grand Juror for Norwalk and deputy to 
General Court. He was chosen deputy of Norwalk a dozen 
times between 1660 and 1679. In 1665 Lieut. Olmsted was 
appointed to represent part of the Colony in defense meas- 
ures. Oct. 12, 1665, he was appointed to view lands apper- 
taining to Hastings and Rye for a new plantation. Many 
times he surveyed lines and ran lines. In 1669 was granted 


60 acres of land "where he could find it." Nov. 26, 1673, he 
was Muster Master for Fairfield county. 1668-77 was Com 
missioner for Norwalk with magisterial powers. 

His Military services: Served in the Pequol War and re- 
ceived a grant of land. May 1637. In 1653 was sergeanl to a 
company of 65 men. Lieutenant in 1659. At 63 years of age 
he fought in Kino- Philip's War in 1676. Was" Captain in 
1680 and appointed commissioner for the following six years 
He died in 1686. 


LIEUT. JOHN. (John 1) baptized at Hartford, Conn., 
Dec. 30, 1649. His estate distributed April 17, 1705. \\r 
married a first time, probably Nov. 11, 1670, Mary Benedict, 
daughter of Thomas and Mary (Bridgum) Benedict of 
(probably) Southold, L. I.; married a second time to Mrs. 
Elizabeth (Pardie) Gregory, born June 10, 1660, daughter 
of George Pardee and widow of Thomas Gregory. She out- 
lived her husband. Lieut. John was selectman in 1699 and 


DANIEL, (John 2) born 1682; married May 9, 1711. Han- 
nah Ketchum of Norwalk, Conn. He with his brother 
Richard and 22 others, bought with permission of the Gen- 
eral Assembly at Hartford, Sept. 30, 1708, of the Indian 
Sachem Catoonah and his associates for £ 100, a tract of land 
(200 acres) on which now stands Ridgefield, Conn. Me was 
for many years an influential man in town affairs. In 1/32 
he was Ensign of the Train Band and Representative in 1742 
and 1743. 


AMBROSE, (Daniel 3) born at Ridgefield, Conn.. May 9. 
1719; died April 6, 1792; married a first time, July 9, 1742. 
Martha Comstock of Norwalk, New Canaan Parish, Conn., 
who was born about 1723 and died Aug-. 4, 1814. He remar- 
ried but the name of his second wife is unknown. 


AMBROSE, (Ambrose 4) born March 21, 1/4/ at Ridge- 
field; died at Auburn, N. Y., July 14, 1834; married Mary 


Palmer, who was horn Now 2, 1755. and died at Auburn, 
Jan. 18, 1S4.S. Lived at Ridgefield until about 1703. when 
thev moved to Auburn, X. Y. 

Their daughter, Deborah, was born at Ridgefield, Jan. 22, 
1786, and died at Auburn, X. Y., Sept. 4. 1734. She married 
Rufus Remington. (See Burritt 106). 


This family is said to trace from Baron Maurice de Par- 
melee of Belgium, who fled from Spain to Holland in the 
year 1070. One John Parmelee, a descendant of the above 
was of Kent, England, in 1580. 

Idle first of the name to come to America was John Par- 
melee, said to have been from ( )ckley or the Isle of ( Guernsey. 
He is listed as among the passengers from London in the 
"Elizabeth and Ann" in 1635, at the age of 21. This would 
show his birth date to be 1614. lie married first in England, 
Hannah, and second, Elizabeth Bradley. He died in New 
Haven, Conn., in 1659. 

Four years after coming to this country he went with 
forty nine settlers led by the Rev. Whitford, to Guilford, 
Conn., in 1639. They were mostly farmers and had come first 
with Gov. Eaton to New Haven in 1637. John's name is 
among those of twenty-five signers of the Guilford Planta- 
tion, June 1639. 

He had one son. John. 


JOHN PARMELEE, (John 1) born 1639; died 1725; 
married first Rebecca, who died Sept. 2?. 1651. He married 
second Hannah, widow of William I Maine. John was one 
of the first planters in Guilford, with his father in 1650. He 
was a proprietor in 1685. For many years he acted as sexton 
and was a drummer in the Train hand. 

Children : 

i. Nathaniel, born 1645. 

ii. Hannah. 

iii. John, born Nov. 25. 1659. 

iv. Joshua, born 1661. 

v. fOB. 



NATHANIEL PARMELEE, (John 2) bom 1645; mar- 
ried 1668, Sarah French, who was born 1650, died 1717. He 
was killed in the Indian wars. They lived in Killingsworth. 

Had a son : 

i. Nathaniel, born 1672. 

JOSHUA PARMELEE, (John 2) horn in Guilford, 1661 : 
died there June 1729; married first, July 10, 1690, in I mil lord. 
Else Edwards of Hampton, L. I.; married second al '.nil- 
ford in 1716 the widow of Benjamin Story. 

They had 13 children, among- whom was: 
Jonathan, born June 21, 1701. 


NATHANIEL PARMELEE, (Nathaniel 3) horn 1672; 
married first Anna Post, who died in 1723; second Bertha 
Kelsey, born 1701, died 1779. 

Of their eleven children the seventh was: 
Nehemiah, born 1710. 

JONATHAN PARMELEE, ( Joshua 3 ) born in Guilford, 

July 21, 1701 ; died Oct. 1794; married Dec. 1728, Sarah Tay 
lor, who was born 1708, died Feb. 14, 1794, at East Hamp- 
ton, Conn. She was a daughter of John and Elizabeth ( Spen 
cer) Taylor. They lived in Bradford, Chatham, and Litch- 
field, and about 1750 removed to East Hampton, Conn. 
There were ten children among whom was: 
Asaph, born April 2, 1746. 


NEHEMIAH PARMELEE. (Nathaniel 4) horn 1710; 
married April 3, 1743, Hannah Hull. 

Ten children were born to this union, the ninth being: 
Amos, born 1750. 

ASAPH PARMELEE, (Jonathan 4) born April 2, 1746; 
died Oct. 24, 1834; married first Sarah Everett; second Hul- 
dah Marshall. Their son: 

Asaph, born Jan. 6, 1778. 


AMOS PARMELEE. (Nehemiah 5) born 1750; married 
1773, Elizabeth Lord. He was head of a family in Killings- 


worth in 1790. At some time between 1798 and 1800 he 
moved with his family to Roxbury, Conn. Amos Parmelee 
served during the Revolution as lieutenant in Capt. Alex. 
Waugh's Co. in the 17th Reg. Conn. Militia. On July 19. 
1779. was sent on a lift} - mile march to oppose the enemy who 
were burning Fairfield and Norwalk. (See Burritt 07). 
There were ten children, the fifth, a daughter: 

Siba, burn Jan. 26. 1783; married Benjamin Seward. 

ASAPH PARMELEE. (Asaph 5) born Jan. 6, 1778; died 

June 20, 1859; married first Hannah Hall; second Betsy 
Foote. The home was in Bristol, \ t. 

Children : 

i. Miranda, horn Sept. 1. 1802; married Edward Dunshee, of Bris- 
tol. \"t. (See Drake and P.nrritt 203). 
ii. Anson, born Sept. 14. 1810. 
iii. Harriet, bom March 11. 1S22. 


These records are given t<> show the ancestry of Elizabeth 
Phelps Burritt, wife of Giles Burritt of Parma, (now Hilton) 
Monroe County, New York. 

The original name is spelled variously Phelips, Phellypse, 
Phelppse, etc.. in old records in England previous t<> 1500. 

Records are taken from Vol. 1 of Phelps Genealogy by 
Phelps and Severin, supplemented by data from Savage's 
Genealogical Dictionary of New England. 1860 edition, and 
Yules National Cyclopedia of American Biography. 


JAMES PHELPS, bom 1520, died between 1587 and 1591 
in Tewkesbury, England, and buried in Tewkesbury Abbey 
Church with his wife Joan. Records of Prerogative Court of 
Canterbury, Administrations of 1587-1591, page 00: "Com- 
missioned to Joan Phelps, relict of James Phelps late of 
Tewkesbury, deceased, to administer goods and chattels of 
said deceased." All nine children except Nicholas, the eldest, 
were baptized in the Abbey Church. 


WILLIAM PHELPS, baptized Aug. 4. 1560, in Tewkes- 
burv Abbey Church: died 1611, and interred in the Abbey 


Church with his wife Dorothy, who died in 1613. Records of 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Sept. 28, 1611, Administra 
tions of 1611-1614: "Commissioned Dorothy Phelps, relict 

of William Phelps late of Tewkesbury, deceased, to admin 
isted goods and chattels of said deceased." | As she died he- 
fore the estate had been administered, her husband's 
brother, Nicholas Phelps, was named by the Court to Ad- 
minister). All eight children were baptized in the Abbey 
Church except George, their youngest. 


WILLIAM PHELPS, baptized Aug. 19, 1599, in Tewkes- 
bury Abbey Church; died July 14, 1672, in Windsor, Conn. 

There were six children by his first wife Elizabeth , 

and two, Timothy and Alary, by his second wife, Mary 
Dover, also, with William, a passenger on the "Mary and 
John" sailing from Plymouth, England, March 20, 1630, and 
reaching Nantasket (now Hull, Mass.), May 30, 1630, with 
Capt. Squeb and 140 passengers and settled at Dorchester, 
Mass. William Phelps was delegate to the General Court in 
1634 and 1635, and also presided at a Court in ](\w. These 
settlers removed to a new territory in Connecticut, which 
they also named Dorchester, but renamed Windsor, and 
where he spent the last half of his life. (See Mills No. 4). 


(LT.) TIMONTHY PHELPS, born Sept. 1, 1639, in 
Windsor, Conn., and died there in 1719. He married Mary 
Griswold, who was baptized Oct. 13-, 1644, in Windsor, 
Conn., and predeceased him. She was a daughter of Edward 
Griswold of Kenilworth, England, who settled in Windsor 
in 1635, and later removed to Killingsworth, Conn. Timothy 
Phelps received his commission from the General Court in 
1709, and had served in the Queen Anne War in 1707. See 
Stiles "History of Windsor?' and the Hartford Probate 
Records, Vol. 9, page 338, for his will. There were twelve 


WILLIAM PHELPS, born Feb. 4. 1699, in Windsor, 
Conn., where he died in 1733. He had William and Ebene/.er 
by his first wife, who was Abagail Mudge and who died 


April 24, 1705. He married a second time. Ruth Barber, and 
had three children. 


WILLIAM PHELPS, born March 16, 1702. in Windsor, 
Conn., and died in army cam]) in Middlelield, Conn., in 1776. 
He married first Moore, who died before 1760. She- 
was a granddaughter of Andrew Moore of Windsor. They 
had Elisha and William. In 1760 he married a second time, 
Anna Bishop, and had seven children. His Revolutionary 
War record may be found on page 408 "Soldiers of Connec- 
ticut," a State publication. 


(CORPL.) ELISHA PHELPS, born Dec. 1722. in Wind- 
sor, Conn., and died in 1818 at Scipio, X. Y. lie married in 
1742 Elizabeth Holcomb, who was horn Nov. 9, 1723 in 
Windsor and died in East Windsor. She was a daughter of 
Joseph Newcomb(e) who was a grandson of Thomas H<>1- 
combe who settled in Boston in 1630, and whose wife Mary 
I Winchell) Holcomb was a great granddaughter of Robert 
Winchell, who left Dorchester. England, in 1638, and settled 
in Windsor. ( His earliest traceable lineal ancestor is Robert 
de Winchelsea who was made Bishop of Canterbury in 1293. | 

Corp. Elisha's eight children were born in East Windsor, 


SHADRACH PHELPS, born in 1748, in East Windsor, 

Conn., and died at Scipio, X. Y. He married a cousin. 

Phelps, (said to have been a sister of Oliver Phelps of the 
Phelps and Gorham Land Purchase who settled in Canan- 
daigua, X. Y.) Three children were born in East Windsor, 
Conn., and one in Scipio, X. \ . 


GEORGE PHELPS, born in 1/70 at East Windsor, 
Conn., and died about 1810 near Sand Lake. X. Y. He mar- 
ried in January 17S8, Evelyn Coleby (sometimes given Eve 
Coby) who died about 1820. She was a lineal descendant of 
Anthony Colby, who came to Boston in Winthrop's Com- 
pany in 1630., and built the first '•permanent" dwelling-house 



in Cambridge, Mass. He was the son of 'I1k.ih.-is Colby and 
Beatrice (Felton) Colby of Sussex, England, and grandson 
of Sir Thomas Felton of Playford. George Phelps settled in 

Duchess County, N. Y., and later migrated westward. In a 
storm on Lake Erie his boat overturned and two of his chil 
dren were drowned. He returned to Xew York State and 
settled in Rensselaer County. In 1790 the first census shows 
that he was living in Livingston Town(ship), Columbia 
County, N. Y., with his wife and eldest son. There were- six 
children, and one of these, the daughter Elizabeth, born 
Sept. 10, 1791, married March 5, 1810 Giles Burritt. (See 
Burritt 56). 

1 First Generation 

WILLIAM SEWARD was born in Bristol, England, in 
1627, sailed from the port of London for America during the 
year of 1635, (New England Genealogical and Historical 
Register), died at Guilford, Conn., in 1689. He married April 
16, 1651, Grace Norton, daughter of Thomas and Grace 
(Wells) Norton of Guilford. 

William Seward lived for a time in New Haven but soon 
after the birth of the first child Mary, 1653, removed to ( ruil- 
ford where he took the oath of fidelity May 4, 1654, His 
home lot is described as being- next to that of Mr. French. 
He was by trade a tanner, a man of considerable property 
and eminence and possessed of a picturesque and individual 
personality. He was for a long time Captain of the Guard, 
or Train Band with the privilege of choosing his own men. 

Children : 

i. Mary, born in New Haven, 1653; married John Scranton, and 
died in 1690 leaving three children. 

2. ii. John, horn Guilford, Feb. 14. 1656. 

3. iii. Joseph, born Guilford, 1658. 

iv. Samuel, born Guilford, 1659; died young. 

4. v. Caleb, born Guilford, March 14, 1662. 

vi. Stephen, born Aug. 6, 1664; died about 1700-01. 

vii. Samuel, born Feb. 8, 1668; died a few days after his father in 

1689 at the age of 22 years, 
viii. Hannah, born 1670; married Joseph Hand. 
ix. Ebenezer, born Dec. 13, 1672; died Oct. 19, 1701. from the kick 

of a horse. 


2 Second Generation 

JOHN SEWARD, (William 1) born 1656; died Dec. 5, 
1748; married Abigail, eldest daughter of the second William 
Bushnell, of Saybrook. She died in 1750. 

Children : 

i. Abigail, born 1680; died young, 
ii. John, born 1684. 

5. iii. William, born 1684. 
iv. Hezekiah, born 1696. 

v. Temperance, born 1698. 


JOSEPH SEWARD. (William 1) born in 1655; died 
1731; married Feb. 5, 1681, Judith, daughter of the second 
William Bushnell, who died in 1740. He was a physician and 
lived in I hirham. Conn. 
Children : 

i. Joseph, born 1682; died young. 

ii. Judith, born 1684. 

iii. Mary, born 1686; died young. 

iv. [oseph, born 1687. 

v. Mary, born 1690. 

vi. Patience. 

vii. Samuel. 

viii. Nathaniel. 

ix. Anna. 


CALEB SEWARD, (William 1) born March 14. 1662; 
died Aug. 6, 1728. lie married July 14. 1686, Lydia, daughter 

of the second William Bushnell of Saybrook. She died in 
1753. Caleb was the first settler to break through the wilder- 
ness and build his log hause in what was afterwards the town 
of Durham. Here his son Ephriam was horn, the first white 
child to be horn in this locality. Caleb represented his town 
in the ( ieneral Assembly and his name appears many times 
on the early records. 

Children : 

i. Daniel, born 1687. 

ii. Lydia, born 1689; married April 5. 1714. John Howe. 

iii. Caleb, born 1692. 

6. iv. Thomas, born 1694. 
v. Xodiah. born 1697. 

vi. Ephriam. born probably 1700. 
vii. Ebenezer. born 1703. 


5 Third Generation 

WILLIAM SEWARD, (John 2) hem in Guilford, in 
1684.; died in New Haven in 1761 (or 4). Married in 1710, 
Damaris Punderson, daughter of John and Damaris I \t 
water) Punderson. Damaris Atwater was daughter of I )a\ id 
and Damaris (Sayre) Atwater. William's name appears as 
Deacon on the records of the church at Guilford in 172 ( >. 

Had a son : 

7. i. William, born 1712. (The Rev. William). 


THOMAS SEWARD, (Caleb 4) born 1694; died 1762; 
married Sarah daughter of Samuel Camp of Durham. 

Children : 

8. i. Solomon, born 1721. 

9. ii. Amos, born 1726. 

iii. Catherine, born 1727. 
iv. Nathan, born 1730. 

7 Fourth Generation 

REV. WILLIAM SEWARD, ( Dea. William 5) born 
1712; died Feb. 5, 1782. Married first Sept. 21, 1741 ( Mrs.) 
Concurrence Stevens; second, 1761 (Mrs.) Mabel Smith; 
third, Nov. 11, 1775, Sarah Stnderd. 

This William Seward taUght school in Killingworth, 
Conn., in 1733. He received his B.A. degree at Yale in the 
class of 1734. Preached at Stanwick church in < Greenwich in 
1735, was ordained at North Killingworth, Dec. 27, 1737. 
He was present at the General Assembly at Woodbury in 
1764. He was the first minister of the North Killingworth 
Congregational church whose two hundredth anniversary 
was "celebrated in 1928. He was said to be a worthy and 
talented man. 

Children : 

i. Concurrence ) ^ . , T ,- 17n 
t-. [ Twins, born June o, 1/4,1 

n. Damaris ) J 

iii. Mary, born 1745. 

iv. William, born 1747. 

v. John, born 1750; died 1750. 

vi. John, born 1762; died 1763. 

vii. John Punderson, born 1765. 

viii. Zurishaddii, born 1777. 



SOLOMON SEWARD, (Thomas 6) born Jan. 19, 1721; 
married Alinor (or Elinor) Baldwin of North Bradford, 
Conn. The year previous to this Solomon was listed as a 
lieutenant in Daniel Maltby's Company in the French and 
Indian war. In 1776 he and Elinor moved with their family 
to South Britain, then a part of Woodbury. They joined the 
Congregational church of that place where he served as 
Deacon in 1777. 

Children : 
11. i. Benjamin, born March 9. 1770. 
ii. Samuel. 


AMOS SEWARD. (Thomas 6) horn 1726, married Ruth 
Rogers, of Wolcott. Removed from Bradford, Conn., to 
Wolcott about 1769 and died there. 

Children : 

i. Sarah, married Daniel Lane, 

ii. Kith, married Reuben Frisbee. 

iii. Nathan, married Martha Gully. 

iv. Lois. 

10 Fifth Generation 

WILLIAM SEWARD, (Lw. William 7) born Nov. 15, 

1747; married Nov. 15. 1771. Thankful Parmelee, probably 
daughter of Joseph Parmalee. I le was an Elder in the church 
at Killin^worth in 1771 and seems to have been a minister 
from 1774 to 1794. He was a preacher at the General As- 
sembly at Greenfield in 1790. 


BENJAMIN SEWARD. (Solomon 8) horn in Bradford, 
Parish of Northford, March 9. 1770. In 1796 his name ap- 
pears as grantee on a deed to p:operty in South Britain, 
Conn. In 1800 he was Junior Warden in the Masonic Lodge 
of Woodbury. (Cothren's "Ancient Woodbury"). 

Married in 1800 Siba Parmalee. daughter of Amos and 
Elizaheth ( Lord) Parmelee, horn Jan. 2h. 1783. 

In 1806 he went to teach music in the South and died at 
Granville, X. C, in Nov. 1810, wtihout having been home. 


Children : 

i. Grin, born May 14, 1801. 

ii. Jeannette Mildred, horn Sept. 5, 1804 ; married 1845 Zacheus 

Warner; died 1890. 
iii. Anna Marya, horn fan. 21, 1807; married Roswell Burritt 
(See Bnrritt 67). 


1 First Generation 

JOHN WARNER. Came from Essex County, England, 
in the ship Increase in 1635 and settled in Farmington, 
Conn., where he died in 1678-9. 

Children : 

2. i. John, died 1707. 
ii. Ephriam. 

iii. Robert. 

iv. Ebenezer. 

v. Lydia, married Samuel Bronson. 

2 Second Generation 

JOHN WARNER, (John 1) lived in Woodbury, Conn., 
and died in Farming-ton while on a visit in 1707. 


3. i. Ephriam. 

4. ii. Robert. 

5. iii. Ebenezer. 

3 Third Generation 

EPHRIAM WARNER, (John 2) born in Woodbury. 

Children : 

i. Ephriam, haptized Nov. 1693. 

ii. Benjamin, haptized August 1698. 

Prohahly left Woodhury as there are no records. 


ROBERT WARNER, (John 2) married first Mary Hurl- 
but who died April 14, 1743. He married second Sarah Whee- 
ler April 14, 1744. She died May 30, 1755. 

Children : 

i. Sarah, haptized fury 1704; died Jan. 28. 1721. 
ii. Mary, haptized July 24, 1707; married April 15, 1731, Isaac 

286 B URRI T T F A M I L Y 

iii. Margaret, born April 22. 1709; died Sept. 8, 1711. 

6. iv. John, born Oct. 27, 1713. 

7. v. Nathan, born Feb. 14. 1717. 

vi. SlLENCET, baptized Sept. 11. 1720; married Jan. 1741. John llnrd. 


DOCTOR EBENEZER WARNER, (John 2) died April 

23, 1755; married Dec. 19, 1704, Martha Galpin, who died 
April 17. 1745. lie was the first Dr. Ebenezer Warner. 

Children : 

8. i. Ebenezer, born .March 18, 1705. 

ii. Martha, born July 23, 1707; married Solomon Squire. 

9. iii. Benjamin, horn May 6, 1709. 

iv. Margaret, born Dec. 1712; married Dec. 20, 1732. David Squire. 
v. Rebecca, horn Dee. 12, 1715; married Dee. 23. 1732. Moses 

I [urlbut. 
vi. Tamir, horn Feb. 26, 1718; married Remember Baker and 1>e- 

came the mother of Capt. Remember Baker of Revolutionary 


Mary Baker, a sister of Remember Baker married Joseph 

Allen and became the mother of Col. Ethan Allen. 

Benjamin, mentioned above as the third child of 1 >r. Ebenezer 

was the father of Col. Seth Warner of the Revolutionary Army, 

so Capt. Baker was a cousin to both Col. Ethan Allen and Col. 

Seth Warner although the two latter were not related. 
vii. Lydia, horn Feb. 1720; married March 18, 1751, Stephen Judd. 

10. viii. Thomas, horn Nov. 1722. 

ix. Frances, horn Feb. 1726; married Oviatt. 
x. Rachael, baptized March 28, 172''. 

6 Fourth Generation 

JOHN WARNER, I Robert4) born ( >ct. 27, 1713;married 

June 11, 1735. Jennie llurd: died Dee. 8, 1785. 

Children : 

i. Daniel, horn July 1736; died the same month. 

ii. Sarah, horn Aug. 26, 1737; married 1757. Ephriam Baldwin. 

iii. Jemima, horn ( tat. 2, 1739. 

iv. Mary, born April 22. 1742. 

11. v. Daniel, horn Any. 26, 1744. 

vi. Hannah, born March 20. 1753. 


NATHAN WARNER, (Robert 4) born Feb. 14. 1717; 
died Jul}- 14. 1784: married Hannah . 

Children : 
i. Mary, horn June 23. 1743. 


ii. Rhoda, born March 8, 1745. 
iii. Nathan, horn Feb. 13, 1747. 

12. iv. Robert, baptized June 14, 1749. 


EBENEZER WARNER, (Ebenezer 5) born March IS. 
1705; married Feb. 1729, Elizabeth Hurlbut; died Kus 23 


Children : 

13. i. Ebenezer, baptized Aug. 13, 1732. 

ii. Elizabeth, horn Nov. 17. 1736; died 1753. 

iii. Martha, horn June 9, 1746; married Nov. 19. 1761, Gideon 


DR. BENJAMIN WARNER, (Ebenezer 5) born May 6, 
1709; married Dec. 16, 1736, Silence Hnrd, who died Nov. 
15, 1785. 

Children : 

i. Hannah, born Aug. 4, 1737; married Joseph I law-lev. 

14. ii. Benjamin (Dr.). horn May 1739. 

15. iii. Daniel, horn April 12, 1741. 

16. iv. Seth (Col.), horn May 6, 1743. 

v. John, born May 29, 1745; married Hurlbut. Went to Vermont. 
vi. Reuben (Dr.), baptized March 4, 1750; married Eunice — — . 

Had Reuben and two daughters, 
vii. Elijah, baptized June 30, 1754. 
viii. Asahel, married Rhoda Bassett and had: (1) Marvin. (2) 

Rhoda, married Benjamin Rumsey ; (3) Olive, married Isaac 

ix. David, married and had David, Lucy and Malcolm. 
x. Tamir, married Asahel Hurd. 


THOMAS WARNER, (Ebenezer 5) born Nov. 1722; 
married July 4, 1749, Abigail Prentice, and died Dec. 17, 
1778. His widow died Nov. 1794. 

Children : 

i. Deborah, horn July 31, 1751. 

ii. Martha, horn Nov. 3, 1753; married Sept. 18, 1772, Gideon 


iii. Esther, horn May 21, 1755; married 1779, Amos Leavenworth. 

iv. Samuel, horn Sept. 24, 1756. 

17. v. Saul, horn March 12. 175.8. 
vi. Sarah, horn Sept. 19, 1759. 


18. vii. Thomas, born April 2'K 1761. 
viii. Lydia, baptized Sept. 19. 1762. 
ix. Dorcas, baptized May 12. 1765. 
x. Enos, born May 5, 1767. 

xi. Abigail, baptized May 27, 1770. 

1 1 Fifth Generation 

DANIEL WARNER, (John 6) born Aug. 26, 1744.; mar- 
ried Feb. 7, 1765, Ann Stoddard. He was killed in the Battle 
of Bennington, Jul}', 1776. 
Children : 

i. Mary, born March 27, 1766. 
ii. Eunice, baptized Sept. 12, 1768. 
iii. Daniel, baptized July 5, 1772. 
iv. John, baptized July 4, 1773. 
v. Mary Ann. born June 7. 1776. 


ROBERT WARNER, < Nathan 7) baptized June 4, 1749; 
married Feb. 19, 1772, Emma Sherman. 
Children : 
i. Jerusha, born Feb. 11. 1778. 
ii. Rhoda, born April 29. 1775. 
iii. LUCINDA, born May 7. 1781. 
iv. Robert Sherman, born March 29. 1785. 

EBENEZER WARNER, (Ebenezer 8) baptized Aug. 

13, 1732; married July 6, 1757, Patience Minor; died March 
21, 1800. She died Sept. 2i, 1774. 


19. i. David, born Jan. 3. 1758. 

20. ii. Ebenezer. born July 19, 1760. 

21. iii. Gideon, born Aug. 19, 1762. 

iv. Elizabeth, baptized March 10. 1765; married Solomon Squire. 
v. Susanna, married Samuel Bristol. 


DR. BENJAMIN WARNER. (Benjamin 9) born May 

1739.; married first Nov. 2. 1761, Rebecca Castle; married 
second, Jemima Chambers of Newton. 
Children : 

i. Benjamin. 

ii. Allyn. 

iii. Rebecca, married Daggett. 

iv. Silena, married Asaph Betts. 

v. Rhoda. married Major Abraham Bronson. 



DANIEL WARNER. ( Benjamin 9) born April 12, 1741 ; 
married 1765, Patience Norton. 


COL. SETH WARNER, (Benjamin 9) born May 6, 1743; 

married Dec. 26, 1784, Hester llnrd. 
Children : 
i. Seth. 
ii. Asahel. 
iii. Abagail. 


SAUL WARNER, (Thomas 10) born March 12, 1758; 
married Feb. 15, 1781, Abigail Keeler. 

Children : 

i. James. 

ii. Daniel. 

iii. Sally. 

iv. Jemmina. 

v. William. 

vi. Hannah. 


THOMAS WARNER, (Thomas 10) born April 28. 1761 ; 
married 1782, Sarah Thomas. ; died Jan. 26, 1836. His widow 
died April 16, 1844. 

Children : 
i. Mary. 
ii. Sally. 
iii. Thomas. 
iv. Susan. 
v. Lucy. 
vi. Zella. 
vii. John. 
viii. Silas. 
ix. Moses. 
x. Irene. 

Sixth Generation 


DAVID WARNER, (Ebenezer 14), born Jan. 3. 1758; 
married Nov. 28. 1784, Ruth Baker. Both died 1813. 
Had one son, David, born April 3. 1813. 



EBENEZER WARNER, (Ebenezer 14) born July 19, 
1760; married April 13, 1779, Elizabeth Sweet. 

Children : 
i. Ebenezer. 
ii. Patience, married David Judson. 

iii. Stephen. 

iv. Elizabeth, married Barnet Hawley. 

v. Polly, married Simeon Castle. 


GIDEON WARNER, < Ebenezer 13) born Aug. 19, 1762; 

married Eunice Curtiss. 
Children : 
i. Eunice. 
ii. Anna. 
iii. Betsy. 
iv. Curtiss, born April 1791 ; married Minerva Wilton. 

22. v. Zacheus, born 17' '4. 

vi. Harvey, born 1797; married ChsrryA. ( iregory. 
vii. Polly, born Nov. 1. 1798; married Lewis Burritt. i See Burritt 

22 Seventh Generation 

ZACHEUS WARNER, (Gideon) born 1794; married 
Laura Fenn, daughter of Job Fenn of Bridgewater, Conn. 

( See Burritt 67 ). 
Children : 

23. i. Job Zacheus, born 1817. 

24. ii. Lyman Few. born in Woodbury, Conn. 

23 Eighth Generation 

JOB ZACHEUS, (Zacheus 22) ben 1718; married Oct. 
19, 1844. Elizabeth Ann Burritt, daughter of Daniel Fair- 
child and Betsy (Morris) Burritt She was born Dec. 27. 
1820. (See Burritt 65). 
Children : 

i. Laura Elizabeth, horn May 22. 1850. 
2?. ii. John Z.. born June 2. 1854. 

This Laura Elizabeth Warner married Oct. 10. 1871. Oliver 
Gavlord Camp, and had: (1 ) < ieorge Edward, born Sept. 21, 
1876; died Feb. 16. 1923. < 2 j Mabel Olena, born Aw?. 4. 1? 
(3) Ruth Elizabeth, born Tan. 6. 1888. (4) Olive Grace, born 
March 11, 1890. (See Burritt 65). 



LYMAN FENN WARNER, ( Zacheus 22) bom in Wood 
bury, Conn.; married Clora - -. Removed to Rockford, 

111., where he practiced law until his death. 

Children : 

i. Lyman Fenn. 

ii. Laura, married Nahum ('. Bement. 

iii. Clara, born July 3, 1861; died March 19, 1938; married 1890, 
J. Monroe Bickford. He died Nov. 25, 1925. 

25 Ninth Generation 

JOHN Z. WARNER, (Job Zacheus 23) born June 3, 1854; 
married Martha Nichols. 

Children : 

i. Frank Salter, born Aug. 1876. 

ii. Laura Elizabeth, born Jan. 28, 1878. 

iii. Herbert Emerson, born Aug. 27, 1887. 


A list of Revolutionary Soldiers of this name from Connecticut in- 
cludes : 

Abel, Abijah, Andrew, Anthony. Blackleach, Charles, Ebi 
Elihu, Israel, John, Joseph, Josiah, Nathan, Philip, Sherman, 

Stephen and William. 

From New York State: 

Among those serving in the Civil War were: 

Dexter, Dk. Horatio Charles, Ika Nichols, Lewis Benjamin, 
Loren, Newell Fletcher, Payson, Philo, Rufus Henry, William 

Some of those of the name who have in more recent years attained promi- 
nence and including those cited in Who's Who in America are: 

Dr. Alexander H., (b. 1805) Physician and Surgeon, New ( >rleans. La. 

Elihu. (1811-1879) Reformer, Linguist, Author. Connecticut. 

c barles I).. (1823-1856) Preacher, Educator. New York. 

Orin W., ( 1827-1908) Inventor. Manufacturer. New York. 

Dr. Alice, (b. 1841 ) Physician, Author. Genealogist, Washington, D. C. 

Dwight X. (1848-1914) Agriculturist. Educator. California. 

Eldon Grant, (b. 1868) College President. New York and Illinois. 

Claud A., (b. 1878) Physician and Surgeon. New York. 

Bailey B., (b. 1878) Social Worker. New York. 

Maurice C, (b. 1883) Agriculturist. New York. 

It is hoped that this index as arranged will prove simple hut it must l>e 
rememhered that males having no issue and female lines have been carried 
down under the ancestor last hearing the name of Burritt. so if you should 
he of the eighth generation and your grandfather the last to hear the name, 
you must look under his number in the >ixth generation. 

The Giles Rurritt family is indexed separately. 



Map of Stratford. Connecticut, 

Burritt Family Coat of Arms 

Lewis L. Burritt 

Eben Burritt Homestead 

Elizabeth Phelps Burritt 

Elihu Burritt 

Lewis Burritt 

Giles Burritt family group 

Charles Burritt 

Charles Burritt Homestead 

Maurice Chase Burritt 

George Alford, Rufus Henry a 

Olin H. Burritt 

Bailey Barton Burritt 

Eldon Grant Burritt 

Dr. Claude Burrett 

Roy W. Burritt 

Frank C. Burritt . 

Ashe House, Musbury. Devon 


nd Dwight 











77 79 

































Blakeman Family 
Conklin Family 
De Forest Family 
Denison Family 
Drake Family 
Lewis Family 
Livingston Family 
Mills Family . 
Olmsted Family 
Parmelee Family 
Phelps Family 
Seward Family 
Warner Familv 



2^5-2 { )\ 



Index by Generations 


Elizabeth 12 

John 12 

Mary 12 

Stephen 12 

William 12 


Charles 14 

I )eb( n-ali 14 

Elizabeth - 14 

Ephraim 1-1 

I lannah 14 

Israel 14 

James 14 

John 14 

Joseph 14 

Idsiah 14 

Peleg 14 

Stephen 13 

William 14 

Barlow, I )eborah 14 

Thomas 14 

Beach, Hannah 14 

( Ihauncey, 1 srael 13 

Fairchild, Zacharia 14 

Nichols, Isaac 13 

Sarah 13 

Webb, Joseph 13 


Abel 16 

Ann 15 

Anne 16 

Benjamin 15 

Charles 15-16 

Daniel 15-16 

1 )eborah 17 

Ebenezer 17 

Edward 16 

Elihu 16 

Elizabeth IS 

Ephraim 16 

Eunice 1'' 

Hannah 1"-17 

[srael 15-1'' 

lames 16 

John 17 

Joseph 17 

Josiah 15 

Lewis 16 

Martha 16 

Mary 15-16-17 

Nathan 17 

Peleg 15 

Phoebe 15 

Samuel 17 

Sarah 15-16 

Stephen 16 

William 15-16-17 

Bennett, James 15 

Sarah 15 

Booth. Mary 16 

Burr. Abigail 16 

Daniel 16 

< hauncey. Charles 15 

Nathaniel 15 

Sarah 15 

Coe, Sarah 15 

Fairchild, Agur 16 

Mary 16 

Fowler, I lannah 17 

Titus 16 

Lewis, Sarah 16 

Lockwood, Abigail 16 

Daniel 1'' 

Mary 16 

Moore, Bennett Elizur 17 

Darwin Sparks 17 

Elizur Datus 17 

Frederick Ashbrook 17 

Frederick Webster 17 

Marvin 17 

Webster Sparks 17 

Nash. 1 lannah 17 

Peat. Benjamin 15 

Mary 15 

Starks. lane Flora 17 

Tull, Ma> 17 

Wakeley, I >eliverence 17 

1 lannah 17 

Mary 17 

Webster, t elia 17 

Charles S 17 

Jane I Balch) 17 

Wadsworth. Harriet 17 


Abel 21 

Abijah 19 

Amelia 20 

Amos 19 

Andrew 18 

Ann 21 

Anna 20 

Annah 18 

Ann Mary 23 

Anthony 19 

Balah 19 

Becca 21 

Benjamin 18-21 

Betsy -1 

Blackleach 18 

Charity 21 

Comfort 20 

Daniel 18-20 

Eben -- 



Index by Generations 

Fourth — rout. 

£dward *. 21 

Eleazer 18-19 

Elihu 20 

Elijah 20 

Elizabeth 20 

Ephraim 21 

Eunice 21-32 

Gideon 18 

Hezekiah 22 

Isaac 20-21 

Israel 18-20 

James 21 

Jared 10 

Joel 18 

John 21-22 

Joseph 23 

Josiah 18 

Lewis 21 

Mabel 18 

Mahitabel 18 

Mary 18-19-21-22 

Nathan 23 

Pattv 21 

Peleg 18 

Penniah 20 

Phoebe 18-21-22 

Pollv 20 

Philip 19 

Prudence 21 

Rebecca 22 

Rhoda 19 

Rollins 20 

Roxanna 20 

Samuel 21-23 

Sarah 18-19-21 

Sherman 18 

Stephen 18-20-21 

Sybil 19 

Thomas 21 

William 19-21-22 

Baldwin, Sarah 21 

Beardsley, Deborah 18 

Blackleach, Elizabeth 18 

Mahitable 18 

Richard 18 

Booth, Mary 20 

Brvant, Alexander 19 

Burr, Elizabeth 19 

Stephen 19 

Burton, Mercy 23 

Solomon 23 

French, Mary 21 

Hall. Amos 19 

Hattie 19 

Julius 19 

Judson, Mercy 23 

Laboree, Mahitabel 18 

Moore, Hattie (Hall) 19 

Morris, Betsy 20 

Daniel 20 

Eli Gould 20 


Eunice 20 

Israel 20 

James 20 

Nancy 20 

Polly ..." 20 

Sarah 20 

Winthrop 20 

Murray, Joseph 19 

Nichols, Comfort Jo 

( iomforl ( Sherman) .... 20 

Richard 20 

Osburn, .Anna 21 

David ...21 

Parson, Phoebe 19 

Samuel ...19 

Salter, Mary ....20 

Sherman, Anne Is 

Squire, Reuben 1'; 

Stilson, Mary IX 

Moses 18 

Ufford, Phoebe 19 

Thomas 19 

Wakeman, Eunice 20 

Mary (Booth) 20 

Stephen 20 

Wheeler, Mercy 22 


Abigail J3 

Abigail Welles 4(1 

Abijah 53 

Abraham 28 

Adoniram 25 

Alice 24 

Almira Bidwell 32 

Amarylis 33 

Amos 30 

Andrew 26 

Ann 31 

Anne 33 

Annis : 30 

Annis Dayton 30 

Ann Mercy 40 

Anthony 30 

Anthony B $1 

Bailey 28 

Benjamin 31-33 

Blackleach 24-25 

Charity 28 

Charlotte 32 

Charles 33 

Comfort 31 

Curtiss 33 

Daniel 25-31 

Daniel F 38 

David 25-40 

Deborah 24 

Diantha 24 

Eben 35-38 



Index by Generations 

Fifth — cont. 

Eben William 38 

Edmund 25 

Elihu 32 

Elijah 31 

Elizabeth 28 

Eleazer 28 

Ely 24 

Eliza 27 

Emily 32 

Esther 25 

Eunice 24 

Eunice Wakeman 32 

Flora }] 

Garrad 26 

George $2 

< ride >n 24 

Giles 28 

Hannah 26-27-31 

Hannah Seeley 30 

Harriet 31 

Hester 22 

Ira 27 

Isaac 33-4H 

Israel 26 

James 28-33-40 

jfoel 2? 

J.»hn 33-4(1 

John Hezekiah $3 

Joseph 30-38-40 

Ibsiah 27-31 

Julia 40 

lulia Ann 38 

Lewis 38-40 

Lois 25 

Lomina 26 

Lucy 27 

Major 25 

Martha 24 

Mary 28-31 

Mary Ann 31-32 

Melissa 24-25 

Mercy 31 

Mollv 2" 

Morely 33 

Nancy 31 

Xathan 40 

Peat 28 

Peggy 28 

Phila - 

Philo 38 

Philemon 27 

Phoebe 25-28-33-38 

Prudence 25 

Polly 24-38 

Rachael 2'' 

Reuben 26-3 I 

Robert 40 

Robert Wilbert'orce 40 

Roswell 38 

Rut us 24 

Sally 31-40 

Samuel 25-33-40 

•Sarah 24-25-28-38-40 

Selah Welles 

Selina 3\ 

Sherman 27-28 

Stephen 25-32-33 

Stephen Elisha ^2 

Susanna 25 

Tamir _- 

Thomas 2K-33 

Tilly W 

Trueman 26 

Urania 25 

Urena JO 

William 33-38 

Wilson 40 


Avery. Elisha $2 

Hannah I Piatt i J2 

Baldwin, Mabel 27 

Barlow. Thomas 36 

Beach, Daniel C. 31 

Birdseye, loanua J5 

John 35-3', 

Blackmail. William 36 

Blakeman, Elizabeth 33 

Elizabeth Hall 33 

Zachariah 33 

Brooks, Isaac 40 

Burleigh, Lord 35 

Cecil, William $5 

Chappel, Sarah il 

Craig, Katherine 35 

Coke, Mildred J5 

Collins. Sarah 2? 

Cornwall, Jabez ^2 

Curtiss, Abigail 33 

ir M 

Anna 30 

De Forest, Sarah 35 

Dilley, Jonathan .... 25 

Ruth 25 

hild, Daniel 35 

Joseph 35 

Sarah 31-35 

Thomas 35 

Timothy 35 

Farnsworth, Betsy 26 

Laura M 26 

Fa ver weather. Tames Jl 

Hall. Sarah . 31 

John 11 

Hawley, Abijah 

Capt Jehiel 2'> 

Lyman 26 

Mary Burritt 26 

Capt Samuel 31 

I linman. Abigail 30 

Benjamin H 


Index by Generations 

Fifth— Cont. 

Hinsdale, Barnabus 32 

Cyrus 32 

Elijah 32 

Elizabeth 32 

John 32 

Myron Buck 26 

Robert 32 

Ruth ....32 

Holabird, Hester 26 

Judson, Henry 27 

Keeler, Mary 25 

Leach, Clara Chase 26 

Lewis, Abigail 30 

Hepziba 35 

Loomis, Horace 26 

Lucia 26 

McLean, Dr. John 31 

Sarah 31 

Nichols, Barak 31 

Peat, William 40 

Piatt, Elizabeth 28 

Isaac 28 

Jonas 28 

Richard 28 

Pomeroy, John Norton 26 

Rumble, Thomas 36 

Rowley, Heman 26 

Hester 26 

Seabrook, Alice 36 

Ann 36 

Rebecca 36 

Robert 35-36-37 

Rose 36 

Thomas 36 

Sherwood, Thomas 35 

Shelton, Silas 31 

Sherman, Ephraim 31 

Smith, Philipse 35 

Strickland, Nancy Tryon 32 

Stephen 32 

Thompson, Sarah 36 

Ufford, Elizabeth Curtiss 40 

Sally 40 

Samuel 40 

Wade, George 31 

Wakeley, Henry 36 

Welles, Deborah 24 

Eunice 26 

Gideon 24 

Martha 24 

Melissa 24-26 

Sarah 40 

Wheeler, Cynthia 26 

Wilcoxon, Daniel 35 

Johanna 35 

Timothy 35 

Wright, Hannah 33 

Alexander I famiiton 

AH. la 

Amelia Eliza 
Andrew Jackson 

Ann Maria 


Anthony B 






Bailey 47.4s 

Benjamin 55.61 

Betsy M.nris 65 

Blackleach Jr 41 

Calvin 4? 

Calvin Wolcott 66 

Caroline 47 

Caroline Amanda ....68 

Catherine 46-60-63 

Charles 42 63 

Charles David 68 

Charles Milton ....66 

Charles Wallace 66 

Charlotte 47-60 

Clement 44 

Daniel 43-44 

Daniel Austin 65 

Daniel Fairchild 64 

Daniel Hamlet 43 

David 67 

Eben Lewis 64 

Edmund 43 

Eleanor 64 

Electa 44 

Elihu 56 

Elijah Hinsdale 55 

Eliza 60 

Eliza Jane 65 

Elizabeth 48 

Elizabeth Ann 64 

Ely 41 

Emeline 47 

Emily 69 

Enos William 64 

Ermina 60 

Frances 55 

Frances Maria 69 

Garrad 44 

George 68 

George Landon 43 

George Winslow 66 

Giles 4S 

Grandoson 41 

Hamilton 43 

Hannah 60 

Harvev 60 

Henry 43 

Henry Eben 67 

Henrv Fairchild 65 

Hepsy 41 

Israel 44 

James "" 



Index by Generations 

Sixth — Cont. 

Jane 60 

JaneE 44 

John Dwight 65-6/ 

John Hezekiah 60 

Johnson 44 

Jonathan Elisha 60 

Joseph 68 

Josiah 60 

Julia Ann 63 

Julia Frances 65 

Laura 63 

Legrand 60 

Lena 69 

Lewis 60 

Lewis Benjamin 

Lucia Eliza 46 

Mahala 48 

Major 43 

Malinda 48 

Marcus 43 

Margaret Grace 65 

Mary 47 

Mary Ann 68 

Mary Eunice 65 

Mary Jane 68 

Minerva 43 

Nathan '' 4 

Nelson A 44 

Newell Fletcher 69 

Orrin William 66 

Peter 60 

Philo 65 

Phoebe 44 

Pollv 4S 

Read 42 

Reuben 44 

Robert 69 

Robert Wilberforce 

Roswell 66 

Rufus 41 

Sally 44 

Samuel Jl 

Sarah 4 >J 

Sarah Ann 65 

Sarah Caroline 41 

Sarah Cornelia 69 

Sarah Jeannette 66 

Sarah Maria 65 

Seelev 4S 

Stephen 42-43-60 

Stephen Bradley 60 

Stephen Day 4 ^ 

Susan " 

Susan Jane 68 


Thomas 4,, - 4 ( * 

Tilly W. 



Walter Horatio ^ 

William 42-48-56-64 

William Augustus 43 

William Henry 68 

William Hubbell 

Crania 4.5 

Adams, Trueman 44 

Ambler. Elsie E 47 

Flora E 47 

John 47 

Minnie 47 

William 47 

Armstrong. William 

Arnold. Fliza 41 

Austin, Florence E 64 

Frederick 64 

George L 

Thomas 64 

Bakon, Hannah 44 

Baldwin, Charles 41 

Phoebe 41 

Benjamin. Mary 67 

Bourne. Elizabeth 67 

B< '\\ en. IT >rence 63 

Bradley. Mary 

Brazee. Bertha 64 

Brooks, Mired Charles 68 

Arthur 68 


John Gauntlett 68 

Burrill. Horace L 

Laura R 

Nelson 63 

Zaide ''3 

Burns. Burritt 41 

Frank 41 

Franklin 41 

Henry Horace 41 

Sanford 41 

Sarah Ann 41 

Ziba 41 

("ady. Addie Elizabeth 65 

Darwin E 65 

Dwighl W 65 

Elias ' 

( reorge 63 

Josephine C 63 

tamp. < ieorue Edward 64 

Mabel Olena 64 

Olive Grace —64 

Oliver Gaylord 64 

Ruth Elizabeth 64 

Campbell. Sophronia 63 

Chamber^. Elizabeth 65 

Frederick 65 

lane Morris 65 

Sarah 65 

Susie Sturgis 6a 

Clark Lillian Eugenia 69 


Cole. Qarinda 

John 56 


Index by Generations 

Sixth— Coal. 

Comstock, Levi Sr 44 

Lucia 44 

Crandall, Cyril 41 

Curtiss, Asenath 68 

James 41 

Davis, Hannah 44 

De Celle, Mrs. A. J 47 

Dinimick, Martial 41 

Myrtis 41 

Oshea (Smith) 41 

Theron Baldwin 41 

Norman Grandison 42 

Downs, Caroline 65 

Edwards, Anna 67 

Eggleston, Minanda 47 

Eldridge, Diademia 63-65 

Fenn, Fannie Marya 67 

Harrison H 66 

Lyman 66 

Vera Belle 67 

Freer, Thomas 65 

Frantz, Anna _ 65 

Gauntlette, Anna Jane 68 

Jane Asenath 68 

John Charles 68 

John Curtiss 68 

John P 68 

Mary Olivia 68 

Minnie Celestia 68 

Gildersleeve, Fred H 64 

George 64 

Katherine 64 

Oliver 64 

Grippen, Alonzo 47 

Alonzo J. Jr. 47 

Bessie 47 

Charles Howe 47 

Clifford N 47 

Edna A 47 

Ethel 47 

Frances M 47 

Tennie May 47 

Thomas Burritt 47 

William A 47 

William Jackson 47 

Hansee, Emma 41 

Mary 41 

William 41 

Harrington, Eliza 44 

Hawlev, Mary 55 

Olive 60 

Hoaglund, James 60 

John H 60 

Josiah 60 

Nelson 60 

William 60 

Hollister, John 67 

Mary 67 

Howe, Carrie L 47 

Hoyt, Eva 

Hubbell, James 41 

John 41 

Sarali 41 

Sarali (Curtiss) 41 

Hudson, Ray 64 

[ngalls, Edward E 69 

Jackson, Adella 47 

Jennings, Dorothy 4'. 

Judson, Isaac 67 


Kember, Ethel 47 

Kennedy, Alvah Burritt '»'» 

David Brooks 69 

Lawrence P 69 

Knapp, Clissold 65 

Harry Shepard 65 

Herbert S 65 

Frederic 65 

Margaret Lizzie 65 

Sidney 65 

Landon, Electa 43 

Laugh, Will 43 

Lewis, Ezra 41 

Livingston, Fannie 66 

Loucks, Alfred 43 

Edwin 43 

Electa 43 

Harriet 43 

Harriet 43 

Henrv Hamilton 43 

William 43 

Lyon, J. B 41 

Mack, Sophronia 63 

Mallery, Alfred T 47 

Wallace 47 

Mann, George 64 

McBride, Rebecca 60 

McGraw, Mary Celestia 68 

Meech, Laura '"4 

Merithen, Hiram 42 

Ruth (Burt) 42 

Sarah L 42 

Merkley, Caroline 43 

Merriman, Charles Burritt 68 

Ella Bell 68 

Frederick Lincoln 69 

Franklin Ashbury 68 

Horace Augustus 68 

Merritt, Eliza 64 

Michaels, Samuel 

Miller, Henrietta 60 

Mills, Frank —63 

Morris, Betsy 64 

Daniel 64 

Dudley M -■*' 

Morrison, Donald 

Muckleston, Harriet . 43 

Nichols, Martha .... 

Noonan, Catherine 



B U R R 1 T T F A M I L Y 

Index by Generations 

Sixth — Cont.. 

Olmsted, Alice A 64 

Ambrose 65 


Ettie M 65 

Frank L 

Herbert A 65 

Ida C 65 

Phiio b ;;;;;; 6 s 

Parmelee, Siba 66 

Patterson, Allie 64 

Peckham, Adeline Amanda 44 

Deborah Harriet 44 

Eliza 44 

Nathaniel 44 

Phelps, Elizabeth 4.S 

George 48 

Priest, George B 69 

Jessie E ...69 

Louise V 69 

Maud Winnefred ....69 

Putnam, Blanche 63 

Clare 63 

Ernest 63 

Frank W 63 

Grace L 63 

Jay R 63 

Modena 63 

Ray, Emily 

Remington, Adelsa Ophelia .... 63 

Ambert 63 

Ambrose 63 

Eva 64 

Marriette J 63 

Rufus 63 

Renwick, George 60 

Roe, Cora B 65 

Sanford, Herland Burritt 

Nathan 65 

Selby. Mary 68 

Seward. Ann Maria ....66 

Benjamin 66 

Sheldon Adelbert t,A 

Bessie 64 

Clarence W 64 

Daniel 64 

Florence 64 

Frank W .....64 

George M 64 

Guy 64 

Harriet 64 

Harry 64 

Henry 64 

Jennie 64 

Julia 64 

Lewis 64 

May 64 

Ro.v 64 

William 64 

Sim-ham. I.ydia 64 

Smith, Clarence W 68 

Sopir, Eunice 44 

Sprague, Alfred John 

Clarence W 7)3 

Donna Louise 63 

Edward B 63 

Edward William 63 

John ' t) \ 

Kate Ella ~JS3 

Louis William 63 

Lewis B. 

Maud Ellen ™ 

Stevens, David 41 

I 'avid Lafayette ... 41 

Eliza 4] 

Stickles, Eva Bell 

Wm. H 

Taylor, Adelaide ..." 63 

George ""'.63 

Truesdale, Henry 

Try, , n , Ella ' 

Ufford, Sarah ""'"68 

Van Duzer, Leta .'..64 

Vandyke, Luanda 68 

Van Housen, Elsworth ...68 

Van Wyke, Harold 

Warner Job '/. ..64 

John '/.. '.'..' 64 : 

Frank Salter 65 

Herbert Emerson 

Laura Elizabeth 

Ul Pouy :.:::::<,!, 

Watson. Ann Williams -- 

Webster, Lulu 64 

Welles, Anna 67 

Catee 67 

John "~_ ""57 

I -egrand 67 

William 67 

Westgate, Tryphosia 4] 

White. Celia 43 

Williams. Charles .. 69 

( oraelia 69 

W '< " «1. 1 lenry 42 

Mary Jane 42 

Nancy f Young) 42 

W^rks. Nellie Grace .. 69 

Wright, Bessie 65 

< irace 65 

James 65 

Merle Haley 65 

Sarah ., 65 

"* oung, Nancy 42 

Zicksfoose, Sarah 65 


Ada lv ixanna 76 

Adoniram 7,; 

Agatha 90 

Albert 73I74 

Alden 73 



Index by Generations 

Seventh — Cont. 

Alexander Hamilton ...70 

Alexander 74 

Alfred 74 

Alice 71 

Alice O 98 

Alida Grace 98 

Alpheus Daniel 74 

Alonzo 75 

Amanda 89 

Andrew Jackson 76 

Ann Eliza 89 

Anna Blanche 71 

Anson 75 

Arthur Grinnell 73 

Augustus 75-104 

Austin Henry 98 

Bailev 81 

Belle 100 

Bird 99 

Blackleach 72 

Blanche 100 

Caroline Augusta 103 

Calvin Walcott 99 

Charles 73-90 

Charles David 103 

Charles Garrad 76 

Charles Grandison 70 

Charles Lewis 94 

Charles Morris 98 

Charels Randall 103 

Charles Wallace 100 

Chester Crawford 89 

Charlotte Linole 73 

Clarence 104 

Clement 75 

Cornelia 102 

Cornelia Elizabeth 73 

Crissie Lou 97 

Daniel 76 

Daniel Austin 98 

Daniel Hamlet 74 

Daniel Herbert 75 

David 73 

Diantha 89 

Dwight F 98 

Dwight Nathan 93 

Earl Wheeler 73 

Eben Lewis 97 

Edgar 74 

Edmund 73-74 

Edwin Joseph 103 

Edwin Le Grand 72 

Fdward 75 

Edward Earle 104 

Elihu 75-89 

Eliza 75 

Ellen Maria 102 

Ellen Marcella 71 

Eloysia 89 

Ely 72 

Emma Eliza 




Evert J 

Fannie M 

Florence Livingston 

Frances Eliza 

Frances Mary 








Francina Adelia 11 

Frederick N lul 

George 76-100-102 

George Alford 93 

George H 75 

George Landon 74 

George Winslow 100 

Grandison 70 

Hamilton 74 

Hamlet George 74 

Harriet 89 

Harriet Adelia 73 

Harvey M. D 90 

Helen Louise 72 

Henrietta 72-75 

Henry 74 

Henry B 75 

Henry Eben 100 

Henry Fairchild 97 

Henrv Osgood 73 

Hetty Eliza 103 

Horace 104 

Horatio Charles 74 

Howard 89 

Ida Caroline 73 

Ida Emeline 76 

Ida Marian 93 

Ida May 103 

Ina 104 

Iona 99 

Ira Nichols 71 

Ives D'Arcy 99 

James 76 

James Henry 75 

Jessie Frances 98 

John Consider 73 

John Dulmage 73 

John Dwight 101 

John Grey "1 

John Harvey 89 

Jonathan Elisha 89 

Johnson 70-75 

Joseph Curtiss '02 

Joseph Atwater 10. 


Tulia Elizabeth 

Julia F -98 

Laura Lorena -" 

Laura Whitney 

Leslie Allison 

Leverett Sherman -75 

Lewis U)Z 



Index by Generations 

Seventh — ( oni 

Li wis Benjamin 100 

Lewis Eben 97 

Lillian 71 

Lillian May 101 

Lilly 99 

Linneas 100 

Loren 71 

Louis Leon 89 

Lucius 74 

Lucy Ann 98 

Maggie 73 

Major 75 

Marcus 75 

Marcus F 75 

Marcus Leonard 71 

Maria 74 

Martha 73 

Mary 74-94 

Mary Eliza 103 

Mary fane 72-102 

Mary Lord 103 

Matilda 75 

Minnie 101 -KM 

Nathan 94 

Nellie 100 

Nelson A 7 ; 

Nettie 100 

Newell 71 

Newell Fletcher 104 

Olive .... 74 

Orrin William 99 

Oscar 74 

Oscar C 75 

I 'a\ son 71 

Peter B 89 

Phil.. 71 

Philo Edward 98 

Read 73 

Robert 103-104 

Robert J 99 

Ronland 71 

Rufus 71-74 

Rufus Henry 93 

Ruth Emma 72 

Samuel 71 

Sarah 74 

Sarah Helen 102 

Sarah Selina 70 

Selina 70 

Stephen 74-75 

Stephen Bradley 89 

Susie Franchine 72 

Sydney 75 

Trueman 75 

Walter Horatio 74 

William 74-7S 

William Fairchild 98 

William Harvey 90 

William Henrv 71 

William Hubbell 99 

William Thomas 88 

William Wallace 89 

Wilson 104 


Adams, Sarah 7-1 

Arlt, Arthur Williamson ')7 

Augusta (Wohl) 97 

Elizabeth Burritt 97 

Frederick W ( >7 

Irwin Lewis 

William Henry 97 

Ashworth, Harold 98 

Richard J 98 

Atwater, Edgar Avery 103 

Florence Bell 103 

Horace Burritt 103 

Julia 102 

Laura Kllen 103 

Leonard 102 

Avery, Daniel 72 

Rosina (Henderson) 72 

Susan Selina 72 

Babcock. Annan W 90 

Beach, Augusta 100 

Jacob 99 

Beers, Carrie 103 


Bell. Elizabeth 99 

Frances 100-101 

Gen. Isaac 99 

Blakcr. Alida 89 

Echvlus 89 

Emily 89 

rue- H 89 

Jennie 89 

Julia 89 

Mary (Watson) 89 

Bousoir, Jean 74 

Bradley. H. F 98 

Breckerridge, David 75 

Brock, Alvin Dunsmore 71 

Fenlon Baker 71 

Margaret < Chanery > 71 

Brown, Charles Hubert 93 

Harry W. 93 

Lucy (Pease) 93 

Mabel 93 

Maud Estelle 93 

Morey 93 

Nellie I^aura 93 

Ralph Egbert 93 

Rufus 73 

Brownell, Benjamin 72 

Burritt 72 

Eben 72 

Eben Jr 72 

Ernest Marion 72 

Maggie Louise 72 

Margaret (Goyle) 72 

Stella 72 


Index by Generations 

Seventh — Cont 

Burdick, Avery 72 

Caroline 71 

Catherine (Broton) ...71 

Mary (Gilbert) ...72 

Ralph Thurston 72 

Simeon 71 

Chrisman, Jacob 97 

Phoebe (Perkins) ...97 

Sarah Eliza 97 

Cochran, Jeanore 97 

Collins, Charles 74 

Courtney, Edith Mary 72 

Covert, Arthur 70 

Cowgill, Alva Byron 94 

Ethel May 94 

Nellie (Broomhall) 94 

Crouse, Howard 100 

Curtis, Catherine Jane 102 

John 102 

Nehemiah 102 

Polly 102 

Davenport, Cornelia 76 

Davis, Elisha 76 

Harriet A 76 

Roxanna (Jeffs) 76 

De Francisco Ill 

Dimmick, Benjamin 73 

George 73 

Sarah 73 

Dulmage, Martha 73 

Dunham, Anna 73 

Clinton 99 

William 99 

Dunston, Dianne 100 

Warren 100 

Fagg, Fred M 98 

Fenn, Chloe Pamelia 97 

Fanny (Livingston) 98 

Jennie Louise 101 

Henrv Harrison 101 

Lyman 98-101 

Fielder, Alice West 103 

Foatz, Jay 100 

Foster, George E 103 

Jessie Webster 103 

Freer, Donna Louise 102 

William 102 

Gaunlett, Emma Caroline 102 

Frederick Lewis 102 

John P 102 

Katherine Burritt 102 

Sarah Louise 102 

Gordon, Alice Adelaide 94 

Doris Electa 94 

Henry Wesley 94 

Julian 94 

Laura Jeanette 94 

Malcolm Knapp 94 

Mary Marjorie 94 

Gray, Chloe A. 

I [all, Lizzie Sinclair 103 

Ogden Huffman 103 

William Burritl 103 

Hancock, Ellen 70 

I farrington, Burritl (lark 101 

Burritl (lark Jr KM 

Doris Frances KM 

Frederick 101 

lames Paul KM 

John Bradley 101 

Mahlon Jacobs 101 

Marx Elizabeth KM 

William Seward 101 

Hart, Elizabeth Maria 88 

Maria ( ludd ) 88 

Philip 88 

Hawkins, Charlotte C 72 

David 72 

Marv 72 

Hill. Lulu B 70 

Hitchcock, Abigail (Blakeslee) Ki4 

Robert 104 

Sara Lucy 104 

Hoaglund, Abram 72 

Abram P 72 

Cornelia 72 

Hughes, Lillian May 72 

Jackson, Charles E 93 

Jessie Floyd 103 

Jacobs, Charles Henry 101 

Catherine Frisch KM 

Mary Elizabeth (Bradley) 101 

Johns, Fannie M 93 

Johnson, Alfred 72 

John 72 

Lucv 99 

Marv M. (Earl) 99 

Sarah Williams 70 

Sina (Hockanson) 72 

Kearney, Louise 100 

Keeler, Adeline 89 

Elliott Pratt 89 

Florence 89 

Kemp, John 

Margaret 89 

Mary (Crawford) 89 

King, Carrie 97 

Kinnear, Agnew 70 

Knapp, Dwight Eugene 

Electa (Payne) 93 

Evalvn Winnefred 

Fred Clayton 

Frederick P. M 

George Willis 


Katherine Claire 

Kenneth Edward 

Laura Maria •94 

Lee 10 ° 



Index by 

Seventh — Cout. 

Mary Grace 94 

Roy Ellis 94 

Rufus Burritt ''4 

Rufus Sterling 94 

Lake, Clarissa Adelia 76 

Deborah (Miller) 76 

I [azelton 76 

Livingston, Julia 98 

Sarali Minerva (Edwards) 98 

William Miller 98 

Lord, llarlev 102-103 

Hetty Maria 102 

Jerusha Webster 103 

Lownsdale, Joseph 73 

Markwich, Charlotte Elizabeth 72 

Merrick. Aaron 74 

Miller. Dora 93 

Mills. Emily 89 

Moore. Alva 1 93 

Carle 93 

Clara 93 

Lee 93 

Rollin 93 

Ruth 93 

William X 93 

Mower, Thomas E 98 

Muir. John 72 

Nichols. Amanda 71 

Beatrice 70 

Eli 71 

Eunice (Dimmock) 71 

Nicholson, A. A 71 

Homer 72 

Matilda 7J 

O'Hara, Anna '<7 

O'Neal, (irace ''4 

() ui n, George 72 

Palmer, Bessie 100 

James 100 

Perine, Annie 7.^ 

Phelps, Luther 94 

Susannah 04 

Ruth 94 

Phipps, Effie (Sarver) 93 

Homer 93 

Viola P 93 

Prague, Burritt 99 

Caroline 99 

Fl< irence 99 

Leo 99 

Putnam, Abigail (Huntington) 97 

Arthur 97 

Arthur Gerrace 97 

Charlotte "7 

Dorr Jr 97 

Dorr Burritt 97 

John Burritt 97 

Mary Elizabeth 97 

Ravmond Arthur 97 


Robert : 

Robert Lewis ')7 

Robert Schuvler 97 

Randall, Joshua 103 

' trpha [antha 103 

IV d. Hester 74 

Remington. Deborah (Olmsted) 90 

Laura Maria On 

Rufus 90 

Robinsi »n, lennie 98 

Rogers, II. C 74 

Rowan. Bert 93 

Rowley. J. 1 73 

Schofield, Maria 74 

Shearer. Charles Moses 7 

Sheldon, Anna 04 

Bert E 94 

Donald S 94 

Ilarrv J 97 

lohn ''4 

Leon B 97 

Susie A. 94 

Sherwood. Will 

Smith. Anna ''7 

Smithers, Thomas E 73 

Snyder, J. H. 73 

- luther, Byron Nelson 71 

Caroline 71 

John 71 

Stokburger, Ernest E ''3 

Dorothy Louise 93 

Marian Laura 93 

Fanny Ernestine 93 

Sumner. Augustus W 70 

- I Bar. .n ) 7 

Ester Augusta 70 

Charles Maurice 70 

Helen Selina 70 

Wallestine 70 

William : 7o 

William Henrv 70 

Swaze. J. R 73 

Thomas, Alice 71 

Thompson, Beula 102 

Cornelia Burritt 102 

( leorgiana 102 

lohn Lewis 102 

John W 102 

Townley, Henrv 103 

Ilettie Bell 103 

Uphof, Walter 89 

Van Xess, Carrie 99 

Ward. Abel R. . 75 

Harold Burritt " : 

llattie Maria 75 

Marv Eliza 75 

White, Mabel F 70 

Whitney. Ellen M. 88 

Whittacker, Alan Charlsworth 97 

John Albert 97 


Index by Generations 

Seventh — Cont. 

Williams, Dora Margaret 97 

Essie 93 

Josiah 94 

Mollie E. (Ellis) 94 

Wilmarth, Alfred S 73 

Wilson, Carrie Bell ...102 

Fred William 102 

Herbert George 102 

William Henry 102 

Winchell, Helen 98 


Ada 112 

Alan Schofield 113 

Albert 11 1 

Alden 109 

Alexander 112 

Alexander Hamilton 112 

Alice 108 

Anna Caroline 112 

Ann May 148 

Annette 140 

Archibald Dunham 112 

Arthur 109 

Arthur Grinnell 109 

Arthur Winfield 147 

Augusta 112 

Augustus Perrin 112 

Barbara Florence 148 

Beatrice Barbara 105 

Beatrice Fanny 145 

Beatrice Wells 109 

Benjamin 140 

Bertha 114 

Bert L 114 

Bert Norton 144 

Bessie 108 

Blackleach 108 

Carris 146 

Carrol Fitzhugh 107 

Charles Amos 140 

Charles Arthur 112 

Charles Cecil 145 

Charles Compton 105 

Charles Garrad 115 

Charles Glen 106 

Charles Grandison ,.105 

Charles Hurlburt 110 

Charles Lewis 145 

Charles Morris 145 

Charles Randall 147 

Charles Wesley 110 

Chester Crawford 139 

Chloe A 113 

Claire 147 

Clara Una 145 

Clarence James 113 

Clark Culbertson 107 

Cora Mertrice 105 

Cornelia L. 
I >aniel I terbi rl 


David Laurier 



Dwighl Nathan 144-145 

Earl Wheeler 109 

Edith Amanda 107 

Edith Ellen 105 

Edith May 1 Id 

Edna 148 

Edna Crawford 139 

Edmund Foster 112 

Edward Earle 148 

Edward Hartley Ill 

Edward Lionel 113 

Edward R 147 

Edwin ins 

Edwin Charles 147 

Edwin Joseph 147 

Edwin Legrand 109 

Fffie Ann 106 

Elihu Abbott 139 

Elihu Guv 107 

Elizabeth 140-146 

Eric Boyce 107 

Fmma 140 

Enid 113 

Ernest S 113 

Ermina Bell 114 

Ester Vincy 148 

Eugenia Harriet 109 

Flora Muriel 113 

Florence 108 

Florence Lena 

Florence Rogers 112 

Frances 109 

Frances Du^an 113 

Frances Lillian 106 

Frank Clinton 143 

Frank Clyde 145 

Fred Edwin 144 

Frederick 147 

Frederick Walter 113 

George 14/ 

George A 

George Alford 140 

George Duty 105 

George H 

Georgia Maria 113 

Gertrude "- 


Grace u [ ] 

Grace Selina 

Grace Vivian 139 

Grace W 

Grant 14 '' 

Guy L - }4 

Hamlet George H- 

Harold 108-148 

Harrv 1(b 



Index by Generations 

Eighth — Cont. 

Hazel 108 

Helen Felicia 109 

Henry Osgood Ill 

Henry Strong 112 

Horace Wellesley 113 

Horatio Charles 112 

Hugh C 113 

Hugh Vernon 113 

Ida E 114 

Ida Jane 147 

Ida Marian 145 

Inez 140 

Ira Nichols 106 

Isabel 147 

Ives D'Arcy 14o 

James 109 

James Henry 113 

Jannie 140 

Jessa 108 

Jessie Alberta Ill 

Jessie Irving 113 

Jessie May 143 

John Consider 109 

lohn Dulmage 110 

John Grey .106 

John Harvey 140 

John Kerns 105 

Joseph Atwater 147 

Julia Ann 140 

Katherine 106 

{Catherine Kliza 110 

Katherine Rushmore 115 

Kenneth Boyd Ill 

Langton 140 

Laura Eva 144 

Le Grand B 114 

Leon Leslie 145 

Leonard 114 

Leslie Allison 139 

Leslie Davenport 139 

Leta Mary 144 

Leverett Sherman 114 

Lewis 147 

Lewis Eben 145 

Lewis L 143 

Loren 106-108 

Louise Strong 112 

Lovisa 114 

Lucv Elizabeth 146 

Mabel Claire 108 

Marcus Irving 106 

Margaret 113 

Margaret Isabel Ill 

Margaret Kemp 139 

Maria E 114 

Maria Glen 113 

Marion 113 

Marquis F 113 

Marjorie 148 

Mary Estella 105 

Mary I lelen 113 

Mary Vincent 112 

Mauri lux 

Melvin 109 

Mildred 148 

Neenah Sophronia 143 

Nellie 113 

Nelson A _ 114 

Newell ins 

Nina May 148 

Oscar C 114 

Oscar C. Jr 114 

Otto John Howard 145 

Payson 107 

Philo 107 

Phoebe Ins 

Raymond Ins 

Rents 146 

Rena Alice 144 

Richard 14(1 

Richard Day 14'. 

Robert 148 

Robert Henry 105 

Robert J 146 

Ronland 105 

Ronland Grandison 105 

Roy 114 

Roy Walter 14n 

Royal 109 

Rut us Henry 143 

Ruth Hazel Ill 

Sallie Carroll 107 

Samuel Ellis 107 

Sarah Marcella .... 105 

Shirley 113 

Trueman 114 

Viola 114 

Wallace F 113 

Walter 113 

Walter Brown Ill 

Walter Everett 114 

Walter Roy 144 

William Edmund 112 

William G 114 

William Harvey 140 

William Reed 140 

William Thomas 139 

William Wallace 139 

Abbott. Dudley Hiram 139 

Lizzie Emma 139 

Mary Marie (Perkins) 139 

Armitage. Charles 146 

Clarence H. 14o 

Armstrong, Lottie (Brooks) 108 

Lydia (Cross) 108 

Samuel 108 

Bagley, Howard Paul I 8 

Baldwin. Barbara 113 

Helen L 114 

Lydia 114 

Margaret 113 



Index by Generations 

Eighth — Cont. 

Mary 1U 

Percy 113 

Roderick .114 

Beasley, Emma S 147 

Bedell, Annie 148 

Benjamin .George 113 

Benn, Alfred Rothery ...148 

Edith Alice 148 

Hannah (Gomersol) 148 

Benson, Alan 113 

John 113 

Tom 113 

Bloom, Frances Louise 140 

Frank 140 

Brookbank, Margaret (Madill) 110 

William 110 

William David 110 

Bushnell, George 114 

Le Grand E 114 

Burchwald, Charles 108 

Elaine 108 

Fred 108 

Glen 108 

Matilda 108 

Thelma 108 

Carmichael, Bruce 105 

Carlton 105 

Duncan 105 

Forrest William 105 

Robert Ronland 105 

Violet 105 

Carris, Jessie 146 

Chilleo. Benton 105 

Isabel (Ingraham) 105 

Paul Ralph 105 

Clark, Edward 147 

Margaret (Culbertson) 107 

Martha 107 

William 107-147 

Clems, Gawn 113 

Shirley Margaret 113 

Cleveland, Katherine 113 

Cohen, Carrie Louise 108 

Marcus Jacob 108 

Marie Louise (Ulman) 108 

Compton, Theodocia Ann 105 

Conklin, Grace (Hurd) 144 

Jay B 144 

Cory , Addie B 144 

Burritt Fred 144 

Frederick J 144 

John 144 

Couch, Edith 107 

George 107 

George Burritt 107 

Katherine 107 

Lydia (Clark) 107 

Curtis, Edward Pavson 139 

Ella Farrar 139 

Harriet Foggin 139 

Davenport. Charles Francis 139 


Grace (Quinnan) 139 

Day, Marian 145 

I)t Laney, Esther 14.x 

de Pencier ii_> 

de Winter. Alice Harriet 113 

Edith Louise 113 

Mary ( reorgiana 1 13 

Spencer 113 

Dorian, Hugh Alford 148 

Hugh Alfred Ir 148 

Harriet 148 

Paul 14S 

Wallace 148 

Drake, Harriet M 140-143 

Royal W 143 

Sophronia (Dunshee) 143 

Dugan, Florence 113 

Ellis, Ella 107 

Eliza (Kent) 107 

Jonathan Trumbull 10" 

Elmendorf. Hannah (Vines) 145 

John C 145 

Katherine Agness 145 

Fisher, Elsie 109 

Forsberg, Edna Grace (Steward). 144 

Erik K 144 

Foster, Archibald II- 1 

Sarah 112 

Fowler, Jessie Louise 145 

Gostling, Guv 109 

Gray, Abigail A 114 

Griffith, George 140 

Gwynn, Belle (Parrat) 108 

Eugene 108 

George 108 

James Donald 108 

Hall, Mary J. (McEvoy) 143 

Hannah, Hamer Ill 

Helen (Fitzgerald) Ill 

William Carlvle Ill 

William Carlvle Jr Ill 

Hannegan, Duncan 107 

Edward Allen 107 

Mary (Nelson) 107 

Sellman l 11 ^ 

Harrison, Leadley H3 

Hart, Katherine 106 

Harter, Lynn 146 

Hoag, Andrew 146 

Hannah (Horsfall) 14'. 

Selina 146 

Hunter, Eleanor Elizabeth 

Frank 113 

Henry Burritt 113 

Mary H3 

Will U3 

Hurlburt, Lucv Ann 109 

Mary Ann HO 

Irvine, Cecelia H3 



Index by 
Eighth — Cont. 

lanicke, Hannah 145 

Fohnson, Alta 108 

Jones, Ilulda 140 

Keathey, Audrey Burritt 110 

Christopher C 110 

Florence (Burritt) 110 

Hazel May 110 

John Algernon 110 

Margaret Helena 110 

Mary Elizabeth (Outlaw) 110 

Mary Elizabeth 110 

Norton 110 

Kelly, Anna 147 

Kerns, Mary 105 

Kleinsmith, Ernest F 144 

Pearl Evelyn (Steward) 144 

Kopplin. (.'harks Walter 10S 

George Frederick 105 

Grace Augusta 105 

James Leonard 105 

fessie Ann 105 

Mary Kstella 105 

Robert Kerns 105 

Lockhart, Douglas Burritt 112 

James 112 

Louise Isabel 112 

Norman Burritt 112 

Reginold 112 

Logan, lohn Wilson 139 

Madill. Brunker 110 

Margaret llo 

Stewart 110 

Martin, Daniel Carroll 106 

Florence Steele 106 

Ira Nichols 107 

lohn Henry 106-107 

Mary Elizabeth 107 

Mills. Jane 113 

Montgomery, David Burritt 115 

Frederick Hamilton 115 

Mulhern, Alexander 113 

Mc Gee. Lauretta (Goff) 110 

Margaret H. (Keathey) 110 

William lack 110 

William Leslie 110 

W. T lid 

Nicholson, Elizabeth Augusta 106 

Major Augustus 106 

Sallie (Carroll) 106 

Nolte, Theodore 148 

Theodore Jr 14S 

Owen, lane 140 

Owen T 140 

Palmer, Joan Darlene 145 

John Darwin 145 

Lewis Burritt 145 

Plumb, Cordelia 147 

Waite 147 

Presher, Emma 147 


Raynsford, Charlotte Mead (Drake) 106 

I) lphine 106 

Edward 106 

Reed, Julia Elizabeth 140 

Reeves, Clara 144 

Reichart, Henry 110 

Sophia 110 

Sophia (Pitch) 110 

Risert, Aurora 147 

Robbins, Esther Griffiths 198 

lohn 108 

Matilda 108 

Robertson, Amies Edith Ill 

David Ill 

Jean (Boyle) Ill 

Roddle, Adelbert S 105 

R igers, James Grafton 112 

Major James 112 

Maria (Burnham) 112 

Maria Harriet 112 

Rorebeck, Edwin Fairchild 143 

Mary J 143 

Weltha (Whitney) 143 

Rushlow, George 115 

[Catherine (Hallo way) 115 

Marie Wilhelmenia 1 

Shaffer, Anabel Dorothy 1 

Dee 1 

Donald Dee 1 

Jack Marvin 1 

Jean Muriel 1 

Kenneth I Milmage 1 

Nellie Dee 1 

< >rd O 1 

Rhoda Eve (Kippert) 1 

Ruth Hazel 1 

Simonson, Elizabeth Ann 1 

Skinner. Edwin Burritt 144 

Eleanor (Stockwell) 144 

Henry 144 

Robert Henry 144 

R< j Reynolds 144 

Smith, lean 112 

Lena 109 

Spencer, Thelma F 112 

Sterling, George M 146 

Steward. Alanson 144 

Alanson Goodnough 144 

Alyce Grace 144 

Burritt Jay 144 

Clarence Burritt 144 

Clinton Edwin 144 

Edna Grace 144 

Hazel Leile (Conklin) 144 

Malinda (Welter) 144 

Pearl Evelyn 144 

Richard Alanson 144 

Strong. Louise Ill 

Major George William Ill 


Index by Generations 

Eighth — Cont. 

Thayer, Harriet (Whiting) 14,? 

Herman 143 

William Whiting 143 

Tucker, Mrs. E. H ...114 

Turner, Anabel 110 

Martha (Mc Lin) ...110 

William J 110 

Verity, Alice Louise 109 

Helen Gertrude 110 

Henry Alden 110 

Lucille Fountain 109 

Robert Charles 110 

Robert Henry 109 

Wilford Burritt 109 

Wallace, Richard 105 

Warren, Harriet 109 

Jabez 109 

Mary Abigail 109 

Weed, John 147 

Louisa Minerva 147 

Wells, Geneve E 109 

Whitehurst, Audry B. (Keathey) ....110 

George Burritt *110 

Leon 110 

Leon Jr 110 

John Onan 110 

Mary Elizabeth (Keathey) 110 

Mary Audry 110 

Missouri B. (Mc Kinney) 110 

Onan 110 

Winsor, Theodore N 105 

Winter, Clark Burritt 108 

Paul K 108 

Wittel, Barbara (Ruopp) 108 

Jacob 108 

Witty, Arthur B 148 

Sandra Ellen 148 

Wendy Hope 148 

Wooley, Nelly Violate 109 

Maria 109 

Samuel W 109 


Alan George 151 

Alexander Foster 150 

Alica 151 

Ariel Helen 206 

Arnold Keith 149 

Arthur Winfield 207 

Barbara Jane 202 

Bert L 152 

Bert Norton 205 

Bessie June 152 

Burnell Oliver 205 

Cams .• 207 

Charels Amos 198 

Charles Arthur 150 

Charles Cecil 206 

Charles Hurlburt 149 

Clarence James \-\ 

(lark Culbertson 

Doris Eloise 

I >orothj i5i 

Dwighl Nathan Jr 

Eda Liola 

Edmund Foster ISO 

Edwin Charles 207 

Edwin Kinnan _>o,x 

Edward Earle jr. 208 

Eleanor 198 

Elihu Abbott 

Elihu Guy 14*' 

Elihu William 198 

Elizabeth 198 

Elizabeth Ann 205 

Elsie Marian .150 

Eunice Claire 206 

Frances Elizabeth 152-202 

Frances Loralie 2nd 

Frances Louise 208 

Frank Clinton _>iij 

Frank Clvde ...206 

Fred Edwin 205 

Frederick Walter 151 

George Duty 149 

George Evans 201 

George H 153 

Gladys Marian 151 

Grant 2(17 

Guy Llewellyn M. 1) 151 

Harriet Miranda 20J 

Helene 151 

Helen Margaret 150 

Herbert Charles 151 

Horace Wellesley 151 

Jane Carroll 14'' 

Jean Elizabeth 150 

Jesse David 201 

John 208 

John Gridley 151 

John Morgan 149 

Katherine Elizabeth 149 

Kathleen Maxine 208 

Kay Williams 150 

Kenneth Boyd 150 

Landon F 151 

Le Grand B 152 

Leon Leslie 206 

Lewis Everett 201 

Lewis L 201 

Lilla Leone 208 

Lillian E 153 

Lois Elizabeth 198 

Lola May \ ; -' 

Margaret Alice 

Margaret Edith 151 

Marian 203 

Marie Gertrude 150 

Mary Frances 149 

Maxine R 205 



Index by Generations 

Ninth — Cont. 

Mildred Dorothy 149 

Merton Marcus 14V 

Nelson 152 

Nelson A 151 

Norman Austin ISO 

Oscar C. Jr 152 

Otto John Howard 206 

Rae Lillian 206 

Richard Day 207 

Robert Elvidge 202 

Roger Carter 198 

Roy Walter 201 

Roy William 202 

Ruby May 207 

Ruth 152 

Stanley Clark 207 

Vera V 151 

Walter Everett 152 

Walter Roy 205 

William G 152 

William J 198 

William Reed 198 

Allen, May 152 

Anspach, Jane 151 

Ralph 151 

Austin, Mary 150 

Bainbridge, Joan 202 

Marcella 202 

Paul 202 

Bragg, Dora E 206 

Brown, Dorothy 207 

Nellie 207 

Bushnell, Julia F 151 

Cain, Hiram J 205 

Maud S 205 

Sarah M 2n5 

Carter, Elizabeth 198 

Elizabeth (Young) 198 

Major 198 

Clark, Daisy 207 

Fannie May 207 

Marv Jane 207 

Nathan William 207 

Cooper, Helen 206 

Creasor, Alexander David 150 

John A 150 

"John B 150 

Crews, Jane 208 

Cuthbertson, Jeanne May 150 

Margaret Renee 150 

Mary Burritt 150 

Stewart 150 

Davis, Jane Forsaith Wilkinson 14') 

John Evans 149 

Mary 149 

Dearborn, Anne Drake 202 

Jesse Berne 202 

Jessie Ernestine (Fuller) 202 

Robert Fuller 202 

Elvidge, Edmund 201 

Ella Lorraine 201 

Mary L (Smith) 201 

Emrick, Anna (Baumgardner) 19X 

Edith Eleanor 198 

Jacob Wellington 198 

Env, Fannie 153 

Martin 153 

Mary (Ball) 153 

Erffmeyer, Ida A 205 

Marv W. (Erxleben) 205 

William G 205 

Evans, David W 201 

Emma Jane (Conklin) 201 

Olive Gertrude 201 

(.race. Mabelle R 151 

Grindlay, Alice M 151 

Isabel May 151 

William H 151 

Hanson, Anton M 152 

June 152 

Karen M 152 

Harrison, Ada D 152 

Hatch. Florence 3i~ 

Horricks, Ethel 151 

Irion. Lena Barbara 152 

Janney, Horatio Burritt 151 

John 151 

Johnson, Edith 198 

Knight. Carlton 205 

Emma ( Williams i 150 

Rebecca Harvey 150 

Thomas I .arret 150 

Kinnan, Lilla 207 

Samuel 2d" 

Landon, Clara C 151 

Landing. Helen Grace 152 

Moran, Catherine ( Fitzpatrick ) 149 

John 149 

Marv Frances 149 

Nesmith, Charles H 149 

Maggie M. ( Echols) 149 

Mary 149 

Patterson, < iertrude 205 

Nina A 205 

William C 205 

Peckham. Anna A 000 

Roth. Catherine 207 

Gertrude 207 

Harvey 207 

Rowan. Hilda 151 

Ryley, Eleanor 151 

Sadler, Dora 152 

Schmaling, Bessie Ellen 

Estella L. ( Lockwood ) 202 

Fred Henry 202 

Smith, Alexander 150 

Elizabeth Rogers (Hall) 150 

Helen Caroline 150 

Thorpe, C. S 208 

Yalleau, Dora 149 



Index by Generations 


Volkins, Peter B 150 

P. G 150 

Wright, Eleanor Marie 150 

Gwendolyn Louise 150 

Horace Melchoir 150 

Horatio 150 


Barbara Lee 234 

Burnell Oliver 234 

Chapin Mather 223 

Charles Henrv 232 

Cheryl Ruth 232 

Dwight Calvin 235 

Edith Constance 209 

Emma Jane 209 

George Evans 232 

Ida Calhoun 233 

Jack Oliver 234 

Jane Clark 235 

Jesse David 233 

Joan Ruth 234 

Lewis Everett 233 

Lewis Everett Jr 233 

Louwane 234 

Mary Frances 209 

Norman Austin 209 

Richard William 233-234 

Robert Elvidge 234 

Roy William 

Stanley (lark 

Allen, Mary (Gangloff) 

Marian ( >sborn 232 

Stephen L 232 

Bainbridge, Frank Alvin 233 


Martha (Smith) 233 

Calhoun, Caroline (French) ...232 

( reorge I lilarv 232 

Ida Josephine ( Reid) 232 

Ida Reid 232 

Tyler 232 

Marr, Belle (Searl) 233 

Hazel Elizabeth 233 

William Low 233 

Mather, Arthur 235 

Fanny (Loomis) 235 

Lydia 23A 

Reid, Caroline (French) 232 

George Hillary 232 

Robinson, Lucia 209 

Sherbon, Effie Mae 234 

Elva Mae 234 

Ward 1 234 

Watts, George -'34 

Harriet 234 

Jeannette 234 

Wilson, Katherine (Magee) -'34 

Margaret 234 

Max 234 

Alphabetical Index of Giles Burritt Family 

Altpeter, Retha Lavina 131 

Amidon, Allis Anna 186 

Bovd 186 

Clyde !86 

Cyrus 123 

Giles B 123 

Hiram 123 

Marjorie 123 

Martin 123 

Martin Craig 196 

Max J°° 

Nelson 122 

Phyllis 18<J 

Polly Burritt --85 

Robert J8o 

Sylvester }■% 

Andrews, Juanita Anna .. - -31 

Archer, Diane LaVergne .... ~"i\\ 

Ayres, Nellie Caroline -j~5 

Roland Ward Ij 

Bacon, Beverly Ruth — *]° 

Boyd Wilbur 21b 

Bruce Douglas 

Carrie E 

Clara Belle 156 

Doris May 216 

Robert Dean 216 

Vergne E 156 

Baglev, Anna Rowley 126 

Rosella M 126 

Bainbridge, Carol June 

Carrie M -}fj 

Donald Robert 

Harold Charles 

Leah Marjorie 

Leah Marjorie (2nd) 

Narcissa Ann »85 

Baker, Allen Lee 219 

Phyllis Louise 

Bartlett, Lois Ann 

Paul Dean 

Reba May 

Robert I -*J 

Ruth F 

Stuart I { 

William Frank 


Berg, Pansy Loy 




Alphabetical Index of Giles Burritt Family 

Berridge, Nettie Sophie 177 

Hulda Merilla 177 

Blair, Avis Marion 130 

Blossom, Amelia F 135 

Elsie C 136 

Luella Mae 191 

Myron Eroy 194 

Boody, Dorothy Burritt 227 

Gerold David 227 

Tht-odorc Robert 227 

Butts, Adeline Preston 197 

Mansur 137 

Sevelia Orilla 136 

Valentine B 136 

Bowen, Vivian Irene 228 

Bramin, Louis 185 

Brashear, Evelyn May 184 

Richard Jr 184 

Buckman, Leslie Anne 194 

Marguerite Leona 

Thomas 194 

Burnap, Larry Richard 230 

Richard Laverne 230 

Burnett, Edith Blanche 170 

Burrett, Adelbert Partridge 182 

Alburtus 178 

Anna Marie 22/ 

Betty lane --* 

Blanche M 119 

Charles 182 

Charles Vernon 193 

Chester 1^1 

Claude 175 

Claude Adelbert 17s 

Clvde 11^ 

Cyrus Adelbert l-'l 

Dene Mason 228 

Dexter 119 

Dexter C 177 

Elmer Dexter 17'. 

Elmo 120 

Eugenia 176 

George Fred 119 

Giles 119 

Harold Wilson 177 

Henry Frank 183 

Jack Douglass 183 

James Mason 228 

lohn Barton 182 

Tohn P. Hale 120 

lohn T 119 

[oseph W 84 

Julia 177 

Larry Lee 22N 

Luther William 177 

Luther William, Tr 177 

Matilda 120 

Margaret Albeit -183 

Marian Elizabeth 183 

Maurice Berridge 227 

Meljor Cyrus 183 

Xora E 11'/ 

Ralph J 17s 

Sarah Elizabeth M 

Seeley 84 

= eley I. 227 

■ lev Jr 120 

William 83 

Lurritt. Adrian S 137 

Alan Beverly 169 

Alan Hogarth 210 

Alir/ Markham 163 

Bailey 48-81 

Bailey Barton 160 

Bailey Barton, Jr 22n 

Barbara Jean 218 

Barbara Jean 219 

Beverley H 170 

Beverly Waugh 117 

Bruce Burns 218 

Burton Terrell 22.1 

1 arolyn Kay 218 

1 irrie Luella 160 

Charles Henry 22<2 

(harks Phillip 138 

Cheryl Ruth 2.^2 

Chester Alan 138 

Clayton Melville 218 

Civile P 137 

Delno 120 

Earl II 164 

Edward Arthur 138 

Edward Horton 217 

Edwin 196 

Eldon Grant 166 

Elmer Olin 21s 

Estelle Maud 87 

Eunice Elizabeth 198 

Francis 196 

Frank Laverne 120 

Frank M 130 

Fred Hanford 169 

Freemont 87 

George Henry 88 

(iiles 4S 

Giles, Jr 48-88 

Crace Edna 136 

Helen Rosamond 135 

Herbert Melville 1''*' 

I liram 122 

Howard Benton 216 

Howard Benton, Jr 21'. 

lb-ward Stephen 198 

Hugh Garvey 218 

les-ie 87 

lohn (Tack) 184 

"lohn W 183 

Lamont 136 

Llovd L 184 

Lloyd William 184 

Luther 184 



Alphabetical Index of 

Burritt, Marion Lois 184 

Maurice Buell 135 

Maurice Chase 131 

Melville Cox 116 

Melville Emmett 159 

Merton E 220 

Merton Randolph 220 

Miriam Ellen 217 

Newton S 126 

Norman Miller 218 

Norman William 218 

Olin Howard 156 

Pearl Bettv 184 

Ralph Alexander 138-197 

Richard McKay 218 

Richard S 170 

Robert William 216 

Ruth Dennis 163 

Seeley B 48 

Stephen Day 48 

Stephen Day 86-137 

Stephen Gilbert 135 

Stephen Giles 135-197 

Stuart Dorntee 220 

Sylvester . 48-85 

Sylvester William 137 

Thomas 48-87 

Thomas Ferdinand 136 

Thurlow Weed 169 

Vivian 196 

William Miller 159 

William S 48-88-129 

William Thomas 195 

Bushong, Pansy G 188 

Ralph Ardel 188 

Chadwick, Luella Elizabeth 185 

Childers, Geraldine 174 

Leona 174 

Clarkson, Gladus Emily 178 

Coe, Myrtle Williams 164 

Ruth Miriam 164 

Collamer, Lodema 121 

Mary L 121 

Compton, Alice 117 

Bion 170 

Ella 117 

Eugene E 171 

Fay LeRoy 170 

Lewis 172 

Mary \\\ 

Corey, Carolyn Zelma 1/3 

Mary 173 

Cosman, Betty Blossom 194 

Gale Suzanne 194 

Cotter, Alvah W 226 

Annabelle 227 

Bettie 2 ~/ 

Donald 227 

Elsie 227 

Esther 226 

Giles Burritt Family 

Harriett 227 

Matilda 227 

Net lie >>,, 

Ora 227 

Samuel 221 

Wesley 227 
I loulbert, Clifford 

Myrtle ::'- 

Crawford, Helen 210 

Cronk, Fleta 211 

Hamld _>H 

I tenry Laverne 210 

Jessie Fremont 154 

John Lewis 

Leon Everett 210 

Merton 154 

Rex 211 

Rosalyn 211 

Cri'.mm, Bennie 231 

Xora 231 

Thelma 231 

Culross, Helen Marguerite 1'"' 

Davidson, Leo Burrett 22-4 

Myrtle G. Raymer ... 22X 

Dean, Ramona Holden 166 

DeLaYergne Clifton Manley 212 

Donald Judd 213 

Grace H 215 

Harriette B 214 

Judson H 213 

Kenneth Brian 212 

Louis Boyd 214 

Manley 153 

Mary Elizabeth 213 

Maude E 212 

Melva F 214 

Melville A 154 

Olive Yivienne 213 

Richard F 213 

Robert Judson 212 

Sarah Elizabeth 115 

Vera Mae 213 

Winifred Louise 214 

DeLorge, Jack R I s '' 

Mabel C 189 

Dixon, Jack Jr 22* 

Leonard Paul 

Wttie Fidema 228 

Dodge, Daniel David 

Joy Lynn 225 

Margaret Plass 

Dorey, Grace E 

Dunbar, Harvey .... \'_" 

Xina Elizabeth '_" 

Wilbur J ](!' 

Edic, Beverly Joyce 

Jacqueline - ' 

Ruth Burritt S4 

Eick, Lettie I "JJj 

Robert Gary 1AJ 



Alphabetical Index of 

Evans, Denny Glenn 173 

Lucretia 173 

Lulu Mary 173 

Marietta L 173 

Hubert Leonard 173 

Fehling, David Milton 172 

Velma 172 

Fellows, Richard David 186 

Robert Thomas 186 

Ruth Agnes I*' 1 

Figley, Orpha Lodema 22') 

Richard Dale 22<> 

Robert Dale 229 

Filer, Mary Lavina 130 

Fitch, Clifford McAffee 186 

Gail Caroline 186 

lulia E 187 

Ford, Ayleen : 170 

Lorna Eloise 170 

Leonard Wayne 170 

Keitli Loren 170 

Fosmire, Albert P 232 

Albert P., Jr 2M 

Burton C 135 

Edward P 1"4 

Edward P. II 232 

Ella 1 135 

Pearl May 135 

Fowler, Delphene M 123 

Martin Vincent 123 

Frampton, Gladys Lee 224 

Fuller, Carlyle 175 

Claire 175 

Richard Ray 175 

Russell 175 

Gass, Elizabeth 189 

Harold 189 

Maurice R 189 

Gilmore, Donovan G \72 

Eunice Burritt 172 

Goodwine, Gladys Lee 1 ( >7 

Virginia Maxime 197 

Green, Feme Burritt 12'' 

Violet 129 

Guyett, Josie Burritt 129 

Mildred 129 

Hackett, Hazel 171 

llalhert, Dale Brooks 227 

Grace Francelia 227 

Karl Eldon 227 

Paul King 227 

Hamlin, Beatrice 187 

Beatrice May 187 

Harding, Harriett May 196 

Jack Richard 196 

Richard Bland 196 

Hawkins, David Howard 222 

Elizabeth Edith 222 

Hazen, Helen Carol 226 

Giles Burritt Family 

Hendrickson, Ginton J 195 

Mabel Blossom 194 

Samuel 195 

Sara Ellen .... 195 

Stephen C 195 

Stephen Olin \')'- 

William Clinton 195 

Higbie, Violet E. Bacon 215 

Hi-don. Waiva 212 

Hill, Effie I) 197 

I [inkle. Ethel Grace 188 

Hi-cock. Dorothea E, Taber 193 

Holden, Elton Beverly 165 

Francelia Taber 12 ( v 

Hannah Frances 116 

Hulda Luella 117 

Keith. Co-man 166 

Mahlon Ellsworth 117 

Holland, Jessie Leila 124 

Hopkins, Elizabeth Laverne 231 

l< sie May 231 

John Halowell 231 

Louise Maye 231 

Nester Warner 231 

Hou-e. Helen M 191 

Howes. Maud E. 212 

Hudnutt, Eunice 22<> 

Hunter, Donald John 22<> 

Douglass Herbert 226 

Elizabeth 22<> 

Robert Howard 22' i 

[ngraham, Bernice Frances 221 

Beryl Eunice 222 

Betty Jean 222 

Elton George 22$ 

( rrace Amelia 165 

Jeannette Crace 222 

Joseph Carlyle 165 

"liar. .Id Holden 221 

Mahlon Weed 221 

Margaret Francelia 221 

Marilyn loan 222 

Michael Ross 223 

Paul Burton 212 

Ralph Seth 221 

Richard Vincent 222 

Robert Paul 221 

Shirley Mae 221 

Vincent Richard 221 

[arvis, Leona .-171 

Joseph 171 

Mona Winchester 171 

Jeppson, {Catherine Hazen 22^ 

Susan Marie W 22<\ 

Johncox, Aubrey Laverne 222 

Audrey Frances 222 

Elizabeth May 222 

Francis Burritt 222 

lack R 222 

Jacqueline Grace 222 



Alphabetical Index of 

Johncox, Lily May ____ 222 

Verne, Jr 222 

Johnson, Frances B. Lockwood 209 

Jones, Beatrice 210 

Bruce 212 

Kerber, Kathrvn Elaine 192 

Mildred Allen ...191 

Robert Charles 192 

Ketcham, Alturas 185 

Elizabeth A 123 

William Agen 195 

Keyser, Genevieve 174 

King, Carol Ann 227 

Charles Elmer 227 

Ruth Julia 227 

Sarah Cordelia 227 

Lamsom, Freda Helen 169 

Lillian Burritt 169 

Mary Virginia 169 

Lane, Nyda 171 

Lawrence, Donald William 138 

Estelle Maud 138 

Leavens, Belle 1 190 

Everett P 190 

J. Neil 190 

Leggett, Gertrude Wolfrom 196 

Lenz, Marguerite Smith 136 

Lockwood, Charles Henry 210 

Lockwood, Herman Arthur 187 

Male, Virginia 182 

Marble, Addie Burritt 170 

Martindale, Elizabeth Jane 191 

Frank Lavergne 191 

George Arthur 191 

James Henry 191 

John Harvey 191 

Lloyd R 191 

Nellie E 191 

Mauphin, Bernadine Almeda 197 

McKenna, Alice Mav 131 

Carol Ann 131 

Doris Mae 131 

McKenney, Mary Jane 138 

McKennon, Kenneth 175 

Marv Ellen 175 

Merritt, Gerald E. 160 

Gladys Egleston 160 

Miller, Harold 211 

Henrietta 211 

Mary Elizabeth (Northrup) ....213 

Myrtle 211 

Mitchell, Doris Ailez 176 

Helen May 175 

Manton Earl 175 

Stephen Burritt 176 

Moody, Dorothy Elizabeth 138 

Moore, Bernard Junar 229 

Donald Edmund 229 

Mary Elizabeth 229 

Giles Burritt Family 

Robert Elbert J( 
Sarah Loretta 
William Francis, Jr. 

Moreland, Allena Pearl 

David R. 
Dewej Curtis 
Edward I [erman 

Herman E. 

Lindie M. 124 

Lorena Mav 188 

Malinda Burritl 


William 1 187 

Seeley B 124 

Murray, Betty lean 171 

Clara M 170 

Harold Renwick 171 

Roy 170 

Roy Selkirk 171 

Ruth 171 

Stella Mae 171 

Thelma 171 

Nares, 1 Libia Sober 124 

Norris, Grace Dorothy 

Helen Lou 185 

Mary Grace 

Paul Bainbridge 185 

Northrup, Betty 

David Edwin 

Fannie A 

Myron C 209 

Myron 1 209 

Thelma Mary 

Oakes, Claude Raymond 

Helen Louise 182 

Randall Yorhees 182 

Thomas Burrett 

Oakley, Allison Margaret .... 

Odell, Jessie Taber 

Margaret Lois 194 

Raymond Arthur 

Willard Taber 194 

Oehler, Hazel Morton 219 

Marian Louise 220 

Oliver, Bertha Hazel 223 

Gordon Wendell 223 

Giles Ernest 223 

James Gordon 223 

John Wayne 2Z3 

Leo Lynn --- 

Margaret Susan . --\ 

Mary Carolyn --•' 

Parmalee, Cora }£* 

Dorothy Cora -- 

Ellen f29 

Herman gj 

Irene " 

Nelson Charles -- 

Patters. m. Carrie M. J' 1 

Peck. Helen l '- 



Alphabetical Index of 

Peck, Mae Taber 192 

Perkins, Douglass 1'" 

Elizabeth Ann 190 

Elmer L 190 

Homer 1 1' 

Joyce Carolina 1'-") 

Nellie A 189 

Pfarrer, Bettv Lou 184 

Donna 184 

Lucille Ella 184 

Pierce, Carmen 174 

Harold, Jr 174 

Plass, Barbara Ann 173 

Bayard 174 

Beatrice 22? 

Betty Lou 173 

Beverly Ann 174 

I larlene 174 

Elizabeth Sophia "Pet" 118 

Giles 173 

Giles Glenn 174 

( iranville 174 

Harry C 174 

Herman Hudson 173 

Howard 173 

James R. B 173 

Joe Ann 173 

John Burretl 173 

LeRoy A 173 

Lovena 178 

Melville 174 

Orville 174 

Patricia 173 

Priscilla Anne 22<> 

Robert 173 

Roy 119 

Royanna 173 

Russell C 226 

Sandra Jean 173 

William 110 

Plavle. Audmer Roy 175 

"Celia May Fuller 175 

Purdy, Anna Lorraine 197 

Beverlv Lorraine 197 

Robert' Ralph 197 

Ronald Wilmot 197 

Raymer. Lester Clyde 228 

Virginia Arlene 228 

Riber. Bertha Beatrice 188 

Ricci, Ruth L. (Williams) 127 127 

Richardson, Clifford 1 230 

Clifford Laverne 228 

Frederick Lavverne 231 

Richards, Xellie Caroline 125 

Roland 125 

Richardson, John Lawrence 230 

Robert Carrollton 230 

Ruth Alice 231 

William Burritt 230 

Giles Burritt Family 

Roberts, Mildred G. Bacon 215 

Rood, C<.ra 118 

Dollia 118 

Fred B 118 

Joan Josephine 118 

Maureen Wblfrom 196 

Rosebrook, Erma E 190 

William Donald 190 

Rosenbaum, Ethel Juanita 17 : 

Rowley, Harold True 125 

Millard B 125 

Milo F. .125 

Rosalia E. Burritt 125 

True Milton 125 

William True 125 

Runyon, Grace Murrell 17s 

fohn Edward 17s 

Mary lane 17s 

Rybke, Beverly Dean 

Dorothy Ann 185 

Shirley Mar 185 

Sawyer, Mildred Lois 217 

Richard Ivan 217 

Schorler, Ida Bramin 185 

Schultz, Ora 137 

Sherod, Donna lean 174 

llihna 174 

Simmons, Corrine 195 

Ellen Adair 195 

Elizabeth E. Taber 191 

Leona B 195 

Monica 118 

Simpson, ( ora I. 187 

Skinner, < Charles, Ir. 130 

Lavina S. Burritt 130 

Sparks, Frances Adelaide 22'> 

Spencer. I >ori- 174 

Evelyn 174 

Ruth 174 

Stanlej 174 

Smith. Charlotte Sophia 120 

Esther Antionette .116 

Lovina Adell 120 

Matilda 120 

Maude E 120 

Sylvester 120 

Stewart. Earl Spencer 221 

Franz Hahr 221 

Harold Carl 183 

Lillian 183 

Roger Lewi- 183 

Ruth S. 220 

Strickland. Donald Lewi- 
Doris Lavon 228 

Gertrude Ann 22>< 

Merrilla G 22s 

Wanda Dorene 22S 

Stuart. Rose Taber Judd I - 

Sumpter, Sallv Burritt 125 

Stella M. (Rowley) 125 



Alphabetical Index of 

Taber, Allen M 193 

Barbara Jean 193 

Bert S 192 

Charles ...128 

Elinor Louise 193 

Elizabeth Burritt 86 

Elsie J 192 

Ethelyn May 193 

Fahv C 191 

Foster G 193 

Harold W 193 

Henry Galusha 128 

John ' David 193 

Nancv Lou 193 

Neal F 193 

Ralph 193 

Robert Allen 193 

W. Laurence 192 

Talmadge, Adriene 189 

Burford 189 

Dorothy 189 

Emaline Taber 127 

Eugene 189 

Flovd L 189 

Fred D 189 

Grant E 189 

Guv S 188 

Harold E 189 

Harvey Lyman 128 

Irvine John 191 

Tames V 189 

Tohn 1 190 

Linius Gilbert 189 

Max Edward 191 

Milson E 189 

Milton Sylvester 188 

Nettie D 189 

Ruth E 189 

Thelma 189 

Tescher, Laveta Gladys 223 

Nancy L 223 

Robert Louis 223 

Thomas, Fred 195 

John 195 

Ora Blossom 195 

Maude S 196 

Rosa Bartlett 190 

Tighe, Dorothv M. Blossom 194 

Tohn, Tr 194 

Richard 194 

Topping, Mary Frances 225 

Marv Frances Plass 224 

Russell J 225 

Virginia Lee 225 

Travis, Mary E 124 

Turso, Ruth E. Taber 192 

Yanderbeck, Ethelvn Irene 130 

Frederick C 130 

Minnie I. Burritt 130 

Giles Burritt Family 
Van! tousen, ( larol Lee 224 

Carrie Estella 172 

I lona Marie 
Giles Daniel 
Leo Lowell 

Xeal Charles 224 

Richard Arnold 224 

Robert Dale 224 

Theodore Roosevell 224 

Verle Earline 224 

VonEssen, Helen Loretta 

Donald _'_' : 

Lee J- 

Gerald 2. 

Wainwright, Betty Jane 231 

Clifton Donald .. 231 

Everett Hubert 231 

Keith 1 231 

Louis X 231 

Nellie Amanda 230 

Paul B 231 

Richard Lee 231 

Sarah Anna 230 

Verona Lawrence 231 

Winona Anna 231 

Watson, Margaret 171 

Wells. Eunice 171 

West. Clyde 176 

Eugene 176 

May 176 

White, Helen J. Rowley 126 

Janet Rowley 126 

Wigmore, Frank A 185 

Joanne Doris 185 

Lorraine Doris 185 

William Thorne 

Wilkinson, Edna Grace 131 

Harold B 131 

Helen C 131 

Laura Azella 131 

Martha J. Burritt 130 

Matie Victoria 131 

Rolla H 131 

Victor C 130 

Williams, Chester B 

Dorothv Catherine 

Grace M 127 

Loretta Burritt 

Luella I 


M. Everett 164 

Miriam E 164 

Williamson, Clark E. Fosdick 

Winship Mabel B '-' 

George W 


Wolfrom Eleanor 

Elmer J™ 

Grace Etta 196 

Wright Lottie May 131 



Alphabetical Index of Giles Burritt Family 

Youngs Harry C l'^l 

Mae E 191 

Marilyn 190 

Nellie M 190 

Zarpentine, Charles Robert 192 

Hale Lawrence 193 

Edith E. Taber 193 

Marian Judd 192 

Index cf Those Marrying Into the Family of Giles Burritt 

Albeit, Anna Caroline 183 

Alexander, Jerrv 211 

Allen, Ethel 188 

Marion Osborne 232 

Altpeter, Ernest 131 

Amidon, Adelaide 129 

Martin 85 

Sophia 84 

Andrews, Kdlee 231 

Maye Alice 231 

Archer, Herbert 214 

Armstrong, Myrtle 223 

Ayres, Floyd W'vman 125 

Babbett, Fannie F. 177 

Bacon, Helen Marie 169 

Wilbur 156 

Bagley, Fay 12'> 

Bainbridge, Charles J l s 4 

Baker, Alma 174 

Joseph Clifford 219 

Sadie I'M 

Ball, Carrie 190 

Mildred Cooley 227 

Barber, Eunice 85 

Barons Mary 195 

Barr. Miriam Edith 217 

Bart, Margaret 17'> 

Bartlett. Frank 190 

Bass, Mercy Amelia 117 

Bassett, Clara 194 

Baxter, Cora 130 

Bennett. Anna M 131 

Benton, Almetta Althea ..156 

Berg. Rudolph Gordon 224 

Berridge, Fannie 17n 

Wilson 177 

Bickford, Florence 174 

Blair, George 130 

Blossom, Justin E 135 

Seymour S 191 

Bolt. Ida M 170 

Boody. Lawrence 227 

BottS, Andrew 136 

Bowen, Max 22S 

Boyd. Grace A 154 

Brav. Clara Theodora ..182 

Bramell. Esther 223 

Bramin. Marvin 185 

Brashear, Richard 184 

Brian, Elizabeth 212 

Bridgeman, Carrie 125 

Broadway. Florence 138 

Buckman, Lester M. I'M 

Buell, Estella 131 

Burnap, ressie I) 230 

Burnett, Roy 170 

Bush, Elizabeth 120 

Bushong, John Franklyn 188 

Buss, < i race Irene 215 

Caldwell, Dorothy 

Cardiff. Katberine 1' : 

( arpenter, Ann 1 

Chadwick, Albert Edward 185 

Chappell, F>tella 18 

Chase, Anna 86 

Cheney Mvrtie 183 

Childers, (lain- 174 

Clark. Etola 12 

Lorraine 1_ i 

Violet Grace 170 

Church. Bertha 210 

( llarkson, Donald 1 : 

Coe, Francis I'M 

Coleman. Grace 175 

Collamer. Luther 121 

Compton, < )rville Louis 117 

Conradt, Mary 88 

( Cooley, ( rladys 1 E 

Corey, Barney 175 

1 sman, Elizabeth 1 

Jennie M 209 

"Ward 194 

Cotter. James 22r 

ulbert, CVharles 

t'ox. Leona Ava Irene 188 

Martha 188 

( Vary. Julia 12 

Crawford. Kenneth 21n 

Cronk. Alice R 210 

Nathan 154 

Crumm, Benjamin 251 

Culross, Francis John . . 196 

Curtis. Mary R. B 191 

Cutts, Elizabeth 125 

Dauchy, Emma 1-- 

Davidson, Leo 22£ 

Dean. William 1 

DeLaYergne. Lewis H 11" 



Index of Those Marrying Into 

Dennis, Ruth Hogarth 160 

Dixon, John 228 

Dodge, Albert W 225 

David Daniel 225 

Joy Lynn 225 

Dorntee, Agnes Rag"sdale 220 

Draffin, Leona 221 

Dunbar, Elmer 176 

Fdic, Richard 1X4 

Egleston, Grace 159 

Eick, Guy 190 

Ellenwood, Marv A 128 

Elston, Lena 210 

Estelle, Mary L 124 

Evans, Leonard W. 173 

Eves, Cora Belle 000 

Fairbanks, Doris 193 

Farrell, Kathryn Theresa 137 

Fehling-, Milton Holden 172 

Fellows, Irving Thomas 186 

Figlev, Dale 229 

Filer, Adelbert H 130 

Fisher, Annis A 189 

Fitch, William 187 

Ford, Leonard C 170 

Fosdick, Edward 127 

Fosmire, Cyrus 135 

Fowler, Angeline 119 

Courteney F 123 

Frampton, Robert Harold 224 

Fuchlinski, Hulda 119 

Fuller, Martin Luther 175 

Galloway, Frankie E 128 

Garlock, Sarah 129 

Garrison, Marion 169 

Gardner, Clare 210 

Gass, Robert 189 

Ruth 189 

Garvey, Louise Camille 218 

Gilmore, Ulysses Grant 172 

Goodwine, Roy E 197 

Grav, Laura 189 

'Pearl 174 

Greene, Lillian 159 

Green, Orange A 129 

Guyett, Edward 129 

Hackett, Lee 171 

Halbert, Ernest Elden 222 

Hall. Edith 173 

Hamlin, Edmund Tarr 187 

Harding, Robert L 196 

Hawes, Edith Rose 125 

Hawk'ns, Earl 222 

Haynes, Minnie Belle 188 

Hazen, Charles Victor 195 

Richard 226 

Hendershott, Mary 153 

Henderson, Arres Isabel 218 

Margerete 173 

Hendrickson, Samuel C 194 

Hickey, Dorothy R 127 

the Family of Giles Burritt 
I [jckman, Mattie 227 

Hicks, Harriet M KS 

Higbie, Duncan 

I [igdon, < Clarence m J 

Hill. Harry F. 197 

II inkle, Roy D. 

Hinson, Emogene 17.^ 

Hiscook, Charles 193 

Holden. Seth Hi, 

Holland, George II. 124 

Hopkins, Sarah 124 

Thomas Warner _'.^1 

I torton, Emma C 137 

1 lorton, M iranda 1 16 

House, Frank \<>] 

Hunchergard, Mabel Catherine 125 

Hudson, Elizabeth 173 

Hugman, Violet Emelia 184 

Hull, Deborah si 

Hunter, Herbert Eugene 22<< 

Ingraham, George R 165 

Ireland, Leora 221 

Jarvis, Roland Edgar 171 

Jeppson, William 22<< 

fenks, Lottie Luella 177 

Johncox, Vernard, R 222 

Johnson, Carl 209 

Margaret 169 

Jones, Gertrude 190 

Glen 210 

Harry 212 

Margaret 170 

judd, Edward 192 

Kelly, Elizabeth D 138 

Margaret I) 138 

Kerber, Cyril 191 

Ketcham, Spencer 123 

Keyser, Clifford 174 

Kiernan, Lily 224 

Kincaid, Julia 222 

Kin-, Ralph 227 

Knapp, Harriet 186 

Kutska, Dorothea Evelyn 220 

Lamb, Minnie 154 

Lane, Judson 171 

LaSalle, Myra 13S 

Lasonen, Helen 22 : < 

Lawrence, Erie 138 

James A 123 

Leavens, Harold 190 

Leggett, Elmer 196 

Lenz, Carl William 136 

Lichard, Louisa 123 

Lockhart, Lillian R 216 

Lockwood, Carl 209 

lohn Wesley 187 

Lopez, Mary P 138 

Ludden, Georgia 229 

MacLennon, Margaret Francis 227 

Male, Berger 182 

Majeski, Anna Louise 197 



Index of Those Marrying Into 

Marble, Judson 171 

Martin, Hattie 186 

Martindale, Lloyd K 191 

Maupliin, Milton A.. Jr 197 

McClellan, Gertrude 164 

McCamley, Flora May 170 

McGregor, Helen 172 

McKay, Dorothy L'arlyn 218 

McKenna Francis 131 

McKennon, John Bliss 175 

McKenny, Malcolm, Jr 138 

McKenzie, Edith 173 

McWain, Charles 211 

Merchon, Xellie 124 

Merritt, Lew E 160 

Miller, Dorothy 170 

Henry 211 

Melvin 213 

Orca Zora 216 

Mitchell, Carrol 175 

M. Regnold 116 

Mohr, Dorothy 185 

Monroe Marilla Nl 120 

Moody. Donald S 138 

Moore. William Francis 229 

Moreland, William 85 

Morgan, Nellie 193 

Moser, Lillian 122 

Moss, Leona Lynette 175 

Mott, Matie 1- 

Muir. Nellie 189 

Murray, Mm F 170 

Murrell, Edythe Adelle 178 

Myke, Lorna 000 

Nares, James DeLos 121 

Nesbit, Alta 192 

Newcomb, Marian A 125 

Newell, Francis H 87 

Ndrris, Edmund Hand 185 

Northup. Edwin A l^- 1 

Northway, Lottie 172 

Norton, Jennie 187 

Nousholder. Iva Pearl 188 

Oakes. Randall Vorhees 182 

Oak-lev. H. 1 138 

Odell. Arthur 193 

(tehler. Irvin Oscar 219 

Oliver. Wendall H 22} 

Parmalee. James 184 

Partrid :e. Clara Virginia 187 

Patterson. Hewitt LI 

Pearce, Nancy 22'> 

Peck, Fred 192 

Perkins, Herbert J 189 

Pfarrer, William 184 

Pierre, Harold 174 

Phillips, Margaret A 156 

Pine. Mabel Elienor 219 

Pollack. Bernice 190 

Plass, Rnssell E 118 

Plavle, Charles A 175 

the Family of Giles Burritt 

Purdy, Wilmot George 1 

Ravnur, Lester 22') 

Reardon, Katherine 120 

kilier, Charles Jason 188 

Ricci, James Vincent 127 

Richards, Ward Kdward 125 

Richard>on, John Lang 186 

Roberts, Jesse 215 

Rood. James F 117 

Paul L 

Rosebrook, William 19 

Rosenbaum, Karl 175 

Ru>>, Beatrice Swain 216 

[eanette 22?> 

Rouch, Wanda 000 

Rowley, Frank W 125 

Runyon, Rus^el Alexander 178 

Rybke, Joseph 185 

Sage, Ida 1 121 

Sanders, Reah 22>i 

Sawver. Richard Ivan 217 

Schorler. Albert G 185 

Schultz, Wilhemina Bertha 138 

William 137 

Selfton, Harold 211 

- lUtin, Bessie \ irginia 22'> 

Shai'er. Margie 128 

Sheldon. Audrey Elizabeth 

Sherod, Glenn 174 

Simmons, Earl F 1 : 

Leonard 191 

Simpson, Alvah 11 187 

Madelyn 127 

Skinner. Charles 130 

Slade, Lettie E. V 185 

Sloan, Dorcas 223 

Smith. Catherine 232 

Fdlie 224 

Edna 1*4 

Hart 116 

Mary J 12s 

I tear 136 

William ... 120 

Sneider, Emma Elizabeth 187 

Sparks. Joseph E 22_'- 

Siiencer. Jesse 174 

Staats, Cinderella 198 

Stamp. Maude B 169 

Staritt. Cornelia 176 

Stepnetz. Mabel 190 

Su'wrt. Hans Hahr --<> 

Harold Charles 182 

Stuart Julia E 164 

Strickland. Lewis --' 

Stroh, Elizabeth 120 

Stults, Mabel Leola 188 

Sumpter, Walter 125 

Swanson, Carl — 1 ' ' 

Taber. John 86 

Talmadge. Lvman 12/ 

Tavlor. Ida Mav 230 


Index of Those Marrying Into the Family of Giles Burritt 

Tescher, Louis 222 Wales, Emma 137 

Thayer, Josephine Clara 186 Wainwright, Charles Hubert 

Thomas, Ellsworth 190 Lorenzo Lee 

Ernest J 195 Ward. Melvina 

Leonard M 196 Watson, William E 

Sarah J 120 Webster, Ella 193 

Thompson, Margaret 114 Welch, Hazel Ma) 

Tighe, John 194 West, Floyd 

Topping, Frederick Linwood 224 White, Roswell 

Townsend, Polly 83 Wholers, Minnie, 

Travis. Eusley 124 Wigmore, Ha/en I 

Tripp, Charles 214 Wilkinson, William 

Tufts, Catherine 195 Williams. Charles ,\. 164 

Turner, Bernice 190 Eva Blanche 185 

Turrell, Carrie Amelia 166 William W. 

Turso, William 192 Williamson, Elmer 

Twentymon, Ella 136 Wilson, Gladys 231 

Twigg, Mary Agnes 1<S7 Winship, Ella 

YanCise, Cornelia F 21.} Luther 130 

Vanderbeck, Cornelius 1 130 Wolfrom, Herbert S. 196 

VanEttin, Eva W 230 Wright, Wilford 131 

Von Essen, Steuben Peter 225 Youngs, Cecil M. 

VanHousen, Millard Filmore 172 Lloyd 191 

Wadsworth, Dorice 221 Zarpentine, Alonzo 

Wagner, Emogene 137 Howard 192 

























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